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Welcome to my family history site!

Hammond, Massey, Spoor, Coldren and more...

I have created this web site to share the information I have gathered on the various ancestral lines I have researched over the last 30 years. I am starting with my maternal lines for the simple reason that American history has always been an interest of mine (even before I began my genealogical searching) and my mother's line is more varied in that respect. While six of my father's eight great grandparents immigrated to the U.S.between 1830 and 1859, many of my mother's ancestors were here 200 years earlier. Perhaps at some point I will have traced all of my ancestors to the earliest arrivals on these shores. If that ever happens, I will undoubtedly try to learn how to conduct research on English, German, Irish and Scotch ancestry. For now, however, I still have many, many "dead ends" that leave me in places like Vermont, Pennsylvania and North Carolina and I am content to keep trying to dig up those roots.

Famous relatives

Part of the fun of genealogy is discovering the links that connect you to a specific person you may know or know of - whether from the history books, from yesterday's newspaper or from your neighborhood. Some of my "notable" relatives include Mayflower passengers Francis Cooke, John Cooke and Richard Warren; Presidents George Bush (and, of course, "W"), Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ulysses S. Grant, Millard Fillmore and Franklin Pierce; actor/director Orson Welles; and author Laura Ingalls Wilder (of Little House on the Prairie).

Surname Pages

After more than 30 years with this hobby, putting everything from my files on the Internet at once would be a huge undertaking (probably impossible and certainly it would mean spending all my spare time creating web pages rather than doing more research). Instead, I plan to add surname pages one at a time, beginning with my mother's four grandparents' surnames (Hammond, Massey, Spoor, and Coldren) in no particular order. I have started with the Coldren family because I found very little that had been previously pulled together in one place; therefore, most of the research is a result of my own discoveries. In many of my other family lines, someone else has previously done much of the work and my contribution has been more limited.

The list below includes some of my ancestral surnames. Only the surnames which listed as active links (in blue-underlined text in most browsers) lead to additional web pages. However, all is not lost! If one of the other surnames interests you, please visit my database on Rootsweb WorldConnect and see my information on that surname. Although the information on my Rootsweb WorldConnect pages is similarly constrained by my lack of time to enter all my information into my genealogy database, it will generally be the most up-to-date information I have available.

Surname Earliest identified ancestor in America
ALLERTON Sarah Allerton; b. circa 1590 at England?; m. John Vincent (b. circa 1590; d. before 1611) circa 1608 at Leyden, Holland; d. 1633 at Sandwich, Massachusetts. She arrived on the Anne.
ARMSTRONG (?) Lydia (possibly Armstrong); m. John Dawley
BARSTOW George Barstow; b. circa 1614 at England; m. Susannah Marrett, daughter of Thomas Marrett and Susanna _____; d. 1652. He arrived in Sep.1635 aboard the Truelove from London.
BAYER Philip Bayer; b. circa 1709 at Germany; m. Susanna _____ (b. ??; d. bef. 1806); d. Apr 1781 at Lebanon Township, Pennsylvania.
BLAKE Lydia Blake; b. say 1730; m. Nathaniel Sparhawk, son of Noah Sparhawk and Priscilla Brown (marr. publ. on 16 Jun 1753); d. 27 Sep 1766.
BOLLES Joseph Bolles; bapt. 19 Feb 1608 at Worksop, Nottinghamshire, England; m. Mary Howell, dau. of Morgan Howell; d. 1678.
BOYNTON Betty or Betsey or Polly Boynton; b. 29 Aug 1761; m. Edmund Tarbell (1767-bef. 1854), son of James Tarbell and Esther Fletcher, Mar 1796; d. 10 Mar 1808 at Mt. Holly, Vermont, at age 46.
BROWN Thomas Brown; b. before 10 Jan 1604/5 in Lavenham, Suffolk County, England; m(1) Bridget Bateman about 1640 in Concord, Middlesex County, Massachusetts; m(2) Martha Eaton (b. before 19 Sep 1630 in Staple, Kent County, England), 07 Oct 1656 in Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts; d. 30 Nov 1688 in Concord, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.
CARVER Richard Carver; b. abt. 1577 in England; m.(1) Margaret Skurrie 24 Nov 1614 in England; m.(2) Elizabeth ____; m.(3) Grace Walker 07 Jul 1623 in England; d. between 1638 -1641.
COLDREN Peter Coldren; b. 26 Jan 1804, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania; m. Elizabeth Lutz 12 Aug 1828; d. 24 Aug 1886; bur. Converse Cemetery, Richland Township, Grant County, Indiana. Peter and Elizabeth lived in Pennsylvania for some years then moved to Ohio for a short time before arriving in Jay County, Indiana in 1840. They moved to Grant County, Indiana, in 1864. One source states that "it is believed that Peter's father and uncle emigrated to America from Scotland."
COOKE Francis Cooke of the Mayflower.
DAWLEY John Dawley; b. abt 1654 in Lisburn, County Down, Ireland; m. Sarah _____; d. in Rhode Island.
DYER William Dyer; b. abt 1610 in England; m. Joanna Chard abt. 1638 in Sheepscot, York County, Maine; d. abt. 1676-78 at Sheepscot.
EATON John Eaton; b. say 1795; m. Elizabeth _____ (b. 1804, poss. in Bath Co., Kentucky); d. abt. 1844. He moved to Franklin (now in Williamson) County, Illinois about 1830.
FLETCHER Robert Fletcher; b. abt. 1592; d. 3 Apr 1677 at age 85, at Concord, Massachusetts.
GATES Stephen Gates; b. abt/ 1600 in England; m. Anne Veare 5 May 1628 in England; d. 12 Oct 1662 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
HAMILTON Thomas Hamilton; b. 1754, poss. in London, England; m. Sarah Seymour; d. 1827 in Warren County, Ohio. He settled in Hardy County, Virginia, near Moorefield (now West Virginia). About 1809 he moved to Warren County, Ohio.
HAMMOND Benjamin Hammond; b. 1621/22 in England, d. 27 Apr 1703 in Rochester, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. He arrived in 1634 aboard the Griffin with his mother, Elizabeth (Penn[?]) Hammond, and his three sisters. He settled in Sandwich and married Mary Vincent, daughter of John and Hannah Vincent.
HANDLEY Samuel Handley; b. abt. 1776 in Pennsylvania; m. Mary Ripple 04 Sep 1804 in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky; d. 1852 in Paris, Edgar County, Illinois. Samuel Handley was in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky by 1800 and left for Illinois around 1822.
HARSHMAN Ulrich Harshman; d. before 10 Feb 1783.
HATHAWAY Arthur Hathaway; b. abt. 1620-25 in England; m. Sarah Cooke, daughter of John Cooke of the Mayflower; d. 11 Dec 1711, in Dartmouth, Plymouth Colony.
HOWELL Morgan Howell; b. abt 1595; d. abt. 1679 at Cape Porpoise east of Saco, Maine.
HURST "Mill Creek" John Hurst; b. abt. 1735 in Orange (later Shenandoah) County, Virginia; m.(1) Nancy Nunn abt. 1759; m.(2) Elizabeth Breedwell; d. 1817.
JERMAN William Jerman; b. 1730 in Maryland; m. Magdalena _____; d. 1795 in Sussex County, Delaware.
JONES Samuel Jones; m. Mary _____. His daughter was Mary Polly Jones; b. 28 Jan 1780, poss. in North Carolina; m. Samuel Loring 17 Mar 1799; d. 06 Nov 1843 in St. Joseph County, Indiana.
KEYSER Charles Keyser; b. abt. 1707 in Germany; m. Elizabeth (?) Shelly; d. abt. 1777 in Virginia.
LOKER Henry Loker; b. bef. 7 Feb 1576 at Bures St. Mary, England; m. Elizabeth French; d. abt. 1631 at Sudbury, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.
LORING Samuel Loring; b. 08 Dec 1773 in New Jersey (possibly of French ancestry); m. Mary Polly Jones 17 Mar 1799; d. 08 Feb 1855 in St. Joseph County, Indiana. In 1833, he platted the town of Palestine in Darke County, Ohio.
LUTZ Elizabeth Lutz; 23 Jan 1808, Pennsylvania; m. Peter Coldren 12 Aug 1828; d. 28 Jul 1894; bur. Converse Cemetery, Richland Township, Grant County, Indiana. Peter and Elizabeth lived in Pennsylvania for some years then moved to Ohio for a short time before arriving in Jay County, Indiana in 1840. They moved to Grant County, Indiana, in 1864.
MASSEY Green Fortner Massey; b. abt. 1821-1826 in Kentucky or Tennessee; m. Louisa Jane Eaton 30 Nov 1848 in Williamson County, Illinois; d. abt. 1864-1865. He was probably the son of Drury Massey, who was b. abt. 1790 in North Carolina and was living in Williamson County, Illinois in 1850.
McKINNEY Celia McKinney; b. abt. 1793 in Virginia; m. Samuel Ellsberry Hurst abt. 1813; d. 07 Feb 1862; bur. Bluegrass Cem., Dolson Twp., Clark County, Illinois.
NEWMAN Rev. Samuel Newman; b. at Banbury, County Oxford, England, 10 May 1602, the son of Richard Newman; m. at Banbury 25 Dec 1623, Sybil _____, who was born there 21 Nov 1604 and died at Rehoboth 2 Nov 1672; d. at Rehoboth 5 Jul 1663. Samuel graduated from Trinity College, Oxford, 17 Oct 1620. In 1625 he became rector of the church at Ecclesfield, West Riding, Yorkshire. He came to Dorchester in the Bay colony about 1636, and he was the first minister of the church at Weymouth from 30 Jan 1638/39 until 1643. He moved with many Weymouth families to Rehoboth and was ordained minister there in 1644. He compiled a concordance to the Bible.
NUNN Nancy Nunn; m. "Mill Creek" John Hurst abt.1759; d. abt. 1786.
PARKER William Parker; b. in England; m.(1) Mary Rawlins Apr 1639 in Scituate, Plymouth Colony; m.(2) Mary Turner 13 Nov 1651; d. 1684 in Scituate.
PATTERSON William Patterson was "a native of Ireland and upon coming to America located in Pennsylvania where he spent his last days." His son William was born about 1799 near Pittsburgh and moved to Warren County, Ohio "when a lad of ten years." There he married Nancy Hamilton, daughter of Thomas Hamilton and Sarah Seymour on 16 Oct 1823. In the fall of 1833, they moved to Edgar County, Illinois. In 1844, they moved to Lake County, Indiana. He died in Lake County 26 Sep 1870.
RANDALL William Randall; b. 1609 in England; m. Elizabeth Carver in 1640 in Scituate, Plymouth Colony; d. 13 Oct 1693 in Scituate.
RAWLINS Thomas Rawlins; b. abt. 1593 in England; m.(1) Mary _____ before 1618; d. 15 Mar 1660 in Boston.
RIPPLE Nicholas Ripple; b. Germany; d. before 16 Jun 1777 in Easton, Northampton County, Pennsylvania.
SMITH Amos Smith; b. about 1783 in Pennsylvania; m. Elizabeth Ashby c. 1805; d. abt. 1856, Grant County, Indiana.
SPARHAWK Nathaniel Sparhawk; b. Dedham, Essex County, England where he was baptized February 16, 1598; m(1) Mary Angier (d. 25 Jan 1643; daughter of Jon Angier of Dedham England); m(2) Katherine ----- (d. 5 Jul. 1647); d. 28 Jun 1647. He was at Cambridge as early as 1636 and was admitted a freeman there May 23, 1639. He was a deputy to the general court, was a leading citizen of the town, and was elected deacon of the church. His home was on the east side of Brighton Street, between Mount Auburn and Harvard Square. In 1642, he owned five houses and 500 acres of land, and subsequently purchased more. Over a thousand acres of land were sold in settling his estate. He kept a public house and was given permission to sell wine and strong water in 1639.
SPOOR Nicholas Spoor. His son, Thomas D. Spoor, was born 06 Feb 1816 in New York. A daughter, Axie Ann Spoor, was born 26 Dec 1837 near Logansport, Cass County, Indiana. Nicholas probably died in Indiana about 1849.
STOWERS Nicholas Stowers; b. 1591-1595 in England; m. Amy James 2 Nov 1632 at Lynn, Massachusetts; d. 2 Feb 1667/68 at Charlestown.
TARBELL Thomas Tarbell; b. ___; m.(1) Mary ___ who d. 29 Apr 1674 in Groton; m.(2) Suzanna _____, widow of John Lawrence; d. 11 June 1768 in Charlestown, Massachusetts (of small pox). He settled in Watertown as early as 1647, was in Groton by 1663 and then to Charlestown. He was a soldier in King Phillip's War.
VANCE Sarah Vance; b. 02 May 1807 in Germany; m.(1) Jacob Harshman in 1825 in Preble County, Ohio (listed as "Sally Wantz"); m.(2) Ephraim Bragg as his third wife; d. abt 1895.
VINCENT John Vincent; b. about 1608 in England, d. ???? in Yarmouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.
WAIT (Also: Waite)
WITHEY (Also: McWithey, Withe)
WARREN Richard Warren of the Mayflower.
WILEY Thomas Wiley; b. 11 Apr 1811, Bourbon County, Kentucky (probably son of William Wiley); m. Eleanor Smith 06 Nov 1828; d. 23 Sep 1862; bur. Disciples Cemetery, Jackson Township, Jay County, Indiana. He was a minister in the Disciples of Christ church.

Isabell Wiley; b. abt. 1810 in Kentucky; m. Thomas Jefferson Loring; d. age 90 in Starke County, Indiana. Her relationship, if any, to Thomas Wiley is unknown.

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