Marriages Ballintober Parish

  January 7, 2005

Ballintober Marriages


92 Marriages


John SHEA to Mary GRASHAM Ballyburke  

Martin HERAGHRTY to Biddi HYNES February 1 Ballyglass 

Anthony HERAGHTY to Catherine KEVIL February 20 Gorteen witness James WALSH and Mary MORAN

Hubert GIBBONS to Margaret DEA February 22 Ballintubber 

Anthony FLYNN to Catherine MALLY February 22 Renewi  

Michael McLOUGHLIN Aughagower to Anne MYLOTT February 23 New Derrew 

Owen BYRNE to Margaret CONWAY February 28 Meneen 

John LUDDEN Westport to Honor WALSH February 23 Kiltharsechane  witness James and Mary BYRNE

Thomas TUFFY Islandeady to Mary RHONAN March 2 Devlish witness Pat STANTON and Eleanor TUFFY

Anthony MORGAN to Mary CORCORAN March 3 Bohaun 

John SHERIDAN Newport to Peggy ASPEL March 8 Cloonhroin witness Michael HENEHAN and Bridget GREEVY

Pat COSTELLO of Killadeer March 14 1840 certificate  

James GORMAN to Catherine QUINN March 21 

Michael IGO to Mary JOYCE July 22 Cloonbora  witness William IGO and Mary STANTON

Thomas NESTOR to Mary HENAGHAN August 1 Ballintubber 

Patt BASQUIL to Anne WALSH October 7 Kricksawna witness James BASQUIL and Honor WALSH

Michael CAVENAGH to Biddi WALSH November 14 New Derrew 



John QUINN to Mary NALTY February 13 Towerhill witness Edward BLAKE and Mary TULLY

Pat KIRBY of Gorthbawn Certificate February 13 

Thomas WALSH to Sara DUFFY February 18 Ballyburke 

Edward DIVELLY to Biddi GAVIN February 21 Ballyglass 

John GLYNN to Biddi JOYCE February 21 Cloonburach 

Martin MADDEN to Sally JOYCE February 24 Ballintober 

William MacHALE to Honor WALSH March Gorthbawn witness Pat MacHALE and Honor GIBBONS

Thomas BROWNE to Mary HIGGINS March 13 Cloonburagh 

Patt WALSH to Honor WALSH March 21 Gorthbawn Dispensation 3-3 witness Michael WALSH and Brid GREHEEN

Thomas DERRICK to Winny McGRATH April 22 

James NALLY Tower Hill to Ellen MURRAY Carnacun July 

Patt GIBBONS Party to Honor SCOTT October 20 Killawalla

John VARRILY to Mary CONNELLY November 1 Ballinacloighbeg




John DUFFY to Honor MALLY May 29 Kiltharsechaune 

Patt GARVEY to Mary McLOUGHLIN July 11 Newtown 

Daniel GOGGY to Biddi GANNON October 29 Killadeer 

Michael FLYNN to Betty BURKE November 27 Drummin



John LALLY to Margaret KEARNY January 25 Towerhill 

Michael WALSH to Biddi MURPHY Bohaun March 15 

John COLEMAN March 9 1844 Certificate 

Laurence WALSH to Margaret FITZMAURICE November 2 Castle Burke 

Richard JORDAN to Mary KERRIGAN November 29 Creevagh 


Pat BURKE to Mary SHEA March 19 Gorthbawn Austin SHEA and Bridget KING 




Patt JOYCE to Nancy TOUGHY January 25 Dromore 

Patt STANTON to Margaret CORCORAN February 3 Dromore 

Owen ONEAL to Nancy CAVANAGH February 15 Cartonbower 

John KNIGHT to Margaret CRAWFORD February 17 Killawalla 

Martin GANNON to Kitty LALLY February 19 Gorthbawn 

Daniel CREIGHTON to Mary GRIMES February 20 Derrew 

Martin FLYYN to Biddi McDONNEL March 18 Ballyburke 

John KEASY to Mary CLARKE April 13 Creevagh 

Walter KELLY to Mary McEVILY May 16 Stonepark 

Thomas CASEY to Mary GLYNN August 15 Creevagh 

Edmond KEANE to Margaret MULROY November 25 Newtown 

Michael ROCHE to Libby KELLY November 2 Ruchane 

Martin WALSH to Margaret FLYNN December 14 Creevagh 




Bartholomew HENEGHAN to Biddi MALLY January 17 Kinuary 

Patt REILLY to Anne STANTON January 21 Ballure 

Thady FLYNN to Winni GIBBONS January 30 Kinuary 

Hugh MURPHY to Mary LALLY February 2 Dromore 

Edward JOYCE to Biddi GIBBONS February 11 Killawalla 

Rose HIGGINS to Thomas CARROLL February 23 Kinuary 

William McNALLY to Mary COSTELLO October 27 Killadeer



John CASEY to Bridget MURPHY April 19 Witness Anthony MURPHY and Judy CASEY 



Michael STANTON to Kitty MORAN February 12

John MURPHY to Bridget CAMPBELL February 18 Gorthbawn  witness Tom Casey & Mary SHEA

Michael HOLLAND to Bridget TRACEY February 23

Pat RYAN to Ellen McEVILY Feb 25




David BOURKE to Mary BOURKE January 5 Killawalla 

Peter OMALLY to Mary OMALLY August 27 Ballyburke 

Michael McDONNELL to Mary McGING October 19 Kinuary




Michael KERRIGAN to Kate OBRIEN August 25 Dereenscobe





Peter McHALE to Anne McGING August 18 Bohaun



Patrick FITZPATRICK to Biddie OBRIEN January 13 Bohaun 

William McNULTY to Mary COSTELLO Killadeer  


Tom COSTELLO to Ellen MORAN April 22 1877 

Michael McGUIRE (??) to Bridget COLEMAN Feb 23 1878 Wit Pat and Mary COLEMAN 

Michael COSTELLO to Sarah MORAN April 26 1878 

Joseph COSTELLO to Margaret WALSH Dec 15 1878 

John COSTELLO to Catherine ARMSTRONG Jan 22 1894






Anthony ODONNEL Shean to Sara BURKE Ballyburke January 4 

Anthony MALIA to Mary HENEGHAN March 4 

Anthony CORCORAN to Honor HIGGINS March 11  

Michael WALSH to Mary HENEGHAN April 13  

Patt McGING Party to Mary DUFFY June17  

John BASQUILL Aughagower to Mary McGING July  

John JENNINGS to Anne LUDDEN July 9





Thomas BURKE to Anne BUTLER February 26 

Myles BURKE to Biddi PHILBAM March 

Patt GIBBONS to Mary KANE May 7  

John STANTON Belcarra to Margaret JOYCE September



Patt TRACEY to Ellen McHALE February 

Thomas MALONE Aughagower to Ellen Kirby June 1


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