Map of Gen Sully's 2nd Campaign

General Sully's 1864 Campaign

The beautiful map above was commissioned by the Minnesota Historical Society back in 1925. It is the most detailed map of the path and events of General Sully's 1864 campaign that is available. The bad news is that in order to see its myriad of details it must be examined in a huge format inappropriate for web browsers.

If you would like to see the wonderful details on this map you must download it and save it to your computer. That will allow you to examine it with any program normally used to look at digital camera pictures (most allow you to "zoom in"). To do that you must do a mouse "Right click" (not the usual button) on the map above, then choose "Save Target as...". A dialog box will appear that will allow you to choose where to save it on your hard drive. It's a big file (4.5 MB) so it will take a little while to download.