Candle Cottage (The Old Drapery Shop & Post Office)

Candle Cottage - Drapery & Grocer's Shop and Old Post Office

The old Drapery Shop and Post Office

Candle Cottage - Directly opposite The Mount, the brown door indicates the entrance to what was once a Drapery & Grocers Shop and Post Office. Although the painted sign has considerably faded and is now almost invisible you can still just distinguish the significant place this building had in the life of the village. The shop-front type windows have sensitively been retained and do helpfully provide a little of the pleasing character of this property. The building to the right is the (now closed) Mount Tabor Methodist Chapel. The census of 1841 indicates the occupants of the Post Office thus:

Post Office      Joseph         WITHAM              40      Grocer
                        Charlotte       WITHAM             35 
                        Helena          WITHAM              13
                        Edward        WITHAM              10  
                        Joseph          WITHAM               8   
                        Selina           WITHAM               5
                        Mary            WITHAM               1

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