siler SILER SCHOOL STUDENT BODY: YEAR 1899:  Miss Carrie Rea is shown with her 43 students, row by row and left to right;  Joe Price, Hampton Price, Miss Rea, Earl Price, Jim Craig, Sam Wolfe, Cyrus Craig, Maurice Price, Pearl Price, Dan Plyler, Durant Price, Joe Deese, Wilson Keziah, Mary Belle Keziah, Esther Keziah, Lucy Price, Arthur Deese, Bob Hargett, Arthur Price, Bright Presley, Bright Moore, Ben Wolfe, Winnie Price, Ethel Price, Tim Biggers, Carrie Deese, Clyde Deese, Avery Plyler, Bob Craig, Jennie Price, Beulah Price, Carrie Biggers, Cleveland Moore, Nan Moore, Alvin Deese, Flow Biggers, Nora Keziah, Amelia Winchester, Clyde Winchester, Julia Deese, Lovick Price, Carrie Wolfe, Vernon Moore, Lola Price.