Looking towards Crich Stand

Looking towards 'Crich Stand'
from Crich Church Tower

Looking towards Crich Stand
Photo - Courtesy of  David Stevenson

This bottom right of this photograph looks over the roof of what was the original Crich Vicarage towards the part of Crich now known locally as "Town End". The tree line in the center of the picture is the crest of the area known as "Cliffside". The rock face top right of the image is part of "Cliff Quarry" a limestone quarry that in earlier times engaged the interest of the famous engineer George Stevenson. The lighthouse like edifice is the Sherwood Forester's Regimental Memorial known as Crich Stand. The facade of a building at the entrance of the National Tramway Museum can be seen in the treeline on the left. The tents and equipment which is in the middle field is was being prepared for the annual village carnival

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