Patton Family Photos—Ohio

Below are some photos of the family of Abraham Patton of Hocking and Marion Counties in Ohio. These photos were in a flea market, along with many pages of notes relating to the research done on this family by John J. Davis. I have begun scanning the manuscript pages and some of them are now online. Click here to go to the genealogy. Please note that there are no sources in his information, only notes written longhand. Click on photos to enlarge. Last updated 28 July 2003.

Patton Family Photos—Ohio

Patton Photo Information


1.       Pattonbrosis   Written on the back: “Patton brothers and sisters taken about 1909 – Elisha W. Patton, Elias F. Patton, Joel B. Patton, Hannah Johns, Sarah Arnold, Ella Drollinger”. Sarah was born in 1838, 3rd child of Abraham Patton and his first wife, Rosannah Hamilton. The others were children of Abraham and his second wife, Catherine Ann Self: Elisha b. 1844, Hannah b. abt 1854, Joel b. 1856, Elias b. 1859, and Ella b. abt 1861.

2.       Drollinger    Nothing is written on the photo. According to the Patton Genealogy by John J. Davis, Ella Patton married John M. Drollinger and lived in Marion Co, OH. They had the following children: Samuel L., Elmer, Minnie, William W., Arthur, Arlis, Onard Harry, Carl E., Sylvia, John J., and Ellis. Arthur and Arlis died young so the other 9 children are likely those in the photo with their parents.

3.       EliasFfam    Nothing is written on the photo. According to the Patton Genealogy, Elias F. Patton married Margaret Florence Carter in 1885 and they had the following children: Irene, Hazel, Vinton, Orville, Onard, Leo E., Elias F. (Lyle), Carter M., Donald E., and Eileen F. The last was born in April 1909 so this photo was likely taken shortly after that. Vinton and Orville died young so the other 8 children are likely those in the photo with their parents. The author of the Patton Genealogy was married to Irene Patton.

4.       Pattonreunion   Written on the back: “J J Grigsby  241 [Ohio St?]. A John J. Grigsby married Minnie Drollinger. This appears to be a family reunion photo, taken perhaps a few years after the first 3 photos. In the second row, seated on chairs, several of the people from the other photos appear. Fourth from left may be Elisha W. Patton. Sixth from left may be Hannah Johns. Next to her are Elias F. Patton and his wife, then John and Ella Drollinger, then Joel B. Patton.

5.       GeoPattonfam   On the back is a very faint penciled inscription “from your loving sister” and other information very difficult to read. In ink it says, “From left to right   Hattie Galylan – maiden name Paton; Henry Collins – sisters boy; Nettie Barlow – Paton; Lee & Ellen Calhan holding Cecil; Geo & Easter Patton – mother & father; Arthur & Maude Patton & Eunice; front row, Raymond, Beulah & Gladys Calhan [Calhoun?], Eva Wilis”. This family does not seem to be included in the Patton Genealogy and their relationship is unknown.