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Chapter 15

James Monroe Barber

James Monroe Barber was born 17 January 1852, Nacogdoches County, Texas, the fourth child of Silas H. and Sarah Ann (Posey) Barber. He married Sarah Emoline Wood, 2 November 1876 in Limestone County, Texas.

Sarah E. Wood was the daughter of Eli Newton and Elizabeth J. Calima Wood, born 6 February 1856 in Tennessee, died 31 July 1916, Wagoner, Oklahoma.118

James and Sarah moved to Comanche County, Texas in 1880,119 then to Indian Territory in 1889, as James was 1/4 Creek Indian.

James M. Barber and his wife had land in the Creek Nation not far from Wagoner. He served as assistant prosecuting attorney for the Creek Nation, Broken Arrow Town, for two years. He lost his farm when the Dawes Commission ruled that he had not stated his mother's name (Sarah Ann Posey Barber), and had not proved that he was at least 1/4 Creek Indian, and did not meet the residency requirements of the Creek Nation. Ironically, two of his brothers, Robert and John, were both on the Creek Indian Rolls at this time. One of his daughters, Pearl Howard, and one of his granddaughters, Doris Powell, proved their Indian blood in 1968, and received a small allotment.120

The National Archives has put the Dawes Commission applications on the web, with the help of and I have the testimony of James M. Barber, along with the decision. The images are very large. If you print them out, they may be more readable. I have transcribed the testimony of James M. Barber below, along with the decision.

James M Barber Testimony, page 1
James M Barber Testimony, page 2
James M Barber Testimony, page 3
James M Barber Testimony, page 4
James M Barber Decision, page 1
James M Barber Decision, page 2

                         DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR,
                      Muskogee, Ind. Ter., May 25, 1903.

     In the matter of the application for the enrollment of James M.,
Bertie, John S., Pearl, Niles, Mary M., and Davis Barber, as citizens
by blood of the Creek Nation.

     APPEARANCES:  E. Hastain and Benj. Martin, Jr.,
                                Attorneys for Applicants.
                   A. P. Murphy, Attorney for Creek Nation.

     JAMES M. BARBER, being first duly sworn, testified as


Q  What is your name?  A James M. Barber.
Q  How old are you? A  I am fifty years old.
Q  What is your post office address?  A  Wagoner.
Q  For whom do you make application for enrollment?
A  For myself and children.
Q  Are you a Creek by blood?  A  Yes, sir.
Q  Do you make application for yourself and your children as Creeks by 
blood?  A  Yes, sir.
Q  What is the name of your oldest child for whom you make applica-
tion?  A  That is Bertie E.
Q  How old is she?  A  Twenty-two years old.
Q  Is she a member of your family?  A Yes, sir.
Q  Is she married?  A  No, sir.
Q  What is the name of the next?  A  John S.
Q  How old is he?  A  Well he is about seventeen or eighteen, 
somewheres along there.
Q  What is the next?  A  Pearl I.
Q  How old is she?  A  Fourteen or fifteen, I don't know exactly.
Q  What is the next?  A Niles.
Q  How old is he?  A About twelve years old.
Q  The next?  A Her name is Mary M., but I call her Pink.
Q  How old is she?  A  Ten or eleven.
Q  What is the name of the next?  A Davis
Q  How old is he?  A Five years old.
Q  Are these children all living?  A  I have some dead children.
Q  I am speaking of these. A  They are all living at home,
every one of them.
Q  Have they all lived with you all their lives?  A Yes, sir.
Q  Where do you reside?  A  Two miles and a half west of Wagoner.
Q  Is that in the Creek Nation?  A  Yes, sir.
Q  How long have you lived in the Creek Nation?  A I have been 
living on that place since ninety.
Q  I am not speaking about on that place.  How long have you lived
in the Creek Nation?  A  I came here in seventy-two.  I went back to 
Texas and then moved my family to the Creek Nation in 1890.
Q  Have you ever drawn any money for the Creek Nation?  A No, sir.
Q  Have you ever been recognized as a citizen by the Creek tribal
authorities?  A  Yes, sir.
Q  What authorities recognized you?  A  Well, sir, I was out as 
assistant prosecuting attorney, and then they knocked me out.
Q  Assistant prosecuting attorney of the Creek Nation?  A  Yes, sir.
Q  What district was that?  A  Coweta.
Q  From whom did you receive that appointment?  A  Upler Bird, also
Isparhecher, who was chief at the time.
Q  Has any money ever been drawn from the Creek Nation for any of 
these children for whom you apply?  A  No sir; none at all.
Q  Did you make application for money for yourself or any of these
children at the 1890 payment?  A  That was the--
Q  Twenty-nine dollar payment.  A  No,I didn't get that. I tried 
to get it.
Q  They refused to pay you?  A  Yes, sir;  I didn't get a dollar.
Q  Did you make application to the Creek authorities for the payment
of money to you in the 1890 payment?  A  I went there to make it, 
but they scratched me off the next day, of the roll, done by the
Eighteen Committee.

            The 1890 authenticated tribal roll of the Creek Nation,
          Broken Arrow Town, examined, and the names of none of the
          applicants found theron.
               The 1895 Pay Roll of the Creek Nation, Broken Arrow
          Town, examined, and the names of none of the applicants
          found thereon.

Q  To what town in the Creek Nation do you claim to belong?
A  Broken Arrow.
Q  Did you make application to the Colbert Citizenship Committee 
for admission?  A  Yes, sir.
Q  What was done with the application?  A  I don't know.  I gave
a five hundred dollar bond, and I staid there six weeks at one
time, and I gave bond of five hundred dollars, and they adjourned
and never gave a man a hearing.  Promised me every day, except

            The records of the Creek Nation examined, and it ap-
          pears that on July 13, 1895, an application was made to the
          Colbert Citizenship Commission for the admission of J.M.,
          Bertie, John G., Pearl, Niles, and Pink Barber, as citizens
          of the Creek Nation, and that no action was had upon said

Q  Did you make application to the Commission to the Five Civilized
Tribe for the admission of yourself and your children as citizens
of the Creek Nation?  A  Yes, sir.
Q  Was your application granted or denied?  A  It was denied, I
suppose, I never got no report.

            The records of the Commission examined and it appears
          therefrom that application was made for admission to citi-
          zenship in the Creek Nation, of James M., Berdie E., John S., 
          Pearl I., Niles and Mary M., under the act of June 10, 1896
          (29 Stat., 321), and that said application was denied.  An
          appeal was taken to the United States court in Indian Terri-
          tory, Northern District, and the judgment of the Commission
          was sustained.

Q  Was application ever made for admission to citizenship in the
Creek Nation, for yourself and these minor children, to the Creek
National Council?  A  Yes, sir.
Q  What was done with that application?  A  It was referred to a 
committee, and it was referred--and the House of Kings, they passed
it favorable, and it went on to the House of Warriors, Ward Coachman
being the Chairman, and they monkeyed around with it, and never
passed on it, never done anything with it.
Q  When was that?  A  That was in ninety, I think.

            The list of persons admitted to citizenship in the Creek
          Nation, as found in the Creek Law Book, edition of 1893,  
          examined, and the names of none of the applicants appear

Q  How do you claim to be a citizen of the Creek Nation?  A  By blood.
Q  Well--  A  Through my mother.
Q  Well do you claim to have been admitted?  A  Yes, sir; I came
before the Council here, and went before the court;;
Q  What court?  A  Judge Childers--N.B. Childers.
Q  Was he a District judge?  A  Coweta.
Q  What kind of proceedings did you institute in that court?
A  The gave me a notice, through the Light Horse, to appear on
the 13th day of June, ninety-three. I gave the bond and staid at 
home until the 13th, but the 13th I appeared, and they notified 
me that I was living in a lawful pasture--a pasture leased by the 
government, and to show cause why I was living in the pasture.  I
appeared on that day and brought the case to trial, and my town
king represented me--Joseph Mingo.  Well we had our trial. I carried
all these connections of mine with me, was notified to bring them, 
we were all on trial and so we were declared that we was all 
right, to go back to work.
Q  When was it that you were appointed assistant attorney?
A  About two years, I guess. I have got the dates--a record that
would show you, in a pamphlet.
Q  Was that before or after you were notified to appear before 
Childers?  A  That was away afterwards.  I was prosecuting attorney
when the United States knocked the tribal courts out there, after
I had been scratched off.

            The 1895 Doubtful Roll of citizens of the Creek Nation,
          Broken Arrow Town, examined, and the names of J.M., Bertie,
          John L., Pearl, Niles and Pink Barber, found thereon, page 3.

                        DIRECT EXAMINATION

Q  What relation are you to Mary L. Posey, who made application?
A  First cousin.  A  Her father and my mother were brother and sister.
Q  Did you ever hold any other official position in the Creek Naton?
A  I have guarded prisoners and worked with militiamen.

                        CROSS EXAMINATION

Q  Do you base your claim to citizenship upon the fact that you were
prosecuting attorney or attorney for the Creek Nation? A  Just because
I have ought to be a citizen. I am an Indian, and then I ought to 
be entitled to it just simply--I have lived here and made my 
improvements and worked my time out.
Q  A man never did have to be a citizen to be an assistant attorney
for the Creek Nation.  A  Yes, sir; no other man could hold it.
Q  You mean to say a man couldn't be a prosecuting attorney
without being a citizen?  A  No, sir, he had to be, by blood.
Q  Now in this proceeding before Judge Childers, wasn't it a fact
that it was a lawful proceeding against you as an intruder, and 
they arrested you, and you gave bond for your appearance on the 
13th day of June, 1893; that you went up there on the 13th day of
June, isn't that a fact?  A  They tried me for my blood.
Q  They tried you because you were an intruder, didn't they?
A  Tried me for blood.
Q  Why did they arrest you?  A Because I was on land that had been
leased by the government.
Q  That it was a lawful proceeding?  A  Well, I suppose so.
Q  And you gve bond for your appearance?  A  Yes, sir.
Q  Are all these children living?  A  Yes, sir.
Q  Now you made the application to the Dawes Commission, under the
act of June 10, 1896, did you not?  A Yes, sir; I don't know the
date, but I made the application.
Q  And you were denied?  A Yes, sir.
Q  You filed the affidavit for an appeal yourself, didn't you, to
the United States court, and you were denied by that court?  A  Yes, sir.
witness excused.

introduce evidence mention by him, upon notice to the attorney
for the Creek Nation of the time, and the Creek Nation will also 
be allowed to introduce such evidence such in the case as it may desire.


     Oliver C. Hinkle, having been duly sworn, upon his oath states,
that as stenographer for the Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes,
he reported the preoceedings had in the above entitled cause on the 
25th day of May, 1903, and that the above and foregoing is a full,
true and correct transcript of his stenographic notes thereof.

                                           Oliver C. Hinkle

     Subscribed and sworn to before me this 2nd day of June, 1903,
at Muskogee, Indian Territory.

                                           Charles H. Sawyer
                                              Notary Public

                           DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR

     In the matter of the application for the enrollment of James
M., Bertie E., John S., Pearl I., Niles, Mary M. and Davis Barber as
citizens by blood of the Creek Nation.


    The record in this case shows that on May 25, 1903, James M.
Barber appeared before the Commission at Muskogee, Indian Territory,
and made application for the enrollment of himself and his six 
children, Bertie E., John S., Pearl I., Niles, Mary M. and Davis
Barber, as citizens by blood of the Creek Nation.

     The evidence shows that none of the applications are full blood
Creek Indians residing in the Cherokee Nation, or residing in the 
State of Texas, or who have recently removed from the state of Texas.

     The evidence further shows that none of the applicants are 
identified on the 1890 or 1895 authenticated tribal rolls of the 
Creek Nation; that they have never been admitted to citizenship in
said nation by the tribal authorities, the commission to the Five
Civilized Tribes or the United States Court in Indian Territory.

     It appears that the applicants base their claim to enrollment
as citizens of the creek Nation on the alleged admission of James
M. Barber to citizenship by a district tribal court.

     In the case of Jennie Johnson vs. Creek Nation, the United
States Court in Indian Territory, Northern Distict, said:

         The Creek council never delegated to the district courts
      power to determine questions of citizenship and to make final
      decisions upon the subject.

     It is therefore the opinion of the Commission that James M.
Barber, Bertie E. Barber, John S. Barber, Pearl I. Barber, Niles
Barber, Mary M. Barber and Davis Barber are not entitled to enroll-
ment as citizens by blood of the Creek Nation as provided by the 
acts of Congress, June 28, 1898 (30 Stats., 495), March 1, 1901
(31 Stats., 861) and June 30, 1902 (32 Stats., 500), or any of said
acts, and that the application for their enrollment as such should,
therefore, be denied, and it is so ordered.


Dated at Muskogee, Indian Territory,

March 14, 1904

James Monroe Barber appealed, which was denied. To see the legal opinion, go here.

Obituary of James Monroe Barber

Beckham County Democrat )
Erick, Oklahoma         )           James Monroe Barber
November 21, 1940       )
Page 5, col. 4.         )         James Monroe Barber was born in
                            Natchidoches County, Texas, January 17, 1852,
and died November 17, 1940.  He came to Wagoner in December 1889 and settled
at Blue Mound where he lived until 1904.

He was converted and joined the Baptist Church a Mt. Calm, in Texas in
1878.  He was married to Sarah E. Wood in Limestone County, Texas in
1877.  To this union eleven children were born, four of whom died in infancy.

He leaves to mourn his departure, seven children, four daughters, Mrs.
J.C. Casaver, Wagoner, Mrs. Bertie Gibson, Ada, Mrs. W.C. Hollis of
Pryor, and Mrs. Pearl Howard of Oklahoma City; three sons, John S.
Barber, Vinita, N.L. Barber, Tulsa, and Davis D. Barber of Erick.  One
sister Mrs. Sudie Coker of Parson, Kansas.  One brother, R.W. Barber
Barber of Okmulgee and one sister-in-law, Mrs. May Barber of Oklahoma City.
Twenty-five grandchildren and fourteen great-grandchildren and a host of
other relatives and friends.

Services were held Tuesday from the First Baptist Church at Wagoner,
Oklahoma with Rev. D.H. Corwin in charge assisted by Rev. D.A. Spiller
and Rev. McCoy.

Burial was made in the family lot at Wagoner by the side of his wife who
died twenty-three years ago, and in view of Blue Mound, the old home
place settled in 1889.


James M. Barber died two months before his 89th birthday.

1900 Census, Creek Nation

528-535  Barber, James M. HEAD  w m Jan 1853 47     TX  AL TN
                 Sarah E. wife  w f Apr 1857 43     AR  un un
                 Bertie E dau   w f Mar 1880 20     TX  TX AR
                 John S   son   w m May 1884 16     TX  TX AR at college
                 Pearl I  dau   w f Feb 1888 12     TX  TX AR at college
                 Niles    son   w m Jan 1880 10     TX  TX AR at college
                 Mary M   dau   w f Mar 1891  9     IT  TX AR at school
                 Davis    son   w m Dec 1897  2     IT  TX AR

Living next door on this 1900 census was Thomas Stockton and his wife Mary F. Stinson Stockton and family. Mary was a step-daughter of Silas H. Barber.

1910 Census, Porter, Wagoner County, OK

1-1  Barber, James M  HEAD       m Ind  57      TX AL GA Indian Creek 1/4
             Sarah E  wife       f w    54      TN TN TN 
             Davis    son        m Ind  11      OK TX TN Indian Creek 1/8
     Hollis, Mary M   dau        f Ind  19      OK TX TN Indian Creek 1/8
             William C son-in-law m w   28      TN TN TN rural route postl

2-2  Howard, Ed       HEAD       m w    25      MO IL MO merchant
             Pearl    wife       f Ind  22      TX AL GA Indian Creek 1/8
             Milburn  son        m Ind   1      OK MO TX Indian Creek 1/16

The 1910 census asked people in the old Indian Territory if they were part Indian, what tribe, and percentage of blood.

1920 Census, Muskogee County, OK

47-47   Howard, Otis E   HEAD    m w  34     MO  US  US
                Pearl    wife    f w  32     TX  TX  TN
                Milburn  son     m w  11     OK  MO  TX
                Nolaflorie dau   f w   8     OK  MO  TX
                Otis     son     m w   2     OK  MO  TX
                Billy    son     m w 5/12    OK  MO  TX
        Barber, James M boarder  m w  67     TX  AL  AL

1930 Census, Muskogee County, OK

368-385  Williams, Roy  HEAD     m w  25     OK  TN  US
                   Nancy C wife  f w  35     AR  AR  AR
                   Ralph   son   m w   7     OK  OK  AR
                   David   son   m w 11/12   OK  OK  AR
         Hallums,  Jay   stepson m w  10     AR  AR  AR
         Barber, James M boarder m w  77     TX  GA  GA

Children of James M. and Sarah (Wood) Barber121

  1.  Sarah Elizabeth (Bettie) Barber, born 1877, Limestone County, Texas,
      died 1957, Wagoner, Oklahoma, married J. C. Casover, who was born
      1869, died 1938.

      A.  Edith Casover, never married, was a real estate agent in Wagoner,
          Oklahoma in 1974.

      B.  Ted Casover, married, two children.

  2.  Bertie E. Barber, born 1 April 1879, Mexia, Limestone County, Texas,
      died 1960, married John Connie Gibson.  He died 1930.

      A.  son Gibson died as a teenager.

      B.  Florence Gibson, born 17 Aug 1908, died 6 Sep 2003, Ft Worth TX, 
          married Dwight L. Morelock, who was born 20 July 1912, died July 
          1982 in Ft. Worth, TX.

          a.  Marlene Nell Morelock born 11 December 1939, Ada, Oklahoma,
              married ____Wills.

          b.  Donald Lyle Morelock, born 7 June 1941, Ada, Oklahoma, married
              Florence Berger 17 August 1974.

  3.  James Barber, born 22 January 1881, Mexia, Limestone County, Texas,
      died 3 April 1884, buried Honest Ridge Cemetery, Limestone County, Tx

  4.  John Shay Barber, born 1 Oct 1883, Limestone County, Texas, died 
      1943, Vinita, Ok, married (1) Bessie Lilly Kelton, b 25 Feb 1888, 
      Bentonville, Ark, (2) Flora Barsh 19 March 1916. One son by first 
      marriage, four daughters by second. Flora married Floyd Agnew after 
      John Shay Barber went into a mental institution in Vinita OK. Flora 
      was born 5 Feb 1896, died Sep 1983 in Tulsa Co OK.  Floyd was born 
      12 Sep 1899, died Dec 1968 in Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas.


      A.  Karl Kelton Barber, born 19 October 1907, Boynton, Indian 
          Territory, died 1 August 1972, Tulsa, Ok. married (1) Melba Ruth 
          Cook 22 Dec 1930 (2) Alma Clark, 26 October 1946.  Children by 
          first marriage:Updated info, thanks to Arthur Barber!

          a.  Johnna Lea Barber, born 7 December 1931, Tulsa, OK, married 
              Norbert James Greene.

              aa.  Christopher Kevin Greene, born 26 September 1951, Reno, 
                   Nevada (adopted by Jim Greene)

          b.  Arthur Bud Barber Sr, born 10 October 1934, Tulsa OK, died 
              20 July 2011, md Ora Cecilia Gaspard 23 Aug 1956. 

Arthur Bud Barber Sr. (10/10/1934 - 7/20/2011)
Born October 10, 1934 to Melba and Karl Barber in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
He graduated from Tulsa Will Rogers in 1953 and entered the United States Air Force, stationed at England Air Force Base in Alexandria, LA. He met his wife Ora and they married and later moved back to Tulsa with their first child. They had three children, Sherry, Arthur II and Bryan. Bud worked in the graphic arts, bowled and fished with his wife and friends, coached little league baseball, and raised his family. Known as Art, he owned and operated his own pre-press business, Art's Graphic Service, for 20 + years. In his retirement he spent most of his time with family activities and celebrations, short trips with his wife of 55 years, and especially enjoying the view from his comfortable front porch swing with his wife, children, grandchildren, and friends. He was a parishioner of St. Francis Xavier Parish. He passed away at home surrounded by his family, led in prayer by his grandson Deacon John Grant.
He was preceded in death by his parents, Melba Cook and Karl Barber, sister and brother-in-law, Johnna and Jim Greene, and youngest son Bryan Kelton Barber. He is survived by his devoted wife Ora, daughter Sherry Grant, son Arthur Barber II, grandchildren John Grant, Robert Grant, Trisha Short, Daniel Grant, Anthony Barber, David Barber, Amy Barber, Jaron Barber, Kari Owens, Mason and Peyton Hughes, along with six great-grandchildren.
Rosary at St. Francis Xavier Parish, July 24, 2011 a 3:30 PM
Funeral Mass at St. Francis Xavier, July 25, 2j011 at 10:00 AM
Internment at Calvary Cemetery following the mass.
A lunch and open house will be held at the Serenity Funeral Home Reception Hall, 4170 E Admiral PL. from 12:30-2:30 PM All family and friends are invited to visit and eat.

	      aa.  Sheredith Ann Barber (28 JUN 1957, Tulsa, Oklahoma,md
	           Patrick Leland GRANT (22 JUN 1956, Tulsa, Tulsa, OK on
                   08 JUN 1977


                   aaa.  James Patrick Grant born and died 1 May 1978.

		   bbb.  John Leland GRANT, b. 25 APR 1979, Tulsa, OK, 
                         graduated from Tulsa University and will be a 
                         Catholic priest in 2012.


		   ccc.  Robert Christopher Grant, b. 22 NOV 1981, Tulsa, 
                         OK, married Haley McAndrews.

                         aaaa.  Daniel Patrick McAndrews

                         bbbb.  Thomas Michael McAndrews

                   ddd.  Stephen Timothy Grant, born 7 Dec 1982, died 11 
                         Dec 1982.

		   eee.  Trisha Meredith GRANT b. 24 DEC 1983, Tulsa, OK
                         married Ryan Edward Harbison Short V.


                         aaaa.  Stephen Edward Harbison Short VI, born 3
                                 Aug 2009

                         bbbb.  David Patrick Short, born 19 April 2011.

		   fff.  Daniel Maurice GRANT b. 20 APR 1986, Tulsa, OK

	      bb.  Arthur Bud BARBER, II (04 FEB 1959, Tulsa, OK, md
		   Lynette Louise FRIEDL (12 FEB 1956, Tulsa, OK) on 02 
                   MAY 1981. Arthur is an exact DNA match for 67 of 67 
                   markers with Jimmie D. Barber, a descendant of Gray 
                   Barber, and is one marker off with Charles Stephen Barber, 
                   a descendant of Moses Barber, born 1755-1760. This 
                   would indicate that Moses Barber and James Barber were 
                   brothers, and we need to find their father. Arthur is 
                   also a match for 66 of 67 markers with Donald O. Barber, 
                   a descendant of James Barber through his great grandson 
                   Joshua Heard Barber.

Picture of Arthur, Lynette, Anthony and David, 2007

                   aaa.  Anthony Ross BARBER (20 OCT 1984, Tulsa, OK


		   bbb.  David Daniel BARBER, born 9 NOV 1988, Tulsa, OK, 
                         married Beth Tucker 8 Sep 2012.


	      cc.  Bryan Kelton BARBER (05 SEP 1963, Tulsa, OK Died 23 JUN
                   1997, md Debbie Lynn HUNTER (07 AUG 1967, Los Angeles, 
                   CA)  on 18 DEC 1987. Debbie had a daughter, Kari 
                   Hunter, born 20 June 1985, married Kassidy Owens and 
                   had Skyler Kelton Owens, born 28 Oct 2005 and Keelyn 
                   Ann Owens, born 2008. Debbie later married Phillip 
                   Hughes and they had twins, Mason and Peyton, born 5 
                   Oct 1998. Debbie and Phillip Hughes are now divorced.
                   aaa. Amylia Danielle BARBER  (13 JUL 1990, Tulsa, OK)

                   bbb. Jaron BARBER (08 JAN 1993, Tulsa, OK)

      Marriage record of John S Barber and Flora Barsh
      John took about five years off his age

      The delayed birth certificate that Flora filled out in 1943 shows
      that she was white and was already married to Floyd Agnew.

1930 Census, Tulsa County, Oklahoma
For a larger image, Click Here

1930 Census, Tulsa County, Oklahoma, 11 April 1930

Barsh, Sally, HEAD       f IN  58 wd MS mixedblood Cherokee landlady
Barsh, Jon Z, son        m IN  28 s  OK mixedblood Cherokee Carpet sales
Barsh, Mabel, dau in law f w   19 md AR   AR        AR    drygoods sales
Barsh, Richard K grdson  m w 2 11/12 OK   OK        AR
Barsh, Paul K son        m IN  21    OK mixedblood Cherokee auto mechanic
Barber, Flora dau        f IN  34 dv OK mixedblood Cherokee drygoods sales
Barber, June E granddau  f w   12    OK   OK        OK     
Barber, Ruth E granddau  f w   10    OK   OK        OK
Barber, Florene granddau f w    8    OK   OK        OK
Barber, Betty Sue grddau f w    6    OK   OK        OK
Barsh, Charles nephew    m IN  34    OK mixedblood Cherokee pipefitting 
Harell, Aaron nephew     m IN  18    OK mixedblood Cherokee auto mechanic

                Flora Barsh Barber with Ruth, June, Betty and Florine

      B.  June Barber, born 1917, Tulsa Co OK, died 1980, married (1) 
          Michael Markley, who was born 3 April 1911, died 27 Oct 1992, 
          Tulsa, OK, (2) Paul J. Stone. 

          John Shay Barber with Flora and baby June in 1917

          John Shay Barber with Flora and June and Ruth in 1919

          Barber girls in 1928 and 1932

          Flora Barsh Barber Agnew and Floyd Agnew

          Flora Barsh Barber Agnew at 84. Betty Gillette is in the picture
          on the right. Ruth is in the upper left picture

          Flora Agnew obit

          a.  Thomas Michael Markley, born 16 Dec 1937, married Joanne 
              Hadley Berest of Boston, Massachusetts, 1962. Thomas was 
              the biological son of Florine Emeline Barber. He was adopted 
              by June and Michael in 1948. He graduated from the US Naval
              Academy in 1961, after spending a year at the University of
              Oklahoma. US Naval Academy, 1961


              Tom with his girls: Lori, Amanda, Amy, Joanne, Deb

              aa.  Amanda Dee Markley, born 24 Sep 1963, married Mathew
                   Hayward Sawyer 1990, divorced 1997.

                   aaa.  Justin Markley Sawyer 

              bb.  Deborah Lynn Markley, born 24 Oct 1965, Wichita, KS,
                   married Stephen Gerard Buenaga 17 June 1989.

                   aaa.  Tyler Thomas Buenaga, born 30 Aug 1990, died 24 
                         Oct 1991.

                   bbb.  Alex Tyler Buenaga, born 17 May 1993.

                   ccc.  Preston Kyle Buenaga, born 29 Sep 1998.

                         Preston on his special-built bike

              cc.  Amy Lou Markley, born 5 March 1970, married Jerry 
                   Randolph Frostick 6 April 2001. 

              dd.  Lori Ann Markley, born 11 July 1973, married David 
                   Lee Cooper Jr 24 June 2000, Atlanta, GA.

                   aaa.  Hadley Ann Cooper, born 6 March 2008.

                   bbb.  Cole David Cooper, born 24 Nov 2009.

      C.  Ruth E Barber, born 13 July 1919, Tulsa Co OK, died 1999, 
          married (1) Orville Price, (2) Larry Nye.
          a.  Roger Gentry Price, married Carol ___, Lived in San
              Anselmo, California in 1975.  Four sons.

      D.  Florene Emeline Barber, born 26 March 1921, Osage County, Oklahoma,
          married (1) Emery Merle Brooks about 1937, (2) Joseph Benjamin 
          Lee, 1941, divorced 30 Jan 1945, (3) Richard Heath Pollock 2 
          Sept 1950. Richard Pollock adopted the first two daughters in 
          1960 in Lake County, Illinois. He was born 6 Nov 1923 and died 8 
          May 2006 in San Antonio, Bexar Co TX. Florine died 16 Aug 2003 
          in Middletown, 
          New Castle Co, DE.

          Florene Barber

          Florine, Flora, Sally Culver Barsh and baby Tommy
          Sally was the daughter of Zed Culver and Martha Dunn


          Florine Barber Brooks Lee with Tommy and Linda


          a.  Thomas Merle Brooks, born 16 Dec 1937, son of Emery Merle 
              Brooks and Florine Emeline Barber, was adopted by Michael 
              and June Barber Markley in 1948 and his name was changed to  
              Thomas Michael Markley.  He married Joanne Hadley Berest of 
              Boston, Massachusetts, 1962, lived in Wichita Falls, TX in 
              1975. Have four daughters. 

              Family picnic in 1938

              Tommy at the Brooks home about 1940

          b.  Linda June Lee, adopted by Richard Pollock, born 2 May 1942, 
              married (1) Melvin R. Johnson of Chicago, Illinois, 27 
              January 1961, (2) W Thomas White July 1981 in Wilmington DE. 
              Tom died in 2010.



              aa.  Scott Alan Johnson, born 6 Aug 1965, Indianapolis IN

              bb.  Matthew Robert Johnson, born 16 July 1968, Wilmington, 
                   DE, married Stephanie Dilks May 2007.

              cc.  Kristin Jane Johnson, born 11 June 1971, Charlotte NC,
                   married James R Knox April 1997.


                   aaa.  Conner James Knox, born 26 Aug 2000.

                   bbbb.  Alyson Jane Knox, born 10 Sep 2004.

          c.  Sally Anne Lee, adopted by Richard Pollock, born 1 June 1943, 
              married (1) Lawrence Alan Leonard 25 March 1966, divorced 
              1975, (2) James William Brittingham 17 Aug 1982.  J William 
              was born 25 Oct 1932, Wilmington DE, died 6 Nov 1999.



          d.  Marian Ruth Pollock, born 7 September 1951, Chicago IL,
              married (1) John Beeghley, Aug 1971, divorced 1974, married 
              (2) Miguel Angel Camacho in St Croix, Virgin Islands in 
              Jan 1979, divorced 2003, married (3) Stuart Knowlton in 
              2003, live in San Antonio, TX.

              aa.  Miguel Angel Camacho Jr, born 30 Dec 1981, married 
                   Amanda Starr Mooreshouse 7 July 2007, live in Panama 
                   City Beach, FL. He graduated from the US Naval Academy 
                   in 2004.

                   aaa.  Maekayla Grace Camacho, born 15 April 2008.

                   bbb.  Anayah Hope Camacho, born 8 July 2009.

              bb.  Meredith Emeline Camacho, born 12 Oct 1986.

          e.  Richard Heath Pollock Jr, born 4 February 1953, married 
              Melinda Brown Hopkins April 1981, then divorced.

              aa.  Richard Heath Pollock III, born 21 Nov 1983.

              bb.  Amy Suzanne Pollock, born 16 Aug 1986.

           Amy with her father, Richard Pollock Jr

      E.  Betty Jane Barber, (GI BETTY) born 24 Oct 1923, died 3 March 
          2005, married (1) Jack Evans 1944, (2) Roger Kelly before 1950, 
          (3) C. K. (Bud) Gillette.

          Sally and Linda singing on Aunt Betty's radio show

          a.  Terry Evans, born 1945, married (3) Kent Morlan.

              aa.  son, died about 2002.

              bb.  daughter, living in Florida 2011.
          b.  Kathy Kelly, born 1952, died 1990s

          c.  Kim Kelly, born 1954, lives in San Diego CA.

          d.  Kevin Kelly, born 1956.

          e.  Kendra, lives in Tulsa OK.
  5.  Eli Barber, born 25 April 1886, Limestone County, Texas, died 21 July
      1886, buried Honest Ridge Cemetery, Limestone County, Texas.

  6.  Pearl Irene Barber, born 16 May 1887, Mexia, Limestone County, Texas,
      died 6 May 1974 in Oklahoma City, OK.  She married Otis Edgar 
      Howard, who was born 22 Feb 1885, died Jan 1963.
      A.  James Milburn Howard, born 17 July 1909, died 8 Feb 2006.

      B.  Nola Florice Howard, born 12 January 1912, Porter, Oklahoma,
          married (1) ____Smith, (2) Homer Hendrix, 6 December 1942.

          a.  James Howard Hendrix, born ca. 1935, married ____.

              aa.  Dee Ann Hendrix, born 10 December 1956.

              bb.  James Howard Hendrix Jr.

              cc.  John William Hendrix, born 14 September 1959.

              dd.  Julie Ann Hendrix, born 25 June 1966.

      C.  Otis Edgar Howard Jr. born 24 April 1917, died Sep 1978 in 
          Oklahoma City, OK, married Ema Jean Goodman.

          a.  Otis Edgar Howard III, born 14 August 1941, graduated from
              the U.S. Naval Academy in 1963, spent four years in the 
              Marine Corp, married Mary Stewart. Naval Academy, 1963


              aa.  Amy Day Howard, born 1973, married Robert Blackett
                   Oct 2009, lives in Gunnison, CO.

              bb.  Otis Edgar Howard IV, born 1975, married Jennifer
                   Reeves Oct 2007, lives in Allen, TX.

                   aaa.  Thomas Edgar Howard, born 2007.

                   bbb.  Sarah Robyn Howard, born 2009.

          b.  Margaret Jean Howard, born 26 September 1943, married Thomas

              aa.  Chad Chelf, born 12 May 1972.

          c.  James Paul Howard, born 10 December 1948, married Angie ___.

              aa.  Elizabeth Ann Howard.

      D.  Billy Barber Howard, born 15 August 1919, died Nov 1986, married     
          Bernice Morgan.

      E.  Jack Mason Howard, born 11 January 1922, died 23 Jan 2001 in
          Oklahoma City OK, married Jo Helen King 12 June 1943.

          a.  Jack Michael Howard, born 5 February 1955.

          b.  Jon Meredith Howard, born 31 December 1959.

      F.  Todd Roderick Howard, born 10 December 1926, died April 1986, 
          married Marilyn Bell.

          a.  Todd Roderick Howard Jr., born 13 June 1956.

      G.  Richard Oliver Howard, born 2 July 1932, married Milly Ann Freeny.

          a.  Steve Howard, born 1956.

          b.  Kim Howard, born 1957.

1930 Census, Oklahoma City, N E 25th Street

1416-239-252  Howard, Edgar O.  HEAD  m w  45    MO  MO  AR
                      Pearl     wife  f w  42    TX  TX  TN
                      Florice   dau   f w  19    OK  MO  TX
                      Edgar J   son   m w  12    OK  MO  TX
                      Billy     son   m w  10    OK  MO  TX
                      Jack      son   m w   8    OK  MO  TX
                      Todd      son   m w 3 3/12 OK  MO  TX
                      Samuel  brother m w  53    MO  MO  AR

  7.  Niles Lawrence Barber, born 23 July 1889, Mexia, Texas, died 22 October
      1971, married (1) Fanny Ligon, 1909, Porter, OK. Fanny was born in 
      1889, Pittsburg, Texas, died 22 February 1914. He married Eveline 
      before 1920. (3) Niles married in 1921 Frances Ethel McCorkle, who 
      was born 28 Sep 1898, died 25 June 1993, Tulsa, OK, the daughter of 
      Charles Montgomery McCorkle and Annie Ross Mitchell.  Children are 
      from the first marriage.

      A.  Doris Kathryn Barber, born 21 June 1910, Porter, OK, married Arthur
          H. (Buck) Powell, 15 November 1928, lived in Ft. Worth Tx. 1975.

          a.  Robert Richard Powell, born 1931, married Patricia Ann Proctor
              29 May 1954.

              aa.  Robert Daniel Powell, born 11 September 1956, Ft Worth Tx

              bb.  Larry Joseph Powell, born 31 December 1960, Ft Worth Tx

              cc.  Melissa Ann Powell, born 30 September 1963, Ft Worth Tx

      B.  William James Barber, born 14 June 1912, Porter, Oklahoma, 
          died 17 Nov 1990, was adopted by Amos Marlin and his wife Annie 
          Laura Posey Marlin. Annie is a great granddaughter of Benjamin 
          Posey.  Bill married Charlotte Miceck.

          a.  Linda Kay Marlin.

          b.  Gary Marlin.

1910 Census, Wagoner County, OK

80-82   Ligon, William W   HEAD  m w  53  AR  SC  SC drygoods sales
               Millie M    wife  f w  50  AR  SC  AL
               Winfield    son   m w  28  TX  AR  AR
               Kate     daughter f w  14  TX  AR  AR
               Louise   daughter f w  11  TX  AR  AR
               Preston     son   m w   8  TX  AR  AR
       Barber, Niles  soninlaw   m w  20  TX  AR  AR house painter
               Fannie   daughter f w  20  TX  AR  AR

Niles Barber, 1920 Census

1920 Census, Tulsa County, OKlahoma, 11 June 1920

1535    Barber, Niles L   HEAD  m w  36  TX TX TX furniture store
                Eveline   wife  f w  22  OK TX MO
                Doris     dau   f w   9  OK TX OK

  8.  Mary Myrtle Barber, born 4 February 1891, Wagoner, Indian Territory,
      died 26 March 1972, Pryor, Oklahoma.  She married William Commodore
      Hollis, 19 September 1909.  William was born 12 January 1887,
      Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, died 20 July 1970, the son of William
      Brackenridge Hollis and Susan A. Gallaher Hollis.
      (new info on William Commodore Hollis

      A.  Virgil Eugene Hollis, born 21 July 1910, Porter, OK, married
          Lela___ 11 July 1935.

          a.  Dale Hollis, born 1936, married, has one child.

          b.  Marilyn Hollis, born 1939, married Mills, no issue.

      B.  William Raymond Hollis, born 3 January 1913, Porter, OK,
          married ____.

          a.  C. J. Hollis, married, two children

          b.  Glenda Hollis, married ___ Wofford, three children.

      C.  Verna Grace Hollis, born 13 March 1915, Porter, OK, married Fred
          Parks, 1 October 1938.

          a.  Lynn Parks, born 24 November 1946.

      D.  Mary Helen Hollis, born 24 November 1918, Porter, Ok, married
          Ralph Bradshaw.

          a.  Joan Bradshaw, married __ Smith, one child.

          b.  Gerald Bradshaw, married, two children.

          c.  Beverly Bradshaw, married __Simmons, one child.

          d.  Mike Bradshaw

      E.  James Wilbur Hollis, born 13 February 1922, Porter, Ok. married
          Wanda G. Hughes 19 August 1946.

          a.  Sharol Hollis, married ___Batson.

          b.  Jim Hollis

          c.  Xellye Hollis, born 1964.

  9.  Barber infant, died young.

 10.  Barber infant, died young.

 11.  Davis DeGraffenreid Barber, born 12 September 1898, Wagoner, Indian
      Territory, married Leta J. Hollis.  (see chapter 16)


Wood Family

Banet Wood was born in Norfolk, England and died at sea, returning from Virginia to England. His son, John Wood, was born (per tradition) in Norfolk, England and died 1783 in Amherst Co. VA, He was married to Sarah who died about 1796 in Amherst Co. VA. They had children: Paul; Silas; Charles b Ca 1755 (married Rosa) [my ancestor]; William; Sarah (married Abraham Lemaster) Francis b. 1763, Mary (married James Brown); Jesse; & John (married Mary Wright). This info comes from the Wood Family DNA project. Go to and then scroll down to Test # W32331

Charles Wood served in the American Revolution from Virginia?, married Rosa in Bedford County, Virginia. Charles died 21 June 1823, and Rosa died 5 January 1837, both buried Roane County, Tennessee.

Caleb S. Wood, born 21 October 1791, the son of Charles and Rosa Wood, married (1) Polly Oliver in 1809 in Roane County, Tennessee, (2) Nancy. Polly died 7 September 1835.

Caleb filed for a Revolutionary War pension on his father, Charles Wood. It was denied, but gives wonderful family information.

New Info: Caleb must have had quite a temper, as he was charged with assault and battery at least twice. That may have been why the family left Roane County Tennessee for Henderson County. The beating of John Oliver in 1822 may have been a fight with a brother-in-law or perhaps his father-in-law. Here is the arrest warrant.

Updated information on the Wood Family: (It turns out that we are NOT descended from Charles Wood of Charles Choice, Frederick County, Maryland and his wife Sara Brightwell)


Children of the first marriage:

  1.  John B. Wood, born 28 June 1810.

  2.  Mary Ann Wood, born 4 Novembe 1812.

  3.  Hilpi Melina Wood, born 22 October 1815.

  4.  William Oliver Wood, born 20 February 1818.

  5.  Polly Paralee Wood, born 8 February 1821.

  6.  Charles L. Wood, born 29 June 1823.

  7.  Caleb J. Wood, born 20 October 1825.

  8.  Judah Carroline Wood, born 19 December 1827.

  9.  Eli Newton Wood, born 17 November 1830.

 10.  George Washington Wood, born 7 October 1832.

Children of second marriage

 11.  Nancy Adline Wood, born 4 July 1837.

 12.  Abraham Reed Wood, born 26 November 1839.

 13.  Susannah Wood, born 6 March 1841.

 14.  Mary Jane Wood, born 1842.

 15.  Jesse Franklin Wood, born 30 November 1844.

 16.  Seviagh Elizabeth Wood, born 12 October 1847.

 17.  Martha Clementine Wood, born 5 August 1849.


Eli Newton Wood, the son of Caleb S. and Polly (Oliver) Wood, was born 17 November 1830, Henderson County, Tennessee, died 8 February 1905, Hamilton County, Texas. He married (1) Elizabeth J. Calima, (2) Mrs. Susan Duvall (Dowell?) 26 July 1877, Limestone County, Texas. Elizabeth Wood was born 25 March 1830, died 23 March 1875, buried Honest Ridge Cemetery, Limestone County, Texas.123

 Eli Newton Wood

Children of first marriage:

  1.  Sarah Emeline Wood, born 6 February 1856, Tennessee, died 1916,
      Wagoner, Oklahoma, maried James Monroe Barber, 1876.

  2.  Jasper N. Wood, born 1859, Texas.

  3.  Martha W. Wood, born 30 March 1860, Texas, died 8 November 1874, buried
      Honest Ridge Cemetery, Limestone County, Texas.

  4.  George C. Wood, born 1862, Texas.

  5.  Elizabeth J. Wood, born 1865, Texas

  6.  Ellen F. Wood, twin of Elizabeth.

  7.  Charles M. Wood, born 1868, Texas.


1850 Census, Henderson County, Tennessee, 9 Nov 1850

Caleb Woods             60  m  wagon maker    South Carolina
Nancy Woods             48  f                 Tennessee
Caroline Woods          22  f                 Tennessee
Niton (Newton) Woods    19  m  farmer         Tennessee
George W. Wood          17  m                 Tennessee
Nancy Wood              14  f                 Tennessee


Memories of Mrs. Pearl Barber Howard, written shortly before her death, 6 May 1974

"Born in Texas... list in cotton page.. put cotton seen in nose.. my father (James M. Barber) came to I. T. and got a place to live... moved his things in Box car... mama's father (E. N. Wood) gave her 2 cows, they were always hers... male cattle for papa to sell or use for food... she and us children rode the passenger train... a farmer lived on Bill Creek and we lived there until we built our house... orchard... grass was high as a horse's back.

"We settled 2 1/2 miles west of Wagoner at the foot of Blue Mount. planted... The M.K. & T.R.R. had just come through...There was only 1 general store and a Hotel. F. M. Davis owned the store and my Father used him for his Banker... He took care of our money and we could get it back as we need it... He was a great friend... my youngest brother Davis was named for him.

"We made friends with the Indians... Judge Mingo was one of the best... wanted his children to learn white folks way... Emma, Si, Tiecha, Wantea, but his wife and his other children did not like white folks. We went to their Stomp dances. My big sister and I went around with them... some Indian girls called me Iscariki...

"All the neighbors built our own schoool and hired a teacher, Miss Mabel Thomas was a wonder young woman, her father was a colporter... held services in train car in morning and the church at night. Wagoner had grown very fast and our pastor was R. L. Naylor. He baptized me when I was 14. Many of our relatives settled near us. Papa and Mama helped them get settled... stayed in our home. Later two men came bout our place selling organs in a Spring Wagon... a fine team. My father bought the organ, wagon and team. He hired a tutor to live with us and teach my sisters to play the organ, paint, do fancy work and et ...Miss Rose..

"The grass grew as high as horse back so my father went in to the Hay business (no weeds). He bought a hay bailer, had 2 crews of men, 1 white and a black woman cook all needs, implements. Built a large barn 40 x 80 to store... We had about 60 head of cattle and about 40 head of horses. He bought Mama a Surrey and a one horse buggy for himself...

"Were attending school in the school house all the neighbors built. At Christmas we had a Christmas tree. I played Santa Claus and my girl friend Eve played my wife. I still remember my speech to the children. We had Sunday afternoon for... We went to to church A. M. and night... Dr. Edwards did the preaching. We had all of them out to our house for dinner. Bro Naylor and wife love... We had about 13 great hogs butchered and smoking in the Smoke house. My mother always saw that they took a big Ham home with them. When he had to be out of town they got me to stay with her.

"We closed up our school and began going to town, "Central College" located in Wagoner. My oldest sister married and I stayed with her and went to C. C. It had pupils from all over I. T. that stayed in Dormitory. But we went as day scholars. Later the city bought the building for a hi-school and hospital and dormitory...

"We loved our Blue Mound... We took our visitors to the top to see the View. We could see all the towns around. The Mound had solid rock through it. My Father gave the town of Wagoner enough rock to build a court house. The Mound could be plainly seen from town and it looked a beautiful Blue. I loved my home and family, we thought our father was the greatest and my mother was so wonderful to us.

"I've thought a lot about our Horses. They were so different, I wish I could write a book about the personality of a horse. We had a grey mare that would not work at anything except mowing. She would balk at anything, but happy as could be when she and another pulled the hay mower. She had a beautiful colt that my father used as his buggy horse, as he has attended the shipping shipping of the baled hay in cars. One terrible night some one set fire to our Hay Barber full of hay ready to be shipped out. He had waited for prices to go up and the time was right. All the hay and barn was burned. But we never found out who did it. All our money was tied up in it. Papa sold the horses and cows and etc and went in business in Porter. I got a postion running the post office for the P.M. I met and married a good looking young man. I worked until I was pregnant. 2 1/2 years later my daughter was born. I've had 6 sons, all were in W.W. II except the youngest he was in the Korean War. They all came safely home. They all married and have homes and very too good to me. Their Dad died in '38. I was so lonesome and worried about the boys, I got a job at the Hospital and bought a home large enough to make a duplex so I could pay for it.

"The Dear Lord has been so good to me. I joined the Aid Society (in Porter) with 10 women and my mother and sister. We worked and raised enough money to build a church in Porter. that was in 1910. We lived in several different towns, the last before coming here. I believe the Dear Lord sent us there we joined church, taught the women's class. The pastor asked me to be W.M.U. Pres. I studied the manuel. my writing PBH."