Robert Dillow

Robert Dillow

Robert Dillow was born circa 1796 in Wythe (now Bland) County, Virginia. He was the first child born to Abram and Elizabeth Steele Dillow. Robert was probably named after his grandfather Robert Steele. Not much is know of Robert Dillow's early life. He probably worked helping his father on their farm. Robert first appeared on public record on the 1820 Federal Census for Tazewell County, Virginia. He was listed as unmarried, living alone, age 18-26 (note: last name was misspelled Bellow on this record). Based on the birth estimate most have used for Robert he would have been about twenty-four at that time. On December 3, 1833 he married Elizabeth Cassady Payne in Floyd County, Kentucky (note: last name misspelled Dillard on this record). The couple were wed by the Reverend Philip Strother of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Elizabeth was born circa 1806 in Burkes Garden, Tazewell County, Virginia, the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Corder (or Carder) Cassady. Elizabeth had been previously married to David Payne (also seen spelled as Pane and Pain) on August 18, 1825 in Tazewell County, Virginia. It is uncertain at this time if David Payne died before 1833 or if the couple divorced. It is also uncertain if they had any children together. One daughter of Elizabeth's, Jane, could have been either a Payne or Dillow based on her age given of eighteen on the 1850 census.

Sometime after their marriage, Robert and Elizabeth moved to Pike County, Kentucky. Robert was listed as "Robert Dillo" on page 281 of the 1840 Federal Census for Pike County, Kentucky. In 1841 a land grant was awarded to a Robert Dillard for one-hundred acres in Floyd County, Kentucky. Since Robert's name was mispelled the same way on his marriage record this may possibly be him again but more research is needed to confirm it. Robert and Elizabeth had at least three children while living in Pike County. Those children were: Amanda C. (born circa 1835, married first Richard Richards and second Newton White), Thomas Jefferson (born May 27, 1837, married Sarah Ann Webb) and Abraham (born July 29, 1839, married Sarah Ann Hall).

Prior to 1843 the family moved north toward Greenup County, Kentucky. Twin sons John C. (married Emily Hall) and George Washington (married Anna Melvin) were born April 14, 1843 in Wayne County, Virginia (note: this is according to John C. Dillow's military service records). They were in Greenup County by late 1845 as Robert and Elizabeth were founding and charter members of the Salem Baptist Church in the Lost Creek area. Family tradition holds that "Little Bobby" and Elizabeth Dillow allowed services to be held in their home until the church was built.

The 1850 Federal Census for Greenup County, Kentucky showed that son Vinson (born November 4, 1845 in Lawrence County, Ohio, married Mary Jane Hall) had been added to Robert and Elizabeth's growing family. Robert's occupation was listed as farmer. Also living with them was Elizabeth's father Thomas Cassady age 82. By the 1860 census daughters Jane and Amanda were gone and Thomas Cassady is presumed to have died. It is unknown at this time what for certain happened to Jane. She is rumored to have married a Pierce and had one child before passing away but no records have ever been found to prove this. Amanda was widowed and lived next to her parents with two young daughters. There was one addition to the family on the 1860 census, son Stephen (born June 5, 1851 in Greenup County, Kentucky, married Caroline Meadows).

The next few years saw Robert and Elizabeth's four oldest sons go off to fight in the Civil War for the Union cause. Thomas, Abraham and George served in the 5th West Virginia Infantry and John C. served with the 14th Kentucky Infantry. All the boys returned home safely and were married with families of their own by the 1870 Federal Census for Greenup County, Kentucky. This would be the last census on which Robert would appear. He was listed as age 78 and a farmer. Elizabeth was listed as age 64. Also living with them was grandson Thomas Dillow Jr. age 11. In 1873 Robert and Elizabeth sold Robert's share of the land he inherited from his father Abram. With his brother William acting as his attorney, Robert sold the land to Armstead A. Ashworth. Robert died sometime between 1873 and 1880. Elizabeth lived on a few years past Robert, she died between 1880 and 1890.

Robert Dillow's father-in-law, Thomas Cassady was born August 16, 1765 in Prince William County, Virginia. He married Elizabeth Corder on January 19, 1797 in Montgomery County, Virginia. Elizabeth Corder was the daughter of Edward and Mary Corder. Thomas and Elizabeth Corder Cassady had five children: Hiram born about 1799, married Martha McVey; Benjamin born October 18, 1800, married Juliet Ann Helvey; our Elizabeth born about 1806; Thomas born about 1812, married Louisa Richmond; Harve born about 1814; and Margaret born about 1815, married Ephriam Helvey. Mary Corder Cassady died about 1815. Thomas then married Elizabeth Neel on November 25, 1819 in Tazewell County, Virginia. He and Elizabeth had five children: Sarah Ann, James, John, Alexander, and Nancy.

Thomas Cassady's pension depositions (for Revolutionary War service) were initiated on September 8, 1834 in Floyd County, Kentucky. At that time he said he was sixty-nine years old. Later he said he was born August 16, 1765 in Prince William County, Virginia and later said Wilkes County, Georgia. His age checks out with his birth date but he would have been only eleven years old when he enlisted in the Georgia militia on October 15, 1776. This was not impossible but unusual. He did give a detailed account of his service in Georgia, naming officers, places of combat, the streams they crossed etc... He was discharged October 15, 1779. He moved from Wilkes County, Georgia to Prince William County, Virginia for seven months then to Tazewell County, Virginia (Tazewell would have been part of Montgomery County at that time). He moved from there to Floyd County, Kentucky. The only person he knew that could verify his army service was Dunson Ranes of Georgia. One note on his pension folder: List of suspended claims printed 1852 shows cause suspension as follows "For further proof and specification."

In 1799 and 1800 Thomas Cassady was living next to his father-in-law Edward Corder in Montgomery County, VA. In 1801 he was living next to Stephen Corder. After that he was living in Tazewell County, VA. The tax records of Tazewell County list Thomas from 1803-1820. Thomas appointed Constable for two year terms in Tazewell County in 1812, 1814, 1816, 1818, 1826 and 1827. He appeared on the Pike County, Kentucky tax list in 1831. There was no tax list in 1830 or 1832. The 1840 Lawrence County census showed Thomas living there near his son Benjamin. That year the tax records showed Thomas had three children between ages 7-17. In 1842 he had two children listed and in 1843 no children. Johnson County, Kentucky was formed from Lawrence County in 1843. The 1844 Johnson County, KY Tax list showed Thomas and Benjamin Cassady living there. The last place Thomas Cassady appeared on public record was the 1850 Greenup County, Kentucky census. He lived in the household of Robert Dillow, wife Elizabeth and their children. Thomas's wife Elizabeth Neel Cassady was living in Logan County, West Virginia on the 1850 census with grandson Benjamin Porter and his family. Thomas died sometime after 1850. (Note: Information on Thomas Cassady provided by Kenneth Dyer)

Three unmarked graves near where the Robert Dillow Family lived at Lost Creek, Greenup County, Kentucky are believed to be the final resting place for Robert, Elizabeth and her father Thomas Cassady but no known burial record or marker exist.

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