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Old Family Photographs

    We all have a box of old pictures or an old photo album hidden in some closet or under the bed. Well, get them out! Inside these containers are old photographs of people and ancestors. Do you have names for all the faces in these photos? Probably not. Ever wish you did? Most likely, yes.
    Not too long ago I met a young man on the internet that was researching my surname. We connected! We had the same 3rd g-grandfather. He scanned some old pictures and sent them to me. He knew who the old man was. His question was, "Who are these other people in the picture?" I almost fell off my chair when I saw the pictures for the first time! The old man was my 2nd great grandfather and next to him was my great grandfather.
    It gets better. Also in the picture was my grandmother and her 4 very young children. The children were my father and his 3 sisters. I had never seen a picture of my father at that young age nor a 4 generation setting. What a great find!

You can have this experience too! This page is for you. Scan your photos. Format them jpeg. E mail them to me with your name and caption or question. I will post them here for all to see. You must agree, it would be great to have names for the faces in the pictures. Good luck!

Fry, Lowery Reunion
Submitted by Scott Thomson 5/2000

This picture was taken at the William Lowery residence near Richland Center about 1918. My grandmother Alice Leona (Fry) McCumber is the adult sitting on the right. My aunt, Letha (McCumber) Brewer, is the taller girl kneeling at the left. My mother, Edna (McCumber) Thomson may be the young girl kneeling in front of Letha. William Lowery was the son of Smith and Mary M. (Fry) Lowery. His wife was also a Fry, Mary Ellen, the daughter of Mary's sister and her first cousin.

If you can identify any of the others please contact me by clicking on my name above.

The Hanson Brothers
Submitted by Dennis J. Cook 11/99

The man on the left is my grandfather John Hanson. 2 of the other 4 men are his brothers Ben and Cal. The other 2 men are a mystery to me. Which is Ben? Which is Cal and who are the others? I hope you can help.

Submitted by Dennis J. Cook 11/99

My 3rd great grandparents, Arthur and Elizabeth (Thomas) Cook had 8 children. The man in the lower left corner of the picture is my 2nd great grandfather John Cook. Top center is his brother Aquilla Cook. I believe the other men to be brothers J. Thomas and Lewis L. Cook. The women are likely to be two of the four sisters. Susie (Cook) Gault, Rachel (Cook) Bailey, Ida (Cook ) Bailey, or Mary (Cook) Ewers are the sisters names. Can you put the names to these faces? Thanks.
John Cook with brothers and sisters.

Submitted by Scott Thomson, May 12, 2000

There are two originals of this post card. Both with the name of my aunt, Letha (McCumber) Brewer, in the back. The notation on one says, "Sam Buroker Home Family Reunion of her people". The other says something like "Mrs. Sam Buroker, relatives and friends" and is dated 1916.
Buroker family and friends.

I thought I would throw this one in for you to look at because it involves so many surnames. This picture was given to me by Judy (Carley) Vaughn. I too am related to several people in this Burns Family photo.

Burns family reunion.

Back row left to right:
Ethel Curtis Flamme, Nola Townsend Curtis, Buford Townsend, Allie (Mrs. Charles) Burns, Elmer "Toots" Flamme, Elma Kepler, Harold Carley, Freda (Ray) Kenyon, Lavercie Burns, Mable (Fishel) (Mrs. Lavercie) Burns, Carroll Kepler, Sr., Linnie (Mrs.Alva) Burns, Erma (Mrs. Ova) Burns, Vernie (Kepler) Mohrmann, George Felton, Beulah Felton (George's daughter) (Mrs. Hollis Fowell), Doris Mohrmann, Ollie (Mrs. Lester) Felton, Fred Mohrmann, Lester Felton, and Warren Cook.

Seated left to right:
Ora Burns, Uriah Burns, Alban Kepler holding Fred Mohrmann, Jr., Elizabeth (Mrs. Alban) Kepler holding Jean Kepler, Ollie (Mrs. Carroll, Sr.) Kepler hold Carroll Kepler, Jr., Sarah (Cox) (Mrs. Uriah) Burns, Dorthy Burns holding her child, Albie (Mrs. Ora) Burns holding Robert L. Burns, Erie (Burns) (Mrs. Warren) Cook and Vinnie Kepler Ray.

Front left to right:
Buck the dog, Camilla Burns Carley, Clarice Mohrmann, Sarah Burns grandson, Arthur Cook and unknown.


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