In and Around Detroit in 1910: historical photographs and text

Souvenir Album In and Around Detroit 1910

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St. Joachim's Parish  Detroit, Michigan    1910

The foundation of St. Joachim's occurred in 1875 for the French Catholics of the eastern section of Detroit. The first pastor was Rev. Maxime Laporte. The present fine church, which was erected in 1885, was also erected by Father Laporte.

Bishop Borgess called the Fathers of the Holy Ghost to take charge of St. Joachim's in 1885. The first priest of this order was Rev. Michael Dangelzer; he erected the school building on Fort street and the Sisters' house. Rev. Father Meiward, his successor, erected the rectory. In 1898 Rev. Joseph Oster had the church beautifully decorated, and made many other necessary improvements.

Father Oster retired from the congregation in 1905, but returned in 1908; he is assisted in his work by Rev. Henry Muespach and Henry Blanchor.

The school children, five hundred in number, are taught by the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary from Hochelago, Montreal.


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The photographs and text were published in 1910 in honor of the seventh Annual Meeting of the Catholic Educational Association which met in Detroit, Michigan, July 5, 1910