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(A Translation of the Original Will, which is written in German)

                     This is my last will by me written, with my sound mind, the 1st May
                     After my death I shall be buried without any display, and all my just
           debts shall be paid.
                     Here it is what my wife and children shall have from me, and how
           they shall have it; Here is how my will says.
                     1st. It is my will. My wife shall have all the Olinger farm, and all that I
           have in Wayland, inside and outside, she shall also have.
           She shall have after me $500 as soon as she demands it.
                     2nd. It is my will;- Lea shall have the whole Kelly place, without any
           deed. After her it shall go to her children in equal shares. Lea shall have
           $1000 to build. If she should die before she builds or will not build, then
           shall the $1000 fall back to my wife, and to Menno, and to Fanny, and to
           Lidia in equal shares.
                     Lea shall not have any right to claim any thing more from my property,
           only what I here will to her.
                     My Executor shall hold that money at 6 pct compound interest,
           until she builds.
                     3rd;- It is my will;- Menno shall have the Bob Campbell and the Isaac
           Campbell farms, the whole of both places, without any deed, after him, to
           his children in equal shares.
                     4th. It is my will;- Fanny shall have the U.Campbell place, and the
           Dave Davis farm, the whole of both places, without any deed, after her,
           to her children in equal shares.
                     5th. It is my will;- Lidia shall have the One Hundred and Twenty
           acres of the Abner Meeker farm, and Thirty acres off the East side of the
           Samuel Steel farm, the full length, without any deed; After her to her
           children in equal shares.
                     6th. It is my will;- Daniel's two children shall have the rest of the
           Steel farm, the west side, the whole length.
                     Elmer shall have the East side, and Omer the West side in two
           equal shares. They shall have no use of it so long as we live. They shall
           have the deeds after our death. The rent shall go to my wife yearly; my
           wife shall pay the tax and keep up the place.
                     Should one or both die before they have the deed then shall the land
           besold, and shall go in four equal shares to Lea, and to Menno, and to
           Fanny, and to Lidia.
                     All this land, which I have here willed goes by acre more or less to
           each of them.
                     7th. It is my will. All the balance of my estate, except what I have here
           willed to my wife and children, shall go in four equal shares to my wife, to
           Menno, to Fanny, and to Lidia.
                     8th. It is my will. The Hackney place shall be sold.
                     9th. It is my will. Our son Menno E. Boshart, shall be my Executor
           for the remainder of my estate, and shall settle it properly and without
           any partiality.

                                       Signed by my hand.                     Peter E. Boshart
                                       Signed by my hand.                     D. J. Boller
                                       Signed by my hand.                     B. W. Eicher

           STATE OF IOWA, Henry County. ss.

                     We, H. Magdefrau and W. H. Schleip, being duly sworn, on oath
           say, that we have read the Will of Peter E. Boshart hereto attached in the
           original, that said Will is written in the German language, with which we
           are acquainted, that we have made a translation thereof as above and
           hereinbefore shown, and which we believe to be a true and perfect
           translation of said will.

           Subscribed and sworn to by H. Magdefrau & W. H. Schleip before me
           this 29th day of September 1896.

           A. M. Van Allen
           Notary Public

           STATE OF IOWA,
                                        ss.    In Dist. Court.    Sept term 1899.    In Probate.

           HENRY COUNTY.

                          In the Matter of the Estate of Peter E. Boshart, decd.

                                          FINAL REPORT OF EXECUTOR

                     Comes now Menno E. Boshart, Executor of the said Estate and
           makes this his Final Report in the matter of said estate.
                     He states that he was appointed such Executor on the 29th Sept.
           1896, and on same day took the oath, gave the bond and posted the
           notice of his said appointment as by law provided.

                     That he has made reports of the condition of said estate as by
           law required, and that at the date of his last annual report, he had on
           hand the sum of $201.32. That since said date he has collected and
           paid out sums of money as shown following;

                     Balance on hand last report                   $201.36
                     Rent of Hackney place                           $623.00
                     Proceeds of sale of Hackney place    $9950.00
                     Collection of Seberg note                      $576.25
                                                                                   - - - - - - - - - -
                                           Total                                $11350.57

                     That he has paid out for said estate
                     the following sums, for which he files
                     vouchers numbered 23 to 32 inclusive, towit;

           (23) 25 Oct 98   To A M Van Allen, atty fee                   $5.00
           (24) 19 Jan 99   To Lidia Seberg, partial
                                        distribution under will                      $155.75
           (25)     "    "    "    To Fannie Laws                               $155.75
           (26)     "    "    "    To Catherine Boshart                      $155.75
           (27)     "    "    "    To Menno E. Boshart                      $155.75
           (28) Taxes on Hackney place for 98, 27 Feb 99        $28.52
           (29) 17 Jun 99   To G C Van Allen, abstracts
                                        on Hackney place                             $16.65
           (30) To Menno E. Boshart, fees as Exr. percent
                                        on amt. collected of $14,839.47    $248.39
           (31) To A M Van Allen, fees final report                       $10.00
           (32) To A W Miller, Clerk costs in est.                          $12.75
                                                                                             - - - - - - - - - -
                   Making a total paid out of                                    $944.31

                   Which leaves a balance for distribution of    $10406.26
                                                            - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                                                                       $11350.57      $11350.57

                     Under the Will of deceased said balance he has distributed to
           the following parties entitled thereto, towit;

           To Catherine Boshart, 1/4 or                   $2601.56, 1/2
           To Menno E. Boshart, 1/4 or                   $2601.56, 1/2
           To Fannie Laws, 1/4 or                            $2601.56, 1/2
           To Lidia Seberg, 1/4 or                           $2601.56, 1/2
                                                                                 - - - - - - - - - -
                                           Total                                $10406.26

           He files herewith vouchers for such distributive
           payments numbered from 33 to 36 inclusive.

                     He states that all sums due said estate have been fully paid
           as well as all debts or obligations of said estate, including the notes
           of Chas Seberg to Wayland Sav. Bank mentioned in last report and
           that of Menno E. Boshart to said Bank secured by decedent
           and which were filed as claims against said estate. Said notes having
           been paid by the principals in each case with personal funds and not
           other account having been kept of them in this estate.

                     Having fully completed his duties as such executor and having
           carried out in full the requirements of decedents will, he asks that he
           be discharged and his bondsmen be released.

           Menno E. Boshart

           STATE OF IOWA, Henry County, ss.
                     I, Menno E. Boshart, Executor of the Will of Peter E. Boshart
           deceased, being duly sworn, on oath say that I have read the foregoing
           report, that I am acquainted with the matters therein set forth and that
           the statements therein made are true and correct as I verily believe.

           Menno E. Boshart
           Subscribed and sword to by Menno E. Boshart,
           before me this 19th day of June 1899.

           A M Van Allen
           Notary Public

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