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Thomas D. Spoor


Starke County, Indiana

This web site is devoted to the Spoor family in Indiana. The first known member of the family was Thomas D. Spoor, who was born in New York, probably on February 6,1816. His family probably moved to Ohio because in 1837 he married, in Union County, Sarah Marilda Wait, daughter of Cyrus Wait and Laura Withey (or McWithey). Their first child, my great great grandfather William Cyrus Spoor, was born in Ohio on January 31, 1838. By 1840 the Spoor family had moved to northern Indiana, first to Miami County, then to Starke County.

It is likely that Thomas' father was Nicholas Spoor, based on circumstantial evidence. Nicholas Spoor (age 50 to 60) was enumerated immediately before Thomas Spoor in Miami County, Indiana in the 1840 census. Nicholas was also in New York in 1830 and 1820, with male children who fit Thomas' age. However, it is also possible that Nicholas was an uncle. A John Spoor was living next to Nicholas Spoor in Ontario County, New York, and both Nicholas and John had sons under the age of ten in 1820 (3 and 2, respectively).

Based on age ranges given in the 1820-1840 censuses, Nicholas was born between 1770 and 1795, and most likely between 1780 and 1790. Between 1830 and 1837, he married Rebecca Markwell, who bore him at least one daughter, Axie Ann Spoor. Nicholas probably died before 1846, because on March 15 of that year Rebecca Spoor married Jacob Curtner in Pulaski County, Indiana.

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