The Name of Emmerich Pt. 1

The Name of Emmerich –Pt. 1

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EMMERICH – Emerich, Emrich, Emericus, Emric, Emig. (OHG. Ermanrih, the powerful ruler; from the Italian Amerigo, America is derived; hence, America is a Ger…..?

Emmerich aus Ermanrich, Erm(e)rich bedeutet gewalteriger, mächtiger Fürst, Herrscher, König.

Der Name gehört zum alten deustschen Namengut. Ermanrik, Ermenrich war König und Führer der Ostgoten im 4. Jh., ein Ermenrich, Bischof von Passau, starb 874, Graf Emmerich, Embrico, Imbrico von Leiningen 1077; Emmerich hieß der einzige Sohn Kaiser Stephans des Heiligen von Ungaru. Embrich auch ein Abt von Einsiedeln im 11. Jh. Lange hat sich der VN gehalten. Der vorietzte Kurfürst von Mainz. Der von 1768 – 1774 regierte, hieß Emmerich Josef Freiherr von Breidbach.

Der Ort Emmerich am Niederrhein, auf den sicher auch eine Anzahl der FN Emmerich als Herkunftsnamen zurückgen, heiß urspr. villa Embricensis. FN: Ermenrich; Em(m)rich; Emmerich(s); Emeric, Emery (Schweiz); obd. Emmele, Emlein.. from – Unsere FamilienamenLinnartz 1958

The name of Emmerich and its variants is common both in the United States and in Germany. The name is spelled with a ‘ck’ in the U.S., while the ‘ch’ is of German origin. Spellings other than Emmerich are: Emerich, Emrich Emrick, Emric, Emerick, Emeric, Emry, Emery and Emrey. The early spelling of the name in Germany was found to be Imrik.

The city of Emmerich, Germany is located in the lower part of Saxony on the Rhine river. It has it’s origin as a Roman Colony and is mentioned in the seventh century. – from Andrew Emerick of Somerset Co., PA – Oran S. Emrich

…The name in Lancaster Co., PA was spelled: Emrich, Emrick, Emmerich, Emmerick, Emerich, Emric, Emerick, Emery, Emig, Emich, Ehmig, and Emrig. In Frederick Co., MD. John Emich on Deeds for purchase of land, was listed as John Emrick. In Columbiana Co., OH. he became John Emery. His son Andrew Emery became Andrew Emerick in Montgomery Co., OH. Andrew is the father of Samuel Emerick who married Hannah Market and lived first in Winchester (now Gratis), Preble Co., OH. - from Andrew Emrich of Lancaster Co., PA – Oran S. Emrich

In regard to the spelling of Emrich, it has been found that any name which begins with ‘EM’ may be Emrich. My great grandfathers name was spelled Emra in the 1850 census for Ross Co., OH. If I had not known that his first name was Moses, I would have missed him in the census report. Occasionally the Revolutionary War spelling was ‘Americk’, but generally ‘EM" was the beginning of the name. In Germany the spelling is Emmerich, while in the U.S. it has been shortened to Emrick, or Emrich. Some early families started with Emmerich, then changed to Emery or Emrey and retained to the present time. - from John Emerich of Ross Co., OH – Oran S. Emrich

Emmerich, St.(Kr. Rees, RB Düsseldorf, Rheinprovinz. R. am Rhein.) Embrica –Emmerica –Emericum – Asciburgum.

transl. - , a city (county Rees, pt. Of Dusseldorf, Rhine province, on the right side of the Rhine.)

from – Deutsch Lateinsches Handbuchlein – by Saalfeld

Em(m)erich, Emmrich: ahd. Embricus, unerkl., und Ermanarich (Gotenkönig, s. IRMIN) (x ON. Rhld.), Embrecht.

Aber 1569 in Fulnek Engelbracht. Dessen Söhne Embrich(t), Em(me)rich.

transl. - old high German Embricus, unexplainable, and Ermanarich (king of the Goths) see also Irmin; Embrecht (a place name, Rhineland.) But in 1569 the same name was Englebrecht, in Fulnek, whoses sons are Embrich(t), and Em(me)rich.. - transl. to English by Inge Noyes – from – Deutsche Namenkunde – Gottchald

Emmerich - (from Middle Rhine, Frankfort, Wetzlar, a suburb of Darmstadt):

In the Saga of Erminrich, there are the Harlungen brothers named Imbrecke (Emerca) and Fritele, nephews of the God-king, who lived at the town of Breisach in the service of the true Eckehard. Some examples in knighthood and nobility are: Knight Embrico von Lahnstein 1217; Knight Emercho von Wolveskelen 1267 in Wetzlar (also called Emicho); Count Embricho (Imbrico) of Leineingen 1077; Emmercho Rosewater 1264 in Wetzlar; Emmerich Schepkessel 1371 in Frankfort, the name Emmerich is found earlier in Breidbach on the Mainz.

Emmelrich a pronunciation variant of Amelrich, a popular German name in the Middle Ages (related to the East Goth nobility named Amalrich); and also the Upper Rhine Emmel, Emmlein, Emmelmann; the northern German Emcke, Ehmcke (Emeke), but not to Eimke. Emelricus Pape 1320 in Lubek, Emelricus de Ponte 1170 in Cologne, Emmelrich Ruodel 1336 in Nassau, Thylo Emmelrich 1317 in Bingen, where also Emmelman 1338 a patronymic of Emler, Amler. For Emmelmann see also old Norse Emmeln / Ems. – note: The "L" is easily swallowed; however Bahlow does not connect Emmelrich / Amalric to Emmerich nor Ermanrich as other writers do.

Emig, Emich Ehmig: short form of Emmerich (Embrich). Emicho or Emercho , Bishop of Wurzburg 1140; Bentz Emich 1350 Stuttgart. – from – Die Deutschen Familienaman by Hans Balow – transl. by Terry Golden.

Emerchin, the caressing form or diminutive of the forename Emmerich. For example in 1362 a person named Henne Emerchin lived in Friedberg, Hessen (see BHU I, 921) The first name of Emercho used to be very common.

Emmelman, diminutive of the first name Emmerich (as "my little Emerick man").

Emmelmannus in 1338, House of Bingen (BHU III, 167).

Emmelrich, shortened forename Emilrich, Emilricus of Ponte, 1170 Cologne., also nickname in 1317 for Thylo of Bingen called Emmelrich.

Emmerich, the forename Emmerich appears in 1412, Hans Emrich from Horrheim, Vaihingen, near Stuttgart. In 1415 Nikolas Emericus, a christian knight of the order Johanniter, from Dorlisheim.

Emmich, abbreviated form of Emmerich, for example in 1140, Emicho or Embricho, Bishop of Wurtenburg. The forename Emicho was also used in the royal house of Wurtenburg. Another variation in 1350, Bentz Emich from Neckagroningen, near Ludwigsburg. - transl. by Inge Noyes

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