Marriages in Ballintober Parish Co Mayo 1860-1881

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Marriages in Ballintober Parish 1860-1896  

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288 marriages   



Ulick CUSIC to Anne KING January 6 witness Michael KING and John ?

Michael GREEVY to Anne CARTER February 15  

James FLYNN to Julia FARIGHER February 19 Towerhill

William RIELLY to Margaret FORDE March 8 Moore Hall

John BURKE to Mary HUGHES March 18 Newtown witness Walter BURKE and Mary GANNON

Thomas BURKE to Mary ROONEY March 28 Killawalla

John CORBET to Mary BODKIN April 15 Tebrines witness Pat BODKIN and Mary CANNON

Pat WALSH to Mary MALLY (alias TOUGHTY) May 9 Rinaneel witness John BURKE and Catherine MALLY

Michael DERIG to Bridget McGINN witness Austin McGINN June 21

James KEAVNEY to Mary HENEGHAN September 12 Glasgort witness Hugh KEAVNEY

John BURKE to Bridget REILLY November 26 Pollacappul

 Charles MULROONY to Margaret COLEMAN November Newtown




Pat BAIN to Bridget WALSH January 6 Gorthbawn witness Peter McEVILY and Celia WALSH

Pat COSGROVE to Catherine MaGRATH January 14 Cloonboorhy witness Michael BURKE and Honor ARMSTRONG

John GIBBONS to Sally HOPKINS February 2 Ballintober

Thomas CORKERAN to Peggy MULROY February 3 Moore Hall

Anthony DOLAN to Sally FENAGHTY February 3 Ballyburke Witness John and Bridget MURPHY

Michael CAVANGH to Nelly CONNOR February 7 Cranmore

Michael LYDON to Mary GAVAN  February 8 Croaghrim

Thomas PHILBIN to Bridget GANNON February 9 Rustique 

Pat BURKE to Catherine DILLON February 9 Kelanbragh

Pat TUOHY to Mary JOYCE February 11 Killawalla

James CONNOR to Mary IGO February 17 Drummin

Laurence HEFFERON to Catherine VAHY February 18 Ballnachigha

Pat STANTON to Mary BLAKE February 28 Rinaneel 

Michael CAVANAGH to Kitty CONNOR March 7

Pat LUDDEN to Bridget McNULTY March 21 Ballyburke witness John GRADY and Bridget WALSH

Michael WALSH to Mary KELLY March 28 Dereendafderg

Austin BURKE to Mary CARTOR March 27 Killawalla witness John BURKE and Mary FITZGERALD

John WALSH to Honor GREAVY March 30 Killadeer witness John GIBBONS and Mary WALSH

William DEA to Bridget GOLEY April 6 Cloonkeen

John TUOHY to Maria NALLY April 8 Ballintober 

John GANNON to Margaret FLYNN April 20 Rustique witness Peter MULLOY and Betty JUDGE

Michael MULKERRIN to Mary IGO April 27 Rinaneel

Edmond MALLY to Ellen WALSH May 1 Kelskigh

Thomas REILLY to Mary BARRET May 13 Kiltharsechaune

Philip MALONE to Ann CORCORAN June 16 Ballintober

Michael COLLINS to Mary WALSH September 23 Clogher

James KIERL to Bridget JENNING September 26 Moore Hall

John BURKE to Mary HIGGINS December 18 Ballyburke witness Thomas HUGHES and Biddy HIGGINS




Ulick BOURKE to Mary CORKEL February 2 Kiltharsechaune

Luke LANDER to Biddy GIBBONS February 2 Kiltharsechaune

John McGOUGH to Bridget TRACEY February 18 Dereenascobe

John TUOHY to Margaret IGO February 24 Cloonboorhy

Pat GLYNN to Ellewell McDONNELL McGOUGH March 20 Ballintober

Pat KELLY to Ann BURKE April 10 Rinaneel

John LOFTUS to Ellendale McDONNEL April 10 Carralutone 

Michael CUSACK to Cecilia HIGGINS June 3 Kinuary

Ned HALLINAN to Mary GIBBONS June 4 Devlish

Bryan JUDGE to Nappy BURKE November 13 Pollacappul

John JOYCE to Catherine BREWSTER November 23 Ballyglass




Austin McNALLY to Mary KING January 1 Croaghrim

John NALLY to Cecilia WALSH February 4 Dromore

Thomas FARMER to Bridget McEVADDY February 5

Michael PHILBIN to Mary OBRIEN February 9 Stonepark

Pat PENDERGRAST to Cecilia FITZGERALD (alias HOPKINS) February 11 Dromore

John KELLY to Honor GRADY February 13 Towerhill

Laurence CONNOR to Bridget QUINN February 14 Cranmore

John McDONNEL to Margaret WALSH February 15 Curlisduane

John WALSH to Catherine DOLAN February 21 Dereendafderg

Richard FEENEY to Catherine BOURKE February 23 Cartronbower

Thomas GIBBONS to Honor FLYNN February 27 Kinuary

Pat ROGER to Mary CONNOR April 10 Lisrobert

James DUNISAN to Catherine MALLY  April 18 Moore Hall

Pat THORTON to Nancy GIBBONS April 20 Boornakilla

Michael MALLY to Margaret McAULEY May 16 Moore Hall 

Michael WALSH to Biddy DUNCAN August 7 Moore Hall

Peter MURPHY to Ellen LARKIN November 1 Newtown

Bryan CONNOR to JUDY HORAN December 21 Cloonboorhy




Pat McDONNELL to Mary GANNON January 7 Rustique 

Stephen HALLYAN to Bridget FARAGHER January 14 Rinaneel

Pat HORAN to Ann McGOUGH January 14 Drumminroe

James FARRELL to Bridget TRACY January 14 Dereenascobe

William BRENNAN to Mary MALIA January 31 Killawalla witness John COSTELLO and Bridget MaGRATH

Peter MULROY to Mary MORAN February 1 Ballintober

John TRACEY to Anne HENAGHAN February 3 Dereendafderg

James KILCOYNE to Bridget KNIGHT February 8 Ballintober

John McDONNEL to Margaret WALSH February 13

Pat REILLY to Mary BURKE February 15 Drumminroe

Pat GALLAGHER to Bridget CONNOR Feb Lisrobert

Martin GRADY to Margaret GRADY February 18 Kiltharsechaune 

John KERRIGAN to Ann DERRIG February 25 Croaghrim witness James HOBAN to Mary McGINN

Pat RYDER to Winny McDONNEL February 25 Kinuary

Thomas McGINN to Mary WALSH March 11 Bohaun

Thomas FEENETY to Julia JOYCE March 11 Drumminroe

Pat BOURKE to Mary SHEA March 19 Killawalla witness Austin SHEA and Bridget KING

Richard GIBBONS to Bridget JOYCE March 20 Moate

Pat QUINN to Bridget McHUGH March 27 Cartronbower

James GIBBONS to Bridget KELLY March 27 Shraghskan

Hugh KEANVEY to Mary KIRBY March 30 Ballintober

Austin HIGGINS to Mary FORDE April 10 Moore Hall witness Michael FORDE and Honoria HENAGHAN

Michael IGO to Ann ARMSTRONG April 23 Cloonboorhy

James WALSH to Mary DURKAN June 4 Moore Hall

Pat STANTON to Bridget WALSH June Kiltharscean

John TRACEY to Margaret CONELLY July 4 Tawnyagry

Pat GIBBONS to Honor CARNEY July 28 Bohaun

Martin CORLEY to Maria McGOUGH July 10 Ballintober

Robert CARNEY to Ann McGOUGH August 24 Shragkehelm witness Pat McGOUGH and Maria KELLY

Michael WALSH to Mary HENEGHAN September 24 Dereendafderg

Pat HYNES to Winifred GALLAGHER September 28 Ballinaclia

Thomas MULKERRIN to Margaret DURKAN December 12 Moore Hall

John WALSH to Mary KILCOYNE December 29 Clareen witness Pat McEVILLY and Kitty KILCOYNE




Michael KERRINS to Bridget FREHIL January 8 Croaghrim

Pat DUFFY to Bridget BRYNE January 8 Kiltharsechaune

John LUDDEN to Julia GIBBONS January 15 Killawalla

Michael CONNOR to Mary STANTON February 10 Skehahagh

Pat TOLSTER to Kitty BURKE January 16 Shrakheen

Thomas BUTLER to Bridget MANNION February 19 Derryoran witness James and Bridget JENNINGS

Edward WALSH to Bridget STANTON February 22 Moore Hall

John KILCOYNE to Judy FLYNN February 4 Knockaraha

Thomas KELLY to Ann HUGHES February 27 Killadeer witness John CARNEY and Margaret O'BRIEN

Thomas BARRETT to Fanny BLAKE February 27 Rinaneel

Pat GAVAN to Ann McNULTY March 10 Ballyburke witness Austin GAVIN and Ellen McNULTY

Martin FERGUS to Mary MALLY March 31 Killawalla witness Michael WALSH and Kitty WALSH

James HENAHAN to Ann RYAN April 17 Kigalla

Pat McEVILY to Mary DEANE April 20 Derryoran Dispensation 2-3

Joseph DOGERTHY and Catherine STANTON April 27 Cloonkneuil 

Anthony NALTY to Mary MEA April 29 Ballicalia 

Michael MAHON to Mary DEA July 16 Killawalla witness Jno CONNOR and Bridget JENNINGS

Michael IGO to Margaret FEENETY July 28 Drumminroe Austin McGINN and Margaret GANNON

Pat O'BRIEN to Bridget TRACEY August 13 Tawnyagry Martin O'BRIEN and Mary TRACEY

Michael MORAN to Bridget GERAGHTY November 8 Cullintra

Michael MALLY to Mary JOYCE December 14 Cullintra




Mark BURKE to Ellen MORAN January 15 Derrynacanna Witness Michael GRADY and Ellin BASQUILL

Michael GLYNN to Margaret SCANLON January 21 Towerhill

Phillip MALONE to Judy HENAHAN January 27 Bohaun Witness Pat McGINN and Mary DUFFY

Peter SHAW to Mary McHUGH January 31 Cartronbower

Thomas ERWIN to Mary McDERMOTT February 2 Kinuary Witness Pat McGIRR and Mary HIGGINS

 Thomas TRACEY to Catherine BURNS February 6 Kinuary Witness Pat GIBBONS and Margaret TRACEY

Myles KILLEN to Bridget WALSH February 9 Curlisduane Witness Michael KILLEEN and Mary WALSH

Michael STANTON to Kitty MORAN February 12 Derryoran Witness John STANTON and Mary GREEVY

John MURPHY to Bridget CAMPBELL February 18 Gorthbawn Witness Tom CASEY and Mary SHEA

Michael HOLLAND to Bridget TRACEY February 25 Tawnyagry witness Pat MITCHELL and Ellen CONWAY  

Pat RYAN to Ellen McEVILLY February 25 Killawalla witness Pat RYAN and Catherine McDERMOTT

Thomas FREAHIEL to Bridget GIBBONS March 4 Devlish

John MALLY to Bridget BURKE March 10 Newtown

Anthony McGOUGH to Cecila PHILBIN March 17 Barnakilla

Michael LaVELLE to Judy BURKE April 4 Derrew

John HYNES to Bridget BURKE April 11

Bartly VAHY to Mary LAWLESS May 17

John MULROY to Sarah IGO June 2 Cloonboorhy

Ned MALLY to Bridget MORAN June 3 Newtown

William GIBBONS to Mary KYNE June 17 Devlish

Pat BOURKE to Mary KELLY July 13 Rinaneel witness John GOLEY and Rose McNICHOLAS

Pat HORAN to Margaret RABBIT September 27 Newtown

Bryan DIGNAN to Bridget FITZPATRICK December 3 Ballure




John  GIBBONS to Mary GERAGHTY January 5 Ballintober

David BOURKE to Mary BOURKE January 5 Killawalla

Martin BRENNAN to Catherine McDERMOTT January 6 Clareen

David BOURKE to Mary BOURKE January 9 Killawalla

Pat REILLY to Judith CANNON January 11 Ballyburke witness Pat BAYNES and Ellen MORAN

John HOBAN to Margaret WALSH January 20 Killand witness Michael RYAN and Margaret WALSH

Michael DEVLIN to Mary TRACEY January 24 Dereenascobe

Martin BRENNAN to Catherine McDERMOTT February 1 Clareen

Michael GIBBONS to Mary HENAGHAN February 25 Kiltharsechaune

Thomas HIGGINS to Judy MULHARE March 2 Moore Hall

Martin OBRIEN to Mary TRACEY March 2 Tawnyagry witness Pat and Bridget O'BRIEN

Thomas QUINN to Kitty MALLY March 3 Derryoran

Pat BRENNAN to Bridget ANDERSON March 11 Kiltharsechaune

Philip McGING to Mary KERRIGAN March 17 Kinuary witness Hugh and Bridget FLYNN

Pat MALLY to Honor HORAN March 25 Ballintober witness Pat and Mary HORAN

James STANTON to Bridget FARAGHER April 7 Stonepark

Richard WALSH to Mary TRACY April 11 Dereenascobe witness John JOYCE and Catherine TRACY

Michael GANNON to Bridget KILLEEN April 25 Rustique

John STANTON to Bridget BLAKE April 26 Rinaneel

Pat WALSH to Bridget HALINAN July 10 Kiltharsechaune

John WARD to Ellen GOLEY August 6

John WARD to Ellen GOLEY August 26 Cloonkeen Witness Michael and Margaret GOLEY

Peter O'MALLY to Mary O'MALLY August 27 Ballyburke witness Edward KING and Kate MANION

Michael McDONNELL to Mary McGING October 19 Kinuary witness Thomas McGING and Mary McDERMOTT

Edward WALSH to Kitty MaGRATH November 24 Stonepark

Richard McGOUGH to Bessy ARMSTRONG December 16   Ballintober




Michael GIBBONS to Mary MALLY January 7 Dereendafderg

John GIBBONS to Honor CAVANAGH January 12 Killadeer witness John BYRNE and Bridget WALSH

John GANNON to Mary GANNON January 27 Rustique

Stephen O'SULLIVAN to Mary WALSH February 13 Gorthbawn witness Richard O'SULLIVAN and Catherine WALSH

Pat DAWSON to Bridget DUNNE February 15 Dereenascobe

William CANNON to Mary CANNON February 22 Ballure witness Pat PHILBAN and Bridget CANNON

Michael RYAN to Anne EGAN March 1 Kigalla

Pat O'BRIEN to Bridget DUFFY March 8 Bohaun witness John McGING and Bridget DUFFY

Thomas TRACEY to Bridget FADEN  March 15 Tawnyagry John TRACEY and Honor JOYCE

Michael GLYNN to Ellen MALLY March 25 Cartronbower

Pat FLYNN to Anne RYAN March 29 Ballintober

Pat TRACEY to Margaret CORKEL March 29 Dereenascobe Thomas O'BRIEN and Honor GIBBONS

William STANTON to Bridget MITCHELL April 19 Kiltharsechaune

Pat FLYNN to Mary HEFFERON May 6 Kinuary

Martin HORAN to Bridget STANTON June 13 Dereendafderg witness Pat HORAN and Bridget STANTON

Maurice MURPHY to Bridget STANTON July 13 Cloonboorhy

James HALINAN to Mary HIGGINS August 15 Bohaun

Michael KERRIGAN to Kate O'BRIEN August 25 Dereenascoobe

Peter LALLY to Ann PEMBRECK November 3 Cartronbower

Pat MONOGHAN to Mary QUINN November 7 Moore Hall

William BASKWELL to Ann GIBBONS November 24 Killadeer

John MALLY to Mary WALSH December 4 Dromore




John PENDERGRAST to Bridget STANTON January 21 Dromore

Michael GIBBONS to Mary OBRIEN January 23 Moore Hall

Ned CONRY to Nancy LOUVERAIN February 9 Derryoran witness Pat GREAVY and Honor CONNOR

Peter MURPHY to Maria MaGRATH February 13 Stonepark

Austin GAVIN to Catherine NEARY February 27 Dereenascobe

Michael WALSH to Margaret WALSH March 4 Killawalla

Michael NEWEL to Mary GIBBONS April 5 Ballintober

Pat GIBBONS to Margaret O'BRIEN April 18 Killadeer witness Michael MORAN and Cecily HUGHES

John DARCY to Bridget GRADY June 18 Kiltharsechaune

John WALSH to Mary BYRNE June 20 Killawalla

Martin GIBBONS to Margaret RONAYNE July 5 Kiltharsechaune witness Thomas and Mary KNIGHT

Thomas MORAN to Judy McHUGH November 1 Ballure

Peter MURPHY to Maria MaGRATH December 13 Stonepark




Michael GERAGHTY to Bridget BRENNAN Devlish February

James BRENNAN to Margaret SHEA February 13 Gorthbawn witness Charles BURNS and Catherine KILCOYNE

Michael KASEY to Kitty MULROY February 26 Croaghrim witness John and Bridget MULLOY

Thomas CORCORAN to Peggy CONWAY February 26 Kiltharsechaune

John TOUHY to Mary CONABOY February 28 Dernacanna

Pat MADDEN to Mary MORAN February 26 Derryoran witness Martin MADDEN and Mary GREEVY

Austin GRADY to Peggy TRACEY March 21 Dereenascobe witness Peter and Sarah GRADY

Frank KING to Ellen TUFFY March 28 Bohaun

Roger LYONS to Catherine MALLY April 21 Stonepark

Matthew McGING to Mary GAVAN June 4 Croaghrim

William KELLY to Catherine WALSH June 4 Moore Hall

James CAVANAGH to Bridget KELLY November 24 Ballyglass

Thomas RALPH to Mary JOYCE June 26 Ballyglass

John GALLAGHER to Mary DARCEY July 28 Kiagalla

John TRACY to Margaret JOYCE November 1 Killawalla Thomas TRACY and Honor WALSH




Thomas KELLY to Mary McGING January 19 Kinuary witness Michael GAVIN and Bridget MaGING

Thomas HORAN to Catherine WALSH January 26 Ballintober witness Denis HORAN

Hugh FLYNN to Bridget BURKE February 5 Kinuary

Anthony WALSH to Ann MORAN February 7 Kiltharsechaune

John KEAVNEY to Bridget STANTON February 9 Ballintober

Pat McGING to Mary TUFFY February 21 Bohaun witness Pat McGING and Mary DUFFY

Pat WALSH to Kitty HUGHS February 21 Moore Hall

Pat McDERMOTT to Bridget STANTON February 26 Drumminroe

John PHILBIN to Kate GIBBONS March Cranmore

Thomas GIBBONS to Catherine GIBBONS March 23 Devlish

Cormack MULDOON to Mary FARAFGER March 28 Ballyglass

Jno KENSEY to Sarah WALSH April 2 Bohaun witness James and Anne McGING

Michael LUDDEN to Mary McGREEVY April 9 Kiltharsechaune

James KEAVNEY to Agnes STANTON April 15 Drumminroe

Thomas GIBBONS to Bridget HIGGINS April 22 Lenftabren

Michael CONWAY to Ellen MORAN April 22 Shahsbehy

Jno COSTELLO to Ellen MORAN April 22 Killawalla

William FADEN to Mary MALLY to April 30 Ballintober

Denis MORAN to Mary FITZPATRICK May 13 Derrynacanna

Michael FADIAN to Margaret BASQUIL July 18 Kiltharsechaune

Peter McHALE to Anne McGING August 18 Bohaun

Cormack MULDOON to Mary FARGHER August 28 Ballyglass

John KELLY to James WALSH October14 Bohaun

 Peter LALLY to Ann PEMBROCK November 3 Cloonboorhy

 Pat MONAGHEN to Mary QUINN November 7 Moore Hall




Patrick FITZPATRICK to Biddie O'BRIEN January 13 Bohaun dispensation 3-3

John VARLEY to Bridget MORAN February 7 

Pat BOYLE to Ann McDONNELL February 11 Moore Hall

Anthony CLARKE to Mary MURPHY February 13 Ballyburke witness Michael Murphy

Thomas CARTY to Mary MALOY February 13 Ballintober

Thomas BUTLER to Honor DOLAN February 19 Kinuary

Augustine McGING to Sally KILCOYNE February 19 Carnacon

Martin GRADY to Mary CONWAY February 19 Derryoran

Pat BOYLE to Ann McDONNELL February 19 Moore Hall

John KELLY to Mary IGO February 20 Cloonboorhy dispensation 3-3

Michael GIBBONS to Bridget McGINN February 23 Kinuary witness Anthony WALSH and Mary McGINN

Thomas KIERGAN to Mary KEAN February 24

John OBRIEN to Bridget MULDOON March 4 Ballyglass

Pat McGING to Bridget CARTY March 20 

Thomas GIBBONS to Catherine GIBBONS March 23 Devlish

Cormack MULDOON to Mary FARAGHER April 9 Kiltharsechaune

James KEAVNEY to Agnes STANTON April 14 Dromore

Thomas GIBBONS to Bridget HIGGINS April 22 Laughlerin

Jno COSTELLO to Ellen MORAN April 22 Killawalla

Michael MALLY to Winifred FADEN April 30 Ballintober 2- 3 dispensation

Pat MONAGHN to Mary QUINN November 7 Moore Hall




Richard KEATING to Bridget DUNN January 1 Newtown

Patrick FITZPATRICK to Biddie OBRIEN January 13 Bohaun

William McNULTY to Mary COSTELLO Killadeer

Thomas JOYCE to Bridget GERATY February 2

Pat BOYLE to Anne McDONNELL February 11 Moore Hall

Anthony CLARK to Mary MURPHY February 13 Ballyburke

Thomas CARTY to Anne MALEY February 13 Ballintober

Martin GRADY to Mary CONWAY February 19 Derryoran

Thomas BUTLER to Honor DOLAN February 19 Kinuary



Pat BARTLY to Catherine KILCOYNE January 16

Martin WALSH to Mary McHALE January 22

Owen WALSH to Anne BYRNE February 17

Certificate to James McGREEVY February 17

Certificate to Thomas LUDDEN February 17

John DUFFY to Bridget DUFFY February 17

John QUIN to Bridget LUDDEN February 17

James McDERMOTT to Eleanor CARTY July 17Dispensation 3-3

John BOGGINS to Catherine GOLDING July 17

James McDONNELE to Bridget BOYLE July 17



Michael HENGHAN to Anne BYRNE February 24

Michael LANGAN to Honor BYRNE February 27



John BYRNE to Catherine FITZPATRICK January 20

John O'LAUGHLIN to Bridget DUFFY January 29

Edmond O'MALLY to Mary DERIG February 3

Pat BURKE to Mary CONABOY February 13

James McGING to Anne KELLY March 18

Bartholomew BURKE to Bridget HENEGHAN April 2

Stephen GIBBONS to Bridget MALLY April 4

Pat JOYCE to Mary THORTON April 4

Tom COSTELLO to Ellen MORAN April 22

Thomas HALLINAN to Mary JOYCE July 9

John HERAGHTY to Anne MORAN November 4


Certificate to Pat HENGHAN January 18

Certificate to Michael BRENNAN February 8

Edward SCAHIL to Margaret WALSH February 13 witness Austin KERRIGAN and Margaret O'MALLY

Michael McGUIRE (??) to Bridget COLEMAN Feb 23 Wit Pat and Mary COLEMAN

Martin GAVIN to Margaret LAWLESS February 27

James CONNOR to Catherine ARMSTRONG March 2

Michael COSTELLO to Sarah MORAN April 26

Peter HYNES to Margaret MALLY May 19 Witness Bridget Costell

Thomas MORAN to Honor BURKE September 25

Pat KERRIGAN to Honor BURKE November 22

Anthony TUOHY to Catherine WALSH November 23

James GRADY to Bridget GERAGHTY December 13

Joseph COSTELLO to Margaret WALSH Dec 15 1878


Killawalla Marriages

John JOYCE to Catherine CONBOY February 17

Thomas DERRIG to Bridget GIBBONS February 19

John McGING to Bridget CARROL February 19 Witness Michael McGING

Thomas O'BRIEN to Sarah McGING February 23


John HIGGINS to Maria McELLIN February

Certificate to Michael McHUGH February


John COSTELLO to Catherine ARMSTRONG Jan 22

Anthony O'DONNEL Shean to Sara BURKE Ballyburke January 4

Anthony MALIA to Mary HENEGHAN March 4

Anthony CORCORAN to Honor HIGGINS March 11

Michael WALSH to Mary HENEGHAN April 13

Pat McGING Party to Mary DUFFY June17

John BASQUILL Aughagower to Mary McGING July

John JENNINGS to Anne LUDDEN July 9


Thomas BURKE to Anne BUTLER February 26 Pat GIBBONS to Mary KANE May 7

John STANTON Belcarra to Margaret JOYCE September


Pat TRACEY to Ellen McHALE February

Thomas MALONE Aughagower to Ellen Kirby June 1

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