Richland County, Wisconsin Genealogy Chat Room
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The Richland County, Wisconsin Genealogy and History Chat Room is open every Wednesday evening at 8pm CST.
Hope to see you there!

Richland County, Wisconsin
Genealogy Chat Room

Please read this first.

1. This chat room is limited to Richland Genealogy and Genealogy research.

2. In the box ("Your nickname") put the name you wish to use in the chat room. Try to be creative in your name choice. Once you select a name, it is yours to keep. Please use the same name every time you enter the chat room.

3. In the box ("Your email address") put your email address if you wish to or don't enter anything.

4. In the box ("Join channel") don't do anything. This script takes you to the Richland Chat Room.

5. Click on the connect box.

6. Once inside the chat room, you will see a large window. Connected at the bottom will be a smaller text box. The left side of the smaller text box contains color squares. The right side of that box is much longer and is the area that you will type in what you want to say.

7. Place your cursor in the text box and "click"

8. Type in your statement or question.

9. Hit your "enter" key and the message will transfer to the larger window for all to see.

10. Have fun!

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