A southern HUNT & MCKEE saga

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A Southern Hunt & McKee Saga

Let's start off with a 1902 photo of a typical GA home with lots of 1900s clothing on my kin.
Another photo at top of page5.html. Lots of Ladies' hats to view..& weird dresses,too. Francis Marion Oliver, s/o Curtis & Nancy Davis Oliver.
Click here for photo of Ed Davis, a direct descendant of Tilmon Davis, brother of Nancy Davis Oliver.
Here's a link to ROGERS all over the world-FIND YOURS!

We'll begin with my Mom,June Elizabeth HUNT (nee MCKEE).
2 pretty Hunt grandkids
She lives in Orange City,Florida & has 8 children, 7 girls & 1 lonely boy!
Robert Marion Hunt, the end of our Hunt line.
Her Dad,Elbert Ray McKEE,was born in Ms 2/24/1894 & he died in MS 7/1970, but lived in Ga. ca.1920-1940.
He's interred in Mississippi,at Hickory Grove Cemetery,see page 4.html.
Elbert had 2 other wives after G'ma Edna's death. The 2nd one was a Ga. peach, who has a son John McKee. Recently I met John & his wife,Barbara.
Here's Barb holding my grandchild, Ashley Valencia.
(source:Pat McKee,d/o Oneta Tillery McKee
His 3rd wife was Oneta Tillery who was b.7/13/1908 & d.3/1/1966. Their kids are Pat, Bobby, & Ray Claude McKee. Pat,lives now in Mobile,Al,no kids; Ray in Harvey,La.,with 7 kids & @least 1 g'kid; & Bobby,also in LA.,no kids.
Her Mom was Edna Louise EZELL,born in Ms. or Al.1899 & d.11/22/1936 & is buried in Fairfax,Alabama in Fairfax Cem.
As is Betty J.McKee,her youngest child. Also her Dad J.W.Ezell. Fairfax cemetery.

(Edna's kids listed below #7)
I have now communicated with Edna's sister's g'daughter!
John Wesley EZELL,Edna's Dad, b.8/28/1872, d.9/9/1929 & m. Anna BAKER on 9/10/1898 in Lownes Co.,Ms.
(Anna b.2/13/1880, d.11/21/1914). Re: Family Bible page written by Edna Ezell McKee, photo to be added. their kids were;
1-Edna-b.9/16/1899 & d.11/22/1936. (Her children listed below #7.)
2-Naomi,b.2/20/1902 & d.same day.
3-Ruth,b.10/11/1904 & d.,4/28/1987 & wed to Lee Roy Dean on 2/26/1921. Edna & 2 dau, Ruth & June(my Mom) + a child of Ruth Ezell Dean. Ruth Dean, Clifton & Robin all took care of my Momn after Edna died.

Alma, wife of Clifton Ezell & my Grandmom, Edna.

G'kids & Children of Ruth & Roy: Myrtle, m. R.E. Winborne; Roy M.Dean, m. Mavourneen Junkins; Annie L.Dean, m. B.L.Stanfill; Robert C. Dean, m. Lauretta ?, M.Inez Dean, m. John Wm.Burroughs.
4-Manley,b.5/14/1906 & d.7/5/1907.
5-Allen,b.5/15/1908 & d.5/27/1908.
6-Clifton,b.11/2/1909 & d.10/20/1990. Was m. to Alma Morris,10/28/1933. (Then later to "Billie" when he was 50 y/o or more.)
7-Robin,b.12/30/1911 & d.9/22/1998. Was m. to Sarah Jones,1/3/1937. Am sure Carol Sowell will add lots more data to this page time permitting. Robin & Clifton Ezell,abt 1930. G'kids & Children of Edna EZELL MCKEE are
1- Mom,(June Hunt),thankfully alive! Was married to Wm. M. Hunt who d.1963 & they have 8 kids,alive, plus g'kids & gg'kids..many descendants!
2-Sam,a veteran who d.single in 2000, MS.
3-Ruth McKEE KNIGHTON,died 2001--1 son,alive,as is Homer Knighton,her spouse.
4- Wesley, d. in a home for mentally challenged kids in Ms. when fairly young.
5- Betty Jean,b.1931-d.1936. Buried in Fairfax Cem in Fairfax, Al with G'Pa Ezell
More McKee Info
The first McKEE I am kin to who settled in MS was Wm.Riley McKEE,b.3/13/1831, d.9 Sept 1886.
He wed an Alabama lady named Julia Frances GILDER,b.12/12/1837..d.5/31/1918.
I found a Bladen Springs,Alabama census of 1860 with them & the first son of their many sons, Issac J. GILDER McKEE.b.11/25/1859,d.9/17/1904.
By 1880 Ike J. Gilder McKee & wife, are in Wayne (or Jones Co.),Ms, while Wm. Riley McKee & wife Julia are still in Al.
See census on Documents.html.
Ike wed Mary Etta WILLIAMS. Mary Etta's Dad(per her Ms. d.c.) was John G. Williams,b.1812,Al.
Her Mom was Mary Ann Horne,b.1824,Al & m. 1840. (Mary's d.c. has her Mom listed as Ann Horn.)
Mary Etta Williams McKee d. 1950,Ms & was b.1864,Al. source: Her Ms. d.c.

On to my HUNT line,MY BRICK WALL
He was William Marion HUNT & his Dad was Charles William HUNT,both born in GA.
Dad b. in Monroe on 6/18/1921 & died 3/3/1963 & Grandad Charles,b.11/29/1877 & died 1/10/1927.
1900 census has my G'Dad, Charles living in HENSON household, with Mary Henson as Head of house(his Aunt?)
1910 census of Muscogee Co.,Ga. has Charles as roomer in Stephens house & has another roomer named Lily Hunt,also.Speculation is she was his 1st wife.
1920 Muscogee census has him & my G'ma Fannie as man & wife..His dc says,"Wife is Leila".
His headstone is double with my g'Ma, Fannie on it.
Charles parents re: 1880 Muscogee Co.,Ga.,census, were Thomas & Sallie Hogan Hunt.
Charles is buried at Clegg Fm. Cem in Walton Co. Ga as is my Dad Wm. M. Hunt & his Mom "Fanie mae Oiver Hunt Higginbotham.
Plus OLIVER kin & Jerome Hunt,Dad's brother,b.1923 who died in childhood,1926.
The Porterdale,Ga. death of Charles, my g'dad soon followed.

Dad's Mom was Fannie MaeOLIVER\Fannie died JULY of 2002
. Fannie Mae OLIVER, my G'mom & G'child of Sarah ROGERS Edmondson Tanner & Wm.C. EDMONDSON is ALIVE at 101!
I found out from a internet volunteer New Year's eve who was trying to find her grave for me.
She's in Snellville,Ga in a nursing home. G'CHILD OF TWO CW SOLDIERS LIVING IN 2001! IMAGINE!

I took my g'baby, Ashley to GA to see Fannie & the newspaper did a small article about how Barb Grigsby reunited us.

Internet Angel

I visited Fannie & Barb with Ashley K. Valencia, a grandchild I've raised from birth.
Fannie's parents are buried in CLEGG CEMETERY #1 in Walton County,Ga. which is midway between Social Circle & Monroe.
They were Martha EDMONDSON
& Francis Marion OLIVER.(both in photo at top of this page.
Martha d. 1944,bur.Walton Co.,Ga & Francis in 1941. BOTH LOST THEIR DADS IN THE CIVIL WAR.
Her parents were:William Carroll EDMONDSON,(b.1822 in Burke Co.,NC & d.7/20/1864 in DeKalb Co.,Ga.)
& Sarah ROGERS,
daughter of Hugh ROGERS
& Anna BRYSON)
Sources:parts of this info from d.c. & also from Fam.Tree of creativewellness@netscape.net
& from CW pension of Wm.C.'s widow,also. & from fellow researchers who are sometimes related..
Anna & Hugh both were b.Ga.
Francis Marion OLIVER'S parents were: Curtis
both b. Ga(per death cert. of Francis,obtained by me).
I got papers from GA archives inc. CW correspondence, and a letter Curtis Oliver wrote from CA., during his search for gold.
Names mentioned in family letters written 1852, 1861,1862,& 1863: Matilda, Henry,Sammy, Mary Oliver,Thomas Davis, William Davis,Dr.Wills Kelley McGhee? Margie/Margery.
J.W. or T.W.Oliver signed one letter..Also various Generals, & other officials in Military & Governmensigned some documents found here.
1-Curtis & Nancy named their eldest child Mary
Ann Jemina Oliver.(Source also Lisa K.)
2-New sources have further verified my DAVIS &
EDMONDSON kin; Magazine articles,family letters,
military records,d.c.s,etc..
3-Martha,nee EDMONDSON,OLIVER was born in Ga.,
Fannin Co.,2/20/1863 "SEE documents.html"
(per census & d.c.)
4-I Was given a 14 pg. report that takes my
ROGERS line all the way
back to Ireland & once verified will be
put here with contributor's name.
5-Grandad was named after the SWAMP FOX..
Later you can "search" those 2 words & learn
of the original Francis MARION.It's an
interesting bit of historical info.
& lots of boys have been named after him!
6-Buried with Martha & Francis is a male child, Joe E. Ward OLIVER,b.1911 & d. young.

Thomas Jefferson McKEE wed Ida Eugenia WINDHAM & their kids are listed here...
(Thomas J. was b. 2/14/1875 & d. 9/22/1933:
1-James William McKEE m.Jessie STANFORD
of Alabama's ABBIE STANFORD in Bladon Springs.
2-Annie Mary McKEE wed Frank CHAPMAN of Wayne
3-Walter wed Evie JONES of Wayne Co.,MS....
4-Robert Isaac wed Leavie Mandy SMITH of Wayne
5-Tommie Irvin born July 22,1899 & d.May 5,1969
& he wed Mary Ann WEST of Wayne Co.,MS on
6-Clifton Dewey wed Opal MARK of Flint,MI....
7-Grover Madison wed Eula ELLIOTT of Wayne Co.,MS on Nov.2,1926
8-Horace....born Sept.7,1908 & d. Jan.25,1976......
9-Lillian wed Thornwell JONES..AKA Sonny...of Wayne Co.,MS.......
10-Ulmer wed Dovie MILLER of Jasper Co.,MS...
11-Grace wed Aaron HODGESON of Flint,MI
12-Estelle wed Jacob STALEY of Flint,MI

My Toy Poodle,Muneca!


1- Cpl.Curtis OLIVER was in the Ga. State Line Army,1st Reg't.,Co.D. The BLUE RIDGE RANGERS &
Previous to the war he was Capt. of the 935th
militia. His brothers-in-law were also in
the Rangers.(see #2)
#2-Pvt.Tillman DAVIS & Pvt.Daniel Merrill DAVIS.
I now have letters from a collection at GDAH of
letters written between my OLIVER & DAVIS kin
during 1852 GOLD RUSH, CA & 1861-1863 CW years.
See "MORE OLIVERS" for a list of Curtis &
Nancy's kids + spouses..and a list of their
g'kids by Francis Marion Oliver.

Nancy Davis Oliver collected a CW widow's pension
from 1891 till 1897.
(See rootsweb's Pension Project.)
#3-Pvt.Wm.Riley MCKEE,a scout for MURPHY'S BATTALION.
of Al,under Capts. MC Voy & White.
Enlisted at Forney's Camp & survived this
to settle in Ms,Wayne Co.,
where many of his descendants still live.
Pvt.McKee also was in the 15th Army unit after Murphy's disbanded. 4- Pvt.William Carroll EDMONDSON,Co.B,9th Ga. Inf.

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