Great Genealogy Stories

Great Genealogy Stories

Previously published by Julia M. Case and Myra Vanderpool Gormley, CG, Missing Links

A Wonderful Story by Judith Dicks

Several years ago, my son befriended an elderly lady, Cora Battelle, and became very close to her. When she passed away he was helping her stepdaughter clean out Cora's home of all her lifelong possessions and prepare the home for sale. To his absolute horror all of Cora's personal possessions were thrown in the trash pile, including photos, mementos, and everything, including Cora's genealogy and some very old photos and records.

Although my son had agreed to haul everything to the dump for this stepdaughter, he was so heartsick over the whole matter, he just could not do it. He brought Cora's things by my home and said he just didn't have the heart to throw her whole life away, what should he do? I told him to put it in our garage and then he could pick and choose later and maybe find someone who could really appreciate what this wonderful lady had left, since she had no descendants.

A short time later, we were looking through Cora's things and found her genealogy and records and pictures. Lo and behold, one of the surnames (SUTHERLAND) was one of our own surnames and from the same general area. We haven't tied anything together yet, but we are working on it.

Maybe in the eyes of some we were wrong for not doing as he had been told to do and take everything to the dump. But, you know what? I am very proud of my son for his kindness and compassion for this lady and for realizing that, had he thrown everything away, there would have been no memories left that Cora had built during her lifetime, at least materially. Can you imagine having your genealogy thrown in the dump?