Chapter 11 - Allen and Frances Crawford Barber

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Chapter Eleven

Allen Barber and Frances H Crawford Barber

Allen Barber, born 1801, Georgia, was the son of James and Penelope Barber. Though not named in the will of James Barber,86 he is listed as an heir in probate records. The names of Allen and James Barber appear on many deeds in Clarke County 1836-1841.

Allen married Miss Frances H. Crawford, 11 November 1819 in Clarke County, Georgia.87 Frances was born 17 December 1800 in South Carolina of Virginia born parents.88 She died 25 July 1893 Polk County, Georgia.

Allen Barber served as a Justice of the Peace in Clarke County, Georgia from 1836-1840. He and Frances and their eight children moved to Alabama in 1841.89

Allen died at the home of his son Wiley C. Barber in August 1869, from Diabetes, in Van Wert, Polk County, Georgia. Frances, his widow, was living in Van Wert as late as 1880.90

Children of Allen and Frances H. (Crawford) Barber

  1.  Wiley Crawford Barber, born 7 July 1820, married (1) Louisa C. Casey, 1840 (2) Elizabeth Emily Ammons, 1857, (3) Emily Gresham, 1861, and
      (4) Elizabeth B. Heslep, 1875.  (see Chapter 12)

  2.  Silas H. Barber, born 28 April 1823, married (1) Sarah Ann Posey, 1846, (2) Mrs. Tinsley Elizabeth Stinson, (3) Mrs Mary E. Pullin, 1876.
      (see chapter 14)

  3.  James M. Barber, born 1826, Clarke County, Georgia, died 1855, Talladega County, Alabama.  He married (1) Martha Ann _____ about 
      1846, who was born 9 February 1826, and died 5 October 1852.  She is buried beside her infant daughter Martha.  (2) Martha A. Smith, 7 
      July 1853, Talledega County, Alabama.91 More information from a descendant, Donald O. Barber

      A.  Wiley C. Barber, born 1848, Talladega County, Alabama.

      B.  Joshua Heard Barber, born August 1851, Talladega County, Alabama, was raised by his uncle, Wiley Crawford Barber. 
          Joshua married Lucinda Heaton 27 August 1871 at Polk County, GA. Lucinda was the daughter of John R. Heaton and Mary Ann Jenkins.
          Joshua died 30 July 1913 at Rockmart, Polk County, Georgia.

          a.  Mary Frances Barber, born 1 August 1872, Polk County GA died 29 January 1936 at Rockmart, Polk County, GA, married
              Henry Jefferson Moats about 1886.
              aa.  Paul Moats, born March 1889, Polk County GA

              bb.  Claude Moats, born June 1891, Polk County GA

              cc.  Thomas B. Moats, born July 1893, Polk County GA 

              dd.  Lizzie M Moats, born June 1895, Polk County, GA

              ee.  Henry H. Moats, born 1897, Polk County, GA, died 1918, Polk County, GA. Buried at Rose Hill Cemtery, Rockmart

              ff.  Clyde Moats, born 1902, Rockmart, GA, married _____.

                   aaa.  Jerry Moats

              gg.  Mary L. Moats, born 27 January 1904, Polk County, GA,  died 8 May 1968, Polk County, GA, married ____ Cothran. 
                   Buried at Rose Hill Cemetery, Rockmart, GA

              hh.  Maude Ellen Moats, born 1906, GA, died 1918, GA, buried at Rose Hill Cemetery, Rockmart, GA

              ii.  Patrick W. Moats, born 4 July 1908, Rockmart, GA, died 13 Feb 1976, buried Rose Hill Cemetery, Rockmart, GA

              jj.  Matt A Moats, born about 1910, Polk County, GA

              kk.  Ollie B Moats, born 11 August 1910, Rockmart, GA, died 28 August 1962, Rockmart, GA

              ll.  Clay H Moats was born 26 June 1914 at Rockmart, GA, died 3 February 2000, Rockmart, GA, buried Rose Hill
                   cemetery, Rockmart, GA

              mm.  Edward J Moats, born about 1916, Rockmart, GA,

          b.  Judson Joseph Barber, born in 1875 at Rockmart, GA, died 28 Nov 1952 at Aragon, Polk Co., GA  He married Alice E. 
              Williams circa 1904.  
              aa.  Elsie M. Barber was born circa 1904.
              bb.  Homer Lee Barber was born in 1906 at Polk Co, died 28 Feb 1952 at Polk Co, GA.
              cc.  Clifford J. Barber was born circa Jul 1909.
              dd.  Joe Barber was born in 1912.
          c.  William Allen Barber Sr, born 5 Apr 1877 at Rockmart, Polk Co., GA.  He married (1) Lula Nisbet, daughter of J. E.
              Nisbet and Olivia H ____, in Dec 1899 at Polk Co., GA.  He married (2) Mintory Sara Winkles, daughter of John
              Franklin Winkles and Mary Elizabeth Rainwater, on 16 Mar 1910 at Cedartown, Polk Co., GA.15  He died on 31 Jan 1942 at
              Chattanooga, Hamilton Co., TN,  He was buried on 2 Feb 1942 at Greenwood Cem lot 371, Cedartown, Polk Co., GA.
              aa.  Myrtle Barber was born on 1 Apr 1901 at Cedartown, Polk Co., GA. married Henry Hiram Jones II on 12 Jan 1919.  
                   She died on 29 Jun 1992 at Athens, Clarke Co., GA, She was buried on 1 Jul 1992 at Westview Cem., Atlanta,
                   Fulton Co., GA.
                   aaa.  Frank Hiram Jones was born circa 1920.
                   bbb.  William Allen Jones was born circa 1922.
                   ccc.  Roselyn Jones was born circa 1924
                   ddd.  Raymond Jones was born circa 1926
                   eee.  Auriejean Jones was born on 10 Jul 1927
                   fff.  Henry Hiram Jones Jones III was born on 7 
                         Oct 1928.  He died on 7 Oct 1928.
              bb.  Infant Barber was born on 10 Feb 1911 at Cedartown,
                   Polk Co., GA.. died on 10 Feb 1911 at Cedartown, 
                   Polk Co., GA. Buried at Greenwood Cemetery lot 371,
                   Cedartown, GA
              cc.  William Allen Barber Jr was born on 22 Jun 1915 at
                   Cedartown, Polk Co., GA.  He married Frances Elizabeth
                   Wells, daughter of Roscoe Conklin Wells and Katherine
                   Magnolia Lakin, on 9 Aug 1936 at Rossville, Walker Co., 
                   GA. He died on 11 Nov 1983 at Nashville, Davidson Co., 
                   TN. Buried at Hillcrest Memorial Cem, Shelbyville, 
                   Bedford Co. TN.
                   aaa.  Donald Orville Barber was born on 4 Oct 1937 at
                         Chattanooga, Hamilton Co., TN, died 24 March 
                         2013.  He married Flora Margaret Fritzsche, 
                         daughter of Lealand Carl Fritzsche and Nora 
                         Margaret Gresham, on 20 Jul 1962 at Shelbyville, 
                         Bedford Co. TN. Flora died March 2013.  Don is a
                         DNA match for 66 of 67 markers with 
                         Arthur Bud Barber II, a descendant of James 
                         Barber through his great grandfather James Monroe 
                         Barber, and a match for 65 of 67 markers with 
                         Charles Stephen Barber, a descendant of Moses 
                         Barber, born about 1755-1760, died about 1800, 
                         Chatham County, North Carolina. 

Richard, Don, George and Mary Ann in 2004 at Melissa's wedding

                   bbb.  William George Barber was born on 24 Jan 1943
                         at Athens, McMinn Co., TN.  He married (1) 
                         Barbara Jeanne Payne on 25 May 1964 at Shelbyville, 
                         Bedford Co., TN. He married (2) Elizabeth 
                         Johnson on 30 Dec 1976 at FL.  He married (3) 
                         Betty Berneman on 4 Apr 1998.
                         aaaa.  William George Barber Jr was born 11 Apr 
                                1967 at Daytona Beach, FL.
                         bbbb.  Carolyn Jill Barber, born 20 April 
                                1969, married (1) Eddie Faulk at 
                                Shelbyville Tennessee.  She married (2) 
                                Jimmy Deason
                   ccc.  Richard Charles Barber was born on 7 Feb 1947
                         at Athens, McMinn Co., TN.  He married Linda 
                         Cooper on 5 Aug 1969 at Knoxville, Knox Co., TN.
                   ddd.  Mary Ann Barber, born 23 May 1951 at Shelbyville,
                         Bedford, Co. TN. She married (1) Phillip Clark at
                         Shelbyville, Bedford Co., TN.  She married (2) 
                         Eugene Alvin Martin Jr, son of Eugene A. Martin 
                         and Ida Joyce Delaney, on 8 Oct 1976 at 
                         Shelbyville, Bedford Co., TN.
                         aaaa.  Melissa Brooke Martin was born on 22 May
                                1978 at Nashville, Davidson Co., TN.  She 
                                married Eric Neal Holt, son of Jim Holt, 
                                on 7 Aug 2004 at Murfreesboro, Rutherford, 
                         bbbb.  Joshua Ryan Martin was born on 22 Jun 1981
                                at Nashville, Davidson Co., TN.  He married 
                                Paula Renee Eaves, daughter of Dr James Eaves 
                                ____ Reith, on 19 May 2007 at 
                                Murfreesboro, Rutherford, TN.
              dd.  Florence Mae Barber was born on 4 May 1922 at Cedartown,
                   Polk Co., GA.  She married Manton L Hullender on 16
                   Sep 1944.  She died on 21 Sep 1944 at Chattanooga, 
                   Hamilton Co., TN, at age 22.  She was buried on 23 Sep 
                   1944 at Greenwood Cem(Parkview L57 #7), Chattanooga, 
                   Hamilton Co., TN.
          d.  Elizabeth Bessie Barber was born on 23 Dec 1878 at
              Rockmart, Polk Co., GA.46  She died on 28 Mar 1901 at 
              Rockmart, Polk Co., GA, at age 22.  She was buried 
              at Lot 65, Rose Hill Cem, Rockmart, Polk Co., GA, 
          e.  Maude Ethel Barber married ____ Nash.  She was
              born on 9 Dec 1881 at Rockmart, Polk Co., GA.  She died on 
              12 Jun 1952 at Gardendale, Jefferson Co., AL,  She was
              buried on 13 Jun 1952 at Elmwood Cem., Birmingham, 
              Jefferson Co., AL.
          f.  James R Barber was born in Mar 1885 at Rockmart, Polk
              Co., GA.  He married Louise _____ circa 1906.
              aa.  John E. Barber was born circa 1908.
              bb.  Jennie L. Barber was born in Dec 1909.
          g.  Wiley C Barber married (1) Florence _____.  He
              married (2) Ethel ____.  He was born in 5 May 1887 at 
              Rockmart, Polk Co., GA.  He died after 12 Jun 1952.
              World War I draft registration
              quality of image is very poor

      C.  Martha Barber, born 3 October 1852, Talladega Co. AL and died 
          25 October 1852, buried at Old Syllacauga Cemetery, Alabama.

      D.  Margaret Frances Barber, born 22 May 1854, Talladega, AL, died 
          7 Oct 1942, Sterling, Whiteside, IL, married (1) Daniel Richmond 
          1 Nov 1873, Madison, AL, (2) Charles Eolus Ackerman 30 Sep 1907,
          Whiteside, IL.

          a.  Wylie Yancy Richmond, born 2 April 1878, Lyndon, IL, died 
              27 May 1948, Columbia, Oregon, married (1) Vernie L Sherwood,
              (2) Mrs Crissie Stiles.  Vernie was born in 1878, died in 1915.

              aa.  Keith Sherwood Richmond, born 10 Dec 1908, IL, died 1 Oct
                   1990, Douglas, Oregon, married Ethel M Fetter.
          b.  Nellie Richmond, born 14 July 1883, died 9 Jan 1899.


      E.  James Monroe Barber Jr., born 27 June 1855, 
          Talladega County, Alabama, died 8 July 1915, Eugene, Lane Co OR, 
          married Loretta Simpson.  Loretta, the daughter of Joseph Simpson, 
          was born 15 August 1878 in Ochlochee, Georgia, died 14 September 
          1917 in Careyville, Washington County, Florida.  James married (2)
          Mattie ____, no children, (3) ______? children?  (new info from 
          Suzan Bird)

James M. Barber Jr and Loretta Simpson

          a.  Erving Austin Barber, born 28 February 1901, GA, died 4 March 
              1976, Arcadia, DeSoto, Florida, married Evalee Waldron about

              aa.  Lillian Gladys Barber, born 18 March 1925, FL, died 8 Dec
                   1998, De Soto, FL, married William McClelland.

              bb.  Juley Lee Barber, born 1928, died 1945.

              cc.  Loretta B Barber, born 30 Jan 1930, FL, died 16 Oct 1997,
                   DeSoto, FL, married Luther Duard Dover.

              dd.  Ray Austin Barber, born 23 Feb 1933, FL, died 21 July 
                   2001, Arcadia, FL, married Emmaline Jones abt 1952.

                   aaa.  Sheila Ann Barber, born 10 April 1955, Arcadia, 
                         De Soto, FL, died 13 July 2008, Arcadia, De Soto,
                         FL, married (1) Clarence Clifton Bishop 27 Nov 1972,
                         (2) Michael J Leehan 8 July 1982, Bell Co TX.

                         aaaa.  Jessica (Jessie), born 1980.

                         bbbb.  Michael J Leehan Jr, born 8 Feb 1984.

                         cccc.  Melissa Leehan, born 8 Feb 1985, with Donald

                                aaaaa.  Cheyenne Hawes.

              ee.  Mary Ellen Barber, born 1938.

              ff.  Marvin Chelsey Barber, born 14 Nov 1939, Arcadia, FL, 
                   died 27 Nov 2009, Medaryville, Pulaski, Indiana, married
                   Nancy Marie Pittman 2 July 1968 in Arcadia, FL.

                   aaa.  Crystal Barber.

                   bbb.  Marvin Chelsey Barber Jr.

                   ccc.  William Daniel Barber.

              gg.  Gene Autry Barber, born 9 Nov 1942, Arcadia, FL, died 
                   9 Jan 2011, Mulberry, FL, married Teresa Marie Mansel.

                   aaa.  Austin Barber

                   bbb.  Gene J Barber

                   ccc.  Jason Barber

                   ddd.  Andrfew Barber

              hh.  Alvina Barber, born 1944.

              ii.  Henry Barber

          b.  Auttie M. Barber, born 28 February 1902, Camilla, Georgia, 
              died July 1986, Florida.  He married Willie Drawdy.  She was 
              born 8 March 1921, Desoto, Colorado, and had a son, Leroy 
              Drawdy, born 27 February 1937, Acadia, Florida.  

              aa.  Jimmy Barber, born 27 September 1938, Immokales, FL

              bb.  Robert Barber, born 23 March 1940, Immokales, FL

              cc.  Audrey Barber, born 25 July 1948, Sebring, FL

              dd.  Billy J. Barber, born 25 September 1949, Naples, FL

          c.  Sarah Jane Barber, born 5 January 1908, Mitchell, Georgia, 
              died 17 February 1988, New Orleans, Louisiana.  She married 
              (1) Edward Thomas Woolsey 14 February 1925.  His parents were 
              Charles Regan Woolsey and Stella (Gay) Woolsey.  He was 
              born 18 July 1884, Woolsey, Fayette County, Georgia, died 13 
              December 1939, Tampa, Florida.  Sarah Jane married (2) Charles
              Raymond Thomas, who was born 19 March 1916, died 25 October 
              1952.  Children are from first marriage. more Woolsey info


              aa.  Edward Thomas Woolsey, born 15 January 1926, Tampa, 
                   Florida, married Patricia Ann Cercy 30 December 1947 in 
                   Valdosta, Georgia.  She was 13 when she got married,
                   born 7 December 1934, Tampa, Florida.

                   aaa.  Michael Thomas Woolsey, born 24 September 1948,
                         Tampa, Florida, married Yvonne _____.

                         aaaa.  Michael Thomas Woolsey

                         bbbb.  Lorie Woolsey

                         cccc.  Kimberley Woolsey

                   bbb.  Linda Karen Woolsey, born 22 September 1949, Tampa,
                         Florida, married Richard Franz.

                         aaaa.  Michael Christopher Franz, born 6 March 1979,
                                Tampa, Florida.

                   ccc.  Vicki Ann Woolsey, born 21 December 1952, Tampa, FL
                         married Larry Matthew.

                         aaaa.  Brian Matthew

                         bbbb.  Larry Alexander Matthew

                         cccc.  Corey Jason Matthew, born 1977.

                   ddd.  Darlene Woolsey, born 8 November 1955, Tampa, FL
                         married Tommy Tomlinson.

                         aaaa.  Tommy Tomlinson, born 1976.

                   eee.  Patrick Thomas Woolsey, born 3 July 1968, Tampa FL

              bb.  Zephaniah Woolsey, born 14 March 1927, Tampa, Florida, 
                   married Marguerite Naquin 23 May 1947 in New Orleans, LA
                   She was born 7 October 1926 in Thibodaux, Louisiana, the
                   daughter of Nolan Louis Naquin and Veirna La Graize Naquin.

                   aaa.  Timothy John Woolsey, born 3 May 1955, Hempsted NY, died 23 Aug 2016, Louisiana.

                   bbb.  Edward Thomas Woolsey, born 4 February 1959, New 
                         Orleans, LA, married Sharon Plaisance 9 December 
                         1978.  She was born 3 August 1956, New Orleans LA,
                         died in 1997 in New Orleans.

                         aaaa.  Annette Woolsey, born 10 August 1980, New
                                Orleans, LA.

              cc.  Sarah Frances Woolsey, born 25 October 1929, Tampa, 
                   Florida, married John Casanova 5 December 1950 in Tampa, 
                   Florida (now divorced).  John was born 18 October 1924 in 
                   New York City.  His parents were Juan and Lucille 
                   (Watson) Casanova. He died 6 Dec 2011 in the 

                    Sarah and John Casanova
                    Casanova children

                   aaa.  Richard Allen Casanova, born 29 June 1951, San 
                         Antonio, Texas, married Janet Bybee 12 September 
                         1975 in Ogden, Utah.  Janet was born 24 March 1956,
                         Ogden, Utah, daughter of Rex William Bybee and Norma
                         Jean Harris Bybee.


                         aaaa.  Douglas John Casanova, born 11 August 1976, 
                                Ogden, Utah, married Marni Jorgensen. Two 


                         bbbb.  Daniel Jefferson Casanova, born 15 June 1981,
                                Inciflik Air Force Base, Turkey.

                         cccc.  Mathew Allen Casanova, born 29 March 1983,
                                Tacoma, Washington.


                   bbb.  Suzan Gail Casanova, born 30 August 1953, San 
                         Antonio, Texas, married Bernard Ronald Bird 17 
                         December 1977 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Bernard was 
                         born 10 July 1947 in  Croydon, Kent, England, the
                         son of Rose Clark and Charles Bernard Bird.


                         aaaa.  Rosanna Elizabeth Bird, born 1 June 1979,
                                Calgary, AB, Canada.

                         bbbb.  Nathan Joseph Bernard Bird, born 21 August  
                                1982, Calgary, AB, Canada.

                         cccc.  Michael Jonathan Bird, born 21 March 1993, 
                                Calgary, AB, Canada.

                   ccc.  James Dale "Jim" Casanova, born 3 July 1956, Anchorage, 
                         Alaska, married (1) Ramona Antoinette Scott.  She 
                         was born 11 January 1961, Rapid City, South 
                         Dakota, died 27 October 1993 in Vancouver, 
                         Washington. Jim married (2) Natalia _______. 2 

                         aaaa.  Jamie Lee Casanova, born 26 April 1986, 
                                Vancouver, Washington.

                                aaaaa.  Heidi Lynn Casanova, born 5 Aug 

                                bbbbb.  Gabrielle Casanova, born about 

                                ccccc.  Jazmine Casanova, born 23 Aug 2010

                                ddddd.  Jordyn Rebecca Casanova, born 8 
                                        Nov 2011.

                         bbbb.  Jimmy Casanova

                         cccc.  Daniel Casanova

                          Jim and Natalia Casanova
                          Natalia and boys

                   ddd.  Nancy Jean Casanova, born 14 August 1957, Fort 
                         Walton Beach, Florida, married Michael Wayne 
                         Capshaw 10 October 1975, Tacoma, Washington (now 

                                Tyanna, Sarah, and Dustin Capshaw
                                Sarah, Tyanna, and Dustin Capshaw

                         aaaa.  Dustin Michael Capshaw, born 11 May 1976, 
                                Tacoma, Washington, married Tetyce L 
                                Douglas 9 March 2003.

                                aaaaa.  Dustin Kyler Capshaw, born 6 March 

                                        Dustin Kyler Capshaw

                         bbbb.  Tyanna Sumer Capshaw, born 14 August 1978, 
                                Tacoma, WA, married Robert Sarge Hoffman
                                4 July 2010.

                                aaaaa.  Ryley Hoffman

                                bbbbb.  Skylar Hoffman

 A new firefighter

                         cccc.  Sarah June Nicole Capshaw, born 21 July 1982
                                Tacoma, WA.

                   eee.  Brinda Karin Casanova, born 24 July 1958, Biloxi
                         Mississippi, married Rick Smith December 1979 in
                         Tacoma, Washington (now divorced).  


                         aaaa.  Nicholas Lee Casanova, born 15 March 1978,
                                Tacoma, Washington.

                         bbbb.  Melissa Dawn Casanova, born 4 December 1979
                                Tacoma, Washington, married _____ Michener.


                         cccc.  Carli Casanova, born 1985.


                         dddd.  Mickey Casanova, born 1989.


                         eeee.  Alissa Casanova, born 1991.


              dd.  Helen Louise Woolsey, born 6 October 1931, Tampa, FL
                   married Lyle Scherf Jr. 10 August 1952 in Tampa 
                   Florida (divorced).  He was born 9 March 1933 in 
                   Cohasset, Minnesota and died 30 October 1996.

                   aaa.  Marc Gilbert Scherf, born 12 November 1953, Tampa,
                         Florida, married Pamela Jean Hamaan 15 September
                         1975 in Bellingham, Washington.  She was born 7
                         December 1952, Bellevue, Washington.

                          Marc Scherf and family

                         aaaa.  Wynne Louise Scherf, born 18 September 1981
                                Lincoln, Nebraska.


                         bbbb.  Kelly Jane Scherf, born 18 January 1986,
                                Seattle, Washington.


                         cccc.  Tyler Jaye Scherf, born 3 August 1988
                                Tacoma, Washington


                   bbb.  Donna Jean Scherf, born 1 September 1955, Grand 
                         Rapids, Minnesota, married (1) Richard Lee Branum, 
                         (2)Kim Gregory Rosiar 10 December 1979, in Tacoma, 
                         Washington.  Kim was born 16 June 1955 in 
                         BadConstatt, Germany, the son of John Rosiar
                         and Marlene Overmeyer.


                         aaaa.  Kristen Aubrey Branum, born 7 July 1979, 
                                Tacoma, WA, was adopted by Kim G. Rosiar
                                January, 1981.


                         bbbb.  Emi Brooke Rosiar, born 20 March 1982, 
                                Tacoma, Washington.

                         cccc.  Samantha Jane Rosiar, born 27 September 1983,
                                Tacoma, WA, married ____ Narey.

                   ccc.  Byron Eugene Scherf, born 3 August 1958, Grand
                         Rapids, Minnesota, was convicted of murdering a 
                         a prison corrections officer in January 2011, 
                         because "he had nothing to lose."  He and
                         Brenda Bindschatel got married in 1988. She 
                         filed for divorce in 2012.  The jury took less 
                         than an hour to find him guilty on May 10, 2013.


                         Who's Keeping Tabs?
                         Byron Scherf's wife of 24 years files for divorce
                         Trial to begin on 29 March 2013
                         Byron Scherf convicted of strangling female prison guard to death
                         Penalty phase set to begin in Scherf trial
                         Death for Scherf
                         Murder Trial Costs 1.5 Million
                         Write a prisoner
                         A Bittersweet Victory


                   ddd.  Karen Louise Scherf, born 19 August 1964, Grand
                         Rapids, Minnesota, married Richard James Hall
                         10 October 1992, Tacoma, Washington (now 
                         divorced).  He was born 12 May 1969.


                         aaaa.  Kate Elisabeth Hall, born 2 January 1995,
                                Tacoma, Washington.


                   eee.  David Wayne Scherf, born 1 January 1968, Tacoma
                         married Marybeth Baum 24 July 1993 in Seattle.
                         She was born 20 September 1968 in Edmonds, 
                         Washington, the daughter of Neal Baum and 
                         Colleen Parker.

                         aaaa.  Jacob Michael Scherf, born 16 August 1994
                                Edmonds, Washington.

                         bbbb.  Joshua David Scherf, born 11 April 1996
                                Edmonds, Washington.

                   fff.  Julie Ann Scherf, born 28 October 1969, Tacoma WA
                         Her children:

                         aaaa.  Destiny Ann Scherf, born 10 July 1988 Tacoma

                         bbbb.  Dean Allen Scherf, born 6 July 1991

                         cccc.  Cheyenne Rose Scherf, born 3 August 1995

                   ggg.  Beth Ann Scherf, born 28 October 1969, twin of 
                         Julie.  Her children:

                         aaaa.  Ronald Lyle Scherf, born 9 April 1988 Tacoma
                         bbbb.  Alex Scherf, born 22 April 1990 Tacoma WA

                         cccc.  Monique Scherf, born 6 January 1992 Tacoma

          d.  Ethel Barber, born 1914, (adopted by Charles G Life and 
              Mabel and name changed to Louise) married Abner Clarence 
              Wilkerson.  She died 15 October 1979, Tampa, Florida.  
              Charles was born in Turkey (or Armenia) on 9 Sep 1876, died 
              March 1966 in Tampa, FL. He and his wife Mabel were living 
              in Painesville, Lake Co OH on the 1930 census with Louise, 
              aged 16, and Elizabeth, aged 13.  Charles and Mabel were 
              living in Manhatten, NY in the 1920 census, aged 44 and 36 
              with no children.


              aa.  Carol Wilkerson

              bb.  Marjorie Wilkerson

              cc.  Eddie Wilkerson

                   aaa.  Alisa Marie Wilkerson

                   bbb.  Jeremy Allen Wilkerson

          e.  Gladys Barber, born 1916, (adopted by Charles and Mabel Life 
              and name changed to Elizabeth) married Roy Pond.

              aa.  Betty Pond

  4.  Susan Jane Barber, born 1828, Clarke County, Georgia, died 29 Feb 1896, Paulding Co GA, married Samuel R. Holliday, 12 December 1843, 
      Tallapoosa County, Alabama.  Silas H. Barber served as bondsman.92 Samuel Holliday was the son of John Holladay Jr, born 1780, died 
      1891 in Chambers County, Alabama, and his wife Latisha or Letitia Beasley, born 1786 in South Carolina, died 1865. 
      (new info from Wynelle Beavers)

      A.  Silas B. Holliday, born 1845, Chambers Co AL.

      B.  Leticia Jane Holliday, born Feb 1846, Chambers Co AL, died 1919, Mississippi, married Augustus R A Harris 1867.

          a.  Allen F Harris, born 1868, died before 1940 in an insane asylum.

          b.  Augustus William Harris, born May 1870, Georgia, died 1931, married Minnie Moxley 1894, Independence, Arkansas.

              aa.  Nettie Harris, born 1894, died 1976.

              bb.  Ella Belle Harris, born 15 Dec 1896, Talladega Co AL, died 23 Sep 1964, Pasadena, TX, married Ance M Sellers 12 Nov 1911, Harrison Co MS.


                   aaa.  Nora Sellers, born 1913, died 1917.

                   bbb.  Gussie Dee Sellers, born 24 Feb 1915, Hattiesburg, MS, died 24 April 2002, Silsbee, TX, married Lester Oldreader Tucker 20 April 1935.


                         aaaa.  Lester Oldreader Tucker Jr, born 17 Feb 1937, Liberty, TX.

                         bbbb.  Charles Terrel Tucker, born 27 Nov 1940, Liberty, TX, died 23 Feb 2015, married Carolyn Neely.


                                aaaaa.  Charles Terrell Tucker Jr.

                                bbbbb.  Misty Tucker

                                ccccc.  Vicky Tucker

                   ccc.  Lois Elois Sellers, born 26 Aug 1917, Perry Co MS, died 13 Dec 2009, Lake Jackson, TX, married Robert Kennard Martin 31 Aug 1934., Liberty Co TX.

                         aaaa.  Robert K Martin Jr

                         bbbb.  Lois Marie Martin, born 8 June 1944, Liberty, TX, married Mitch McDonald.

                         cccc.  Gary Martin, born and died 1952.

                   ddd.  Merry Marie Sellers, born 29 April 1921, Edgerly, LA, died died 19 July 2000, Harrison Co. TX, married Donald Lee Thompson 15 July 1939 in Liberty Co TX.


                         aaaa.  Donald Lee Thompson Jr, born 5 June 1943.

                         bbbb.  John Michael Thompson

                         cccc.  Phillip Andrew Thompson

                         dddd.  Joseph Beck Thompson, born 8 Dec 1953, Liberty Co TX, died 31 Oct 2011, Charleston, South Carolina, married Susan Elkins.

                   eee.  Ance Sellers Jr, born 1924.

              cc.  Katie Mae Harris, born 7 Jan 1898, Talladega Co AL, died 2 Feb 1996, Austin, TX, married John Wyatt Sellers 18 July 1916, Hattiesburg, MS.

                   aaa.  John Willis Sellers, born 11 Aug 1917, Forrest, MS, died 12 Nov 1994, Baytown, TX, married Mona Artiss Sales 17 Jan 1941.

                   bbb.  Roy Clarence Sellers, born 5 Dec 1921, Richland Parish, LA, died 12 Sep 1988, Victoria, TX,, married Ruby Lee White Jan 1942.

                   ccc.  Claude Wyatt Sellers, born 14 Nov 1923, Orangefield, TX, died 6 Sep 2004, Morgan City, LA, married Alice Marie Gerken.

                   ddd.  Minnie Mae Sellers, born 26 Feb 1926, died 7 June 2014, Plano, TX, married (1) _____ Ready, (2) Elmo Eubanks 22 July 1966, Williamson Co TX.


                         aaaa.  Linda Ann Ready

                         bbbb.  Cathy J Ready, born 1950.

                         cccc.  Paul Ready

                   eee.  James Harvey Sellers, born 24 June 1943, Matagorda Co TX, died 2 March 1993, Austin, Texas.

              dd.  William Clarence Harris, born 11 Jan 1900, Talladega Co AL, died 29 May 1979, Bogalusa, LA, married Geneva Aretta Cayten.

                   aaa.  Juanita Harris

                   bbb.  Cecil Harris

                   ccc.  Muriel Harris

                   ddd.  Charles E Harris
                   eee.  Geraldine Harris

              ee.  Henry Augustus Harris, born 30 Nov 1901, Talladega Co AL, died 15 Jan 1990, Pearl River, MS, married Irene S Seals.

                   aaa.  Henry Augustus Harris Jr, born 5 Sep 1930, Pearl River Co MS, died 29 May 2008, Tangipahoa, LA, married Emma Jo Mitchell.

                         aaaa.  Joseph Steven Harris

                         bbbb.  Ronald Calvin Harris

                   bbb.  James "Jimmy" Harris, born and died 1937.

              ff.  Clifton H Harris, born 1905, died 1922.

              gg.  Julia Louise Harris, born 1907, died 1988.

              hh.  Clayton L Harris Sr, born 16 Oct 1909, died 1 April 1985, Pearl River, MS, married Rosa.

              ii.  Edna Minnie Harris, born 2 Feb 1913, MS, died 19 Nov 1994, Texarkana, TX, married Julius Ward Whitfield.

                   aaa.  Ida Mae Whitfield, born 19 July 1930, Orange, TX, died 22 May 2014, Hattiesburg, MS, married William Howard Bridges.

                         aaaa.  Karon Bridges (male)

              jj.  Marion W Harris, born 1916.

          c.  Mattie L Harris, born 1872.

          d.  Thomas Jefferson Harris, born 4 Jan 1876j, York Town, Georgia, married Katie Fable Ware 5 April 1899.

              aa.  John Robert Harris, born 28 Jan 1900, died 24 Nov 1953, Rankin Co MS.

              bb.  Lula Mae Harris, born 20 May 1902, died 16 May 1920, Rankin Co MS.

              cc.  Carrie Irene Harris, born 24 July 1905, died 6 July 1993, married Asher A Gates.

              dd.  William Marvin Harris, born 23 April 1908, died 16 April 1949, Rankin Co MS.

              ee.  Terrell Harris, born 1912 (twin)

              ff.  Theresa Harris, born 1912 (twin), died 1987.

              gg.  Thomas Jefferson Harris Jr, born 2 Feb 1916, died 12 June 1929, Rankin Co MS.

              hh.  Roy Abbott Harris, born 1 Feb 1918, MS, died 31 May 2006, Colorado Springs, CO, married Bernice Delores Litwin.

                   aaa.  Lorna Harris.

                   bbb.  Thomas Harris.

                   ccc.  Gregory Harris.

          e.  Ophealia Harris, born 1877.

          f.  Susan M Harris, born 1879.

          g.  James Rudie Harris, born 1880.

          h.  Ettie Leticia Harris, born 20 June 1885, Mississippi, died 15 March 1961, married Sidney Ozell Barnett.

              aa.  John Ozell Barnett, born 1905, died 1984.

              bb.  James K Barnett, born 1908.

              cc.  Roy Barnett, born 1916.

          i.  Samuel E Harris, born 1886.

      C.  John William Holliday, born 18 Oct 1848, Chambers Co AL, married Margaret Elizabeth "Betty" Sharp, died 8 Dec 1920, Rockwall, Texas.


          a.  Richard Perry Holliday, born 14 Aug 1871, Cherokee Co TX, died 9 May 1946, Fannin County, TX, married Almeda Elizabeth Beasley.

              aa.  Arnie Perry Holliday, born 12 Dec 1897, TX, died 30 Nov 1970, Oxnard, California, married Alma Louise West.

                   aaa.  Clyde Edward Holladay, born 1926.

                   bbb.  Beulah Frances Holladay, born 18 Aug 1928, OK, died 16 Jan 2003, Ventura, CA., married Roger Edward Thompson.

                   ccc.  Billy Ray Holladay, born 30 July 1933, TX, died 9 March 1972, Ventura, CA.


                         aaaa.  Jerry Holladay

                   ddd.  James Perry Holladay, born 21 Sep 1935, Fannin Co TX, died 20 Sep 1977, Ventura Co CA, married Caroly Sue Mitchell 23 July 1954, Santa Paula, CA.

                         aaaa.  Sherry Sue Holladay, born 13 May 1956, Ventura CO CA, died 1 Jan 1983, Sonoma, CA.

                   eee.  Robert Joe Holladay, born 1938.

                   fff.  Danny Michael Holladay, born 16 March 1947, Fannin Co TX, married Nancy C JOhnson 19 Nov 1966, Ventura Co CA.

              bb.  Elmer Guy Holladay, born 1899, died 1979.

              cc.  Callie Holladay, born 1902.

              dd.  Mable Holladay, born 1907.

              ee.  Ruby Lee Holladay, born 9 Oct 1910, TX, died 4 Aug 2000, Pixley, California, married Morris Dewey Culver.


                   aaa.  Roy Culver, born 1929.

              ff.  Ambers Frankie Holladay, born 15 Jan 1914, died 24 Feb 1996, Paris, TX, married Eula Loraine Spykes.


                   aaa.  Roger Dale Holladay,  born 1947, died 1971.


              gg.  Elzie Richard Holladay, born 1918, died 1993.

          b.  Lena Bell Holliday, born 14 Jan 1874, TX, died 14 July 1947, Henderson, TX, married Henry Luther "HL" Walker.

              aa.  Margaret Virginia Walker, born 6 Oct 1889, TX, died 29 Dec 1967, Dallas, TX, married Jerry Allen McMillan 23 Feb 1908, Red River Co TX.

                   aaa.  Tina Mae McMillan, born 26 Jan 1909, Delta Co TX, died 13 Dec 1994, Anderson Co TX, married Everett N Nolen.

                         aaaa.  Allen E Nolen, born 1925.

                         bbbb.  Virginia Nolen, born 1927.

                         cccc.  Violet Irene Nolen, born 8 July 1928, TX, married Thermon Aron Scevers 22 July 1946, Henderson Co TX.

                                aaaaa.  Thermon A Scevers Jr

                                bbbbb.  Darrell Scevers

                                ccccc.  Earlene Scevers married Jon Wallace

                                        aaaaaa.  Amber Wallace

                                ddddd.  Kasandra Scevers

                                eeeee.  Lester Scevers

                                fffff.  Sharon Scevers

                                ggggg.  Tom Scevers

                         dddd.  Everett Nolen, born 1931.

                         eeee.  Dorothy Nolen, born 1932.

                         ffff.  Bettie Marie Nolen, born 1936.

                   bbb.  John Henry McMillan, born 1910.

                   ccc.  Joe Allen McMillan, born 1913, died 2009.

                   ddd.  Bertha L McMillan, born 1916, died 2008.

                   eee.  Vera Bell McMillan, born 1920, died 1976.

                   fff.  William R McMillan, born 1923.

                   ggg.  Margerate Love McMillan born 1932.

                   hhh.  Rosie McMillan, born 1933.

              bb.  Judie E Walker, born 1892.

              cc.  Roy Henry Walker, born 1896, died 1976.

              dd.  Nellie M Walker, born 1899.

              ee.  Luther Earl Walker, born 1902, died 1953.

              ff.  Hellen E Walker, born 1904.

          c.  Silas Holliday, born 1878.         

      D.  Mary Frances "Fannie" Holliday, born July 1850, Chambers Co  
          AL, died 18 Jan 1928 in Polk Co GA, married John Baker 30 Nov 
          1873 in Paulding Co GA. Johnny was born 1850, died 1931, the
          son of Elijah Baker, a Confederate soldier who died a prisoner
          of war in Delaware.
                  Fannie Holliday Baker and Johnny Baker

          a.  Martha Baker, born 1874, Polk Co GA.

          b.  Curry Baker, born Sep 1875, Polk Co GA, married Minnie 
               aaa.  Elijah Baker, born Jan 1898, Polk Co GA.

               bbb.  Ola Baker, born 1901, GA.

               ccc.  Joseph Baker, born 1904, GA.

               ddd.  Mary Baker, Born 1906, GA.

               eee.  Emma Baker, born 1908, GA.

               fff.  Lewis Baker, born 1911, GA.

               ggg.  Walter Baker, born 1915, GA.

               hhh.  Clyde Baker, born 1917, GA.

          c.  Thomas "Tom" Baker, born Sep 1879, Polk Co GA, died 21
               March 1957, Polk Co GA, married (1) Minnie Mosley about 
               1902, (2)Martha E "Mattie" Ingram 26 Jan 1913.  Tom and 
               Minnie had four children. Martha E was born 10 Jan 1896, 
               died 17 May 1984, buried next to her son Emery in Florida.

               aa.  James T Baker, born 1904, Polk County, GA.

               bb.  Johnnie Baker, born 1905, Polk County, GA, drowned in
                     St Petersburg FL in 1947. His brother Emery was with
                     him at the time.

               cc.  Luther Baker, born 1909, Polk County, GA.

               dd.  Effie Baker, born 11 March 1911, died 22 Dec 1947, 
                     married Bessie Mae Moss 15 Dec 1934. Bessie was born
                     1915, died 10 Feb 1972.

                     aaa.  son Baker

                     bbb.  son Baker

                     ccc.  son Baker

                     ddd.  Ruth Baker, died as an infant.


               ee.  Emery Baker, born 15 June 1916, GA, died 18 April 
                     1998 in Florida, was in a relationship with his first 
                     cousin Ruby Baker for a short time before he went 
                     into the military. He enlisted 7 Oct 1941 and stated 
                     that he was single and had no dependents. I guess he 
                     forgot about the son he had that was born three 
                     months earlier.  Ruby was the daughter of Jim and
                     Rose Baker, she was born 6 May 1924, died 30 July 
                     2010 in Polk County GA. Ruby married Edward Swan
                     after Emery went into the service.  After Emery got
                     out of the service he married Jean McFall.


                     Emery Baker

                     aaa.  Bobby Charles Baker, born 6 July 1941, was
                            raised by his grandparents, Tom and Mattie
                            Baker. He married Jean Martin.

                            Bobby Charles Baker about 1956

                            Jean Martin about 1956

                            aaaa.  Barbie Baker, born 30 Nov 1963, married 
                                    (1) Randy Goodson, (2) Larry Maddox, 
                                    (3) Ed Cooper 18 June 1999.


                                    aaaaa.  Baranda Goodson, born 5 March 
                                             1980, married Tom J Bennett.

                                             aaaaaa.  Aiddyn Bennett 
                                                       (male), born 2005.  

                                             bbbbbb.  Tjacia Mary Lasha 
                                                       Bennett, born 18 
                                                       July 2008.

                                             cccccc.  Zaatren Bennett
                                                       (male) born 2009.

                                     Ruby Baker Swan on her 86th birthday,
                                     Barbie's grandmother, and with 
                                     Barbie's grandchildren

                                    bbbbb.  Jerry "Daniel" Maddox

                            bbbb.  Charles Robert Baker

                                    aaaaaa.  Charissa Fowler

                     bbb.  son Baker

                     ccc.  son Baker

                     ddd.  daughter Baker

                     eee.  daughter Baker  

          d.  Sallie Baker, born Jan 1882, GA

          e.  James Baker, born July 1887, Polk Co GA, died 1944 in Polk 
               Co GA, married Samantha Rosanna "Rose" Brown.

               Jim Baker

                Rose and Jim


               aa.  Cleve Baker, born 1910, GA.

               bb.  Dave Baker, born 1911, GA.

               cc.  Flora Baker, born 1913, GA

               dd.  George Baker, born 1919, Ga.
               ee.  Ruby Baker, born 6 May 1924, Polk Co GA, died 30
                     July 2010, Polk County, GA. She married Edward Swan
                     during World War II. She had a son by her first 
                     cousin, Emery Baker, son of Tom and Mattie, in 1941.



                     aaa.  Bobby Charles Baker, born 6 July 1941, was
                            raised by his grandparents, Tom and Rosa
                            Baker. He married Jean Martin.

                            aaaa.  Barbie Baker, born 30 Nov 1963, married 
                                    (1) Randy Goodson, (2) Larry Maddox, 
                                    (3) Ed Cooper 18 June 1999.

                                    aaaaa.  Baranda Goodson, born 5 March 
                                             1980, married Tom J Bennett.

                                             aaaaaa.  Aiddyn Bennett 
                                                       (male), born 2005.  

                                             bbbbbb.  Tjacia Bennett
                                                       (female) born 2008.

                                             cccccc.  Zaatren Bennett
                                                       (male) born 2009.

                                    bbbbb.  Jerry "Daniel" Maddox

                            bbbb.  Charles Robert Baker

                                    aaaaaa.  Charissa Fowler

                     bbb.  Thomas Swan

                     ccc.  Houston Swan

                     ddd.  Gary Swan

                     eee.  girl Swan, died young

                     fff.  Steve Swan, born 2 Jan 1966, married Regina

                            aaaa.  Steven Swan, born 3 Aug 1989, 
                                    currently in the US Navy.

          f.  Willie A Baker, (female) born Sep 1889, GA.

      E.  Louisa Holliday, born 1852, Alabama, married Allen F Partain 
          11 Jan 1872.

          a.  Robert B Partain, born 1873, died 1938.

          b.  Allen Howard Partain, born 23 March 1875, died 6 Jan 1929, Chatooga Co GA, married Leila Austin 15 Jan 1900, Paulding Co GA.

              aa.  Lou A Partain, born 1901.

              bb.  James A Partain, born 1903, died 1933.

              cc.  George Buell Partain, born 1905, died 1954.

              dd.  Claud Partain, born 1907, died 1908.

              ee.  Howard Lee Partain, born 1909, died 1964.

              ff.  Daniel Partain, born 1911.

              gg.  Elmer Partain, born 

              hh.  Bartow T Partain, born 1914, died 1980.

              ii.  Margaret L Partain, born 1917, died 1978, married (1) William Dewey Barker abt 1934, (2) Harry Teal abt 1938,  (3) _____ Mears abt 1977.

                   aaa.  William A Barker, born 1935, Georgia, married _____.

                         aaaa.  Betty Barker, born 1961, married Aaron Clark.

                                aaaaa.  Karen Clark, born 1981, married Daniel Cosby.

                                bbbbb.  Todd Clarke, born 1986.

                         bbbb.  David Barker

              jj. Scott Edgar Partain, born 1919, died 1983.

          c.  George A Washington Partain, born 1877, died 1937.

          d.  Mattie Partain, born 1879.

          e.  John Golden Partain, born 1882.

          f.  Floyd Benjamin Partain, born 1886, died 1953.

          g.  James Berry Partain,, born 1888, died 1897.

          h.  David W Partain, born 1891, died 1961.

          i.  Thomas J Partain, born 1894,died 1972.

      F.  Allen C. Holliday, born 1854, Alabama, married Hessey A. ___,
          living in Haralson County, Georgia in 1880.93

          a.  H. Glaca Holliday, born 1876, Georgia (son)

          b.  T. Leonard Holliday, born 1879, Georgia.
      G.  Susan Elizabeth Holliday, born 29 Oct 1857, Alabama, died 5 Nov 
          1952.  She married James W Elder, born 8 Aug 1855, died 1 June 
          1932 (new info from Bill Dunn)
          a.  James Abner Elder, born 9 Aug 1882, died 1 Jan 1947, married 
              Mary Ella Mosley, who was born 5 Oct 1888, died 9 Sep 1950

              aa.  Marie Elder, born 29 Aug 1910, died 7 June 1990, 
                   married Mathew M Dunn, born 14 Jan 1906, died 30 July 

                   aaa.  James Mathew Dunn, born 1 July 1927, died 7 Feb 
                         1932 in an automobile accident.

                   bbb.  Robert Lee Dunn, born 2 April 1930

                   ccc.  William Earl "Bill" Dunn, born 19 Dec 1940, 
                         married (1) Nancy Geraldine Ballard (2) Virginia 
                         aaaa.  William Earl "Bill" Dunn, Jr, born 19 Feb

                         bbbb.  Lincoln "Todd" Dunn, born 2 Oct 1970

                   ddd.  Jerry Michael "Mickey" Dunn, born 8 May 1948

      H.  Sarah (Sally) Ann Holliday, born 3 Sep 1859, Alabama, died 21 
          March 1941, Atlanta, Fulton County, GA, married Miles Marion 
          Jones 1887 as his second wife. 

Sally Holliday Jones with her granddaughter,
Hettie Irene Jones, about 1921

          a.  Allie Susan Jones, born 24 Aug 1888, died 22 Oct 1976, never 
              married, was a secretary for the Nunnally Candy Company in 
              Rockmart, Georgia

          b.  Miles Robert Jones, born August 1891, died 21 August 1977, 
              buried Fulton County, Georgia, married Hettie Jane King in 
              1917 in Newton County, Georgia.  She died 11 October 1976.

Miles Robert Jones

              aa.  Hettie Irene Jones, born 9 April 1918, died 27 Jan 
                   1987, Clayton County, GA, married Fred Howell
                   (Callaway) Garner 24 November 1940.  Fred was the son of 
                   William Jackson Gallaway and wife Annie Pearl Jenkins.  
                   Fred took the last name of his step-father, John Malcom 
                   Garner.  Fred and Irene are buried in Mozley Memorial 
                   Gardens, Cobb County, Georgia.
                   aaa.  Hedy Wynelle Garner, born 1942, married (1) Glenn 
                         A. Beavers, (2) Joseph E. Rogers

Wynelle and Glenn Beavers

                         aaaa.  Paul Anthony Beavers, born 1963.

                   bbb.  James Howell Garner, born 1945, married (1) 
                         Linda Taylor, (2) Patsy Caldwell

                         aaa.  James Howell Garner Jr. born 1968.

                         bbb.  Christopher Garner, born 1972.

                   ccc.  Pamela Jewell Garner, born 1950, married William R. 

                   ddd.  Bobbie Jane Garner, born 1953, married Ronald Lands.

                         aaaa.  Windle Justin Lands, born 1981.

                   eee.  Patricia LaRose Garner, born 1959, married 
                         Michael Hunt.

                         aaaa.  LeeAnn Hunt, born 1980.

                         bbbb.  Brian Hunt, born 1988.

                   fff.  Elizabeth Ann Garner, born 1961, married Rodney 

                         aaaa.  Michael Self, born 1985.

                         bbbb.  Shawn Self, born 1989.

              bb.  Ruby Jewell Jones, born 17 March 1923, married Howard 
                   Barney Lilly 31 May 1942.  They live in Cobb County, 

              cc.  Miles Robert Jones Jr, born 26 May 1925, married 
                   Dorothy Allen, live in Monks Corner, South Carolina.

          c.  James (Jim) Arnold Jones, born 28 Nov 1893, Polk County Ga, 
              died 24 Sep 1955, Cobb County, GA, married Annie Mae Merrell
              25 Dec 1929, Caroll County, GA.

              aa.  ______ Jones married Kelly Cooper Motter, who was born 
                   1933, died 1999.

              bb.  ______ Jones married _____ Miles.

              cc.  ______ Jones married (1) Frances McCrary, (2) Dorothy M 

              dd.  ______ Jones married Garland Bennie Cook, who was born 
                   1925, died 1999.

          d.  Sara Irene Jones, born 1900, died 1911.

      I.  Martha "Mattie" Holliday, born 1862, Talladega County, AL.

      J.  Samuel Robert Holliday, born 1863, Talladega County, AL.

  5.  William Heard Barber, born 1829, Clarke County, Georgia, married Nancy 
      Elizabeth Hamilton about 1855.  William served in Company E., 11th 
      Georgia Cavalry, Confederate States of America.  He was 5'8" tall, 
      blue eyes, dark hair, fair complexion.  He died circa 1871, Lumpkin 
      County, Georgia, and is buried in the Mt. Hope Cemetery in 
      Dahlonega, burial place marked by a C.S.A. stone.94
      Some more information received concerning William's Civil War 
      service.  He was in Phillips Legion Infantry, Co. E, The Blue Ridge
      Rifles.  He enlisted 9 July 1861, age 31, as a 2nd Lt, made 1st Lt 
      on 13 Dec 1862, became Captain 26 Jan 1863, resigned 29 June 1864.
      Here is more information concerning his resignation.

      My published book in 1975 stated that William H. Barber married
      Martha Ann Pennington 1 Dec 1850, Talladega Co. AL. This was 
      actually the date that she married Wesley A. Barbaree. She had
      children by him and survived him for many years.

      A.  Mary Frances Barber, born 1856, Lumpkin County, Georgia.

      B.  William Monroe Barber, born 19 June 1859, Lumpkin County, 
          Georgia, died 17 Dec 1924, White County GA, married (1) Sarah H 
          Cain 15 Dec 1886, Hall Co GA, (2) Lillie L Henson. Lillie was 
          born 1876, died 1946.  Children by 2nd marriage.

          a.  Holbert Barber, born 5 Oct 1909, died 22 April 1917, Hall
              Co GA.

          b.  Mary Idell Barber, born 11 June 1912, Gainesville, Hall Co
              GA, died 3 April 1944, Oconee Co GA, married Emory Lee
              Brown about 1931.


              aa.  Annie Lee Brown, born 7 Sep 1933, Bogart, Clarke Co
                   GA, died 9 June 2005, Athens, Clarke Co GA, married
                   Henry Eugene House.

                   aaa.  Brenda Ann House, born and died 1954.

                   bbb.  Henry Eugene House Jr, born and died 1954.

                   ccc.  Patricia Ann House, born 15 March 1956, died 
                         28 June 2010, married Tim Azbell.

                   ddd.  Earnestine House, born 1858, died 1959.

                   eee.  Christine House married Raymond Thomas.

                   fff.  Jeannie Ann House married ____ Strickland.

                   ggg.  Karen House married ____  Thomas.

                   hhh.  Ronnie House married Doris ______.

              bb.  Juanita Brown, born 16 Sep 1935, married Raymond 
                   Stewart. Raymond was born 27 Sep 1930, died 21 Jan 

Juanita Brown Stewart and daughter Betty Jo Williams

                   aaa.  Betty Jo Stewart married (1) ____ Callaway, (2) 
                         Bob Williams.

              cc.  William Kenimer (Kenneth) Brown, born 1938, died 1991.

              dd.  Geraldine Brown, born abt 1942, married ____ Mooney.

          c.  Thomas Golden Barber, born 24 May 1915, GA, died 5 March 
              1999, Wicomico Church, Northumberland, Virginia, married
              Manda Estelle Richardson 28 Sep 1935. Estelle was born 1918, 
              died 2005.

              aa.  James Robert (Bobby) Barber, born 4 July 1936, DeKalb
                   Co GA, died 18 May 2005, Rutledge, Morgan Co GA, 
                   married Brenda _____.

                   aaa.  Julie Barber married _____ West.

                   bbb.  Jim Barber

              bb.  Anne Laura Barber, born 26 Aug 1937, DeKalb Co GA, 
                   married (1) ____ Hope, (2) Tom Asbury.


                   aaa.  Mike Hope

                   bbb.  Tommy Hope

                   ccc.  Jason Hope

          d.  Russell Woodrow Barber, born 1919.

              aa.  Diane Barber married ____ Nix.

      C.  Susan Jane Barber, born 1861, Lumpkin County, Georgia, married
          John A Swainford 23 Aug 1883, Hall Co GA.

      D.  James Silas Barber, born Dec 1864, Lumpkin County, Georgia, 
          married Bettie _____ about 1887. They were married 13 years at 
          the time of the 1900 census. James was living in Spartanburg
          County, South Carolina in 1910 and working in a cotton mill.
          He was married to his second wife, Lillie Morris about 1907. 
          They had two small children in 1910.

          a.  Nancy Emma Barber, born Dec 1892, Hall Co GA

          b.  James Poyster Barber, born 8 March 1895, Hall Co GA, died 
              18 Nov 1980, Dallas, TX, married (1) Beulah Mae Dellinger
              25 March 1916, Cabarrus County NC, daughter of Forney Buford 
              Dellinger and Mary Carter, (2) Florence Edna Harris about 
              1924, North Carolina.  Two children by first marriage, three 
              by second.  Jim was living in Rockingham County NC 
              in 1920, living as a boarder, was married and working for a 
              cotton mill. His first wife Mae was living with her parents 
              in Concord, Cabarrus County NC and her two children, Mildred
              and Willis.  In 1930 he is believed to have been living in
              Roanoke County, Virginia with second wife Florence and 
              several children. His first wife Mae was then living with 
              her parents in Concord, Cabarrus County NC. Apparently Mae 
              had married a Mr Wingate, who was gone by 1930.  In 1940 
              James P Barber and his second family were living in Roanoke 
              County, Virginia, where Jim was the owner/propietor of a 
              tire repair business.

              World War 1 draft registration of Jim Barber

              aa.  Mildred Madeline Barber (Snookie), born 29 July 1916, 
                   Cabarrus County NC, died 2 March 1986, Concord, NC,
                   married (1) D. E. Clark, (2) Ronald Battye.

                   aaa.  Grady Jerry Clark, born about 1939, died about 
                         1981, married Barbara S ______, lived in Chicago 
                         IL and Albuquerque, NM.  Jerry was raised by 
                         Beulah Mae Dellinger Barber, his grandmother.

                         aaaa.  female Clark

                         bbbb.  male Clark 

              bb.  Willis Albert Barber, born 10 Feb 1919, Concord, 
                   Cabarrus County, NC, died 3 Dec 2007, Mt Pleasant, SC,
                   married Ellen McClellan about 1946.

                                W. A. Barber

W. A. "Bill" Barber, 88, of Mt. Pleasant, passed away on Monday, December 3, 2007, during a short stay at Savannah Grace Nursing Home in Mt. Pleasant.

A Memorial Service will be Wednesday, December 5, 2007, in the Chapel at The Palms, Mt. Pleasant at four o'clock. There will also be a Memorial Service on Friday, December 7, at Trinity Presbyterian Church, Travelers Rest, S.C., at two o'clock. The family will receive friends immediately following the church service in the church social hall. Arrangements by J. Henry Stuhr Inc., Mount Pleasant Chapel.

Mr. Barber was born in Concord, N.C., on February 10, 1919 and resided at The Palms of Mt. Pleasant, S.C. He was formerly of Greenville, S.C. Mr. Barber was a World War II, U.S. Navy Veteran in the Pacific Theater, where he served as an Aviation Navigator and Spotter. He was a long-time member of Trinity Presbyterian Church, Travelers Rest, S.C., retired President of Burlington Cotton Company, Past President of the Greenville Cotton Exchange, Past board member of the New York Cotton Exchange, member of The Poinsett Club, Textile Representative to the National Cotton Council, active member of the S.C. Textile Manufacturers Association as well as the American Textile Manufacturers Association. He was an avid golfer and gin player, member and past president of Green Valley Country Club.

Surviving are his wife of sixty-one years, Ellen McClellan Barber; four sons and four daughters-in-law, Ross and Jan of Lubbock, Texas, Alan and Regina of Greenville, S.C., Andy and Linda of Mt. Pleasant, S.C., and Mitch and Donna of Mt. Pleasant, S.C.; four grandchildren, Kirby and Cody of Lubbock, Texas and Bill and Troy of Mt. Pleasant.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations to Trinity Presbyterian Church, 405 Wilhelm Winter Street, Travelers Rest, SC 29690 or Heartland Hospice, 3 Southpark Circle, Charleston, SC 29407.

A memorial message may be written to the family by visiting our website at

Published in The Greenville News on December 5, 2007

Together We Served

                   aaa.  Willis Mitchell Barber, born 1949, Concord, NC,
                         married Donna, served in the US Air Force. Mitch 
                         matches for 66 DNA markers out of 67 with Jimmie 
                         D. Barber and Arthur Bud Barber II, and matches 
                         for 65 out of 67 markers with Charles Stephen 
                         Barber.  Charles is a descendant of Moses Barber, 
                         Jimmie D Barber is a descendant of Gray Barber, 
                         and Arthur Bud Barber II is a descendant of 
                         Silas Harrison Barber and Allen Barber.
                         Mitch matches for 34 out of 37 markers with
                         James Murel Barber, who is also a descendant of 
                         William H Barber. Go fishing with Captain Mitch Barber


                         aaaa.  Willis Mitchell Barber Jr, born 1978.

                         bbbb.  Michael Troy Barber, born 20 Oct 1980, 
                                married Beth Hoats.


                                aaaaa.  Henry Cason "Hank" Barber, born 1 
                                        May 2012, South Carolina.

                                       Hank with grandparents

                   bbb.  Alan Barber, born 31 March 1952, married Regina 
                         Brock.  They live in Greenville, SC.

                   ccc.  Ross Barber, born 3 June 1954, married Jan, they 
                         live in Lubbock, TX


                         aaaa.  Kirby Barber

                         bbbb.  Cody Barber

                   ddd.  Andy Barber, born 21 Feb 1963, married Linda, they live 
                         in Mt Pleasant, SC

              Florence Edna Harris was the daughter of Charles Burton 
              Harris and his wife Lucy Alice Prebble.
              Marriage record of Charles and Lucy Prebble Harris

   James P Barber and Florence                       Florence and JP in the 1970s

              cc.  James Burton Mckenzie Barber, born 28 Sep 1925, 
                   Salisbury, Rowan County, North Carolina.

James P Barber with baby Jimmy                      James P Barber and Jimmy about 1945

              dd.  Alice Jean Barber, born 15 March 1927, Salisbury, 
                   Rowan County, NC, died 29 Jan 2015, Dallas, TX, married 
                   (1) Sidney Peter Peebles 8 Nov 1947, who was born 1920, 
                   died 1991, (2) ____  Gault.

                   aaa.  Theresa Barber, born 1949, died 1963.

James P Barber and Theresa, 1949

                   bbb.  John Steven (Steve) Peebles, born 16 Dec 1950 in 
                         Roanoke Co. VA, married Polly Joan Westdyke.

                         aaaa.  John Jason Peebles, born 19 Oct 1978.

                         bbbb.  Stephanie Joanne Peebles, born 4 Aug 1982,
                                graduated from Texas A&M Commerce 2005,  
                                married Brian Fiorisi 1 Aug 2010, Royse 
                                City, TX.

                                aaaaa.  Jonathan Fiorisi, born 2012.


                   ccc.  Christopher Allan Peebles, born 9 March 1958 in
                         Roanoke Co. VA, married Dixie A. Pannell 14 Sep 
                         1985 in Dallas County, Texas.

                         aaaa.  Alexander J Peebles, born 1988.

                         bbbb.  Lauren Peebles, born 1992.

                   ddd.  Gregory Lee Peebles, born 17 July 1959 in Roanoke
                         Co. VA, married Leisa Oleson 5 April 1982.

Back row:  Greg Peebles
Next row:  Stacie Peebles, Alex (Brandie's fiance), Brandie Peebles, Jean Barber Peebles Gault, Leisa Oleson Peebles
Front row:  Korbin and Jordan (Alex's son)

                         aaaa.  Brandi Peebles, born 3 March 1985.

                                aaaaa.  Korbin Alexander Clayton, born
                                        11 Aug 2006.

                         bbbb.  Stacie Peebles, born 11 Aug 1988.

              ee.  Robert Curtis Barber, born 3 Oct 1929, NC, died 20 Nov
                   2006, Mesquite, Dallas County, Texas.

       Mitch Barber meeting his aunt, Jean Barber Peebles, 
         and her sons for the first time in October 2012

       1940 census of Roanoke County, Virginia, showing the James P Barber family
       For a larger view, click here

          c.  Flora E. Barber, born 1907, Georgia

          d.  Carl J. Barber, born 1909, South Carolina

      E.  Robert Henry Barber, (Henry Robert) born 6 Sep 1869, Lumpkin 
          County, GA, died 7 July 1938, Forsyth Co. GA, married 
          Matilda Caroline Mullinax 2 Oct 1890, Forsyth Co. GA.

           Henry Robert Barber and Matilda Caroline Mullinax

          Henry Robert Barber family Reunion   

          a.  Parlee Barber, born 25 June 1890, Forsyth Co GA, married 
              Marshall Benjamin Chadwick about 1908.  Parlee died 15
              Oct 1973 in Cumming, Forsyth Co GA.


              aa.  Annie M Chadwick, born 1909, married Cliff Croy?

              bb.  Jonah A Chadwick, born 10 July 1911, GA, died 29 June
                   1955, Canton, GA, married Hazel P ____. Jonah died in
                   a fire in Canton.

                   aaa.  Michael Chadwick.

                   bbb.  Bill Chadwick.

                   ccc.  Teddy Chadwick.

              cc.  Amos W Chadwick, born 23 May 1914, GA, died 14 Dec  
                   1997, married Mary "Wynelle" Terry.

                   aaa.  Wanda Chadwick.

                   bbb.  Thad Chadwick.

              dd.  Willis M Chadwick, born 1917.

              ee.  Edna Grace Chadwick, born 4 Oct 1919, Forsyth Co GA, 
                   died 1 Oct 1996, Canton, Cherokee CO GA, married Eulas
                   Dean Harris. Eulas was born 1921, died 1996.


              ff.  Weldon Chadwick, born 26 Jan 1922, GA, died 10 Nov 2009
                   Douglas Co GA.

              gg.  Wilburn Chadwick, born 1927, GA. 

          b.  May B Barber, born 1893

          c.  Johnny H Barber, born 1895

          d.  Golden Walker Barber (Goley), born 27 June 1896, died 26 
              July 1969, married Mattie Cox.

              World War I Draft registration of Goley Barber.

              aa.  Ida Ruth Barber, born 5 March 1924, Forsyth Co.
                   GA, died 13 Sep 1991, Canton GA, married Annis Mather
                   Haynes, who was born 1920, died 1985.


                   aaa.  Betty Jean Haynes married Lloyd Winston Dunn, 
                         who was born 1935, died 1987.

                         aaaa.  Ricky W Dunn, born 9 Oct 1958, married 
                                (1) Anita Barrett, (2) Janice Buxton 15 
                                June 2000. Two oldest sons by first 
                                aaaaa.  Rheanna Buxton

                                bbbbb.  Joshua Kevin Dunn married Beth 

                                ccccc.  Eli Awbrey Dunn, born 3 Feb 1986.

                                ddddd.  Ricky Lynn Dunn

                                eeeee.  Tiffany Jean Dunn married Daniel 

                         bbbb.  Lynn Dunn

	                 cccc.  David Dunn

                         dddd.  Lisa Ann Dunn, born 11 Sep 1967. Three children. 

                                  Shantel, Lisa, and Brandi

                                aaaaa.  Jessica Dunn married ____ Morgan

                                        aaaaaa.  Devyn Omarion Morgan

                                bbbbb.  Shantel Leshay Dunn, born 28 Dec 

                                ccccc.  Brandi

                         eeee.  Jessie Tink Dunn married ____ Dalton.

                   bbb.  Shirley Ann Haynes, born 10 May 1947, married 
                         Tommy Ezell.

                         aaaa.  Teresa Ezell, born 2 Aug ___, married James

                                aaaaa.  Damon Easley, born 12 July 1994.

                         bbbb.  Lisa Ezell, born 9 Jan 1971, Canton GA.

                   ccc.  Nancy Haynes, born 5 Sep 1954?, married Allen 
                         McCurley 10 Sep 1972.

                         aaaa.  LaRee McCurley, born 24 Oct 1973, married 
                                Bill Stewart.

                                aaaaa.  LaVonne Opal Stewart

                         bbbb.  BriAnne McCurley, born 5 Aug 1979.

                         Three sisters, Betty Jean Dunn, Shirley Ezell and Nancy McCurley

              bb.  Laura Barber married Edd Phillips

              cc.  Berlene Barber married Bill Cox, lives in Woodstock.

              dd.  Gene Barber, lived in Atlanta.

              ee.  Dot Barber married ____ Edge

              ff.  Marie Barber married (1) Jr Andrews, (2) Amer Watson.

          e.  Carrie O Barber, born 1899

          f.  Hattie Barber, born 1902

          g.  Luther Guy Barber, born 1905, married Thelma Pauline Adams.
              Thelma had a daughter, Wanda Anita Smith, born Nov 1949 from 
              a second marriage.

              aa.  Luther William (Bill) Barber, born Sep 1927, died April
                   2008, married Joyce Durham.

                   aaa.  Elaine Barber married ______ Sanders.

                   bbb.  Judith Barber.

              bb.  Herbert Donald (Don) Barber, born Feb 1931, died Nov 

              cc.  Theresa Sue Barber, born March 1935, died Nov 1994, 
                   married George C Little.  George was born 1929, died 

              dd.  Courtney Michael Barber, born Feb 1940, died Oct 1940

              ee.  James Murel Barber, born 14 Sep 1944, married (1) _________, 
                   (2) Carole Thatch. children by the first wife. Jim is 
                   two markers removed from Charles Stephen Barber, Jimmie D. Barber, 
                   and Arthur B Barber II for 37 markers. Jim matches for 34 out of 
                   37 markers with Willis Mitchell Barber, who is also a 
                   descendant of William H Barber.



                   aaa.  Tersa Renee' Barber, born 26 Jan 1966, married  
                         (1) _____ Billings, (2) ____  Miniclier.

                         aaaa.  Whitney Billings, born 1988.

                         bbbb.  Sarah Billings, born 1993.

                         cccc.  Jessica Billings, born 1995.

                   bbb.  James Murel Barber Jr, born 30 June 1969, 
                         married Lisa Shanks.

                         aaaa.  Cameron Barber, born April 1999.

          h.  Lomie Barber, born 6 April 1907, died 19 July 1921, Forsyth 
              Co. GA.

          i.  Grady Barber, born 1909, married ____ Crowe 22 Jan 1933, 
              Forsyth County, GA.

          j.  George Barber, born 1913.

          k.  Broughton Barber, born 1917.

      1860 Census, Lumpkin County, GA

242-242  William Barber  30  m  carpenter  GA
         Nancy E         24  f             GA
         Mary F           4  f             GA
         William          1  m             GA

      1870 Census, Lumpkin County, GA

213-220  Barber, William  40  m w  house carpenter  GA
                 Nancy    34  f w                   GA
                 Mary     14  f w                   GA
                 Susan    10  f w                   GA
                 William  11  m w                   GA
                 James     5  m w                   GA
                 Robert    1  m w                   GA

      1880 Census, Hall County, GA

131-133  Barber, Nancy   w f  44      works on farm     GA  GA  GA
                 Wm M    w m  21 son  works on farm     GA  GA  GA
                 Susie   w f  18 dau                    GA  GA  GA
                 James S w m  16 son  works on farm     GA  GA  GA
                 Robert  w m   9 son                    GA  GA  GA

      1900 Census, Banks County, GA

122-124  Barber, James S   HEAD  w m  Dec  1864  35  GA GA GA fireman
                 Bettie    wife  w f  May  1868  32  GA GA GA
                 Nancy E   dau   w f  Dec  1892   7  GA GA GA
                 James F   son   w m  Mar  1895   5  GA GA GA

      1900 Census, Forsyth County, GA

156-156  Barber, Henry R   HEAD  w m  Mar  1868  32  GA GA GA
                 Matilda   wife  w f  Mar  1872  26  GA GA GA
                 Parlee    dau   w f  June 1891   8  GA GA GA
                 May B     dau   w f  Apr  1893   7  GA GA GA
                 Johnnie   son   w m  June 1895   4  GA GA GA
                 Goley W   son   w m  July 1896   3  GA GA GA
                 Carrie E  dau   w f  Dec  1899 5/12 GA GA GA
        Edwards, Mary C mominlaw w f  Apr  1828  72  SC SC SC

      1910 Census, Forsyth County GA part 1
      1910 Census, Forsyth County GA part 2

         Barber, Henry     HEAD  w m  41    GA GA GA  farmer
                 Matilda   wife  w f  37    GA GA GA
                 John      son   w m  14    GA GA GA  farm labor
                 Goulda    son   w m  13    GA GA GA  farm labor
                 Lara?     dau   w f  11    GA GA GA  farm labor
                 Hattie    dau   w f   8    GA GA GA
                 Luther    son   w m   6    GA GA GA
                 Luma?     dau   w f   3    GA GA GA
                 Grady     son   w m 11/12? GA GA GA

      1920 Census, Forsyth County, GA

24-25    Barber, Henry B   HEAD  m w  52    GA GA GA  farmer
                 Tilda     wife  f w  47    GA GA GA
                 Luther    son   m w  15    GA GA GA
                 Loma?     dau   f w  13    GA GA GA
                 Grady?    son   m w  10    GA GA GA
                 John      son   m w   7    GA GA GA
                 Broughton son   m w 3 0/12 GA GA GA

  6.  Robert Sanford Barber, born 6 June 1832, Clarke County, Georgia, 
      married Harriett Elizabeth Hudson, 8 May 1855, Rusk County, Texas.
      (see chapter 13)

  7.  Allen F. Barber, born 1834, Clarke County, Georgia, died 26 Feb 1863
      at Camp Douglas, Illinois as a prisoner of war. Allen married Martha A. 
      Hardgrave, 31 August 1856, Cherokee County, Texas.  Allen F Barber 
      enlisted 15 Feb 1862 at Larissa, Cherokee County, Texas, and was 
      captured along with the 17th Texas Cavalry at Arkansas Post, 
      Arkansas 11 January 1963. He died of pnuemonia in Feb 1863.  Allen 
      F. Barber and Martha apparently did not have children, as no 
      descendants were named in probate records on Allen Barber.  And 
      Martha apparently preceded Allen in death, as there was no widow's
      pension application.



  8.  Mary F. Barber, born 1840, Clarke County, Georgia, married Andrew 
      Hickman, who was born 1840.  They had no children by 1870, and were 
      living in Van Wert, Polk County, Georgia.95

Allen Barber was a wagon maker by trade, and at least four of his sons followed that trade, Silas, James, William and Robert. Wiley was a school teacher at the age of 20, and later a Judge. One son-in-law, Andrew Hickman, was also a wagon maker.

Proof on Children of Allen Barber

  Talladega County      )
  Alabama               )     To the Hon. Geo. P. Plowman, Judge of 
  Probate Minute Book L )  Said Court.
  Pages 125-126         )

Your petitioner, J. M. N. B. Nix, administrator of the Estate of Allen Barbour Deceased, Respectifully represents that more than eighteen months have elapsed since he was appointed by this Court to said administration, and that he believes said estate is solvent.

Your petitioner further represents, that the heirs of the said decedent are: W. C. Barbour, residing at Van Wert, Polk, Georgia; S. H. Barbour, residing in Mount Calm, Texas---Mrs. Holladay and her husband S. J. Holladay---Van Wert, Georgia, R. S. Barbour, Springfield, Texas--- and Mrs Hickman and her husband A. J. Hickman--- Van Wert, Polk County, Georgia, all of the above being over twenty one years of age; also, three children of J. M. Barbour deceased, names and ages unknown, two of whom reside at Huntsville, Alabama, said J. M. Barbour being a son of said Allen Barbour deceased; also, the heirs of W. H. Barbour--- lately residieng at Dahlonega, Georgia, names, ages and sex unknown.

Your petitioner further staes that the lands of said estate consists of a tract or parcel of land described as follows--- NW 1/4 or NW 1/4 of Sec. 32, Township 21, Range 4E, in Coosa land district, containig forty acres, more or less, which is so situated that it cannot be equitably divided among said heirs.

Your petitioner therefore states that he believes that the interests of all persons concerned in said land will be best promoted by a sale therof, and a distribution of the proceeds amond said heirs, according to their rights.

Wherefor your petitioner prays your Honor to authorize him to sell said land for cash for the purpose of making a division of said estate among said heirs, according to the statute in such case made and that such proceeding, order, and decrees may be had and made in the premises as may be sufficient to effect such sale, for said purpose according to law. And as in duty bound, vc.

                                  J. M. N. B. Nix

  April 23, 1872
  Geo. P. Plowman
  Judge of Probate

Estate of James M. Barber
  Talladega County   )
  Alabama            )       This day came Martha A. Barber 
  Probate Book B.    )  widow of James M. Barber deceased, and filed
  Page 537           )  her petition in Court for an order to have the 
                        homestead of her dec'd husband appraised that the 
same may be allowed to said widow and deceased's children, exempt from 
sale as provided for which said petitions is as follows viz.

To the Honorable Wm. H. Thornton Judge of Probate Talladega County Alabama.

The petition of Martha A. Barber, widow of James M. Barber dec'd and as administrator with Allen Barber adm of said deceased estate, showeth unto Your honor that her late husband died seized and possessed of Ten acres of land off of the south end of that portion lying west of the Antral plank Road, of the E 1/2 of the WP Sec. 10, Townshp 21, Range 4 in county of Talladega, upon which said 10 acres of land the said Jaems M. Barber reside at the time of his death, that being all the land or Real Estate that was owned by the said James M. at the time of his death as far as petitioner is informed and believes.

Your petitioner further states that is will ____ the whole of the personal estate of said dec'd, to pay the debts of his estate and that to provision of said estate will, or can be made for the support of the petitioner and her two small children by her said husband, and his two children by a former wife, and that be as such widow and adm, as foresaid has selected the said ten acres of land as a homestead for herself and the children of her deceased husband, but in as much as the value of the same has not been affixed, Your petitioner prays that upon the comming in of such appraisement, if the same should not exceed the sum of Five Hundred dollars, that the said Ten acres of land with the tenements and appertenances therunto belonging may be taken and held an confirmde by your honor Court as the estate of this petitioner and Wiley C., Joshua H., Margaret F., and James M. Barber children of said deceased, according to the statute in such cases made and founded.

                                Martha A. Barber

  Wm H. Thornton, Judge
  25 Oct. 1856


Judgement was made in favor of Martha A. Barber and the children of James M. Barber, and they were allowed to keep the land.

     1860 Census, Talladega County, AL, Sylacauga

206-218  Allen Barbour      59  m  wagon maker    GA
         Francis  "         58  f                 GA
         Wiley    "         12  m                 AL
         Joshua   "         10  m                 AL

207-219  Martha A "         29  f                 AL
         Francis  "          6  f                 AL
         James    "          4  m                 AL