Genealogy - families in Canada: Camley, Cockwill-Cockwell, Daubigon, Dill, Edwards, Hershey, McIvor - McIver, Quigley - Quigly, Robichon, Roy and in Holland: Koster, Kouwer, Kramer, Tazelaar


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This genealogy stuff is addicting, time consuming, fascinating, frustrating, and fun

J In the course of my research I have 'met' numerous helpful persons; including distant cousins, both here in Canada and in Europe. (By met I mean exchanged information and ideas via both mail and the old fashioned way, by snail mail.)

It is a constant 'work in progress'. Some of my ancestors did funny things - like use the surname of his mother's deceased first husband rather than his own father's name. As well, census enumerators were nothing but creative in their spelling of names. (Ever wonder why so many genealogy search engines allow one to search using 'soundex'?) Age appears to be rather fluid; one ancestor was 50 years old on two consecutive census, which were taken 10 years apart. Then one bunch of brothers had a mother named Mary, a sister named Mary, two of them wed women named Mary, and they named their daughters Mary. Go figure! Bet it was pretty entertaining when Grampa bellowed "Mary".

These ancestors ended up in Canada. They originated from Europe - England, France, Holland, and Ireland thus far. The vastness of this country must have astonished them. My paternal grandfather once wrote his sister, back in Holland, to tell her that he and his children had moved from southern Alberta to the interior of British Columbia. He explained that the distance they had moved would be equivalent to traveling from Holland to Russia. She wrote back, telling him not to write if he was going to tell her lies.

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Camley/Cambly UPDATED - 16 April 2003

Koster-Kramer - Holland

Daubigon (Robichon)

Kouwer - Holland

Dill UPDATED - 4 May 2003

Tazelaar - Holland

Edwards UPDATED - 1 April 2003

Hershey/Hersea UPDATED - 4 May 2003

 Cockwill - Devon to Canada

UPDATED - 10 January 2005

Quigley/Quigly UPDATED - 16 April 2003


Robichon (Aubichon, Abishaw, Rabishaw) UPDATED - 1 May 2003

 McIvor - Ireland to Canada

UPDATED  - 22 July 2008

Roy UPDATED - 15 April 2003

 McCulloch - Scotland - coming one of these days!

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