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Denton, Kentucky in the early 1900's

Read a short History of Denton as written by Mary Bailey.

Search the Denton, Carter County, Kentucky web page for your family :

Unfortunately the Photo Album and the names in the census images are not searchable, but the indexes for the Album and the census images don't take that long to look through.

- Over 240 Denton, Hitchins, and Grayson family and landscape photos for your enjoyment. I am looking for any Denton related landscape or family photographs to add to this site, so if you have anything that you would like to share, send it my way.

- Nearly all the cemeteries in Denton, as well as few Carter County cemeteries. Includes hundreds of names, and I now have over 190 headstone photographs, just click on the highlighted name to view the photo.

- Correspondence Articles from various newspapers, such as The Courier - Journal, The Bugle Herald, and the Eastern Kentucky Journal. This is a virtual diary of happenings in Denton over the span of the past hundred years. Tons of names.

- Many photographs and names, as well as historical information from Denton area Schools.

- Marriage records kept by James M. Clay (1867-1933) during the years he was a minister in Denton. Includes nearly 100 marriages performed by him from 1910 to 1932.

- Many selected Carter County marriages submitted by Linda Cheeks Pittano

- 1941 - 1969 Deaths recorded by the mother of Betty Bowling over the span of more than 30 years, includes hundreds of names.

- Obituaries clipped and collected by Betty Spillman from Denton for many years, contains obituaries from Denton, Hitchins, and Grayson.

- Contains a little of everything, from marriages, deeds, articles of incorporation, newspaper articles and wills. SCANNED IMAGES OF THE ACTUAL DOCUMENTS!

- Baptisms performed by James M. Clay while he was a minister in Denton. Includes only 13 names, no dates or exact locations.

- Actual census images from the 1910 Carter County Census for the entire Straight Creek Road (Denton) voting area. You must view these images and look for your families names, the images are not searchable.

- Census material submitted by Linda Cheeks Pittano, contains much of the Carter County census.

- Take a historic trip through Denton around the year 1925 as described by my grandmother Esther Reeves McHenry while she was growing up on Straight Creek. Includes the names of family homes and businesses, and a few photos.



             Hitchins Depot                             Mt. Savage                                   Hitchins High School                                 C&O Freight Depot (Olive Hill)

         These are drawings that i have done of our local landmarks. For anyone interested i have prints available for purchase on my website.

Prints Available!!

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Background photo is the Pennington store which later became the Stewart store that once stood in Denton at the mouth of Glancy Fork.