Crich Cross & the Jovial Dutchman

Crich Cross & The Jovial Dutchman

Crich Cross & The Jovial Dutchman

The Cross at Crich. A local historian, Geoffery Dawes, writes "The south-north routes - usually following raised ground - were intersected east-west at Crich Cross, the old focus of communications in the village. In 1857 the cross, listed as a market-cross, was then stated to be ancient. It was described by a local poetess, Ann Perry, of that time, as an old blackened wooden cross. That Cross was taken down and replaced, in 1871, by the present-day stone cross which was designed and masoned by a local man, Isaac Petts - to whom there is a memorial in Crich Churchyard."

On the left-hand side of the picture you can see the 'Jovial Dutchman' Inn.

The road that sweeps between the Cross and the Jovial Dutchman, now known as 'Cromford Road', was at one time called the 'Cromford and Langley Mill Turnpike' road. The pens of the old cattle market used to be arranged on the left-hand side, leading up the road.

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