Miscellanous Ships Queenston Co Mayo to NYC
Ships that left Queenston Ireland and arriving in New York, the lists are only partial
Most listed are from County Mayo. 


City of Chicago September 7 1889


Hugh CONSTAIN         20         Newport


Abbreviations.    F= Father A= Aunt B=Brother S=Sister M=Mother

Occupations     L=Laborer M = Maid C=Clerk S=Servant HM hand maid SA Shop assistant

SS Lucania sailing from Liverpool-Queenston to NYC Ship Arrived New York Port on Oct 28 1905
			Age	Occup	Last Resided	Final Destination
Walter GILGER		20	L	Castlebar	NYC sister
Ellen NOLAN		20	S	Swinford	Chicago sister Mrs. GRATTON
S S Cedric sailing from Liverpool-Queenston to NYC Ship Arrived New York Port Sept 7 1096
Kate NOLAN		25	HM	Ballyhaunis	Chicago
Bee LAWLER		24	S	Ballina				
Margaret LAWLER		32	S	Ballina
Pat FLANERY		20	SA	Westport	NYC
Nellie MAHADY		22		Ballina
Bridget HANIGAN		23		Foxford		NYC
SS Adriatic sailing from Liverpool-Queenston. Passengers listed below embarked in Queenston
Ship Arrived New York Port on May 11 1911

Abbreviations.    F= Father A= Aunt B=Brother S=Sister M=Mother

Occupations     L=Laborer M = Maid C=Clerk S=Servant

Name		 	Age	Occup	Last Resided		Closest		Final 
								Relative	Destination							
Anne BARRETT		19	M	Clare Island				Chicago
Nora WINTERS		19	M		
Nathanial WINTER	21	L					
Mary KEARNY		17		Cloonah		F Michael	A Sister Beatrice NY
James FAHEY		20	C	Westport		F Timothy	B Joe New York
Mike McNALLY		23	L	Trean Tourmakedy			S Delia Brooklyn
Kate McNALLY		22	S	Trean Tourmakedy			S Annie Brooklyn
Arthur QUINN		21	L	Ballina		F Peter	B James Buffalo
Mary KIRRNAY		19	M	Cloonford Ballyhaunis 		S Katie New York
Bridget GIBBONS	19	S	Pantry Ballinrobe	 		S Mary Brooklyn
John WALSH		25	L	Gortmore Tourmakedy	 F William	S Mary Chicago
Martin WALSH		22	L	Ballina		 F James	
Tom LOFTUS		23	L	Churchpark Foxford	  		B Pat Bronx
Katie KIEFFE		23	M	Attymass Ballina	 M Bridget		S Mrs Jeremiah Regan Baltimore
Delia WYNNE		20	S	Ballyhaunis		  		A Mrs Frank Ward Cincinnati	
Mary JOYCE		17	S	Claddagh Tuam		  		A Jane Kelly Cincinatti   
Kienan MURRY		20	L	Ballinsloe		   		Delia Murry Brooklyn
Conor GORMAN		29	L	Kilrush Co Clare			F Michael New York
John CONNOR		25	L	Ballinsloe		M Ellen	Pat Lundy Brooklyn

S S Alaska from Liverpool-Queenston to New York  4-27-91. Only passengers listed here embarked
in Queenston. Not a complete list

Name			 	Age	Occupation	Latest Residence	Destination

Miss M A KELLY 	  	20	Lady		Co Mayo		New York
Julia Morriarity		30	Lady		Co Clare		Chicago	
Margaret KERRICK		26	Lady		Co Kildare		New York
Mrs James P FLOYD		20	Servant	Co Kerry		Portland Or
Daniel HULY			25	Miner		Co Cork		New York
Pat HULY			22	Miner		Co Cork		New York
John HULY			20	Miner		Co Cork		New York
Bridget HULY			 7			Co Cork		New York
James HANNON			32	Laborer	Co Mayo		Troy
Margaret McGRAM		15	Spinster	Co Mayo		Scranton
Lizzie McGUIRE		18	Spinster	Co Mayo		St Louis
Bridget O'BRIEN 		20 	Spinster	Co Mayo		New York
Bridget O'BRIEN		17 	Spinster	Co Mayo		New York
Margaret CORLIS		19 	Spinster	Co Mayo		New York
James O'MALLEY		20	Tailor		Co Mayo		New York
James O'TOOLE			25	Carpenter	Co Mayo		St Lawrence
Anthony McDONALD		20	Carpenter	Co Mayo		Cleveland
Anthony WARD			19	Tailor		Co Mayo		Chicago	
Anthony GRADY			18	Laborer	Co Mayo		New York		Willima McNAMARA	20	Laborer	Co Mayo		Brooklyn
James HESTER			20	Laborer	Co Mayo		New York
Bridget CANNON		19	Spinster	Co Mayo		New York
Mary MURRAY			19	Spinster	Co Mayo		Chicago
Martin MULROY			21	Farmer		Co Mayo		Pittsburgh
Kate  CA??			22	Spinster	Co Mayo		Pittsburgh
Kate BURKE			19	Spinster	Co Mayo		Pittsburgh
Ellen MURPHY			24	Spinster	Co Mayo		Scranton
Michael WALSH			22	Tinker (?)	Co Mayo		Boston
Bridget GARVEY		20	Spinster	Co Mayo		Boston
Thomas MULLROY		20	Laborer	Co Mayo		Boston

City of Berlin arrive NYC March 19 1887 Liverpool-Queenston, passengers below embarked in Queenston

L= Laborer W= Wife S=Servant

Destination NY unless otherwise indicated

Name				Age	Occupation	Latest residence	

M CONNOR			27	L 	
James DUGAN			18	L		
William J CONWAY		30	L					
James MULDOWNEY		23	L					
Thomas McENNIS		30	L					
M BISHELL			11	Child		
Thomas BUTCHER		31	L		
Hugh SMITH			25	L		
M COKES			27	L		Mayo
Thomas DONALD			23	L		Mayo
James CORBIN			14	L		Mayo
Pat FLYNN			22	L		Mayo
Michael FLYNN			24	L		Mayo
Berd HERLIN			24	L		Mayo
Ed McGLYNN			30	L		Mayo
Jonathan LYONE		26	L		Mayo
Michael MALLY			20	L		Mayo
Michael LONG			29	L		Castlebar
Patrick John McKEONON	27	L		Castlebar
Griffith ROWLAND		25	L		Castlebar
Teddy KENNEDY			19	L		Castlebar
Thomas CALLAHAN		25	L		Castlebar
Jonathan CODY 		16	L		Castlebar
James COMFORD			16	L		Castlebar
Catherine MANNY		50	W		Mayo
Margaret O'NEIL		28	W		Mayo
Susan CRAMMER			22	S		Mayo
Ellen CRAMMER			21	S		Mayo
Maurice DONNELL		20	L		Mayo
Kate DONNELL			19	L		Mayo
Catherine TOOLAN		25	L		Mayo
Annie FADDEN			19 	W		Mayo
John FADDEN			24	L		Mayo
M BRYAN			30	L		Mayo
Kate BRYAN			29	W		Mayo
James TORTAN			21	L		Mayo
James MORAN			21	L		Mayo
Sarah SINCLAIR		26	S		Mayo
Liz ELLIOTT			18	L		Mayo
Michael O'HARA			F		Mayo	
Edward O'HARA				F		Mayo
Daniel O'NEIL			25	L		Mayo		Chicago
Kate O'NEIL			35	S		Mayo		Chicago
James REILLY			30	L		Ballina		
Mary McCAWLEY			20	S		Castlebar
Bridget HYNES			20	S		Castlebar
Mary McHALE			20	S		Castlebar
Pat HOLMS			19	L		Ballina
John HOLMS			24	L		Ballina
Thomas LYONS			24	L		Mayo
Michael FLYNN			21	L		Mayo
John McCARTHY			26	L		Mayo
David CONTIN			20	L		Mayo
Pat MURRAY			26	L		Mayo
John ARMSTRONG		30	L		Mayo		Philadelphia
Anne MULROY			23	S		Mayo
Mary McCALLIER 		25	S		Mayo
Arthur DOWD			30	L		Mayo
Catherine			14	S		Mayo
Mary GALLAGHER		55	W		Mayo		Chicago
Catherine GALLAGER		17	S		Mayo 		Chicago
Anne BRENNEN			14	S		Mayo

Britannic  6-5-1898

James McVAHEY			21	F		Co Mayo			New York
MaryAnn RUANE			16	S		Co Mayo			New York
?? SHERIDAN				Milliner	Co Mayo			New York
Mary WALSH			26	S		Ballina			Winona  Ma
Maria WALSH			19	S		Ballina			Winona Ma
Kate SCANLON			20	S		Balduff			Michigan

SS Camparia arrive NYC on May 13 1891 sailing from Queenston on May 7th partial list

B= Brother S=Sister M=Mother F=Father U=Uncle A= Aunt C=Cousin BL=Brother in law
L=Laborer FL= Farm Laborer S= Servant M= Maid

Name & Age		Occup	Last Resident	  Closest Relative  	Destination 

Pat SWEENY	29	FL	Ballina 	  U Mike OHara		Baltimore S Bridget Sweeny
Margaret McKEAGUE 24M  	Westport        F Peter			Cleveland C   James Quinn
John  LOFTUS 23	L	Ballina    	  F Pat 			Chicago   BL James McKenzie 
Sarah WALSH 21	M	Ballinrobe	  F Mike 	 			NYC       S  Mary Ann Walsh
Pat KELLY 26		L	Castlebar 	  F Pat			Brooklyn  S   ?  Kelly
Peter McDERMOTT 22	L	Castlebar	  F Martin	
Catherine COLEMAN 18M	Balla		  F Pat			Brooklyn  Mrs Stanton
Bridget IGOE 21	S	Ballina	  F James			Chicago   U James McKenzie
Mary BASQUILE 21	M	Swinford	  M Mary			Troy 	S Bridget Basquil
William HEBRON 21	L	Ballyhaunis Clonford 			Johnstown S Delia Sullivan
John WALSH 23		L	Claremorris	  F James			Troy 	  S Annie Walsh
Kate WALSH 19		W	Claremorris					Troy	
James WALSH 19	L	Claremorris					Troy
Eugene KENNY 20	FL	Ballina					NYC       B Pat Kenny
Margaret HICKEY 25	S	Cahir	         M Mrs Kenny		Long Island  S Mrs Flanigan
Pat LALLY 20		L	Dunmore	  F John Galway  		Elizabeth NJ BL Thomas Lyons
Bridget MITCHELL 20	S	Dunmore	  F William	        E		Elizabeth NJ   C Thomas Lyons		
Edward WALSH 30	L	Lixnow		  F William			St Louis     B William 
Kate McMAHON 23	S	Milton Co Cork F Thomas       		NYC          B Pat
Andrew HEALY 20	L	Mt Talbot Rocsommon			             B John 
Mary KELLY 23		S	Mt Talbot Roscommon				West New Jersey
Tom McNICHOLAS  24	L	Kilkelly Mayo     F John			Denver       S Delia McNicholas
Annie HIGGINS 32	W 	Cortlow  Mayo					Chicago      H John Higgins
Gerald PIERCE 25	L	Ballyduff Kerry				Chicago
James OBRIEN 22	L	Ardvary Castlebar F Thomas		NYC  friend Michael Maylon
Annie GAVIN 22	S	Mountbellow       F Matt		NYC  U Patt Gavin
Mary FORKIN 28	S	Kiltmagh Mayo     M Anne Forkin		Chicago S Ellen Forkin
Maria BOYLE 20	S	Claremorris	 			Chicago         C Mary Mooney
Libby LYNCH 18	S	Charlestown Mayo  B Ambrose	 	NYC  S ??
Denis McCARTHY 22	L	Ballyhaunis	  F Pat			NYC              B John McCarthy

City of Chicago Nov 12 1882 Liverpool Queenston only those embarking in Queenston are
listed. Incompete.

Name			Age	Occupation	Latest Residence 	Destination

John WALSH		39	Spirt Dealer		Hanly			Pittsburgh
John HAWTHORNE	20	Farmer			Keartymore		Cedar Rapids
William MURPHY	50	Laborer		Co Mayo		New York
Maggie CALAGHAN	20 	Servant		Dublin			Chicago
Thomas FARLY		34	Laborer		Co Cavanan		New Haven
Thomas BYRNE		29	Painter		Dublin			Philadelphia
Eugene KERRIGAN		21	Mechanic	Navan			Philadelphia
Richard FAIRBANKS	25	Clerk			Co Sligo		Chicago
James O'BRIEN		35	Grocer			Tullomore		New York
James GLEESON		24	Clerk			Co Cork		New York
Johannah McSWEENY	38	Wife			Co Cork		New York
Philip SHEILDS	42	Laborer		Co Mayo		New York
Ellen COOPER			Servant		Co Mayo		New York
Mary WILLIAMS			Servant		Co Mayo		New York
Margaret HOLLAND	28	Wife			Galway			Pittsburgh
Patrick McMULLEN	16	Laborer		Co Donegal		Rose Mount
Mary BOURKE		21	Servant		Bruff (?)		Chicago
Mary SLACK (?)	20	Servant		Listovel		New York
Patrick BIRMINGHAM	20	Laborer		Lannonium		Providence 
Thomas CLINE		19	Laborer		Aughoneck		New York
Ellen CLINE		14				Aughoneck		New York
Mary KELLECHIR	18	Servant		Loughtown		Ft Wayne
Jonannah MALONEY	19 	Servant		Ballylein (?)		New York
Thomas DRINEEN	50	Laborer		Ballina		San Francisco
Patrick KENNEDY	26	Laborer		Cashel			Providence
John FOGARTY		19	Laborer		Fethard		Chicago
Katie CONROY		28	Servant		Moyglass		New York
William GORDON	27	Farmer			Roscommon		New York
Terrence LARKIN	20	Laborer		Knockeragh		New York
Mary MURPHY		30	Wife			Kilmoganny		Brooklyn
James FLANERY		55	Farmer			Ballina		Scranton
Jonahana TRACEY	21	Servant		Tipperary		Brooklyn
Margaret GILL		44	Servant		Killals or Killalo	New York
Michael OCONNOR	30	Laborer		Newton			Indiana
Honoria SULLIVAN	16	Servant		Kenmare		New York
Ellen MURPHY		50	Servant		Aravagh		Chicago
Mary CARMODY		16	Servant		Rathkiel		New York
Nora HURLEY		14	Servant		Cork			New York
Thomas SEARY		26	Laborer		Grange			New York
John O'BRIEN		31	Laborer		Bartleme (?)		Philadelphia
Kate BUCKLEY		20	Servant		Listovel		New York
John LYNCH		24	Laborer		Co Clare		New York
Anne WALLACE		29	Servant		Dublin			New York
Lizzie McMAHON	28	Servant		Charleville		New York
Maria McMAHON		18	Servant		Charleville		New York
Ed CORRY		29	Farmer			Co Clare		New York				

Esteria 6-8-1891

Name 				Age	Occupation	Last Residence		Destination

James O'BOYLE			22	L		Co Mayo			New York
Eugeina McDERMOT		21	Sp		Co Mayo			New York
Patt BRADLEY			22	L		Co Mayo			New York
Martin CAFFERTY		24	L		Co Mayo			New York
Patt WALSH			27	L		Co Mayo			New York

Majestic  6-10-1891

William BOYLE			20	L		Co Mayo			Ohio
Thomas FARRELL		20	L		Co Mayo			Ohio
Anne MAHONEY			17	S		Co Mayo			Brooklyn
Mary MULLEN			29	S		Co Mayo			Brooklyn
Bridget FERGUSON		20	S		Co Mayo			Brooklyn
William SULLIVAN		16	L		Co Mayo			Brooklyn
Mary TOOHEY			20	S		Co Mayo			Brooklyn
Catherine GAVAN		16	S		Co Mayo			Brooklyn
William O'SHEA		25	L		Co Mayo			Springfield
John LEA			14	L		Co mayo			Springfield

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