In and Around Detroit in 1910: historical photographs and text

Souvenir Album In and Around Detroit 1910

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St. Wenceslaus Church  Detroit, Michigan     1910

In 1910--The Bohemians of Detroit established St. Wenceslaus'  parish in 1871, under the directorship of Rev. Wenceslaus Tilek. This pastor built the church and remained with the community until 1873, when he was succeeded by Rev. Frank Ticky, who presided over the parish affairs until 1877. He built the rectory. From 1877 to 1884 the Franciscan Fathers of the Sacred Heart administered to the spiritual wants of the congregation. In 1884, Rev. Wenceslaus Koerner took up the duties of the parish, and he built the school.

In 1889, Rev. Joseph Janecek, now pastor of St. John of Nepomucence, took charge, and he remained with the congregation until 1909. While pastor of St. Wenceslaus, he erected the new church of St. John of Neopmucene, located at Ash and Lawton streets.

After his retirement from St. Wenceslaus he was succeeded by the present incumbent, Rev. Peter P????ky, D.D.  (page 27)


Containing Illustrations of Catholic Churches, Schools and Acadamies and Institutions
  (includes Windsor, Ontario area)

The photographs and text were published in 1910 in honor of the seventh Annual Meeting of the Catholic Educational Association which met in Detroit, Michigan, July 5, 1910