In and Around Detroit in 1910: historical photographs and text

Souvenir Album In and Around Detroit 1910

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St. Andrew's Cathedral School    Grand Rapids, Michigan  1910

1910--St. Andrew's Cathedral is the home and residence of Rt. Rev. Joseph Richter, D.D. Rev. John A. Schmidt is the rector of St. Andrew's. The school has an attendance of seven hundred and fifty children taught by the Sisters of Charity from Cincinnati. This school is affiliated with the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. The course extends through primary, intermediate and high school grades. Only boys are received into the highest grades of the school. (page 54)

Containing Illustrations of Catholic Churches, Schools and Acadamies and Institutions
  (includes Windsor, Ontario area)

The photographs and text were published in 1910 in honor of the seventh Annual Meeting of the Catholic Educational Association which met in Detroit, Michigan, July 5, 1910