In and Around Detroit in 1910: historical photographs and text

Souvenir Album In and Around Detroit 1910

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St. Francis Home for Orphant Boys  Detroit, Michigan  1910

1910--St. Francis Home for Orphan Boys represents the jubilee gift of the clergy and laity of the Diocese of Detroit to their beloved Bishop, Rt. Rev. John S. Foley. D.D.  the clergy and laity insisted that his jubilee should not pass without some testimonial of their love, he answered:--"The build me a home for the poor unfortunate little ones of our Blessed Redeemer, but remember, for myself nothing!" And the new St. Francis' Home at 3190 Woodward avenue was the answer of the people of Detroit to that unselfish noble appeal.

This building was presented to Bishop Foley on July 5, 1908. Through the efforts of Vicar General Dempsey and Chancellor Baumgartner with Very Rev. Dean O'Brien, L.L.D., of Kalamazoo, Rev. Charles Bolte of Monroe and Rev. M.J. Crowley of the same city, who, co-operating with the laity raised a fund, the expenditure of which represents the stately and spacious St. Francis' Home.

The first Catholic Orphan Asylum was started by Rev. Martin Kandig in 1834, which remained open until 1839. In 1851 St. Vincent's Asylum, the first permanent home for orphans, was established. The asylum was under the care of the Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul. IN 1867 the boys now removed from St. Vincent's to their new house on the Gratiot Road, and the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary were placed in charge. This was the beginning of the present St. Francis' Home.

The institution is now in charge of the Sisters of St. Joseph from Nazareth, Michigan. This new home is an elegant structure, and is built with a view to the health, comfort and welfare of the children.

Rev. Frederick J. Baumgartner, Chancellor of the Diocese, takes special interest in this asylum and the children, whose education is an object of his special attention.   (page 51)

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The photographs and text were published in 1910 in honor of the seventh Annual Meeting of the Catholic Educational Association which met in Detroit, Michigan, July 5, 1910