Westport County Mayo Marriages 1823 to 1829

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 Marriages Aughaval (Westport) Parish 1823 to 1829


251 marriages





Anthony WALSH to Mary HOBAN April 9

John KELLY to Mary LYONS August 8


Dominick BROWNE to Biddi BURKE November 18

Patrick BOYLE to Margaret LaVALLE December 2

John REILLY to Honor GRADY December 3

Michael BURNS to Margaret HESTON December 6

Thomas GANNON to Biddi GILL

Francis MULLROY to Anne GRADY December 20

Patt McGLYNN to Mary McMANUS December 23

Michael FLYNN to Bell CONELL December 28




Pat KERRIGAN to Margaret GALLAGHER February13

Pat GAVIN to Mary RUDDY February18

David WALSH to Bridget BURKE February19 Thornhill

Jno GAMMON to Judith CANNON February19

Hugh FERGUS to Celia MacDONNELL February19

Thomas GAVIN to Mary GIBLIN February 20

Austin RUDDY to Catherine GILL February 24 Kilmeena

Michael SALMON to Sarah JUDGE June 3

Anthony MALLY to Mary MULOONE June 19

Anthony DUNBAR to Ann DURKAN June 24

Michael BOURKE to Mary KELLY June 24

Pat GALLAGHER to Margaret BURKE June 25

James HORTON to Catherine GIBBONS August

John KELLY to Mary LYONS August8

Pat MALLY to Liby GERAGHTY August 27 Lecanvey


Henry KELLY to Mary HESTIN September 2 Ballyclare

Thomas DUNBAR to Mary HAMBROGUE September 3

Pat TOULSTER to Mary HOLLAND September 9 Coolloughra

Jno CONNELLY to Anne DERRIG September 17

Richard GIBBONS to Margaret HIGGINS October 5

Thomas McGUIRE to Bridget GAVIN October 5

Dermot KELLY to Bridget GAVIN October 6 witness John KELLY and Catherine GAVIN

Pat WALSH to Nancy DEVINE October 6

Jno FLYNN to Honor MORAN October 7

Jno SCAHIL to Margaret QUIGLEY November 1

James GIBBONS to Catherine LYNSKY November 11

Richard CONWAY to Bridget LANGLEY November 18

Dominick BROWNE to Biddi BURKE November 18

Anthony MALLEY to Mary MULOONE

Patrick BOYLE to Margaret LaVALLE December 2

John REILLY to Honor GRADY December 3

Michael BURNS to Margaret HESTON December 6

Thomas GANNON to Biddi GILL

Thomas MORAN to Honor MORAN December15

Luke JORDAN to Sally NOLAN December 16

Francis MULLROY to Anne GRADY December 20

Pat McGLYNN to Mary McMANUS December 23

Michael FLYNN to Bell CONELL December 28




Austin HOBAN to Sally GRAGHAGAN January 7

Daniel MALLEY to Sally DUFFY January 9

Myles BURKE to Bridget GAVAN January 13

Jno MORAN to Julia McNEAL January 14

Timothy FADDEN to Mary BARRETT January 18

Martin NOLAN to Honor DUFFY January 20

James MONAGHEN to Ann KINE January 20

Martin NOLAN to Honor DUFFY January 20

Thady CONWAY to Bridget DUFFY January 22

Pat McKEAL to Sally GIBBONS January 23

Pat WALSH to Sally GIBBONS January 23

Peter MALEY to Bridget DUFFY January 30

Jno GIBBONS to Catherine GIBBONS January 31

Pat McKEAL to Sally GIBBONS January 31

Pat WALSH to Ellen FREHILL January 31

Jno GIBBONS to Catherine GIBBONS January 31

Walter SCOTT to Margaret GIBLIN January 31

Pat MULLINS to Mary GERAGHTY February 3

Geoffrey GIBBONS to Mary BURNS February 3

Dominick DOUGHTY to Bridget MURPHY February 3

Edmond BURKE to Biddi KERRIGAN February 3

James GIBBONS to Susanna O'DONNELL February 6

Pat CONWAY to Mary DERRIG February 8

Pat KING to Bridget McGREAL February 9

Hugh GERAGHTY to Biddi SCAHILL February10

Richard GAVAN to Mary HESTON February10

Thomas ODONNELL to Celia CANNON February11

Pat GAVAN to Catherine DALE February12

Andrew KERRIAGN to Catherine FLANIGAN February12

George GIBBONS and Mary BURNS February13


Edmund McKEAL to Catherine BURKE February14

Edward BURKE to Judith DERIG February14

Timothy KELLY to Ellen EGAN February14

James GERAGHTY to Honor GERAGHTY  February14 witness Thomas SCULLY and Sarah GERAGHTY

Joseph RUSH to Mary GIBBONS   HORAN February14

Pat GIBBONS to Catherine GAVAN February15

Martin CUSACK to Bridget BURKE February18

Pat FADEN to Mary CURRIGAN February18

Thomas GERAGHTY to Honor KITTIGAN March 6

James GIBBONS to Honoria THOMPSON March

Pat HIGGINS to Margaret FEENEY March 6

Pat HIGGINS to Margaret KENNY March 6

William HALLARON to Catherine GAVAN March 9

William HALLINAN and Catherine GAVAN March 9

Henry FREHIL and Catherine WALSH March 22

Pat CAVANAGH to Sally CURRIGAN March 27 witness Pat GIBLIN and Nappy KELLY

Pat GERAGTHY to Biddi NEEDHAM April 5

Michael GINEELY to Bridget NELAS April 7

Michael DUNNE to Ann LENNON May 4


Jno WALSH to Margaret BOURKE May 12

Michael KENNEDY to Catherine GERAGHTY May 12

Thomas McDONELL to Catherine GRADY May 12

Randle McDONELL to Mary KELLY May 15

Michael CARNEY to Bridget WOODHOUSE May 16

Peter GIBBONS to Bridget JOYCE June 8

Owen CAMPBELL Murrisk to Margaret LYDEN Murrisk June 12 witness Jno CAMPBELL and Mary NICHOLSON

William DUGAN to Mary STANTON June 17

Jno DONNELL to Mary DEA June 26

Austin SALMON to Mary GERAGHTY June 29

William MITCHELL to Bridget CROW June 29

Pat FADIN to Mary SULLIVAN June 30

Peter OMALEY to Mary MALLEY July 1

Michael GREAL to Betty McNEALY

Peter Burke to Mary GAVEN July 1

Michael FOX to Mary FERGUS July 24

Jno GERAGHTY to Bridget MURRAY August5

Owen CAMPBELL to Mary LYDEN August12 SS James CAMPBELL and Mary NICHOLSON Murrisk

Peter BURKE to Mary GAVAN August13

Pat MURPHY to Anne MURPHY August 14 witness Jno LEONARD and Anne CURRIGAN

Thomas NESTOR to Mary JENNINGS August 16

Austin SCAHIL to Rose SCAHIL August 25

Jno DOLAN and Bridget McENEELY August 30

William McENEELY to Anne SCAHIL August 31

Michael PENDERGAST to Margaret DOLAN September 2

Denis MURPHY to Rose McGING September 3

Philip STAUNTON to Mary TIERNEY September 8

Jno HESTIN to Catherine DEIGNAN September 25

Austin SALMON to Mary GERAGHTY September 29

Luke NEEDHAN to Ann BURKE November 3 witness Ed and Mary BURKE

Philip KIRRIAGN to Susanna MALLY November 3 witness Pat GAVAN and Bridget HORAN

Michael JOYCE to Eleanor GRADY November 6 witness Austin and Judith GRADY

Darby GANNON to Margaret SCAHIL November 13 witness Pat HERAGHTY and Anne SCHAIL

Pat GAVAN to Mary CONWAY November 22

Jno FLANERY to Celia MALLEY November 25

Jno HALLINAN and Bridget JOYCE December 9

Thomas LOVRAN to Bridget HILL December 9

Thomas GRADY to Celia McEVILLY December10 Murrisk witness Anthony and Mary GRADY




Thomas McKEON to Mary MALLIN January 1   Ballyclare witness Robert DUNES and Bridget DUNES

Anthony BOURKE to Catherine KENNEDY January 2

Thomas KEAN to Margaret GLYN January 3

Pat WALSH to Honor GANNON January 7

Michael THORTON to Ann GERAGHTY January 7

Jno ODONNELL and Catherine McGLYNN

Pat MALLY to Bridget MALLY January 21

James NEEDHAM to Sarah MITCHELE January 21

Martin GRELY to Catherine QUIGLEY January 27

Martin MULLIN to Honor TOOLE January 29

Malacky RYAN to Winifred REILLY January 30

Owen MALLY to Sarah MALLY January 30

Ed KING to Mary REILLY January 30

Pat CONNAGHAM to Mary GAMMOM February 2

Pat GRADY to Sarah GRADY March 3

Henry BROWNE to Margaret JOYCE February 1

Myles GIBBONS and Margaret KELLY February 2

Pat BANES to Sarah GRADY February 4  Dispensation March 3

Dominick MORAN to Anne BRYAN April18

Pat DOLAN to Mary HEREHY April19

Jno KERRIGAN to Cicily NEVIN April26

Owen SCANLON to Bridget FERGUS May 1

Michael DIVANY to Eleanor DONNELL May 14

Dominick HESTIN to Honor HESTIN June 8

Owen DUFFY to Bridget McGREAL June 24

Jno MURRY to Ellen McKEAL September 3

Michaell Hestin to Bridget Stuart Sept 8th witness Daniel Hestin and Anne Lydon

Michael CONWAY to Mary KELLY September 10

Pat GAVAN to Bridget GERAGHTY October 31

Pat GERAGHTY to Judith HESTIN November 10

David GAVAN to Catherine GAVAN November 12 Owenwee

Thomas HENAGHEN to Honor KERIGAN November 13

Pat HALLINAN to Mary MURPHY November 15

Austin McGREAL to Mary BYRNE November 21

Hugh McDONNELL to Margaret HYNES December1

Martin GRADY to Catherine QUIGLEY February 1

Michael KEANE to Catherine GILDEA December4

Pat HALLINAN to Mary MURPHY December15

Pat NEEDHAM to Bridget THORTON December24 Lecanvey

Thomas GRADY to Sicily McEVILY




Peter MORAN to Margaret MORAN February 4

Peter GALLAGHER to Bridget KILCOYNE February 12

Andrew FRIHILE to Bridget GRADY February 18 Lecanvey

Pat HOLLAND to Bridget KIRBY February 20 Bullaun

Pat CANNON to Mary GIBBONS February 21

Edward KEARY to Mary KELLY February 23 Bullaun

Edward BOURKE to Mary BEANS February 25 Murrisk

Philip GERAGHTY to Anne CURIGAN February 25

Michael DOMINIC to Winifred DAWSON February 25 Derryown

Owen GANNON to Bridget MORAN February

Pat GRADY to Bridget FERGUS February 26 Killeen

Jno CONWAY to Mary CONWAY February 26 Drumminduff

Jno KEANE to Bridget GIBLIN February 26 Midgefield

Thady KELLY to Bridget JUDGE February 26

James GRADY to Honor MALLY February 27 Murrisk

Owen QUIGLEY to Anne MUNSTER February 27 Toberrooaun

Edward FERRIS to Bridget WALSH March 23

Edmund GILDEA to Mary LaVALLE April 8

James MALLY to Bridget FOY April14 Kinnock

Pat NEEDHAM to Mary DUGGAN April 15

Pat CURRIGAN to Bridget GERAGHTY April17

Thomas MOONEY to Mary BURKE April 18

Jno McLOUGHLIN to Mary MALLY April 24

Edward HEVRN to Mary JOYCE May 7

Luke BOURKE to Rose GERAGHTY May 14

James CONNOR to Honor SHERIDAN May 19

Michael MULLONE to Margaret DAIGNAN May 23

Daniel LANGAN to Catherine GALLAGHER June 8

Pat THORTON to Catherine McNEAL June 14

Laurence LOVAN to Bridget McMANUS June

Neal BOYLE to Anne CANNON June

Jno HOBAN Westport to Mary GOLDING June 20

Pat McKENNA to Mary DUGGAN July 14

James CURRAN to Mary MANLY July 14

Martin MONGHAN to Mary GERAGHTY July 20

James MALLY to Mary DEANE August4

James DUFFY to Sarah SCAHILL August 4

Martin JOYCE to Margaret WOOD September 4

Mark BOURKE to Mary COLLINS September 5

Thomas STANTON to Mary CAVANAGH October 21

James CAVANAGH to Eliza CRAWFORD October 22

Austin GAVAN to Bridget GERAGHTY November 23

George DIEGGAN to Judith HESTIN December 31




Daniel BRADLEY to Susan LALLY January Murrisk

Myles SCANLON to Bessy LEGNOUR the Quay

Michael MARVIN to Ann BAINES January 6

Thomas JORDAN to Sarah GIBBONS January 6

James BIRMINGHAM to Susan ODONNELL January 7

Austin WALSH to Mary SWEENY January 24 Letterbrock

Thomas FLANAGAN to Mary JOYCE January 31 Killeen

Jno SCAHIL to Bridget FLANGAN February 1 Durless

John FADEN to Bridget LAVEN February 1

James KIMLIN to Bridget McNAMARA February 1

Pat BOYLE to Bridget KELLY February 1

Michael MARVIN to Anne BAINS February 6

Thomas JORDAN to Sarah GIBBONS February 6

James BIRMINGHAM to Sarah O'DONNEL February 7

Michael McLOUGHLIN to Mary GALAGHER February 11 witness John MALY and Margaret McLOUGHLIN

Pat DUFFY to Mary GERAGHT February 12 Glen

Thomas QAULTER to Honor FADEN February 12

Pat DURCAN to Mary McGREAL February 12 Killeen

Joseph MALLY to Honor ADAMS February 14

Patt KELLY to Bridget HIGGINS February 14

Neal MaKEL to Honor CRAWFORD February 14

John McNULTY to Ellen KERNS February 15

John BRENNAN to Honor MALY February 15

Thomas MOSSOP to Anne DUGGAN February 15 witness Luke MULLIN to Mary SULLIVAN

Jno FLYNN to Bridget MALLEY February 16

Pat WALSH Aughagower to Honor KIRBY Westport February 16

John CUGLY to Mary HEVERAN February

Michael WALSH to Mary KERRIGAN February

Jno COLLINS to Bridget GERRATY February 18

Pat KIRIGAN to Ellen GAVAN February 18

Thomas DOLAN to Alica McNAMEE February 19

Pat KEARNEY to Margaret KINE February 19

James McSHEAN to Catherine KERRIGAN February 22

John REYNOLDS to Bridget BURKE February 23

William DOWDAL to Bridget DUFFY February 27 

Daniel DOGERTY to Rose WALSH  March 2

James GIBLIN to Mary McNAMARA March 3

Pat DURKAN to Mary McGREAL March 2 Killeen

Edmund LUDDEN to Bridget DAWSON March 2

Joseph MALLOY to Honor ADAMS March 4

Andrew MALLY to Betty MAHON March 4

Edmund LUDDEN to Bridget DAWSON March 24

Pat HYNES to Honor RUDDY April10 Murrisk

John COYNE to Mary MOONY April11

John GIBLIN to Bridget GIBBONS April15

Joseph REILLY to Ellen McMYLAR April19

Michael OWEN to Mable LUDDEN

Pat LOWDEA (alias HOLLAND) to Mary TUNNY May 8

Joseph MALLY to Honor ADAMS May 11

Henry MADDEN to Anne WALSH June 4

Peter GIBBONS to Mary McGREAL July 6

Jno JOYCE to Sarah WALSH July 30

Pat MALRON to Mary CARR August1

Pat KIRRIGAN Hamilton Hills to Ellen RYAN August4

Pat MAHON to Mary CARR August 7

James RUDDY to Mary HENRY August15 witness Owen MURPHY and Peter WHEALON

Darby HESTIN to Mary FARRAGHER August 25

Jno RUSH to Sarah FALLON August 29

Darby HESTION to Mary FARRAGHER September 25

Pat SCAHIL to Mary HESTER September 26

Walter BOYLE to Mary HERAGHTY September 29 witness Austin and

Pat DOLAN to Mary EGAN October 1

Michael FAHY to Mary GERATY October 2

Michael SCAHIL to Mary SCAHIL October 2

Thomas BRADLEY to Mary CARROLL October 2 Murrisk

Jno JUDGEE to Sarah McGREAL October 5 Aughagower

Michael RUDDY to Bridget KIRBY October 24 Glosh

Peter CANNON to Mary LEONARD November 7 the Quay

Martin NAVIN to Honoria DERIG November 13 Farnaght

Francis MacDONNEL to Hannah HORAN November 14

Laurence O'BRIEN to Biddi O'CONNOR December16




John STAUNTON to Sabrina GIBBONS January 4

Philip McGING to Bridget KERRIGAN January witness James McGING

James HORAN (carpenter) to Bridget MALLY January 18 Quay

Henry McDONAGH to Ann CUNNINGHAM January 21 

Michael CAVANAGH to ANN SCAHILL February 1 Kilmeena witness Pat BURKE and Catherine FERRIS

James McKEON to Catherine KENNEDY February 4

Michael WALSH to Catherine GERRATY February 6

Martin CASEY to Nana MORAN February 2 witness Eugene and Anne KERRIGAN

Michael MURPHY to Sabina HENAHAN February 7

Thomas KELLY to Catherine REILLY February 8

John JOYCE to Mary MALLY February 9 Murrisk

Pat NEEDHAM to Anne MALLEY February 9

Pat McGRATH to Sally GIBBONS February 10

Anthony DARBY to Honor SHERIDAN February 10

Austin PURCEL to Catherine PENDERGRAST February 11

Eugene McGREAL to Bridget CANNEY February 11 Drummin

Thomas MORAN to Ann JOYCE February 14 

Certificate to Pat GANNON February 17 Thornhill

Pat RUDDY to  Catherine FREEL February 18 Murrisk  

John BASKWELL to Sarah SCAHIL February 19

Dermott KELLY to Mary HIGGINS February 19

Pat GRADY to Mary DAVINE February 20 

Dan CONSCRINE  to Mary KELLY February 20 

David GAVAN to Mary GRENAHAM February 20 Boheh 

Jno MALLEY to Catherine FOY February 28

Stephen FRENCH to Catherine  FERGUS March 3 

Pat HOPKINS to Bridget JOYCE March 3 

Pat MORAN to Honor FERGUS  March 3 

James NEALE to Mary DUNLEAVY March 9

Pat KERRIGAN to Margaret GERAGHTY March 9

Thomas LYNCH to Mary McCLEAN March 21 

Patt MURRAY to Catherine DEVERUX March 21

Edmund MALLEY to Margaret LAVALLE March 29

Pat GIBLIN to Honor SCAHIL March 29

Thomas GUANE to Ann O'DONNELE April23 witness Pat DEVER and Catherine GUANE

Thomas GILL to Mary GUAN April26 

David McEVILA to Margaret BUCKLEY April20 

Pat WALSH to Mary FREHIL April23 

Thomas FOX to Catherine CAMPBELL May 29

John HEVERAN to Mary DUFFY June 30

John JOYCE to Ellen DWYER July 13

John DOLAN to Kate LUDDEN July 15

John MALLRY to June RYAN July 15

James McLOUGHLIN to Mary WALSH July 22

John COSTELLOE to Mary HIGGINS July 25

James McLOUGHLIN to Mary WALSH July 29 

Nicholas DONNELL to Mary OCONNOR July 29 

John REILLY to Anne CONNOR August 6 

Thomas HART to Mary McKEON

Hugh GERRATY to Ann McLOUGHLIN August23

Martin HARAM to Rose CONNOR September 9 

Andrew DILLON to Honor GRADY October 4

Pat BALL to Margaret FERGUS October 9

Dan McNAMARA to Ellin BIRMINGHAM November

Michael RUDDY to Anne McNALLY November 7

Pat HOUGH to Mary CAULFIELD November 29

William MITCHELL to Bridget BARRETT December 10


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