The American Cemetery Magazine
April 1931
Kates-Boylston Publications
Wall, New Jersey

Springdale Memorial Mausoleum

Springdale in Peoria, that sounds interesting, knowing, as we do, that it is the cemetery presided over by C.P. Scott, President of the A. A. C. S., a year or two ago. Springdale shows the results of may years of careful effort on the part of Mr. Scott.

To begin with, the natural features of Springdale are quite unusual, particularly for a cemetery. A sharply ravined physiography, extreme variations in height, cut with deep valleys and streams. This unusual ground has been magnificently developed with improvements, consistently enhancing the natural beauty. The winding drives have been skillfully laid out and are fine examples of the road builders’ art. Following certain of the drives we wound round through beautiful vistas, continuously rising, until suddenly we seemed to reach the top of the world, and there crowning the highest spot in the cemetery, which is also the highest spot for miles in any direction, is Springdale’s magnificent mausoleum. Three hundred feet above the Illinois River, commanding as beautiful a view as there is in the State of Illinois; looking for miles over the City of Peoria and the Illinois River Valley, one has the feeling that this is indeed the crowning triumph of glorious Springdale Cemetery.

Turning to the building and spending some time inspecting it, we are completely assured that no finer triumph could be achieved. In plan and beauty of design, no detail has been left undone.

The memorial consists of two floors. A spacious chapel in the central portion of the main floor offers appropriate accommodations for services. From this chapel are fur corridors, containing various private rooms, family and companion sections and single crypts. Also, directly off the chapel is an elevator and carved marble stairway to the first floor, which also consists of four corridors, containing private rooms, crypts, etc. In all there are 21 private rooms, 16 family sections, 80 companion sections and many single crypts and columbaria, making a total of nearly one thousand burial spaces in the memorial.

Springdale Memorial was designed by Lovell and Lovell, the well-know mausoleum architects, who have designed fifty such community mausoleums, besides many private mausoleums. This structure is the result of the finest scientific designing and most perfect construction methods. It is a monolithic concrete construction, all crypts being poured of concrete in connection with foundations, walls, floors and ceilings, and the whole thoroughly reinforced with steel, so that a perfect monolithic, solid structure is formed, without joints between the crypts and walls.

The exterior is faced with Barre Granite, the roof is heavy copper. The interior finish is Alabama Marble. All gates, doors and window frames are of bronze by the J.S. Heath Co. The windows are of beautiful stained glass by Temple Art Glass Co.

The magnificent materials, carefully wrought as the are, showing the designer’s skillful art, give one the assurance of perpetual beauty, security and peace.

Springdale Memorial was constructed by the Valley Mausoleum Company and is the seventh community mausoleum to their credit.

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