In and Around Detroit in 1910: historical photographs and text

Souvenir Album In and Around Detroit 1910

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Ursuline College of "The Pines"   Chatham, Ontario  1910

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New Part of the Ursuline College 1910

1910--By special act of the Dominion Legislature, dated August 15, 1866, the Ursuline College of "The Pines," Chatham, Ontario, was incorporated as an School of Music is affiliated with the Toronto Conservatory of Music, and its music students are eligible for the titles of Associate or Fellow of the educational institution, and for forty-four year has held a leading place among the schools of Western   Ontario. It is a recognized institution for the acquirement of all standard courses in Sciences and Arts, and its certificates admit to any of the High Schools, Normal Schools, Faculties of Education, and Universities of Canada and the United States. Its educational standards, and it is broad and comparable to the Toronto conservatory, or Bachelor of  Music of the Toronto University.

The purpose of  the Ursuline College is the higher education of women and young girls. To attain this end, the work is planned according to the best *hensive in its outline. The school is equipped with all modern appliances conducive to successful work in education. The Library contains all the works of the standard authors, many of the French and German Classics, Cyclopedias, Magazines, Reference Books on History, Science, Etc.

A fine Chemical Laboratory contains every adjunct for experimental work.

The Ursuline College at Chatham is a boarding and day school. Children are received into the Primary Department, and the curriculum includes college preparatory branches, The management of the College is under the Ursuline Nuns, one of the oldest teaching orders in the Catholic Church. Its members have kept themselves in close touch with the progress of   the day.

The College is easily accessible from Detroit, form which city it has drawn many of its students.

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*Webmasters Note: spelled hensive in the pamphlet.

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The photographs and text were published in 1910 in honor of the seventh Annual Meeting of the Catholic Educational Association which met in Detroit, Michigan, July 5, 1910