Dethick, Lea & Holloway, in the County of Derbyshire U.K.

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An Historic Parish
in the
County of Derbyshire, U.K.

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Welcome, my name is Alan S. Flint and I would like to thank you for visiting with us here in this beautiful part of Derbyshire. As the title of this site suggests, the Parish of Dethick, Lea and Holloway has much of genuine historic interest. I hope that as the site is developed you will call back often. I plan for the site to contain numerous articles explaining about the rich heritage we appreciate so much. Also articles about some of the rather well-known and indeed some lesser-known people who have made the Parish what it is today. Information will also be included that I hope will be useful for those who have 'connections' here and are researching their family history.

This is a Genealogy Site


Have you got an elusive ancestor and wonder whether other researchers with an interest in the parish of Dethick, Lea & Holloway might be able to help? Or do you  wish to 'connect' with others that have a similar genealogical interest for mutual support and encouragement? Then I invite you to check out the new MESSAGE BOARD for this site. To do so please click on the following link.

  1. A Brief Parish History and Guide.

  2. A Picture Gallery for Dethick, Lea & Holloway

  3. Parish Registers - eventually containing records of Marriages, Baptisms and burials. Currently I only have transcriptions for 'Baptisms' at 'Dethick Chapel' covering the years 1774 to 1781 along with years 1813 to 1820.

  4. Census Index - 1841 and 1851 now complete.

  5. Links & Mailing Lists - sites and lists that that will be helpful in your research and which have a specific Derbyshire or Surname interest.

  6. Occupation & Population - data comprising occupation, population, wills, land owners, residents, 19th century commercial enterprises and detail of Publicans 1755-1835.

If you want to look at quite well detailed maps of the Parish of  Dethick, Lea & Holloway as it is today, or indeed Central Derbyshire, please click on the following links.

Central Derbyshire
Dethick, Lea & Holloway  - down to street detail
The Parish - a wider view

To get greater advantage out of these maps, please note that by placing your cursor on the "arrow pointers" around the edge of the maps, you can change your view of the area, thereby being able to view detail of different parts of the parish. The map is centered on Holloway so you will need to do this if you want to view Lea or Dethick. I hope that you find this new facility helpful. However, please don't get so excited that you forget to come back........and check out the rest of the site.

The maps are excellent and are provided courtesy of

Although there is a Guest Book at the bottom of this page, which you are invited to sign, you are also very welcome to e-mail me [Alan S. Flint] with any comments or suggestions you may have to improve this site.

I must record my very great thanks to Mr. George Wigglesworth of the Dethick, Lea and Holloway Historical Society for his kind permission to use the large amount of written material that he and others have earlier contributed to a series of articles about the Parish. I intend to transcribe them all, it may take me some time, so the articles will be added to the site individually to ensure a steady flow of interesting information. Individual authors will be credited as appropriate.

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