Looking towards Edge Moor & Plaistow

A view across to Edge Moor & Plaistow
from Crich Church Tower

A view across to Edge Moor & Plaistow, from crich Church Tower

A view looking over part of the burial ground in the foreground and on the other side of the wall the more recent council run cemetery. On the near skyline, you can see the area known both now and in earlier time as "Edge Moor". Although it is quite small for you to see, if you follow the hedge down through the middle of the picture through the farmyard at the top and then through the trees top right, you will be travelling through "Hog Nick", the route taken by those hardy souls who used to walk from Wessington to Crich. Probably this was the main foot route between the two places when there was no transport as we know it today. This photograph also shows part of the area known as "Plaistow".

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