Heirs of Shadrack Yarborough  

The Heirs of Shadrack Yarborough to Ezekeil Yarborough

January 1850 State of North Carolina This Indenture made the 22nd day

of February.


Union County AD1844 between Micajah Yarborough, Hillard Yarborough,

Samuel Ross, his wife Sarah, Aley Broom and his wife Elizabeth, heirs,

at law of the Estate of Shadrack Yarborough deceased of the one part and

Ezekeil Yarborough of the other part. ----- that the said Micajah

Yarborough, Hillard Yarborough Samuel Ross amd his wife Sarah, Aley Broom

and wife Elizabeth. For this consideration of the sum of one hundred

fifteen dollars to them --- paid by the said Ezekeil Yarborough the

receipt of full payment whereof Is hereby acknowledged have bargained,

sold and conveyed unto said Rzekiel Yarborough his heirs assigns all

their rights, --- interest in the lands belonging to the Estate of

Shadrack Yarborough deceased consisting of two tracks. One whereon the

said Shadrack lived at the time of his decease. The other whereon the

said Ezekeil Yarborough now lives -- containing both tracks be three

hundred and fifty three acres at the time more or less expcepting their

interest In that part of said land which is allotted to Jemima Yarborough

widow of said deceased as her dower in said lands. Together with all

woods, ways --- herein ------------Thereun belong to the said Micajah

Yarborough, Hillard Yarborough, Samuel Ross & wife and Aley Broom do

agree to warrent & forever defend unto the said Ezekeil Yarborough his

heirs & assigns, free and clear from the just or lawful claims or demand

of any person. What so ever in Witness we have hereunto set our

hands & seals the day and year first written. Signed sealed and delivered

in the presance of Lindsay Broom.

Michajh Yarborough Sarah X Ross

Hillard Yarborough Aley Broom

Samuel X Ross Elizabeth X Broom

State of North Carolina court of lease and quarter. Union County January

term 1850 I certify that the Executors of this document of writing was

duly proven in open court bu Samuel J Irby, one of the subscribers

witnessess thereto and recorded ---- the Register. J M Stewart CCC


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