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My Ancestral Journal 
The First Knights
The History Of the Dilles

Dille:  Dil is a Celtic root meaning love, and is originated hundreds of years before the Christian era. 

Knight: Cniht is West Germanic, of unknown origin.

 boy, youth

(male) servant, attendant

male of high military rank, ranking below a baron, usually previously having worked as a page or squire

I have always wondered where my family was from and who I was supposed to be.  A few years ago, I decided to find out by finding my ancestors.  I didn't get too far and gave up, but I really want to know "where I am from".   At this moment, I only have a few confirmed results, but I'm hoping that by creating this page, I will be led to the whole picture.


Dum spiro spero.  Virtus sibi aureum.

 While I breathe, I hope.  Virtue is worth gold to itself.