Marston House, Hampton and Rye, N.H.


From Hampton to Rye, N.H., 1654 - 1975

It is the claim of the newspaper article, below, that the oldest surviving house built by a MARSTON in New England is the seventeen-room Marston House, which has been located at 55 Lang Road in Rye, N.H., since 1975. Originally, it is further claimed, it was built as a one-room structure in 1654 at the place currently known as 868 Lafayette Road, Hampton, N.H. Reportedly, it was continuously owned by MARSTONs during those 321 years.

Here are two pages of a Manchester, N.H., newspaper article in 1986 about the house.

I do not yet know if the new owner who moved the house, Alexander Herlihy, had the title to the property researched back to 1654, or if the information that it was then built by a MARSTON, and continuously owned thereafter by MARSTONs until 1963 is based only upon “family tradition.” Certainly Addie Marston believed the information to be true. However, I can only report at this time that this "family tradition," if that is what it is, contradicts information about Addie's property as contained in Joseph Dow's "History of Hampton."

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