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The Miller & Koepka Families

My Crazy Family Genealogy

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The search for our roots can take us down some fascinating paths, and can provide great satisfaction. But there are times when the search can be very frustrating. The purpose of this site is to share the information that I have collected, and perhaps help you to break through that perverbial brick wall. However, the information contained on these pages should be used solely for your own personal use, furthering your search. It should not be used for any commerical publications, as there may be incorrect information that was provided by a sketchy source. Information herein has been gathered through family legend, and heresay. Always double check discrepancies to verify information, this site like our family is always evolving, and we are as human as our families and thus are apt to make errors.

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Photo Album
Our Ancestors Photos Here are a few of our family ancestors photographs. They are not in any certain order, please scroll through the list to see if your member of our family is here. I have included only photos of those who are in the family tree.
My Mayflower Families
Descendants of Francis Cooke and Richard Warren We were very excited to recently learn that through my mother's Hammond line we are descendants of the Mayflower Pilgrims. Francis Cooke and wife Hester Mahieu and Richard Warren and wife Elizabeth. I am a 15th generation descendant. Please use the link to the right for more history on both families and links to several great Mayflower web sites.
The Miller Families
Descendants of Debrix Miller 1780-1841 The descendants of Debrix & Sarah Miller have been traced to Duck Creek Hundred, Kent County, DE. Sarah Conselor and her family had strong ties to the Native American community in Duck Creek Hundred, and based on tax and census information Debrix was undoubtedly of Native American ancestry as well. In order to trace ones ancestry in Delaware in the 17th & 18th century, one must be willing to accept the varying "labels" placed on our ancestors of mixed-blood. This was a time when marriages between white men and indian and black women were commonplace. The distinction between being white or colored was pretty much left up to the person doing the looking, and if you weren't white then you were colored. In one record a person could be listed as white or not have a notation, and in another record or one a few years later, the label of mulatto, negro, black or colored could appear. Please visit the MITSAWOKETT website available through this link to learn more about this very special group of our ancestors.
The Kauppanen/Kauppinen Families
Descendants of John Kauppanen 1880-1936 There are several spellings for Kauppanen, this is the spelling we use. The name is Finnish and is most often spelled Kauppinen. John married Wilhelminna Hokkanen, they probably came to America together from Finland, their children were born in Ashtabula Co, OH. In further research, we have found the death record for Minna where her maiden name is listed as Maki. It is also listed as this on the marriage records for two daughters, Anna and Lempi (Aline) Kauppanen in Ashtabula, OH. The birth record for John, his parents are clearly named as John Kauppanen and Minna Hokkanen. On John's marriage record Minna's name is spelled Jokanen, a variation of Hokkanen. As to why the two girls and John's records do not match with the surname for their mother has not been explained as yet. She died many years before her husband John Sr. and a death record has not yet been uncovered for her.
The Dalrymple Families
Descendants of Eli Dalrymple 1808-1865 Eli Dalrymple and his wife Mariah Stevenson were born in Hunterdon Co, New Jersey. They spent time in NY and then came to Ionia Co, MI with their children. Of Eli's children John C. and wife Lydia Gilbert is where my line descends. Information that is provided about Eli and his descendants here and at my World Connect Database are from Joan Stevens through her research, a manuscript of the family history in her possession and public records. Much thanks is due her for all the hard work on this Dalrymple line. She can be reached in the "other researchers section".
The Gilbert Families
Descendants of Thomas Gilbert the Emmigrant 1589-1659 Thomas Gilbert the Emmigrant was married to Elizabeth Bennett in 1610 in Yardley Parrish, England. He had 6 sons and 1 daughter. Not exactly sure yet as to when the family came to America but he was in MA by 1640 with a family of 7. There is much speculation today as to whether it was this Thomas or his son Thomas who may have been the husband of Lydia Gilbert who was hung for witchcraft in 1654.
The Lulham Families
Descendants of Gaius Lulham 1832-1902 Gaius was born at Robertsbridge,in Salehurst Parish, Sussex Co.,England. He was the son of William Lulham (Denmark) and Hannah Watson (England). Gaius came to America prior to his marriage at Carson City,MI in 1856 to Jane Roberts of Kent Co, Goodheart, England. Gaius Lulham was the father of Mary Ann Lulham wife of Augustus Miller.

Visit Lulham Court Farm  in Lulham, England, this link will take you to photos taken by Don Lulham. Many Lulham's were from Lulham Court and then moved on to other villages such as Robertsbridge, where Gaius was born.
The Hammond Families
Descendants & Ancestors of William Wallace Hammond 1831-1915 William Wallace Hammond, oldest son of Charles, was born at Hamburg, Erie Co., New York, and moved soon after to Brant, and Buffalo in 1877. He received is education in the common schools, and at the Academy at Fredonia, New York. At the age of 20 he spent a year traveling in the Southern States, and taught two years of school there. Afterwards, for 12 years he was engaged in lumbering and mercantile pursuits. He was County Judge of Erie Co. from 1877 to 1889, having been re-elected twice. In the Spring of 1890 at the close of his term he formed a law partnership at Buffalo, now the firm of Hammond, Hatch & Ackerson. During the late Civil War he was Captain of Company C, 67th New York National Guard. After General Lee invaded Pennsylvania the regiment was ordered to Harrisburg, PA and after one month's service was mustered out soon after the Battle of Gettysburg. Elizabeth Penn was the Judge's 9th generation grandmother. William's great grandfather Paul Hammond was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. William Hammond and Elizabeth Penn are frequently confused with another William and Elizabeth Hammond family with many close dates and same names. In order to determine which was which they have been identified by researchers as "William of London" and "William of Watertown". My William is of London. This information is from "A History and Genealogy of the Descendants of William Hammond, by Roland Hammond"
To view Hammond Tombstones use the tombstone link farther down this page.
The Koepka Families
Descendants of Joseph Köpke 1823-1900
Johann Joachim Karl Köpke known as Joseph immigrated to America in 1863 with his wife Mary, son Charles and father Johann Frederich Köpke 1795 - 1882; from Rambow, Mecklenburg, Germany. They settled in a small german town called Farnham in Erie County, NY. Charles would marry Rosabelle A.A. Hammond daughter of William Wallace Hammond, judge of Erie County. Charles, his parents, and grandfather are buried in Farnham Holy Cross Lutheran Cemetery.
The Ketchabaw Families
Descendants of Abraham Ketchabaw 1789-1895 The earliest documentation of this family is in Albany, New York. They may have immigrated from Germany. Abraham was the son of Henrich Katzenbach and Eva Defoe/Devoe, Loyalists who fled to Quebec during the Revolutionary War. Abraham stayed in NY and fought with the Vermont Militia. He married Elizabeth Rosenberger daughter of Jacob. Their Children and his siblings settled throughout Ontario, Eastern Quebec, New Hampshire, and parts of Michigan. Information on the Ketchabaw line was provided by Allen Bond, family historian (see "other researchers" for contact info.)
Descendants of George H. Ketchabaw 1842- George married Amy Gilmore and had 2 children, Fred and Nessetta a.k.a. Etta. After the death of Amy in Huron Co, Ontario, George married Narcissa Smith and had 12 more children. They lived between Canada and Michigan with some of the children born in both places. Etta Ketchabaw is my great grandmother she married George Irving Armstrong. They both died in Cheboygan, MI and are buried there.
The Penn Families
Descendants of Elizabeth Penn 1603-1640 Elizabeth Penn was the daughter of Captain Giles Penn, and sister to Sir Admiral William Penn commander of the Royal Navy, and Aunt to William Penn the Quaker. Elizabeth married William Hammond (known as William of London)about 1621 in England. A young widow, she took her son Benjamin and three daughters, all young, left a good estate in London and came over to New England in the troublesome times of 1634. They traveled on the Ship Griffin arriving in Boston on September 18, 1634. She was a member of the Rev. John Lothrop party. Elizabeth died in 1640 and is buried in Boston. Our line to the Penn's continues through Benjamin and his descendants. (Elizabeth Penn and Elizabeth Payne are two different people and should not be confused as one.)
The Hartley Families
Descendants of Bessie Hartley 1869-1949 Bessie was the daughter of Isaac John Hartley and Elizabeth, a Textile Mill owner in Lancashire, England. When Bessie married the stable hand, her father disowned her and she lost all rights to inherit from the business. In 1918 Bessie married Richard Dissett at Round Island Lighthouse in the straits of Mackinac where he was the keeper of the light.
The Barnes Families
Descendants of Thomas Barnes 1636-1679 Thomas Barnes came to America in 1656 on the Speedwell. He settled in Marlborough, MA where he bought land in 1663. He married Abigail Goodenow daughter of Thomas Goodenow in 1662.
The Goodenow Families
Descendants of Thomas Goodenow 1608 Thomas came to America on the ship Confidence with wife Jane, son Thomas, and sister Ursula. He was 30 years old and of Shaftesbury, Dorset, England.He had at least two brothers John and Edmund who also came to America. Thomas was a proprietor in Sudbury, and was a signer of the petition to form Marlborough.
The Howe Families
Descendants of John Howe 1602 - 1687 John, was the son of John Howe, supposed to be the John Howe Esq., who came from Warwickshire, Eng. and who was a descendant of John Howe, himself the son of John of Hodinhull and connected with the family of Sir Charles Howe of Lancaster, in the reign of Charles I. He was the proprietor of the Black Horse Inn, and his son Samuel was proprietor of the Red Horse Inn made famous by Longfellow in "Tales of a Wayside Inn."
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