Marriages (1821-25)

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Crich Parish - Registers



When        First Name      Surname       Con Residence      Rank or Profession Witnesses    Witnesses
Married                                                                         First Names  Surnames

1821 Jan 22 David           HOLMES        B   Crich Carr     Miner              George S.    WETTON
            Elisabeth       WEBSTER       S   Crich Carr     Spinster           Mary         FLINT

1821 Jan 29 Joseph          BLAND         B   Fritchley      Labourer           S-- (?)      BRIDDEN
            Sarah           WILKINSON     S   Fritchley      Spinster           George S.    WETTON

1821 Feb 01 William         PEACH         B   Holloway       Stone Cutter       Joseph       BODEN
            Martha          WILLGOOSE     S   Wheatcroft     Spinster           Samuel       SILVESTER

1821 Feb 06 John            WILMOT        B   Crich          Labourer           Thomas       WETTON
            Lydia           YOUNG         S   Crich          Spinster           Peter        PEARSON

1821 Apr 02 William         WESTON        B   Crich Carr     Boatman            Anthony      HIGGOT
            Ann             ROPER         S   Crich Carr     Spinster           George S.    WETTON

1821 Jly 01 John            WILBERHAM     B   Fritchley      Labourer           Job          HIGTON
            Hannah          CURZON        S   Fritchley      Spinster           Samuel       WETTON

1821 Aug 20 George          CHEETHAM      B   Crich          Stonemason         Samuel       STOCKS
            Abigail         WILDGOOSE     S   Crich          Spinster           William      FRITCHLEY

1821 Aug 27 John            LITTLEWOOD    B   Wirksworth     Hatter             Henry        WIGLEY
            Elisabeth       WALTON        S   Holloway       Spinster           Sarah        SHARDLOW

1821 Sep 23 Samuel          PEGGS         B   Matlock        Bleacher           Thomas       HAMPSHIRE
            Elizabeth       LONGDEN       S   Tansley        Spinster           Elizabeth    HAMPSHIRE

1821 Sep 30 William         BUNTING       B   Tansley        Farmer             Sarah        SMITH
            Jane            COOK          S   Tansley        Spinster           George S.    WETTON

1821 Oct 07 John            SLATER        B   Tansley        Brickmaker         Samuel       STORER
            Hannah          WILDMAN       S   Tansley        Spinster           Anthony      HIGGOT

1821 Oct 22 George          KEY           B   Crich          Boatman            Thomas       PARKS
            Mary            ALLSOP        S   Crich          Spinster           Joseph       WALKER

1821 Nov 06 James           ALLEN         B   Crich          Miller             James        KIRKLAND
            Elisabeth       HILL          S   Crich          Spinster           Thomas       HILL

1821 Nov 14 David           CURZON        B   Crich          Miner              Iri (?)      FOULDS
            Ann             FOULDS        S   Crich          Spinster           Dorothy      YOUNG

1821 Nov 20 John            BUNTING       B   Ashover        Tailor             Samuel       MELLOR
            Mary            COOK          S   Tansley        Spinster           Sarah        SMITH

1821 Dec 10 William Lyset   ARMSTRONG     B   Wessington     Labourer           Samuel       SILVESTER
            Ann             CHADWICK      S   Crich          Spinster           George S.    WETTON

1821 Dec 10 George          COOPER        B   Wessington     Labourer           Samuel       SILVESTER
            Hannah          ARMSTRONG     S   Wessington     Spinster           George S.    WETTON

1821 Dec 10 Henry           MARTIN        B   Codner Park    Labourer           Luke         BROWN
            Hannah          BROWN         S   Codner Park    Spinster           Samuel       SILVESTER

1821 Dec 25 Timothy         TAYLOR        B   Pentridge      Cordwainer         John         RAWSON
            Hannah          RAWSON        S   Wessington     Spinster           George S.    WETTON

1821 Dec 26 John            LAWRENCE      B   Fritchley      Turner             William      HORNER
            Nelly           BLOUNT        S   Fritchley      Spinster           Thomas       WIGHTMAN

1821 Dec 31 John            HARDY         B   Tansley        Farmer             John         EATON
            Sarah           BOWN          S   Tansley        Spinster           Hannah       HARDY

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1822 Jan 21 Henry           HENSTOCK      Wr  Tansley        Farmer             George       WOOD
            Dorothy         TOMLINSON     W   Tansley        Widow              George S.    WETTON

1822 Feb 17 John            DOVE          B   Tansley        Framework Knitter  John         BEARDMORE
            Elisabeth       GREEN         S   Tansley        Spinster           George S.    WETTON

1822 Feb 18 William         WEBSTER       B   Crich          Labourer           John         MARSHALL (?)
            Martha          BACON         S   Crich          Spinster           George S.    WETTON

1822 Mar 12 Thomas          ALLSOP        B   Crich Carr     Timber Merchant    Benjamin     MARSHALL
            Mary            STORER        W   Crich Carr     Widow              George S.    WETTON

1822 Apr 10 John            TAYLOR        B   Crich          Husbandman         Thomas       TOWNDROW
            Johanna         HOGG          S   Crich          Spinster           Betty        BUNTING

1822 Apr 10 George          BUNTING       B   Tansley        Labourer           Betty        BUNTING
            Hannah          CARTLIDGE     S   Alfreton       Spinster           Elizabeth    SOWTER (?)

1822 Apr 14 John            KNIGHT        B   Tansley        Bleacher           Elias        TAYLOR
            Hannah          SIMPSON       S   Tansley        Spinster           George S.    WETTON

1822 Apr 15 Andrew B.       BUNTING       B   Tansley        Oastler            Joshua       LOMAS
            Hannah          SPENCER       S   Crich Carr     Spinster           Daniel       SPENCER

1822 May 06 Francis         CALOW         B   Tansley        Wood-Turner        William      POTTER (?)
            Mary            CROSSLEY      S   Tansley        Spinster           William      B---ANKS (?)

1822 May 13 Samuel          BESTWICK      B   Fritchley      Framework Knitter  William      FROST
            Hannah          FROST         S   Crich          Spinster           Sarah        BESTWICK

1822 Jly 01 John            WALTERS       B   Wheatcroft     Bread Baker        William      NAYLOR
            Mary            NAYLOR        S   Wheatcroft     Spinster           George       WALKER

1822 Jly 01 Thomas          TOWNDROW      B   Marewood Moor  Labourer           Robert       SOWTER
            Elisabeth       SOWTER        S   Crich          Spinster           Ellin        SOWTER

1822 Aug 19 Joseph          WATERS        B   Crich          Nailor             William      RIDE
            Sarah           HATTON        W   Crich          Widow              Samuel       SILVESTER

1822 Sep 01 Benjamin        NAILOR        B   Crich Pothouse Labourer           Samuel       SILVESTER
            Hannah          HOLEHOUSE     W   Crich Pothouse Widow              James W.     NORWEB

1822 Sep 08 Philip          CLOSE         B   Holloway       Smelter            Robert       OLLERENSHAW
            Lucinda         OLLERENSHAW   S   Holloway       Spinster           Hannah       CHEETHAM

1822 Sep 10 John            MARSH         B   Holloway       Husbandman         Joshua       LOMAS
            Mary            HALL          S   Crich          Spinster           Joseph       MARSH

1822 Sep 15 William         ALLSOP        B   Tansley        Top Card Rower     Joseph       SELLORS
            Fanney          ALLEN         S   Amber Mill     Spinster           George S.    WETTON

1822 Nov 04 Thomas          THORP         B   Wessington     Framework Knitter  James        LOWE
            Hannah          CAMM          S   Wessington     Spinster           Thomas       COLLEGE

1822 Nov 04 John            RAWSON        B   Wessington     Framework Knitter  Thomas       COLLEGE
            Ann             WILBERHAM     S   Wessington     Spinster           James        LOWE

1822 Dec 01 Daniel          PETTS         B   Chadwick Nick  Stonemason         Mary         STREET
            Mary            STORER        S   Crich          Spinster           George S.    WETTON

1822 Dec 09 Adam            JAQUES        B   Tansley        Bleacher           John         YOUNG
            Sarah           GASKIN        S   Tansley        Spinster           Timothy      GREGORY

1822 Dec 30 Joseph          MARELL        B   Codner (Heanor)Labourer           Thomas       POYZER
            Rinow           STORER        S   Fritchley      Spinster           Jemima       STORER

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1823 Jan 23 John            POTTER        B   Tansley        Stonemason         John         TAYLOR
            Catharine       BRIDGES       S   Tansley        Spinster           Ann          EATON

1823 Jan 30 John            RADFORD       B   Holloway       Blacksmith         Thomas       RADFORD
            Mary            SHARDLOW      S   Holloway       Spinster           Hannah       RADFORD

1823 Feb 02 Enoch           HARRISON      B   Crich          Framesmith         Mary         MANBY
            Mary            WILKINSON     S   Crich          Spinster           George S.    WETTON

1823 Feb 18 John            DURHAM        B   Crich          Officer of Excise  George       ELLIOT
            Anne            PROCTOR       W   Crich          Widow              George S.    WETTON

1823 Feb 24 John            BRADBURY      B   Crich          Weaver             Hannah       BUXTON
            Elisabeth       CHEETHAM      S   Crich          Spinster           George S.    WETTON

1823 Mar 06 William         JONES         Wr  Crich          Lawyer             Thomas       HUDSON
            Elisabeth       COWLISHAW     W   Crich          Widow              Mary Anne    GREENHOUGH

1823 Mar 10 Samuel          WETTON        B   Crich          Labourer           Isaac        ELLIS
            Susanna         WARREN        S   Crich          Spinster           Mary         WADE (?)

1823 Mar 13 Timothy         GREGORY       B   Tansley        Joiner             Timothy      TAYLOR
            Elisabeth       BODEN         S   Tansley        Spinster           Mary         SPENCER

1823 Mar 17 James           SHARP         B   Bullbridge     Labourer           Thomas       SIMS
            Mary Ann        MARRIOT       S   Bullbridge     Spinster           Elizabeth    MARRIOT

1823 Mar 17 Peter           ELLIOT        B   Tansley        -                  John         HOLE (??)
            Rebecca         COOPER        S   Tansley        Spinster           John         PARKER

1823 Mar 23 John            WILLIAMS      B   Codnor Park    Metal-finer        George       BOOT
            Jemima          COX           S   Codnor Park    Spinster           George S.    WETTON

1823 Apr 07 Jonathan        HALL          B   Crich Carr     Nailor             Abraham      CLARK
            Hannah          CHEETHAM      S   Crich Carr     Spinster           William      RIDE
                                                                                Samuel       SILVESTER

1823 Apr 08 George          HILL          B   Crich          Joiner             Joseph       WRAGG
            Lydia           WRAGG         S   Cromford       Spinster           Hannah       WILKINSON

1823 May 14 Robert          SMEDLEY       B   Tansley        Cotton Spinner     Richard      BOWER
            Julia           FROST         S   Tansley        Spinster           Ann (?)      BOWER

1823 May 19 George          BONSALL       B   Tansley        Labourer           Samuel       SMITH
            Sarah           SMITH         S   Tansley        Spinster           Wm (?)       BONSALL

1823 May 21 George          CURZON        B   Crich          Framework Knitter  John         CURZON
            Mary            CURZON        S   Crich          Spinster           George S.    WETTON

1823 May 27 George          FLETCHER      B   Wessington     Framework Knitter  George       PASHLEY
            Martha          TURNER        S   Morton         Spinster           John         BURTON

1823 Jun 23 Samuel          STOCKS        B   Crich          Framework Knitter  William      HAZLEWOOD
            Elisabeth       HAZLEWOOD     S   Crich          Spinster           John         JACKSON

1823 Jly 03 Robert          OLLERENSHAW   B   Holloway       Labourer           John         GAUNT
            Hannah          CHEETHAM      S   Crich          Spinster           Richard      TOWNDROW

1823 Jly 10 Robert          LEE           B   Plaistow Green Framework Knitter  Sarah        SIMS (?)
            Martha          WALKER        S   Crich          Spinster           George S.    WETTON

1823 Jly 13 Seth            WOOD          B   Fritchley      Turner             Peter        PEARSON
            Mary            WILKINSON     S   Sth Wingfield  Spinster           Charles      SELLORS

1823 Aug 17 George          ALLSOP        B   Crich          Labourer           Joseph       HUDSON
            Elisabeth       WILKINSON     S   Crich          Spinster           George S.    WETTON

1823 Aug 24 Thomas          SHORTHOUES    B   Amber Mill     Labourer           George S.    WETTON
            Mary            BIRCH         S   Amber Mill     Spinster           Martha       WETTON

1823 Aug 24 Henry           CUPIT         B   Bullbridge     Labourer           George S.    WETTON
            Sarah           GAMBLE        S   Fritchley      Spinster           Martha       WETTON

1823 Aug 25 John            ABBOTT        B   Tansley        Framework Knitter  Milicent     CLOUGH (?)
            Mary            BROWN         S   Tansley        Spinster           Joseph       MARSDE

1823 Aug 31 Samuel          MOORE         Wr  Wessington     Bricklayer         Sarah        MARSHALL
            Elizabeth       WILD          W   Wessington     Widow              Samuel       MARSHALL

1823 Sep 11 Humphrey        MARSHALL      B   This Parish    Gentleman          Mary         SWETTENHAM
            Alice           BROWN         S   This Parish    Spinster           John         BROWN

1823 Sep 22 John            BARKER        B   Washington     Farmer             Frances      BARKER
            Rosanna         TUPMAN (?)    S   Washington     Spinster           Edward       BLYTHE- (?)

1823 Sep 29 Thomas          BLACKBURNE ?  B   This Parish    Labourer           Ann          HENSTOCK
            Mary            TAYLOR        S   This Parish    Spinster           Samuel       HENSTOCK

1823 Sep 29 Thomas          JOHNSON       B   This Parish    Labourer           Mary         DAWES
            Elizabeth       TAYLOR        S   This Parish    Spinster           Samuel       HENSTOCK

1823 Oct 14 Samuel          SMITH         B   Holloway       Farmer             George S.    WETTON
            Mary            ELLSE         S   This Parish    Spinster           Martha       WETTON

1823 Dec 04 John            LEE           B   This Parish    Farmer             Esther       LEE
            Mary            KNOWLES       S   This Parish    Spinster           Samuel       HYDES

1823 Dec 14 Thomas          POYZER        B   Fritchley      Framework Knitter  Hannah       POYZER
            Mary            BOWMER        S   Fritchley      Spinster           Joseph       BOWMER

1823 Dec 16 Joshua          JOHNSON       Wr  P. of Matlock  Dyer               Alice        BUXTON (?)
            Hannah          GILL          W   Fritchley      Widow              Joseph       HASLAM

1823 Dec 22 William         STORER        B   This Parish    Labourer           Lydia        BOOTH
            Hannah          SIMS          S   Bullbridge     Spinster           Joseph       SIMS

1823 Dec 25 William         EVANS         B   Tansley        Weaver             Mary         WIGHTMAN
            Harriet         SIMPSON       S   Tansley        Spinster           Joseph       P---HILL (??)

1823 Dec 25 Samuel          SMITH         B   This Parish    Farmer             Jane         KERRY
            Lydia           KERRY         S   This Parish    Spinster           George       KERRY

1823 Dec 28 John            FRITCHLEY     Wr  Fritchley      Labourer           Sarah        ARNOLD (?)
            Ann             EVANS         W   Fritchley      Widow              Seth         HOOD (?)

1823 Dec 29 James           RADFORD       B   Fritchley      Labourer           Martha       HOGG
            Hannah          HOLMES        S   Tansley        Spinster           Joseph       HOLMES

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1824 Jan 24 George          MELLOR        Wr  Washington     Framework Knitter  Ann          CUPITT
            Mary            HOPKINSON     W   Washington     Widow              Joseph       KERRY

1824 Feb 29 Benjamin        ELLIOTT       B   Amber Mill     Framework Knitter  Mary         THORPE
            Elizabeth       WORRELL (?)   S   Amber Mill     Spinster           Catherine    THORPE

1824 Mar 02 William         MASSEY        B   Sth. Wingfield Cordwainer         Joseph       BOWMER
            Elizabeth       HARRISON      S   Fritchley      Spinster           Mary         BOWMER

1824 Mar 23 Richard         WILLIAMSON    B   Ashbourne      Baker              Sarah        ROBINSON
            Ann             LEE           S   Holloway       Spinster           Mark         LEE

1824 Jun 06 Samuel          MATHER        B   Crich Carr     Boatman            Martha       WETTON
            Sarah           KIRK          S   Crich Carr     Spinster           George S.    WETTON

1824 Jun 10 John            HAYNES        B   This Parish    Joiner             George       LEE
            Mary            LEE           S   This Parish    Spinster           ----         B--D (?)

1824 Jun 12 John            SILKSTONE     B   Tansley        Tapeweaver         Mary         WOODAWISS
            Jane            ELMANN        S   Tansley        Spinster           Thomas       BLOUNT

1824 Jly 09 William         WHEATCROFT    B   Fritchley      Framework Knitter  Mary Ann     HASLAM
            Hannah          HASLAM        S   Fritchley      Spinster           William      HORNER

1824 Aug 09 Joseph          BLYTHE        B   Washington     Cordwainer         Elizabeth A  SMITHURST
            Hannah          WRIGHT        S   Washington     Spinster           Edward       BLYTHE

1824 Aug 12 William         BALL          B   Tansley        Wood turner        Hannah       OGDEN
            Sarah           HIBBERT       S   Tansley        Spinster           John         BALL

1824 Aug 19 Isaac           SPENDLOVE     B   Duffield       Tanner             Ellen        MARSHALL
            Phillis         MARSHALL      S   This Parish    Spinster           William      MARSHALL

1824 Aug 25 William         POTTER        B   Tansley        Wood turner        Mary Grace   BOBANKS
            Martha          BOBANKS       S   Tansley        Spinster           Anthony      EATON

1824 Oct 11 Charles         WAYNER        B   Fritchley      Framework Knitter  Hannah       BOWMER
            Sarah           CHELL         S   Fritchley      Spinster           Benjamin     THOMPSON

1824 Oct 12 Joseph          BOWMER        B   This parish    Labourer           Mary         CA---N (?)
            Hannah          POYZER        S   Fritchley      Spinster           Elizabeth    FRITCHLEY
                                                                                Richard      PLATTS

1824 Oct 17 Joseph          NOBLE         B   Fritchley      Weaver             Hannah       NOBLE
            Ann             WILKINSON     S   Fritchley      Spinster           Samuel       COCKAYNE

1824 Oct 21 Joseph          TAYLOR        B   Tansley        Tape Weaver        Jane         NEDHAM (?)
            Mary            ROPER         S   Tansley        Spinster           George S.    WETTON

1824 Nov 29 Abraham         HEARNSHAW     B   Shirland       Blacksmith         Sarah        BERESFORD
            Ann             BERESFORD     S   Wessington     Spinster           Martha       WETTON

1824 Dec 12 William         DRURY         B   Washington     P-inter (?)        Maryann      SMITH
            Mary Ann        WHITE         S   Washington     Spinster           Henry        BROWN

1824 Dec 20 Benjamin        COWLISHAW     B   the Carr       Labourer           Sarah        TAYLOR
            Mary            FLINT         S   the Carr       Spinster           Isaac        FLINT

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1825 Feb 07 William         CHETHAM       Wr  Washington     Labourer           Thomas       BEASTALL
            Hannah          SHARMAN       S   Washington     Spinster           Sarah        KNATT (?)

1825 Feb 20 Isaac           BRAILSFORD    Wr  Tansley        Wood turner        Elizabeth    BOLLINGTION
            Sarah           JAQUES        S   Tansley        Spinster           Rich ?       HILLMAN

1825 Mar 09 Thomas          CROSSLEY      Wr  Tansley        Wood turner        Mary         BAKER
            Harriet         CAITH--GH ?   S   Tansley        Spinster           Charles      BAKER

1825 Mar 14 John            GAUNT         B   Holloway       Cordwainer         Henry        OLLERENSHAW
            Mary            GOODALL       S   Holloway       Spinster           Martha       WETTON

1825 Mar 27 John            COWLISHAW     B   This parish    Labourer           Ann          SAXTON
            Phillis         CURZON        S   This parish    Spinster           George S.    WETTON

1825 Mar 28 Jonathan        JACKSON       B   This parish    Cotton Spinner     Hannah       WHEATLEY
            Lydia           HALL          S   This parish    Spinster           George S.    WETTON

1825 Apr 04 Matthew         TOPHAM        B   Pot-house      Framework Knitter  Hannah       TOPHAM
            Sarah           BOWBANKS      S   Pot-house      Spinster           Thomas       TOPHAM

1825 Apr 11 Benjamin        ELLIOTT       B   Wheatcroft     Servant            Ann          BARTRAM
            Lydia           SLACK         S   Tansley        Spinster           Lawrence     WILDGOOSE

1825 Apr 11 Andrew          SHAW          B   Washington     Framework Knitter  Mary         SIMPSON
            Fanny           LEE           S   Washington     Spinster           Joseph       SIMPSON

1825 Apr 20 Samuel          COCKAYNE      B   Holloway       Labourer           Hannah       CHADWICK
            Hannah          NOBLE         S   This parish    Spinster           Peter        SHARDLOW

1825 Apr 24 Joseph          MARSDEN       B   Amber Mill     Weaver             Hannah       BOOTH
            Millicent       COLCLOUGH     S   Amber Mill     Spinster           Thomas       SPENCER

1825 Apr 26 Joseph          HALL          B   Tansley        Cotton Spinner     Samuel       WHEATLEY
            Martha          WHEATLEY      S   Tansley        Spinster           Hannah       WHEATLEY

1825 Jun 19 John            EATON         B   Amber Mill     Cotton Spinner     Joshua       ORRIDGE
            Sarah           WALKER        S   Amber Mill     Spinster           George S.    WETTON

1825 Jly 06 Reuben          RIGGOT        -   Ashover        -                  Ann          RIGGOTT
            Martha          WATTS         -   This parish    -                  Thomas       BRADLEY

1825 Sep 05 Hugh            BOWMER        -   This parish    -                  Benjamin     BOWMER
            Elizabeth       MARSDEN       -   This parish    -                  Ann          LEE

1825 Sep 15 Philip          BURTON        -   This parish    -                  George S.    WETTON
            Mary            HALL          -   This parish    -                  Ann          CURZON

1825 Sep 26 Henry           VALLANS       -   This parish    -                  George S.    WETTON
            Mary            HYDES         -   This parish    -                  Esther       LEE

1825 Oct 10 John            HERROD        B   This parish    Weaver             Ann          DAWES
            Elizabeth       MARTIN        S   This parish    Spinster           George S.    WETTON

1825 Oct 10 Thomas          SIMS          B   Fritchley      Mason              Elizabeth    SIMS
            Sarah           BLOUNT        S   Fritchley      Spinster           William      HALL

1825 Oct 22 Thomas          BRADLEY       B   Ashover        Labourer           Joseph       WHITE
            Ann             BOND          S   Crich          Spinster           Ann          JOHNSON

1825 Nov 07 Thomas          MILLS         B   Farnsfield     Labourer           Samuel       FREAKER
            Mary            SIMS          S   Plaistow       Spinster           Ann          SIMS

1825 Nov 24 William         MYCROFT       B   Sth Wingfield  Labourer           Edward       LEAM
            Sophia          GILL          S   Frichley       Spinster           Mary         WIGHTMAN

1825 Dec 11 John            COOK          B   Tansley        Labourer           Charles      BAKER
            Mary            ELLIS         S   Tansley        Spinster           George S     WETTON
NOTE:  The place of residence when shown as Washington should be interpreted as Wessington.

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