Westport Parish Marriages

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Aughaval (Westport) Parish Marriages 1840 to 1849








Darby CONNOR to Bridget CANNON January 9 witness James ROWLAND and Sally McEVILLA

James MacDONNELL to Catherine CUNNIFF January 10

John McEVILY to Catherine FERGUS January 10 

Thomas MULROE to Bridget GERATY January 16 

Jacob ROONEY to Bridget HESTIN January 19

Daniel SLOVIN to Honor DALY January 19

Pat FERGUS and Margaret FERGUS January 20 

Andrew FREHIL to Judith NAVIN January 20 

Michael MULDOON to Catherine WALSH January

Owen MULAGH to Winny SWEENY January 24

Michael DILLON to Honor FADDEN January 31 witness Pat MALLY and Catherine BURKE

Michael JOYCE to Mary GALLAGHER February 2 

Philip LaVALLE to Honor CONWAY February 2

Oliver CANTON to Honor McNALLY February 2

Charles VAHY to Ellen CRADDOCK February 2

Owen MORAN to Bridget O'CONNOR February 5

Thomas KELLY to Biddi CONOLLY February 6 witness Pat CONOLLY and Mary McGING

Pat HAMROGUE to Margaret MURPHY February 12  witness William MALLY and Susan TUNNY

Miles BURKE to Bridget HESTIN February 16

Thomas KELLY to Mary SWEENEY February 19 

John GERAGHTY to Bridget GERAGHTY February 19 

Andrew FREHIL to Judith NAVIN February 20 witness Maria DALY Letterbrack

Jno BROWNE to Mary McGINNESS February 20 

Thady DONNELY to Bridget SALMON February 20

Michael CORCORAN to Bridget CURRIGAN February 21 Kiladyne witness Jno GALLAGHER and Mary SHERIDAN

Austin NEEDHAM to Catherine BURKE February 21

John KELLY to Catherine O'MALLY February 21

Andrew STONE to Teresa FRENCH February 21

Philip LaVELLE to Honor CONWAY February 22 

James WALSH to Mary McGREAL February 23

John SKIFFINGTON to Mary McGOUGH February 27

William SMYTH to Mary NESTOR February 29 witness Austin GRADY to Mary FERGUS

Michael FERGUS to Honor FIEHIL March 1

Thomas CHRISTY to Elisa HUGHES March 1

Thomas MORAN to Mary MALLY March 2 

Peter MORAN to Mary GRADY March 2 witness William GRADY and Mary WALSH

Peter MALLY to Bridget MURRY March 3 

Pat RIDER to Ann RIDER March 3 

Mark MURRAY to Honor DAWSON March 12 witness Ed LYONS and Honor McGUIRE

Pat JOYCE to Bridget BRENNAN March 18 witness Thomas BROWNE and Ann MORAN

Thomas BROWNE to Ann MORAN March 18 

Luke GAVIN to Bridget WALSH April 1

Anthony GANNON to Mary READDY April 14

Pat LUDDEN to Mary BROWNE April 16

Jno HERAGHTY to Bridget REGAN April 19 

Michael MacDONNELY to Bridget GIBLIN May 7 

William BAKER to Anne MUNNILY June 30

Charles COSTELLO to Mary GRIFFIN June 30

Anthony WALSH to Mary KERINS July 9 witness Thomas WALSH Mary NESTIN

James GRADY to Ann FOY July 21  

John FERGUS to Maria McGOUGH September 10

Thomas BRADY to Susan KERINS September 13

Edmund CRIAN to Mary NARY October 12 

Thomas COSTELLO to Mary CUNNINGHAM November 6 Witness James COSTELLO and Mary CUNNINGHAM

James KELLY to Mary DODD November 15 

Thomas DUFFY to Celia McEVILY November 24

Thomas HOBAN to Mary SCAHIL December 17 

Pat SWEENY to Honor TOOL December 18

Austin CLARK to Anne MORAN December 30




Jno HOBAN to Mary WALSH January 6 

Thomas NARY to Catherine MALLY January 27 

Jno GALLAGHER to Mary WARD January 31


Austin HOLAND to Honor BERRY February 14 

Charles TOOLE to Bridget McEVILLY February 14 

Michael MALLY to Bridget NOLAN February 16 

Miles BURKE to Bridget HESTIN February 16 

Owen KERINS to Mary FOSTER February 18

John FERGUS to Margaret RIELLY February 19

Pat SALMON to Mary SALMON February 22 

James WALSH to Mary McGREAL February 23 

John WALSH to Maryann STEPHENS March 2

Michael WHITE to Ann HENAHAN April 2 

Pat CURRIGAN to Honor MYLOTTE April 3 

William Michael OBRIEN to Eliza MADDEN April 6  

Pat KELLY to Mary KEARNS July 22

John NEVIN to Mary FLANAGAN September 28

Austin SCAHIL to Bridget GERAGHTY October 16 

James CRAWFORD to Margaret SHEA October 19 Knockfin 

Jno McKEE to Mary JOYCE December 2

Jno SULLIVAN to Catherine MacHALLE December 2 Glanarist witness James McKEE and Mary JOYCE




Austin HOBAN to Mary JOYCE April 18

Pat MOONY to Mary WINTERS April 24

William MULCRONE to Margaret MADDEN May 6

Pat FLYNN to Mary DOHERTY September 3

John WHELAN to Eliza ADAMS September 13

John GIBBONS to Honor GRADY September 17

Anthony GANNON to Mary EGAN October 16

Austin SCAHIL to Mary CONNOR October 21

Michael THORTON to Jane KELLY November 20 

Thomas FERGUS to Bridget McGREAL November 24




Peter KING to Anne DAVIS January 28

Michael SHERIDAN to Biddy BURKE February 1

John MALONE to Nancy FREAL February 5

Richard GERAGHTY to Elizabeth McDERMOTT February 9

Bryan MALLEY to Celia DERRIG February 11

Michael NALLY to Sarah BURKE February 11

Francis MORAN to Bridget MORAN February 15

Pat MALLEY to Bridget COURTNEY February 18

Thomas MALY to Margaret BRADY February 27

James GIBBONS to Honor McGREAL February 27

Pat LaVELLE to Peggy McGREAL February 27 

Thomas MALY to Margaret BRADY February 27

Michael GRIMES to Kitty GAVAN February 27

James DONOLY to Mary MORAN February 28 

Pat MALLY to Bridget COURTNEY February 18 

John CONWAY to Mary GAVIN March 9

Michael GRIGAN to Sally WALSH March 12 

Pat CRAWFORD to Peggy BROWN March 12

Frank HUGHES to Ellen GRADY March 18

Austin MALY to Mary HUGHES March 19

John CANNON to Honor HESTIN March 20

William McNAMARA to Catherine GERAGHTY March 26

John KING to Mary BERRY March 27

Austin DONNELE to Catherine GRADY April 20

Michael BERRY to Bridget FREEL April 27

Philip GIBBONS to Biddy McDONNEL April 28

Thomas GIBBONS to Mary REGAN May 10 witness Eleanor WALSH and Catherine Jane BURKE

Thomas BODKIN to Maria MacDONNELL May 17

Austin GUILE to Barbara CAROBINE June 3 

Pat CLARK to Mary DEVLIN June 29 

Thomas SWEENY to Catherine McGLEVIN July 21

Michael HOLLAND to Bridget ODONELL July 28 

Pat KELLY to Mary GRYMES October 8

Pat GIBBONS to Anne MALLY October 8

Pat DURKIN to Biddy WALDRON October 9

John FERGUS to Margaret RUDDY November 9

Pat MALLY to Bridget RUDDY November13




John GRIMES to Mary CONWAY March 13 

Anthony MORAN to Honor LaVALLE March 21 

James GIBBONS to Honor GIBBONS March 24 

Richard KELLY to Honor JORDAN April 11 

Michael DUFFY to Henrietta RUDDY May 9 Louisburgh Parish

Denis DALY to Bridget MORAN May 11 

Pat McGUER to Mary SHEA May 26 

Michael WOODS to Mary SHARKEY May 29 

John CARROLE to Ellin KEANE July 13 

Richard JOYCE to Ellin HOLLAND July 16 

Martin DUFFY to Honor FERGUS August 19 

John FERGUS to Mary JOYCE September 5 

Pat TOOHY to Cily GIBBONS September 7 Witness Pat and Mary KITTERICK

James FERGUS to Mary JOYCE September 15 

Pat DURKIN to Biddy WALDRON October 9 

William BUCKLEY to Bridget WALSH October 15 


Edward CONWAY to Bridget McEVILY 

John FERGUS to Margaret RUDDY November 9




Michael TOOLE to Winny ACTION January 7 

Martin GARMAN to Bridget THORTON January 22 

Thomas DAWSON to Celia SHERIDAN February 4 

Jno ODONNELL to Ann CORKEL February 4 Owenwee 

Charles HIGGNS to Judy MULHOLLAND February 5 

Dominick McGREAL to Mary JOYCE February 6

John GERITY to Catherine MOONEY February 14 

James BERRY to Mary OCONNOR February 18 

Jno BERRY to Honor BURKE February 18

John GARVAN to Winny HERAGHTY February 19

Pat NEEDHAM to Bridget MORTIMER February 19 

John BURNS to Sarah GIBBONS February 22 

James SWEENY to Catherine CONNOR February 23

Jno O'BRIEN to Mary KEAN

John KIRIGAN to Mary KING February 23 

Austin REILLY to Mary MURRAY March 1 

James DUFFY to Eleanor CURRIGAN March 29 

Michael CARNEY to Bridget WALSH April 1 

Thomas GIBLIN to Catherine OBRIEN April 2 

John GIBBONS to Ann KILCOYNE April 2

Michael McKENNA to Margaret McKENNA April 3

Thomas GRADY to Judy NILAND April 4 

John HESTON to Bridget GAVAN April 13 

Thomas GAUGHAN to Catherine McHALE May 6 

Peter McNALLY to Bridget HESTER

Pat GARAGHAN to Honor CONWAY May 8

 Richard WALSH to Mary NESTOR May 10 

John GIBBONS to Mary BOYLE May 25 

Michael HARAN to Dorcas MaGUIRE July 24 

Daniel GRADY to Betsy QUIGLEY August 7 

Richard GIBBONS to Mary MADDEN September 6 

Michael Birmingham to Ann CASSIDY September 25 

Pat CAIN to Sally MALLY September 27 

John BOURKE to Bridget BOURKE October 4 

Thomas ONEIL to Sarah PHILBAN November 4 

John MacDONNELL to Mary MALLY November 5 

John MacHALE to Julia GERAGHTY November 8 

Daniel WALSH to Bridget JENNINGS November 12

Martin GANNON to Bridget THORTON December 2




John GANNON to Margaret MOORE January 23 

Edward ODONNELL to Alice ODONNELL February 6 

Michael DUNLEAVY to Mary COYNE July 8

Pat MURRAY (private solider) to Mary EGAN July 29

John WALSH to Mary SCOTT July 29

Pat MORAN to Sarah MORAN August 8

Michael BRENNAN to Mary GALLAGHER August 19

John DUFFY to Margaret CAROBINE September 10

Thomas JENNINGS to Julia O'DOWD September 12

John KELLY to Mary CONWAY September 18

Dr Francis WOODHOUSE to Cecelia COFFEE October 2

James O'DOWD to Bridget MaGLYNE October 9

Edward DOWLING (solider) to Mary MAKEN October 18

James DUFFIN to Anne DAY November 7

John MURPHY to Bridget SAVAGE November 17

James FERGUS to Bridget MALLY December 10




Hugh McGUIRE to Catherine DEANE February 11 

William GALAGHER to Mary GALAGHER March 24

Philip GAVAN to Margaret RUDDY 

Peter NELIS to Mary HOBAN April 6

Peter REILLY to Bridget KELLY April 1 

Denis SHERIDAN to Catherine COALE April 11

John CAMPBELL to Margaret CARROLL April 15 SS William EGAN and Mary CARROLL

John HEARDY to Ann BURNS April 27 

Pat CAVANAGH to Nancy HEART April 27 

James DIGGAN to Rose GUANEE May 6 

Jno SCAHILL to Biddi O'BRIEN May 6

Michael SEVTION to Betsy FEENY May 28 on their way to America

Pat FRIEL to Mary HALANAN May 28

Pat MURTY to Bessy DOWDEE August 5

Edward LYONS to Bridget HARRIS August 14

Martin BERRY to Sally MALLEY August 18

James MaGUIRE to Mary KELLY August 31 

Barney CAMPBELL to Biddi GAVAN August 31

John CAINE to Mary CAVANAGH September 3 

Peter NAVIN to Bridget MALLY September 3 

Pat CANNON to Bridget BELL October 2

John MacCONNEL to Mary MALLEY January 5


Thomas BRADY to Ann McGREAL dispensation

John O'DONELLE to Kathy SALMON January 8

Daniel WALSH to Bridget JENNINGS January 12

John FREIL to Bridget O'DONNEL January 28

John WALSH to Honor GAVAN February 19 



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