of Westchester County, New York

Will dated 3 Jan 1755. Proved 3 Apr 1755

Taken from "Documents relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey Vol.22" Page 223.

In the name of God, Amen, January 3, 1755. I, MOSES FOWLER, of North Castle, in Westchester County, Innkeeper, being very sick. I leave to my wife Elizabeth the best bed and furniture, and one cow, one horse, "and a green plush side saddle and a bridle." Out of the remainder of my personal estate all debts and funeral charges to be paid, and of what is left my wife is to have 1/3. I leave to my beloved sons, Henry and Newbury Fowler, all the farm where I now live, being in North Castle, with the house, barn, and orchard, to be divided when my eldest son Henry shall be 21, Also all my piece of land in the East Patent in North Castle. I leave to my eldest son Henry my silver pike, which was given to me by my beloved father, William Fowler, in his will, and I leave to my youngest son Newbury my scimetar which was given to me by my father in his will. I leave to my daughter, Freelove Fowler, 1/3 of movable estate, "and if it should not turn out ?40, my son Henry shall make it up." To my daughter, Esther Fowler, I leave 1/3 of movable estate, and if it does not amount to ?40, my son Newbury is to make it up. My wife is to have the use of all the farm where I now live so long as she remains my widow. I make my brother, Caleb Fowler, and my brother in law, Samuel Haight, executors. If they both die, then my brother in law, Robert Dickinson, and Peter Totten, Jr. Witnesses, Samuel Dean, David Lane, Gershom Miers. Proved, April 3, 1755.

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