Chapter 12 -- Wiley Crawford Barber
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Chapter 12

Wiley Crawford Barber

Judge Wiley Crawford Barber, the oldest son of Allen and Frances H. (Crawford) Barber, born 7 July 1820, in Clarke County, Georgia, Wiley got an education early in life and was a school teacher at the age of twenty, teaching school in Van Wert, Georgia, later becoming a Judge. He was appointed as a member of the Polk County Board of Educaton on 30 January 1871 by Governor Rufus B. Bulloch.96 Here is a picture of his house

Wiley's father, Allen Barber, apparently did not own horses, as Wiley frequently rented a horse from the Eagle Tavern in Watkinsville, Georgia, where his parents lived. Wiley visited the tavern regularly, buying drinks for friends and himself at the age of 17, and always buying cigars.97

Judge Barber donated the land in Rockmart, Georgia that the Piedmont Institute was built on. The Judge had cleared the land himself.98 There was a Wiley C. Barber School in Chambers County, Alabama in 1844. It is believed that this was the school of Wiley Crawford Barber, as his first two children were born in Alabama, and his father lived in nearby Talladega County in those years. Wiley was back in Georgia by 1847.99

Wiley C. Barber married Louisa C. Casey 8 April 1840 in Paulding County, Georgia. Van Wert was the original county seat of Paulding County. When Polk County was formed, Van Wert was put in Polk County.100 Judge Wiley Barber's home in Mississippi was called "Lilly of the Valley" (Near Natchez).

Biography of Wiley Barber 1820-1892 Polk County, GA

Judge Wiley C. Barber, a leading farmer of Polk County, Ga, was born in Clark County, Ga., July 7, 1820, and is a son of Allen and Fannie (Crawford) Barber, being the eldest of five living children -- W. C., Silas H., Robert S., Susan J. and Mary F. Allen Barber was a native of Georgia, born in 1800, and was a mechanic, but for the better part of his life was engaged in agriculture. W. C. Barber was reared on the home farm, and began his business life by teaching school in what is now Polk County, Ga., which vocation he followed about three years, after which he followed various pursuits, as detailed in the sketch of James R. Barber, given below, eventually settling in Polk County, where he now resides, devoting his attention to farming, trading and real estate. He also has a large plantation in Jefferson and Claiborne counties, Miss., and extensive iron ore property in the county of his residence -- Polk, Ga. In 1840 he married Miss Louisa C. Casey, a daughter of Henry Casey, of Morgan County, and of the five children that blessed this union, two are living -- Mrs. Fannie J. Ford and James R. Mrs. Louisa C. Barber departed this life in September, 1856, a consistent member of the Methodist Church, and in 1857 Mr. Barber married Miss Elizabeth E. Ammons, daughter of Jesse Ammons, of Meriwether County, Ga., but this lady passed away in 1859, a member of the Baptist Church, and in 1861 Mrs. Barber's third nuptials were celebrated with Miss Emily Gresham, daughter of Edward Gresham, to which union two children were born -- Stella A. Lovelace and Wiley C. The third Mrs. Barber died March 27, 1875, a member of the Methodist Church, and Mr. Barber's fourth marriage was in 1875, to Miss Elizabeth B. Heslep, of Polk County, daughter of David D. Heslep, and to this last marriage have been born four children, viz: Kate M., Rufus H., Margaret E. and Almoth B. Mr. Barber is a Master Mason, and in politics is a Republican.

[Souvenir Sketches, Georgia and Florida, published before Wiley Crawford Barber died in 1892]

Wiley Crawford Barber Bible

Children of Wiley Crawford Barber101

  1.  Oscar Francisco Barber, born 7 January 1842, died before 1850.

  2.  Frances Jane Barber (Fannie), born 13 October 1843, married Col.
      Francis Ford.

      A.  Lena Ford

      B.  Frank Ford

      C.  Hugh Ford

      D.  Jim Ford, living in Baltimore Maryland in 1962.

      E.  Elizabeth Ford, living in Memphis Tennessee in 1962, married 

  3.  James Russell Barber, born 24 September 1845, Alabama, married Lou Wood

      Article about James Russell Barber, written about 1891
      James R. Barber, secretary of the Cherokee Iron Company, at
      Cedartown, Ga., was born in Talladega County, Ala., September 24,
      1846, and is a son of W. C. and Louisa C. (Casey) Barber. W. C.
      Barber had his nativity in Clarke County, Ga., July 7, 1820, and was
      reared a farmer. He received a good education and for three years
      taught school in what is now Polk County, Ga. In 1846 he went to
      Goldville, Ala., and for about two years engaged in gold mining; 
      then returned to Polk County, Ga., where he farmed for one year, and 
      again taught school two years. In 1857 he removed to Bartow County, 
      where he was placed in charge of the Allatoona Iron Furnace, which 
      he managed one year, turning out pig iron and making castings. He 
      next passed a year at the Upper Stamp Creek Iron Furnace, as store 
      and bookkeeper, and was then made manager of the Allatoona Furnace, 
      and remained in charge three years. His next venture was at the 
      Allatoona gold mines, of which he had the management for two years, 
      from which point he moved to Cartersville and for three years was a 
      merchant, and then moved to Polk County, Ga., where he has since 
      resided, devoting his time to trading in real estate and to the 
      cultivation of the soil. He is a gentleman of considerable 
      prominence in his comunity, and his large experience is frequently 
      called into exercise by his neighbors when wise counsel is desired. 
      His father was Allen Barber, who married Fannie Crawford. Allen 
      Barber was a native of Virginia, born in 1800, and was a son of 
      James Barber, a mechanic, but who devoted the greater part of his 
      life to agricultural pursuits. Louisa C. (Casey) Barber was born in 
      Morgan County, Ga., and was a daughter of Henry Casey. Of her 
      children there are two living -- Mrs. Fannie G. Ford, and James R., 
      whose name heads this sketch. James R. Barber was brought by his  
      parents to Georgia during his infancy. He received a good education, 
      and in 1866 commenced clerking in a store, followed that vocation 
      about eighteen months, and then read law with Blance & Thompson. In 
      1868 he was admitted to the bar, and followed the practice of his 
      profession about three years. He then engaged in mercantile pursuits 
      until 1875, when he resumed the law and practiced until 1878, at 
      which time he became bookkeeper for the Cherokee Iron Company at 
      Cedartown. In 1879 he was elected secretary of the company, and 
      still holds that position. Mr. Barber has held several other 
      positions of honor and trust. He was tax collector of Polk County in 
      1871, and has served one term as mayor of Cedartown; he was also one 
      term reporter for the Rome circuit court, and in 1884 was appointed 
      secretary and treasurer of the East and West Alabama Railroad 
      Company, which position he held until the road was sold in 1887. The 
      Cherokee Iron Company, of which Mr.. Barber is the present 
      secretary, is owned by four gentlemen, to wit: Messrs. W. C. 
      [Barber], Edward F. and J. Hull Browning, of New York, and A.Y. 
      West, of Cedartown, Ga. The capital stock is $350,000, and the 
      employes number 200. Mr. Barber was married November 16, 1869, to 
      Miss Mary L. Wood, of De Kalb County, Ga., a daughter of Charles H. 
      and Evalin (Wilson) Wood. Mr. and Mrs. Barber are members of the 
      Methodist Church, while he is an enthusiastic Mason, having
      been three times master of Caledonia Lodge, No. 121, and having
      represented it three times in grand lodge. He is also present high
      priest of Adoniram Chapter, No. 41, and a member of Coeur de Leon
      Commandery, Nox. 4, at Atlanta, Ga.

      [Souvenir Sketches of Georgia and Florida, published sometime before 
      Wiley Crawford Barber died in 1892. Wiley C. Barber was born at 
      Watkinsville, which is now in Oconee County]

  4.  Ophelia Ann Barber born 7 November 1848, Georgia.

Louisa (Casey) Barber died ca. 1855, and Wiley married as his second wife,
Elizabeth Emily Ammons, 2 July 1857 at Van Wert, Polk County, Georgia.

  5.  Jesse Ammons Barber, born 3 May 1858, died 6 July 1858.

  6.  Mary Adaline Barber, born 29 May 1859, died July 1859.

Elizabeth (Ammons) Barber died about 1859.  Wiley C. Barber married (3)
Emily Gresham, 15 September 1861.

  7.  Lena Gresham Barber, born 5 August 1862, Polk County, Georgia, died
      26 April 1879, buried Van Wert, Georgia.

  8.  Stella Adaline Barber, born 18 September 1864, Polk County, Georgia,
      died 30 March 1947, married (1) James R. Lovelace, September 1882,
      (2) _____Millsaps.

      A.  Edward Guirley Lovelace

      B.  Lorabess Lovelace, born ca. 1887, Rockmart, Georgia, married
          Jake V. Dodenhoff, 21 December 1905.  Here is a newspaper article 
          Lorabess contributed.

          a.  Adaline Briggs Dodenhoff married Edwin H. Jones.

              aa.  Charles F Jones.

          b.  James Edward Dodenhoff married Ruth Costner.

          c.  Jack Virgil Dodenhoff married Renoldo Clapp.  He died 27
              December 1949.

          d.  Jake (Billie) Dodenhoff killed in a wreck 10 August 1939.

          e.  Emily Genevieve Dodenhoff married Thomas M. Boyette.

      C.  James Barber Lovelace.

  9.  Scott Eliza Barber, born 7 July 1868, Polk County, Georgia, died 3
      February 1884, buried Van Wert, Georgia.

 10.  Wiley Crawford Barber Jr, born 4 June 1871, Polk County, Georgia, 
      died 2 January 1932, buried Cedartown, Georgia, married Hattie May 
      Crabb 12 June 1894.

      Wiley Crawford Barber Jr at 17, at A & M Academy in Mississippi,
      now Mississippi State University

        Passport & photo of Wiley C Barber, 1920


      A.  Gladys Barber, born 4 April 1895, married Norman Harry Sommers.
          Gladys died 20 June 1955 in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Norman was born
          1892 in Kansas, died in 1969, Fort Lauderdale.

          a.  Gladys Barber Sommers, born 29 March 1924, married (1) Dr. 
              Charles Franklin Campbell, (2) Merrill Osborne. Gladys died
              9 March 2003, Marble Falls, Burnet County, TX

              aa.  Charles Franklin Campbell Jr, born 29 April 1944, married
                   Jacqueline Jarvis.  Charles was the County Attorney of
                   Hill County, Texas in 1975.

                   aaa.  Jacqueline Ann Campbell

                   bbb.  Charles William Campbell

              bb.  Norma Sommers Campbell, born 10 March 1947, married 
                   Joseph Patrick Byrnes.

                   aaa.  Melinda Kay Byrnes  

                   bbb.  Sharon Kristine Byrnes

                   ccc.  Michael Robert Byrnes

              cc.  Maryetta Campbell, born 22 September 1954, married Paul 
                   Norwood Lee. 

                   aaa.  Erick Latimore Lee

      B.  Wiley C. Barber, born 8 December 1897, died 28 February 1903.

      C.  James Russell Barber, born 4 August 1900, died 11 August 1947,
          married  (1) Edna _____, (2) Ellinor Moses Davis.  Child by each 
          marriage. Ellinor died 5 May 1999, buried Polk County GA

          a.  Jacqueline Barber, born ca 1925

          b.  James Russell Barber Jr, born 26 Dec 1943, married Kathleen
              Sue Tomkinson. She was born 27 June 1947

              aa.  Mary Hogan Barber, born 8 Sept 1979

              bb.  Rebecca Kathleen Barber, born 28 July 1982

              cc.  Jenny Ellinor barber, born 10 July 1984

              dd.  Margaret Elaine Barber, born 18 March 1987

      D.  Mary Noyes Barber, born 5 September 1903, died 5 June 1953.

      E.  Judson Crabb Barber, born 12 January 1906, died 26 March 1955,
          married Frances Blackstock 2 March 1940.  No issue.102

      F.  John Huntington Barber, born 16 September 1908, died 29 May 1970,
          married Helen Bridges.  His widow married A. H. McClung, and lived
          at Stone Mountain, Georgia in 1975. Helen was born about 1916 in
          Polk County, GA and died 7 January 2009, buried at Cedartown, GA
          next to her first husband.

          a.  John Wiley (Jack) Barber, born 28 April 1932, Polk County Georgia, 
              married Barbara Ruth Buttrill August 1957 in Dekalb County GA. 
              She was born 4 April 1932. Jack is an exact match for 
              12 markers in DNA testing with Arthur Bud Barber II, 
              Don O Barber, Jimmie D. Barber, and Charles Stephen Barber. 
              Arthur and Don are descendants of James Barber through his 
              son Allen Barber, Jimmie is a descendant of James Barber 
              through his son Gray Barber, and Charles is a descendant of 
              Moses Barber through his son Zadock Barber of Chatham Co. 
              NC. The 25 markers and 37 marker results are in, and Jack is 
              an exact match for 35 of 37 markers with Charles Stephen 
              Barber, Jimmie D. Barber, and Arthur Bud Barber II. He is an 
              exact match for 34 of 37 markers with Donald Orville Barber.
              More info here.        

                    John (Jack) Wiley Barber

              aa.  John Marcus Barber, born 19 May 1964, married (1) Janie 
                   Waltrip 16 Dec 1994, divorced June 1999, (2) Alisa 
                   Peterson 17 Nov 2006.

                   aaa.  Kylie Elizabeth Barber, born 3 Oct 1995

                   bbb.  Chandler Kay Barber, born 29 Oct 1997

              bb.  Elizabeth Ruth Barber, born 6 Oct 1966, married Pierce 

              cc.  Jennifer Helen Barber, born 6 Oct 1966, married James
                   Timothy Barden 18 Feb 1989

                   aaa.  Graham Alton Barden, born 28 Dec 2000, Gwinnett
                         County, GA.

                   bbb.  Colton Timothy Marcus Barden, born 1 Dec 2003, 
                         Gwinnett County, GA

          b.  Norman Sommers Barber, born 20 July 1937, Polk County, 
              Georgia, married Joann Braswell 19 Nov 1960.  Joann was born
              21 July 1939, died 16 April 2002.

              aa.  Holly Huntington Barber, born 11 Aug 1964, DeKalb 
                   County, GA, married James Thomas Seignious in Norcross,
                   GA 5 Aug 1989.

                   aaa.  Blake Huntington Seignious, born 25 May 1993,
                         Fulton County GA

                   bbb.  Brady Carson Seignious, born 26 Apr 1996, Fulton
                         County GA
              bb.  Brant Braswell Barber, born 9 Sep 1966, DeKalb County, 
                   GA, married Renne' Berger, Gwinnett County GA.

                   aaa.  Brice Barber, born 30 Dec 2002

                   bbb. Brett Sommers Barber, born 27 Nov 2005

Wiley Crawford Barber's third wife Emily died 27 March 1875, and he 
married Elizabeth B. Heslip 20 May 1875, Polk County, Georgia.

 11.  Katie May Barber, born 19 May 1877, Polk County, Georgia.

 12.  Rufus Heslip Barber born 6 May 1878, Polk County, Georgia, died 2
      July 1910, buried Rose Hill Cemetery, Rockmart, Georgia.  He married
      Katherine Davitte, 22 October 1897, Polk County, Georgia.  Katie 
      was born 14 October 1876, died 1 May 1955.103 After Rufus died, 
      Kate married Mack D. McGinnes.

      A.  Clyde Elizabeth Barber, born 3 November 1898, married (1) Forrost
          Randall, (2) Buell McGinnes, son of Mack D. McGinnes.  She died 
          13 July 1932, buried Rose Hill Cemetery, Rockmart Georgia.104 
          no issue.

      B.  Edith Katherine Barber, born 13 June 1900, Russum, MS, married 
          Wallace Wood Draper 10 April 1929, lived in Atlanta, Georgia in 
          1974. Edith and Wallace went to Europe in 1937. That came back 
          to New York on the Europa. Wallace was born 28 August 1888 in 
          Atlanta, Georgia, died in 1967.

           Passenger ship list, 1937


          1930 Census, Denver, Denver County, CO

          Draper, Wallace W  HEAD  m w  41  GA SC TN auditor, phone comp
                  Edith C    wife  f w  29    MS GA GA
          Cowden, Bartow   nephew  m w 4 7/12 GA GA GA

            1st Lt. World War I registration

      C.  Anne Barber, born 10 May 1903, died 31 March 1991, married 
          Bartow Cowden, Jr. Bartow served a long career in the Marine 
          Corp as an enlisted man.

          GEORGIA DEATHS, 1919-98

          Name: Bartow Cowden, Jr
          Death Date: 23 Sep 1953
          County of Death: Fulton
          Gender: M
          Race: W
          Age: 50 years
          County of Residence: Fulton
          Certificate: 23100

          a.  Bartow Cowden III, born 26 August 1925, died 9 March 2006, 
              married Dorothy Jean Harrison

              BARTOW COWDEN III

              Name: Bartow Cowden III
              Birth - Death: 1925-
              Source Citation:
              *  Who's Who in American Law. First edition. Wilmette, IL: 
                 Marquis Who's Who, 1978. (WhoAmL 1)
              *  Who's Who in American Law. Second edition. Wilmette, IL: 
                 Marquis Who's Who, 1979. (WhoAmL 2)

              aa.  Bartow Cowden IV

                   NEVADA MARRIAGE INDEX, 1956-2005
                   ABOUT BARTOW COWDEN IV

                   Name: Bartow Cowden IV
                   Gender: Male
                   Spouse: Joan Evlyn
                   Marriage Date: 10 Mar 1995
                   Marriage County: Clark  
                   Officiant type: Religious celebrant
                   Recorded date: 13 Mar 1995
                   Recorded county: Clark
                   Book: 313
                   Page: C613128
                   Instrument number: 92438

              bb.  Harrison Cowden

          b.  William W. Cowden, born 1927, married, has two daughters.

          c.  Sandra Cowden married and has three chidren

      D.  Rufus Heslip Barber Jr, born 1905, married Virginia Phillips 3 
          November 1933, lived in Atlanta, Georgia in 1974.

      E.  Hazel Barber, born 1907, died young

      F.  Elinor Barber, born 1910, married Norman Coleman, divorced.

      1900 Census, Jefferson County, MS

      Barber, Rufus H  HEAD  w m  May 1877  22  GA GA GA farmer
              Kate     wife  w f  Oct 1875  24  GA GA GA
              Clyde E  dau   w f      1898   1  MS GA GA

      1910 Census, Moultrie, Coulquitt County, GA

      Barber, Rufus H  HEAD  m w  32  GA GA GA
              Kate     wife  f w  33  GA GA GA
              Clyde    dau   f w  12  GA GA GA
              Edith    dau   f w  10  GA GA GA
              Annie    dau   f w   7  GA GA GA
              Heslep   son   m w   5  GA GA GA
              Hazel    dau   f w   3  GA GA GA
              Eleanor  dau   f w   1  GA GA GA

      1920 Census, Rockmart, Polk County, GA

36-41 McGinnes, Mack D  HEAD  m w  56  GA GA GA  cotton buyer
                Kate    wife  f w  43  GA GA GA 
                Buel    son   m w  17  GA GA GA  Aragon Mill
                M. D.   son   m w  16  GA GA GA
        Barber, Annie   dau   f w  16  GA GA GA ast-Dr office
                Heslep  son   m w  14  AL GA GA
                Elinor  dau   f w  10  MS GA GA

42-47 Randall, Forrest  HEAD  m w  21  GA GA GA picture show oper
               Clyde E  wife  f w  21  MS GA GA

      1930 Census. Atlanta, Fulton County, GA

      McGinnis, Kate   HEAD  f w  53  GA GA GA
      Barber, R. Heslep son  m w  24  AL GA GA accounting
              Elinor    dau  f w  20  MS GA GA stenographer
      Madison, W. Kenneth boarder     SC

      1930 Census, Columbus, Muscogee County, GA

      McGinnes, Buell W  HEAD  m w  28    GA GA GA  overseer cotton mill
                Clyde E  wife  f w  31    MS GA GA
        Cowden, Ann H sisinlaw f w  26    GA GA GA  peanut mfg.
               William W nephw m w 2 7/12 GA GA GA

 13.  Margaret Eleanor Barber, (Ellye), born 25 April 1881, died 7 
      December 1961. 

 14.  Almoth Dickey Barber, born 5 October 1883, married Ethel Bryan.
      They were living in Waco, McLennan County, Texas in 1918, when
      he registered for the military draft, and in San Antonio, Bexar
      County, Texas in 1930. He was very well off, according to the
      census information.

      1900 Census, Rockmart, Polk County, GA

      Barber, Elizabeth B  HEAD  w f 60 Feb 1840 widow  GA NC SC
              Margaret E         w f 19 Apr 1881        GA GA GA
              Almoth D     son   w m 16 Oct 1883        GA GA GA

      1930 Census, San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas

      Barber, Almoth D   HEAD $75,000 m w 46 GA GA GA broker/stocks/bonds
              Ethel B    wife         f w 42 NC NC VA
              Elizabeth B dau         f w  9 GA GA NC

              World War I registration of Almoth Dickey Barber, who 
                was living in Waco, McLennan County, Texas in 1918

Wiley Crawford Barber died 4 April 1892, and is buried by the side of his 
third wife Emily at the Van Wert Cemetery, Van Wert, Georgia.


Will of Wiley Crawford Barber
Polk County, Georgia  )
Will Book A           )            I Wiley C. Barber, being of sound mind
pages 165-166         )      do make and ordain this my Last Will and  

  1.  I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Elizabeth B. Barber all
      the Property I may die posessed of, both real and personal during
      her lifetime or widowhood under the following Provisions and 
      Restrictions.  She shall pay all my debts and fulfill all my contracts
      collect all debts due to to become due me, make and execute deeds in 
      my stead agreeable to all my obligations.  Tom make title when the 
      money is paid to her.

  2.  She is to pay my son Wiley C. Barber One Thousand Dollars when he 
      becomes of age and pay to Fanie J. Ford, James R. Barber, Stella A.
      Lovelace and Wiley C. Barber two hundred and fifty dollars on the
      fifteenth of January every year up to and including the year eighteen
      hundred ninety seven.

  3.  I have given options on the home place at Twenty Thousand Dollars 
      on State Lots No. Nine Hundred and Ninety Seven and Nine Hundred 
      and Ninety Eight in the Twenty First District of the Third section of 
      Polk County for Eight Thousand Dollars, my interest being three eights 
      and Joel Brewers five eights- I have a written agreement with him to 
      make titles when sold also lot Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine, same 
      District and Section for Ten Thousand Dollars, one half being mine 
      the other half belongs to Henry Banks and Dr. Scott, of Atlanta, 
      Georgia.  My wife is to carry out my contract in this also.

  4.  If the Property is sold according to the option or at times there-
      after and wife is to give possession of the home place, I direct 
      that my wife may build her a house in Cedartown at a cost of not more 
      than Five Thousand, when fully furnished, and divide the remainder 
      when paid, equally between Fannie J. Ford, James R. Barber and 
      Wiley C. Barber, and Stella Lovelace, share and share alike.

  5.  I direct that the plantation in Mississippi after the lease to Messr'
      Till expires in 1897 or 1900 as they see fit, be rented to best 
      advantage, the proceeds by equally divided between Katie M., Rufus H., 
      Margaret E., and Almoth D., reserving enough for a support if not on 
      hand, and continue to rent the plantation up to and the year 1920. 
      Then the four named children may sell, rent or divide as they may 
      agree a majority governing.

  6.  I direct that in case my wife builds or buys a home in Cedartown,
      at her death it shall be sold and the proceeds equally divided 
      between all my heirs.

  7.  In case of the death of my wife and James R. Barber, and after him 
      Wiley C. Barber (Bonds not required of either of them) shall 
      execute this will they may retain for their services and expenses
      five per cent of all monies they may recieve and pay out from the
      Mississippi Plantation.

  8.  I direct that my wife shall deposit all surplus monies in First 
      National Bank of Cedartown or some safe Bank in two classes, one
      on time interest, and the other on Draft.

In witness whereof I have this day March 16, 1891 set and subscribed my 
name in presence of three witnessess whose signatures are written honor in 
the presence of each other and the testator and at his request.

                                   W. C. Barber
S. K. Hogue
W. H. Beasley
R. R. Beasley                  proved 19 April 1892
                               Joel Brewer, Ordinary


Will of Mary Noyes Barber
Cedartown, Georgia  )
Will Book B         )           I, Mary Noyes Barber of Cedartown, said 
page 260            )     county, being of sound mind and disposing memory
                          do make this my Last Will and Testament, hereby
revoking all others which I may here-to-for made:

I give to my sister, Gladys Barber Sommers (Mrs. N. H.) the home place, 
127 Philpot Street, Cedartown, Georgia.  At her death this property is to 
go to her daughter, Gladys Sommers Campbell (Mrs. C. F. Jr.) which was 
the wish of my mother, Hattie May Crabb Barber (Mrs Wiley C.) and is 
like-wise my desire.

To my brother, Judson Crabb Barber (Bud) I give my stamp collection.  
Also Bookcase in which stamps are stowed.

I give to my brother John Huntington Barber (Jack) my collection of books 
in hope that he will take pride in them as I have.

To my nephew John Wiley Barber (Jackie) I give my double snake diamond 
ring which was given to my mother by my father on their 12th wedding 
anniversary and in turn given to me by my mother.

I give to my nephew, Norman Sommers Barber, my typewriter and typewriter 

I give to my nephew, James Russell Barber (Rusty) the rocking chair with 
the double arm rests.

With the exception of the two albums of Grand Opera records which I give 
to my neice, Gladys Sommers Campbell, I give my acumalation of records to 
my friend Jetty Hall who loves good music as I do.

There are a good many pieces of furniture which belong to my beloved 
sister, Gladys Sommers (Mrs N. H.) All other items of furniture may be 
disposed of or left in tact by my sister except those here-to-fore 
mentioned and here-in-after mentioned.  China goes to my sister also.

I give to my friend Lucy Green Hackney (Mrs. W. H.) the spool cabinet
which has been used as a bedside table for many years.

I make Jettye Hall my Executrix of this my will and I relieve her 
from making any inventory or appraisement of my property.  I further 
relieve her from giving any bond and I only require her to probate this 
will.  She is relieved from any returns for her acts and doings to any 
court what-so-ever.

This 30th day of August 1951.

W. C. Hicks                              Mary Noyes Barber
Fannie Lefevers
Wm. S. Wilkerson