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This website contains articles relating to my grandparents' families that I have researched, the DESMIER, EARLE, COOK and PIPER families.The articles contain information that will be interesting to family members and also has links to download copie of diaries and wills. Start by clicking on the button to the left for the family you are interested in  

The Desmier and Earle families are my ancestors on my fathers' side.The Desmier family members are the descendants of Charles Julien Desmier (b 1757, Niort France) who emigrated to Pondicherry to work as an Assistant Surgeon. His family later became part of the Anglo Indian community in India. Subsequently members of that family emigrated to many other parts of the world but most notably UK, Australia, Canada and USA. In addition to his decendants the ancestry of this line of the Desmier family has been traced back to the early 17th century in Niort.

The Earle family members are descended from Captain Solomon Earle (b 1751, Ashburton, Devon UK). He spent 18 years in India serving in the Honourable East India Company's (HEIC) Bengal army. He returned to UK, where he married soon after, and subsequently lived in Devon, London and the Isle of Wight. His three sons all joined the HEIC army and their descendants grew up in India. Solomon also had seven daughters and six of those married military men some of whom also spent time in India.

The Cook and Piper families are my mothers ancestors. The Cook family roots are mainly based around Chisledon in Wiltshire whereas the Piper family have several generations in Buxted, East Sussex.I am in the process of  adding information on the COOK and PIPER families (2018),. Click on the relevant button to go to the page on the family you are interested in or use the search function below to jump to a name you are interested in.

I have put this information on the internet to share with others but please, if you want to put it on other websites (eg Ancestry etc), refer to this website as the source of your information. This will allow others to  find related and more recent  work I have published as well as correctly attributing the research.

Also if you have family stories that you would like to share and let me put them on this website please contact me through the link at the bottom of this page.

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