Coal Miner's (Great Grand) daughter

Coal Miner's (Great Grand) Daughter

"Coal Miner's Daughter" used to be one of my very favorite songs a decade or two ago. Little did I know when I began climbing my family tree, that there would be so many of my ancestors and relatives that helped build this country by working in the coal mines and steel industry in the mountains of Western Pennsylvania.

Not to mention all the railroaders who helped move the coal and steel to the frontiers of the growing nation. And the soldiers who fought in so many of this country's wars, from the Revolutionary War through the Korean War, fighting for independence and freedom. Then there were the farmers who cultivated their lands to feed their neighbors and children. And the ministers who helped build churches in this land of religious freedom.

My family tree is not laced with presidents or royalty, fame or fortune, but it is a tree that anyone could be proud of.

This page is being maintained by Diann Olsen, a great-granddaughter of John O. Foster, who worked in the coal mines near Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

Families I'm Researching

FOSTER Blackhart, DeArment, Houser Cambria Co, PA; Bedford Co, PA; Germany
HILL Altemus, Ayers, Boyle, Cable, Davis, Drake, Dui, Dunn, Eyler, Fisher, Fluck, Gibbs, Hull, Kern, Martin, Moore, Paul, Pringle, Repley, Roberts, Smith, Stewart, Thompson, Trotter, Wertz, Yorke Cambria Co, PA; Westmoreland Co, PA; Middlesex Co, NJ
HUEY Helling, Schinnerling Monroe Co, PA, Germany
KELLY Ennis, Gantley, Shea Monmouth Co, NJ; Ocean Co, NJ; Ireland
KOHN Cruht, Cruse, Holzersandt Monroe Co, PA; Germany
SPRINGER Berger, Bittle, Clouser, Klar, Kromer Schuylkill Co, PA; Germany

Click on the family name to see a pedigree chart.

Unidentified Family Photos

A page has been added with old family photos that I would like to identify. These have been in the family for generations, however, noone knows who they are. Please take a moment to visit these photos to see if you can help me identify them. Thanks!!

Index of Unidentified Family Photos

Cousin Links

Lynne Canterbury My Pennsylvania Roots Byers, Champeno, Doepfer, Gore, Lemon, Pringle, Roesch, Stiffler, Strayer, Walther, Wissinger
Shirley D. Hall   Eary, Forsythe, Pringle, Tompkins, Vier
David P. Ruckser   Berkey, Lambaugh, Lardin, Long, McGrew/Megrew, Paul, Pringle, Thomas, Wonders
Robert E. Troup   Ake, Allman, Altemus, Arnold, Bajler, Borth, Bowser, Brady, Buhmuller, Burnheimer, Buterbaugh, Cable, Crawford, Dietrick, Dui, Edelman, Elgin, Erb, Faul, Ferringer, Fischer, Fluck, Gfrorer, Gottschin, Greiner, Henzler, Holl, Holtz, Houck, Ickus, Jung, Kaiser, Kauffman, Kern, Kilcher, Kohler, Kuchlern, Kunkle, Lewis, Long, McGuire, Maurer, Muller, Niggel, Oberer, Paul, Pringle, Raible, Rupp, Samer, Schnerr, Shimer, Shirey, Siber, Sieber, Steffy, Steiner, Stephan, Trinkaus, Troup, Von Peterholtz, Walker, Warner, Weber, Weidenbach, Wertz, Wheeler

If you're researching any of the families that I am and would like to be listed in my "Cousin Links" please email me. Even if you don't want to be listed, I'd love to hear from you!

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