Chapter 17 - Benjamin Posey and Eliza Berryhill

Chapter Seventeen

Benjamin Posey

Benjamin Posey was born 10 September 1807, Georgia, the son of Nancy Berryhill Posey. There is some speculation that Nancy's husband was Bennett Posey Jr. Quite a few web pages on Ancestry say that Nancy Berryhill, the proven mother of Benjamin Posey, married Bennett Uriah Posey on 21 March 1796 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia. Since Bennett Posey married Nancy Griffin on this date in Greene County, Georgia, I am wondering how some researchers decide that Nancy Griffin was actually Nancy Berryhill. According to the bible at the end of this chapter, Nancy was born 28 March 1784, the daughter of John Berryhill and his wife Elizabeth Durouzeaux. If she got married on 21 March 1796, then she was 12 years old when she got married. While that is possible, it is not possible that she was married to a Mr Griffin first. If anybody can prove this so that I can believe it, I would very much appeciate it. Bennett Uriah Posey was born 1762 in the Creek Nation of Georgia, and died 6 May 1833 in Troup County, GA. His parents were Bennett Posey, born 8 June 1731, Charles County, MD, died June 1762, Charles County, Md, married Elizabeth Hobart about 1758 in Charles County, MD. His grandparents were Benjamin Posey, born 1685, Charles county, MD, died 1750, Halifax County, VA, married Patience Bateman about 1724, who was born 1703, died 1781. His great-grandparents were Benjamin Posey,born 1648,Charles County, MD, died 1715, Charles County, MD, married Mary Belaine about 1683. Mary was born about 1655, died 1723. His great-great grandparents were Francis Posey, born 1615, Cambrai, France, died 1654, Charles County, MD, married Elizabeth Humphrey in 1645. Elizabeth was born 1620, died 1676. Most of the above information came from the Ancestry web page of Rhonda Etter.

John Berryhill was the son of Joseph and Hanna Berryhill of North Carolina. Elizabeth Durouzeau was the daughter of James Durouzeaux and granddaughter of Daniel Durouzeaux.

Benjamin Posey married his first cousin, Eliza Berryhill, 30 December 1824 in Pike County, Georgia.126 Eliza was the daughter of Thomas S. Berryhill, who was born 7 December 1782 in Georgia, and his wife Sarah Deacle. Thomas and Sarah were married 24 October 1804 in Georgia. Thomas S. Berryhill was the son of John Berryhill and his wife Martha Elizabeth Durouzeaux.

Benjamin and Eliza named one of their sons John Deacle Posey. I misread this as John Deach Posey, and that is how it got into my book wrong. Mary Bondourant Warren, a very thorough researcher, read the same document (I sent it to her) for "Family Puzzlers" and said the name was John Deacle Posey. I should have listened to her 25 years ago.

Benjamin and Eliza were members of the Coweta Tribe of Creek Indians, and living with their Indian relatives in the Creek Nation (now Chambers County, Alabama) in 1832 in Horse Path Town, near present day Fredonia, Alabama, where they lived on 320 acres.127

The Creek Indian Removal started in 1836 from Alabama to the new Indian Territory (Oklahoma). Benjamin Posey and his family did not go to the new home of the Creeks right away, but settled in Texas in 1846.

Benjamin Posey and his sons became prominent in Limestone County, Texas, Eliza dying in that county about 1879, and Benjamin moving to Indian Territory after September 1882, dying in Indian Territory August 1883. He is buried in the Elwood Cemetery, Wagoner, OK.

More info about Benjamin Posey

Some of the Posey family buried at Wagoner OK

Children of Benjamin and Eliza (Berryhill) Posey

   1.  Sarah Ann Posey, born 10 May 1825, Troup County, Georgia, died 28
       January 1868, Hill County, Texas, married Silas Harrison Barber, 6
       December 1846, Nacogdoches County, Texas.  (see chapter 14)

   2.  Thomas Berryhill Posey, born 14 September 1826, Troup County, GA,
       died 1898, Wagoner, I.T. married Huldah Elizabeth Hughes, 11 October
       1849, Nacogdoches County, Texas.128


       A.  Benjamin Franklin Posey, born 25 August 1850, died 17 November
           1877, buried Horn Hill Cemetery, Limestone County, Texas, married
           Mrs. Nora J. (Marsalla) Burris, 14 October 1871.  She was the
           widow of Will A. Burris.  She was born 11 May 1849, died 6 January
           1878, buried Horn Hill Cemetery.129

       B.  Richard Thomas Posey, born 15 December 1851, married Beatrice
           E. Waller, 24 September 1874, Limestone County, Texas.

           a.  Andrew W. Posey, born 20 July 1875, died 7 September 1875,
               buried Hoorn Hill Cemetery, near Groesbeck, Texas.

           b.  Richard Thomas B. Posey, born 16 August 1876, died 1
               October 1880, Horn Hill Cemetery.

           c.  William Alexander (Zan) Posey, married ____Bounds, lived in
               Wortham, Texas.

               aa. daughter, married Judge Williford, lived Fairfield, Texas,

               bb.  Audrey Posey

           d.  Thomas Posey, lived Wortham, Texas

           e.  "Doc" Posey, lived Wotham, Texas.

           f.  Jonathan Reed Posey, born 14 June 1883? married (1) Mrs.
               Bertha Bounds, (2) Irene Golden. Two children by first
               marriage, five children by second marriage.

               aa.  W. T. Posey, born 1910

               bb.  Liston R. Posey, born 19 Aug 1912, married ___Steele.

               cc.  Edwin D. Posey, born 8 Jan 1927

               dd.  Jonathan Reed Posey Jr., born 4 Jan 1930

               ee.  Charles Richard Posey, born 19 May 1932, married Jo Ann
                    Jones 19 Sep 1951. (

                    aaa.  Charles M. Posey, born 8 Jul 1955

                    bbb.  Kenneth R. Posey, born 11 Jun 1959

                    ccc.  Suzann R. Posey, born 17 Aug 1961

                    ddd.  Kyle D. Posey, born 30 Oct 1964

               ff.  Roger D. Posey, born 30 Jun 1934

               gg.  Douglas W. Posey, born 11 Dec 1939

           g.  Beatrice Posey, married John Bounds, lived Tehuacana, Texas.

               aa.  daughter Bounds, married (1) ___Floyd, (2) __Mancell.

       C.  William Uriah Posey, born 28 August 1854, died 19 September 1870,
           buried Horn Hill Cemetery, Limestone County, Texas.

       D.  Eliza Elizabeth Posey, born 6 February 1856, died 8 March 1870,
           buried Horn Hill Cemetery, Limestone County, Texs.

       E.  James Silas Posey, born 10 December 1858, married Emily Hannah,
           17 December 1878, Limestone county, moved to Bixby, Okla. after
           1900. James and his children were on the 1896 Creek rolls, along
           with his brothers, but James and his children were later
           scratched off. js1.jpg js2.jpg js3.jpg js4.jpg

           a.  Andy W. Posey, born 1879?

           b.  Thomas W. Posey, born 1881.

           c.  Laura Jane Posey, born 8 March and died 15 March 1882, Horn
               Hill Cemetery.

           d.  Uriah Posey

           e.  Lena Lee Posey, born 1886.
           f.  Jimmie Posey, born 1 June died 7 June 1887, Horn Hill

           g.  Norah Susie Posey, born 1890

           h.  Kennie Posey, born 1893.

           i.  Boyce Walker Posey, born 1897

           j.  T. C. Posey, born 1901.

       F.  Walter Posey, born 18 December 1858, married (1) Joanna Gillman,
           5 October 1881, Limestone County, Texas.  She was born 3 February
           1868, died 7 February 1888, buried Horn Hill Cemetery, married
           (2) Dora M. Tucker, July 1889, Limestone County, (3) Mary Lula
           Posey, daughter of Uriah Posey.   (see children by third
           marriage under Uriah's family)

       G.  John Milton Posey, born 1 January 1862, married Laura E. Hanna,
           21 June 1885, later settled Wagoner, Oklahoma.

           a.  Anna Laura Posey, born March 1886, married Amos Marlin, she 
               was living 1974, Eufaula, Oklahoma.


               aa.  William James (Barber) Marlin (adopted) born 14 June 1912,
                    died 17 Nov 1990.  He is the great-great grandson of 
                    Benjamin Posey. His parents were Niles Barber and 
                    Fanny Ligon.  After Fanny died, his sister Doris was 
                    raised by Niles but Billy was adopted by Amos and 
                    Anna Laura Marlin.  Billy married Charlotte Micek.

                    aaa.  Linda Kay Marlin

                    bbb.  Gary Marlin

           b.  John M Posey, born Jan 1889.

           c.  James H Posey, born June 1890.

               aa.  Walter Posey, born 1913

               bb.  Evelyn Posey, born 1916.

           d.  Walter Posey, born 1893

           e.  Ruby Posey, born Oct 1899.  

           f.  Hugh Fortune Posey, born 1903.

               aa.  Hugh Fortune Posey Jr, graduated from Muskogee High 
                    School in 1946. Jr was a cowboy, is buried at Oakwood
                    along with Thomas Berryhill Posey, John Milton Posey,
                    and Hugh Fortune Posey Sr.


           g.  Richard (Dick) Posey, born 1908, married Hazel ___, living 
               Wagoner, OK 1972.

           h.  Paul Posey, born 1910.

   3.  Piety Jane Posey, born 13 August 1828, Chambers County, Alabama, died
       9 February 1887, unmarried, buried Horn Hill Cemetery, Groesbeck, Tx.

   4.  Benjamin Bell Posey, born 9 December 1829, Chambers County, Alabama,
       died circa 1867, Limestone County, Texas, married Mrs. Matilda C.
       Murphy, 26 December 1853.   Murphy step-children also.

       A.  Sarah C. Posey, born 1854, Texas.

       B.  Henry B. Posey, born 1857, Texas.

       C.  Pervorana F. A. Posey, born July 1860, married Mis E. S.
           Heyter, 22 September 1881, Nacogdoches County, Texas.

   5.  John Deacle Posey, born 2 May 1831, Chambers County, Alabama, married
       Catherine Jones, 27 January 1852, Cherokee county, Texas, believed
       moved to Starkville, Mississippi.  Also thought to have had four sons,
       one daughter.  (4th Texas Cavalry)

       I believe the one daughter may have been named Josephine. She went
       to the Creek Nation and applied for admission, which was denied.
       There were about 100 pages of testimony. I have copied a few
       pertinent pages. She made many mistakes in her testimony, probably
       owing to the fact that she grew up away from her Posey relatives.
       None of them knew her when she went before the Dawes Commission, she
       met them just as she was testifying. boston1.jpg boston2.jpg boston3.jpg
       boston4.jpg boston5.jpg boston6.jpg boston7.jpg boston8.jpg boston9.jpg

       A.  Josephine Posey, born 1859, married George Boston

           a.  Lizzie Boston, born 1885, married Will Perkins 1901.

               aa.  Muggy Perkins, born 1902

           b.  Ella Boston, born 1887.

           c.  Don Boston, born 1897.

   6.  Martha Elmira Posey, born 3 October 1832, livng 1882, married
       Jack Mayfield.

   7.  Narcissa Posey, born 2 August 1834, died young.

   8.  Uriah Posey, born 6 February 1836, tallapoosa County, Alabama,
       served in the Civil War as a private in Company C, Terry's Texas
       Rangers 8th Cavalry, C. S. A.  He married Mary Elizabeth Barlow, circa
       1864 in Kentucky.  Uriah died 13 April 1877, burried Horn Hill
       Cemetery. Mary married second Capt. W.H. Hicks and moved to Wagoner,

       A.  George Arwood Posey, born 1865, Kentucky, died 1930s near Casper,
           Wyoming, married (1) Mary V. Bryant, 9 October 1887, Limestone
           County, Texas.  She was born 27 November 1869, died 16 November
           1892, buried Horn Hill Cemetery.  Married (2) ____.  Children by
           first marriage.

           a.  Laura P. Posey, born 20 January 1891, died 6 February 1892,
               b. Horn Hill Cemetery, Groesbeck. Tx.

           b.  Edward U. Posey, married Mabel___, moved to Oklahoma, later to

               aa.  Arwood Posey, married twice, moved to Houston, Texas.

       B.  Eliza E. Posey, born 26 June 1866, died 19 October 1866,  buried
           Steward Mills Cemetery.

       C.  Ambrose Powell Posey, born 6 October 1868, Limestone County, Texas,
           died 30 November 1954, buried Kirk Cemetery, Limestone County, Tx
           married Louella Phillips.  She was born 25 July 1873, died 5 March
           1957, buried Kirk Cemetery.

           a.  Thomas Uriah Posey, born 3 December 1893, died 9 November 1918,
               unmarried, Kirk Cemetery.

           b.  Laura Elizabeth Posey, married Judge Dan Dove, died 1972-73,
               no issue.

           c.  Delma Ross Posey, married Lois Sikes.

               aa.  Benjamin Charles Posey married Jimmie Ruth Payne,
                    lived in Mexia, Texas, 1964.

                    aaa.  Phillip Posey

                    bbb.  Ronald Posey

               bb.  Dr. Delma Powell Posey married Patsy Fitts, live in Waco,
                    Texas. (1974)

                    aaa.  Daniel Powell Posey

               cc.  Nancy Lou Posey, married O. J. Lee, lived in Mexia, Texas,

                    aaa.  Louisa Lee, born 1964.

               dd.  Donald Ross Posey married Loquita Ellis.

           d.  Edgar Powell Posey, married Doris Scovel in Wyoming, lived
               in Tullos, Louisiana, 1964.

               aa.  Karan Ann Posey, married Gerald Crawford, lived in
                    Borger, Texas 1964.

                    aaa.  David Crawford

                    bbb.  Michael Crawford

                    ccc.  Cathy Crawford

                    ddd.  Phillip Crawford

           e.  Susie Bell Posey, born 19 July 1905, died 25 October 1921,
               Kirk Cemetery.

           f.  Bennie May Posey, married Joe Earl Morgan, lived in Mexia,
               Texas 1964.

               aa.  Joe Earl Morgan Jr., married Dorothy Poppendorf, lived
                    Waco, Texas, 1964.

                    aaa.  Lisa Kay Morgan

                    bbb.  Laurie Ann Morgan

                    ccc.  son Morgan

               bb.  Ambrose Alvin Morgan married Vivian ___.

               cc.  Mary Ella Morgan, married Leonard Geiger.

                    aaa.  Leonard Geiger Jr., born 1964.

               dd.  Billy George Morgan married Ruthie Ann Alston.

                    aaa.   Mary Catharine Morgan

               ee.  Laura Lanell Morgan

               ff.  Vicki Lynn Morgan

               gg.  Dorothy Jean Morgan

       D.  Thomas U. Posey, born 3 November 1870, died 28 September 1922,
           buried Horn Hill Cemetery.

       E.  Benjamin Posey, born ca. 1873, Texas.

       F.  Mary Lula Posey, born ca. 1874, Texas, married Walter Posey,
           son of Thomas B. Posey.

           a.  Sarah E. Posey

           b.  Bertha Posey

           c.  Laura S. Posey

           d.  Willie B. Posey

           e.  Terry Alcott Posey

           f.  Lucille Posey

           g.  Jacqueline Posey

       G.  Nina Gertrude Posey, born 8 April 1876, Limestone County, 
           Texas, married (1) Samuel Johnson, (2) Ira King, lived near 
           Wagoner, I.T. (Oklahoma)

           a.  Frederick Johnson

           b.  Mary Johnson

           c.  Clarence Johnson

           d.  Daniel Johnson

           e.  Letah Johnson

           f.  Edith Johnson

           g.  Bennie Johnson

           h.  Odetta Johnson

   9.  Nancy Green Posey, born 29 August 1837, Tallapoosa County, Alabama,
       married Charles David C. Oswalt 18 July 1859, listed in 1870 census
       living with T. B. Posey, with two children.

       A.  Isaac Oswalt, born ca. 1857, Texas.

       B.  Martha A. Oswalt, born ca. 1862, Texas.

  10.  Eli Posey, born 20 March 1839, Tallapoosa County, Alabama, died 11
       January 1875, Limestone County, Texas, married Mary F. Neale circa
       1859.  She was born April 19, 1837, died 7 March 1873, Horn Hill

       A.  Benjamin F. Posey, born 15 March 1860, died 28 August 1870, buried
           Horn Hill Cemetery.

       B.  George W. Posey, born 1862, Limestone County, Texas, married
           Louisa E. McGee, 17 February 1881, Limestone County, Texas.

       C.  Mary E. Posey, born 1864, married William A. Vance, 23 August
           1879, Hill County, Texas.

       D.  Robert E. Posey, born 17 May 1866, died 13 October 1870, buried
           Horn Hill Cemetery.

       E.  Virginia A. Posey, born 1868, married H. R. Johnson, 19
           September 1882, Hill County, Texas.

           a.  Clarence Johnson, born 1884, died Feb 19, 1900

           b.  Mary Fanny Johnson, born 1887.

           c.  Jennie Belle Johnson, born 1893.

           d.  John B. Johnson, born June 3, 1904.

           Jennie Johnson was denied admission to the Creek Nation, despite
           the fact that she named her father, Eli Posey, her grandfather,
           Ben Posey, and that her sisters, Mary Vance and Eliza Allen and
           L. C. Perryman, the principal chief of the Creeks, and Joe
           Mingo, the Chief of Broken Arrow Town all testified on her
           behalf. Her case was appealed all the way to the U.S. Supreme
           Court, which was finally settled in 1915, and she was still
           denied admission.  Page 1; Page 2; Page 3; Page 4; Page 5; Page 6;
           Page 7; Mary Vance; Page 9; Page 10; Page 11; Page 12; L.C. Perryman;
           Page 14; Page 15; Page 16; Joseph Mingo; Eliza H. Allen; L. C. Perryman;
           L. C. Perryman 2; Henry C. Reed; Page 20; Page 21; Page 22; Page 23;
           Page 24; Page 25; Page 26.

       F.  Frances N. Posey, born 7 March 1873, died 2 July 1873, buried
           Horn Hill Cemetery.

  11.  Tinsley Elizabeth Posey, born 31 January 1841, Tallapoosa County,
       Alabama, died 18 August 1874, Hill County, Texas.  She married (1)
       John Stinson, 18 Jan 1861, (2) Silas Harrison Barber, 16 October
       1868, Hill County Texas.

       A.  Mary Frances Stinson (Mollie), born 17 October 1863, Hill County,
           Tx, died 3 November 1955, Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Married Thomas Milburn
           Stockton, 31 May 1891.130  Mollie and her children were denied admission
           to the Creek Nation.
           mollie1.jpg mollie2.jpg mollie3.jpg mollie4.jpg mollie5.jpg
           mollie6.jpg mollie7.jpg mollie8.jpg

           a.  Roy Milburn Stockton, born 1 April 1892.

           b.  Harry Thomas Stockton, born 23 September 1893.

           c.  Grover Cleveland Stockton, born 29 October 1896.

           d.  Walter Warren Stockton, born 21 June 1901, died 24 November
               1970, married Mrs. Sarah Frances Cousins Rader, 20 June 1923.

               aa.  Wayne Thomas Stockton, born 11 March 1928, Healdton, Ok
                    married Madolyn Louisa Moffat, 15 December 1956.  Still
                    living in Bartlesville, OK in 1998.

                    aaa.  Kenneth Wayne Stockton, born 14 January 1958.

                    bbb.  Conrad Warren Stockton, born 1 July 1959.

                    ccc.  Mark Robert Stockton, born 4 November 1960.

       B.  George W. Stinson, born 15 July 1867, Freestone County, Texas,
           married ____.

           a.  Jack Stinson, born 1895.131

       C.  Richmond Fielder Barber, born 16 August 1869.

       D.  Richard Watkins Barber, born 16 August 1869, twin of Richmond

       E.  Hardy Jay Barber, born 3 July 1872.

       F.  Lafayette E. Barber, born 17 May 1874.

  12.  James Marion Posey, born 30 June 1842, Tallapoosa County, Alabama,
       died 25 January 1870, Limestone County,  Texas, married Virginia A.
       C. Allen, 6 September 1866.  His widow married A. H. Garrett.132

       A.  Anna M. Posey, born 23 November 1868, died 7 February 1957,
           married James William Hicks, 11 May 1890, son of Capt. W. H. Hicks

           a.  son, born and died 18 June 1892, bur. Horn Hill Cemetery.

           b.  Ruth Hicks, born 3 July 1895, lived in Groesbeck, Texas,
               1975, was still living in the 1980s when she phoned me.

           c.  Paul Hicks, born 9 September 1896, died 30 November 1958
               married Verda Hamilton, 15 November 1922.

               aa.  Billy Paul Hicks.

               bb.  Virginia Ann Hicks, born 21 September 1930, married
                    R. Duff Baker, 10 September 1955, lives in Houston

                    aaa.  Michael Duff Baker

           d.  Gladys Hicks, born 15 July 1900, died 7 August 1930,
               married R. R. Crews, no issue.

       B.  James Marion Posey, Jr., born 29 March 1870, died 20 May 1912,
           marreid Yancy Berryman.

           a.  Delma Posey, born 4 March 1905

           b.  Cluree Posey, born October 195-06?, married George D. Oswalt
               lived in Mexia, Texas in 1974.

               aa.  Dorothy Oswalt, born 16 October 1925, married ___King

                    aaa.  Bobbie King, lived in Irving Tx in 1974.

                    bbb.  Lynda King lived in Austin, Tx in 1974.

          c.  Beatrice Posey, born 6 September 1907, married Buz Harris.

          d.  Jo Posey, married Balex Harris

          e.  James Marion Posey, married Josephine Posey

  13.  George Washington Posey, born 6 September 1844, Tallapoosa County,
       Alabama, died 1861 while serving as a private in Company C, Terry's
       Texas Rangers, 8th Cavalry, C. S. A. never married.133

  14.  William Andrew Jackson Posey, born 16 June 1846, Tallapoosa County,
       Alabama, died June 1877, Indian Territory, married Elizabeth Wallace
       ca. 1866, (see chapter 18)

  15   Eliza Huldah Posey, update thanks to Emma Lou Mosby
1. Eliza Huldah Posey, born 9 October 1849, Nacogdoches County, Texas, died 22 February 1931, Kiefer, Oklahoma, married Joseph M. Allen, 7 November 1867, Freestone County, Texas.  He was born 9 July 1836, died 6 November 1913, in Bixby, Oklahoma.  Joseph M. Allen?s parents were John Allen and Matilda Cordelia Garrett.  John Allen?s parents were Woodson Allen and Annis Palmer.
A. Mary J. Allen, born 28 August 1868, died November 1935.  She married Byron Covey in Indian Territory about 1886.  Bryon was born in Missouri in 1856 and died 3 January 1936.  They are both buried in the Covey Cemetery in Jenks, OK.
a. John Moss Covey, born 6 April 1887 in Indian Territory.  married Virginia Bell in Oklahoma on 11 December 1907.  Virginia died 23 June 1966.  John died 4 November 1974.  They are both buried in the Covey Cemetery in Jenks, OK.
b. Marquis William Covey, born 27 July 1891 in Indian Territory, married Frances E. ___________.  Marquis died 8 January 1977.  He is buried in the Covey Cemetery in Jenks, OK.
c. Bryan L. Covey, born 24 October 1899 in Indian Territory.  Bryan married Cora Brown.
B. Eliza M. Allen, born 6 October 1869 in Texas, died 22 August 1949 and is buried at the Bixby Cemetery in Bixby, OK.  Eliza married (1) Ellis Baysinger about 1888.  Ellis was born 15 December 1872, died 22 April 1900, Kiefer, OK.  He is buried in the Twin Mounds Cemetery at Glenpool, OK, Eliza married (2) Lewis P. McGuire in Indian Territory in 1901.  Lewis was born in Kentucky in 1882.
a. Columbus Lummie Baysinger, born 26 December 1889, died 16 November 1967.  Lum married Omah Boyd.
b. Nellie Baysinger, born 20 October 1893, married Ernest Clyde Worsham.  Ernest was born 9 February 1886 and died 9 June 1936.  Nellie died 26 March 1970.  Both are buried in the Bixby Cemetery.
1) Velma Lee Worship, born 25 October 1911 and died 8 March 1972.  Velma married Ed Devine. 
a) J. C. Devine married Dorothy ___________.
c. Joe William Baysinger, born 24 November 1896, died 16 October 1918.
d. Lewis McGuire, Jr., born 13 June 1902 and died 18 June 1902.  He is buried at the Twin Mounds Cemetery at Glenpool, OK.
e. Oscar McGuire, born 18 March 1905, died 26 February 1917.  He is buried in the Bixby Cemetery in Bixby, OK.
f. Joe McGuire was born 24 July 1907 and died 6 August 1977.  He married Laura _________.  Laura was born 8 March 1918 and died 19 April 1985.  Both are buried in the Bixby Cemetery in Bixby, OK.
g. Paul McGuire, born 15 September 1908, married Verna Lundy.  Verna was born 14 June, 1908.  Paul died 11 July 1949.  Verna died 23 August 1991.
1) Bobby Paul McGuire, born 3 December 1930, married Norma Jean Mosby on 27 May 1951.  Bob died June 25, 1993.
a) Paul Wayne McGuire, born 23 August 1952.  Paul married Tammy Crawford.  Tammy was born 11 July 1958.
(1) Courtney McGuire, born 24 December 1981.
(a) Hailey Jones, born 22 July 2005.
b) Linda Sue McGuire, born 17 July 1954.
c) Anne Frances, born October 21, 1966, married Eric Derry.  Eric was born 19 December 1964.  They had three girls.  The two older girls are twins.
(1) Stephanie Derry, born 7 August 1984.
(a) Ryan Allan Derry, born 21 January 2003.
(2) Rendy Derry, born 7 August, 1984.
(a) Timothy Allan Sparks, born 15 February 2004.
(3) Kirby Derry, born 28 October 1988.
C. John W. Allen, born in Waco, TX on 3 January 1872, married Cora Lou Maddox on 21 October 1896 at Posey, Indian Territory.  John died at his home in Bixby, OK, on 13 March 1960.  Cora was born in Iconium, MO, on 2 May 1881.  Cora died 9 December 1942, while visiting in Mt. Carmel, Illinois with her son, Joseph William Allen.  John and Cora are buried in the Bixby Cemetery. Cora?s parents were Samuel Millard Maddox and Mary Lou Hayden.
a. Iva Myrtle Allen, born 31 January 1898, died 15 August 1973, married James Aaron Cole on 3 February 1917.  Aaron was born 14 September 1894 and died 21 February 1964.  They lived in Bixby, Sapulpa and San Jose, California before moving to Safford, Arizona.  They are both buried in the Bixby Cemetery.
1) Aaron Leon Cole, born 4 August 1918, in Bixby, OK.  He married Margot Margaret EnKirch on 20 December 1948.  Margot was born 14 June 1923 in Cuxhafen, Germany.  Her parents were Heinrich EnKirch and Katharina Ruhl. Margot died 28 July 1995 in Clifton, AZ.  Leon died 11 August 2005. 
a) Aaron Michael Cole, born 19 December 1951 in Frankfort, Germany, married (1) Cheryl Jean Marks in Kanabe, Utah, on 1 April 1970, Cheryl was born 1 April 1954, Michael and Cheryl were divorced November 30, 1980.  Michael married (2) JoAnn Dixon on 20 November 1986.  JoAnn was born 28 July 1961.  Her parents were Jack Thomas Dixon and Mary Schulhopher.
(1) Tina Michelle Cole, born 7 August 1970 in Morinci, AZ to Mike and Cheryl.  Tina married James Daniel Wittern on 29 June 1991, in Hurricane, Utah.  James was born 31 December 1964, in Roswell, NM.  His parents were Daniel Wittern and Vicky Fillmore.
(a) Denetta Cas Wittern, born 22 May 1996, in Richmond, CA.
(b) Kresten James Wittern, born 12 April 1998, in Richmond, CA.
(c) Sarah Elizabeth Wittern, born 5 September 1999, in Richmond, CA.
b) Ingrid Marion Cole, born 31 July 1956, in Morinci, AZ, married Gary Stephen Gray on 22 May 1975.  Gary was born 15 December 1954 in Morinci, AZ.  Gary parents were Paul Wayne Gray and Joyce Louise Wittington.
(1) Gary Stephen Gray, Jr., born 14 June 1977 in Morinci, AZ.  Gary married (1) Vanassa Ann Haydenon 30 December 1997 in York Valley, Duncan, AZ.  Vanassa was born 6 September 1980 in Cullman, AL.  Her parents were Daryl Lee Hayden and Cynthia Kay McBrayer.  Gary and Vanassa divorced 1 November 2004.
(a) Brody Aaron Gray, born 9 April 1999.
(b) Cole Taylor Gray, born 30 April 2002.
(2) Amber Leigh Gray, born 17 April 1982 in Morinci, AZ.
c) Walter Jeffery Cole, born 25 May 1962, in Morinci, AZ.  Walter married Kimberly Stuck-Donnel on 30 December 1986 in Victoria, TX.  Kimberly was born 8 June 1961 in El Monte, CA.  Her parents were Raymond Harold Stuck and Terrie Frances Watores.
(1) Shyla Rae Cole-Donnel, born 8 May 1984, in Victoria, TX.
(2) Jeffery Aaron Ray Cole, born 21 August 1987 in Red Lodge, Montana.
2) William John Cole, born 22 November 1919, died 4 May 1920.
3) Mary Irene Cole, born 22 March 1922, married David A. North, Jr., 30 August 1941 (called D.A.)  D.A. was born 16 September 1920.
a) John Lynd North, born 11 May 1947, married Carolyn Sue Watson 3 October 1969.  Carolyn was born 10 May 1949.
(1) Tracy Le Anne North, born 18 April 1981.
b) Connie Sue North, born 20 August 1959, married Todd Krieger 21 March 1987 at Nichols Hills Baptist Church in Oklahoma City.  John Eugene Allen, Connie?s second cousin, performed the wedding ceremony.  Todd was born 21 July 1957.
(1) Kyle Davis Krieger, born 22 June 1993 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
(2) Taylor Krieger, born 29 July 1998 in Richardson, Texas.
4) James Harold Cole, born 5 June 1926, died 18 May 2001, married Genetha Fern Davis on 16 July 1954 (called Jeannie).  Jeannie was born 8 November 1928. 
a) Iva Louise Cole, born 23 October 1955, married William Yingling 27 October 1973 in San Jose, CA.
(1) William Henry Yingling, III, born 22 May 1974 in San Jose, CA.
(2) James Aaron Yingling, born 25 May 1977 in San Jose, CA.
(3) Robert Scott Yingling, born 8 April 1980 in San Jose, CA.
b) Jeannene Esther Cole, born 19 December 1958, married Dan Schmidt, 11 June 1983 in San Jose, CA.
(1) Diana Nichols Schmidt, born 21 January 1985.
(2) Jeffrey Alan Schmidt, born 28 March 1989.
5) Jack Lee Cole, born 21 December 1928, married Irene Joanne Butts on 27 December 1953.  Irene was born 26 July 1933.
a) Susan A. Cole, born 15 January 1955, in Great Lakes, Illinois, married Frank Maccioli on 1 December 1990.  Susan had Systemic Lupus and died on November 4, 2004, at the age of 49.
(1) Molly Annina was adopted by Susan and Frank.  Molly was born 29 August 1993.
b) Jack Lee Cole, Jr., born 4 May 1956.
c) Cynthia Diane Cole, born 1 October 1958, married Rickie Burdell James 1 May 1982.
(1) Camber Leigh James, born 7 May 1985.
(2) Brittlyn Nicole James, born 22 October 1988.
b. Joseph William Allen, born 20 November 1899, died 20 June 1979, married (1) Mable Lois Anderson on 12 June 1927 in the Orangeville Methodist Church in Whitewright, TX.  Lois was born 20 June 1905 in Ely, TX.  She died 3 November 1976 in Sherman, TX.  Lois? parents were William Chastine Anderson and Nancy Anne Williams.  Joe and Lois had two daughters.  They were divorced in 1933.  Joe married (2) Ada Pauline Rothhammer in Sapulpa, OK, on 6 April 1935.  Pauline was born 6 February 1914 and died 30 September 2000.  Joe and Pauline had three sons and one daughter.  Pauline?s parents were Joseph H. Rothhammer and Nina Carolina Greenhaw.  Joe and Pauline lived in Fairplay, TX, Carthage, TX, Deadwood, TX, and Newton, MS.  They are both buried in Lawrence, MS (near Newton, MS). 
1) Betty Marie Allen, born on 2 June 1928, in Bartlesville, OK.  She married (1) John Paul Brammer on 29 September 1945, in Ardmore, OK.  John Paul was born 31 July 1927 in Denton, TX, and died 19 July 1979; Betty and Paul were divorced 7 June 1966.  Betty married (2) William (Bill) Arthur Thompson Jr. on 20 December 1968 at Cortez, Colorqado.  Bill died in 1988. 
a) James Paul Brammer, born 8 October 1946 in Ft. Worth, TX, married Jodene E. Dietz on 21 December 1966 in Denver, Colorado.  Jodene was born 31 July 1948 in Denver, Colorado.
(1) Paula Joe Brammer, born 14 November 1969 at Wheatridge, Colorado.
(2) James Paul Brammer, Jr., born 11 February 1971 at Ft. Collins, Colorado.
b) Linda Sue Brammer, born 27 October 1947, married (1) Michael J. Mueller on 2 September 1966 at Garland, TX.  Michael was born 5 October 1944 in Ogdensburg, NY.  Linda and Michael divorced 13 August 1974.  Linda married (2) John D. Shaw on 23 April 1986. 
(1) Zackery Albert Mueller, born 7 March 1969 at Dallas, TX.
(2) Stacy Lynn Muller, born 17 May 1972 at Miami, FL.
c) Christopher Jerome Brammer, born 12 December, 1948, at Ft. Sill, OK, married Elizabeth Anne (Betty) Bauman on 20 May 1974 at Christ Episcopal Church in Denver, CO.  Betty was born 13 November 1947.  Chris was a major in the Marines and he died 23 September 1986 in a jet plane crash off the Georgia Coast. 
(1) Raymond Scott Brammer, born 15 July 1977 at Pensacola, Florida Naval Hospital.
(2) Christopher Adam Brammer, born 11 July 1979 at Beaufort, South Carolina. 
2) Melva Colleen Allen, was born 1 April 1930 in Dallas, TX.  Melva married (1) James William Alexander on 1 May, 1948 in Sherman, TX. James died in 1983, (2) Melva married Theodore Torbert Manning on 7 April 1990, in Dallas, TX.
a) James Marcus Alexander was born 21 August 1952 in Garland TX.  James married Carolyn Sue Carter in 1971 in Garland, TX.
(1) Cherie Ann Alexander, born 20 July 1973, married Trevis Keith Edgeworth on 19 May 1999 in Plano, TX.
(a) Jakob Tyler Edgeworth, born 15 August 2002.
(b) Grace Abigail Edgeworth, born 23 July 2004.
(2) Michele Renee Alexander, born 3 September 1981.
b) Gary Nelson Alexander was born 25 April 1954 at Garland, TX.  Gary married (1) Belinda Webb in 1972 and they divorced in 1983; Gary and Belinda had one child ? Shannon; (2) Donna Woranski in 1988 and they divorced in 2000.  Gary and Donna had one child - Laura
(1) Shannon Lindsey Alexander, born 4 January 1979.  Shannon married Delancy (Lance) Denton Ainsworth in Hawaii.
(a) Chase Ainsworth, born 1 February 1999.
(b) Cameron Ashley Ainsworth, born 7 March 2003.
(2) Laura Nicole Alexander, born 3 October 1995.
c) Cheryl Ann Alexander was born 6 June 1959 in Garland, TX.  Cheryl married Rusty Parker on 6 May 1977 in Garland, TX.  They divorced 6 August 2002.
(1) Joshua Michael Parker, born 3 November 1978.
(a) Julia Torrassa, born 18 December 2000 ? given open adoption.
(2) Justin Cody Parker, born 27 December 1985.
3) Charles Willie Allen, born 25 April 1936, in Eunice, New Mexico, married Martha Campbell on 23 June 1962 in Carthage, TX.  Martha was born 17 February 1939 in Brownsville, Pennsylvania.
a) Samantha Mae Allen, born 4/30/65, in Meridian, MS.  She married Jerald Ziller on 9/1/90 in Orange, TX.  Jerry was born in Chicago, IL on 10/6/59.
(1) Caitlin Margaret Ziller, born in Orange, TX on 9/21/94.
(2) Connor Marvin Ziller, born in Orange, TX on 10/27/03.
b) Sheila Mae Allen, born 7 May, 1971, in Talladega, Alabama.  She married James Walter Murray on 6/18/88.  Walter was born 3/31/69 in Orange, TX. 
(1) Chase Ty Murray, born in Orange, TX on 8/9/88.
4) Paul David Allen, born 2 December 1938,in Perkins, OK, married Neldean (Nell) Copeland on 27 March 1966 at the Church of Christ in Meridian, MS.  Nell was born 17 May 1940 in Neshoba County close to Philadelphia, MS.  Nell?s parents are Alfred Lee Copeland and Mae Copeland.  Alfred and Mae lived in Meridian, MS, and are buried in the Magnolia Cemetery in Meridian, MS.
a) Lori Michelle Allen, born 27 August 1968 at Riley Hospital in Meridian, MS, married Leo Lewis Caire, III, 21 February 1987 in Meridian, MS.  Paul Allen (Lori?s dad) performed the ceremony.  Leo was born 25 February 1966.  Leo?s parents are Leo Lewis Caire, Jr. and Betty Caire.
(1) Stacey Nichole Caire, born 18 July 1988 in Opelousas, LA.
(2) Leo Lewis Caire, IV, born 11 July 1991 in Opelousas, LA.
(3) Madison Elise Caire, born 20 August 1996 in Beaumont, TX.
(4) Seth Scott Caire, born 13 August 2002 in Louisville, KY
(5) Cole Michael Caire, born 28 May 2004 in Fayetteville, North Carolina.
b) Mark Andrew Allen, born 16 October 1974, married Tiffany Anne Slayton of Meridian, MS, on 20 January 1996 in Meridian, MS.  Paul Allen (Mark?s dad) performed the ceremony.  Tiffany was born 28 September 1977.  Tiffany?s parents are Jerry and Marthalene Slayton.  When Mark and Tiffany married, Tiffany already had a daughter, Amber.  Mark adopted Amber on October 17, 2002.
(1) Amber Renee Allen, born 7 April 1993 in Meridian, MS.
(2) Zachary Andrew Allen, born 3 December 1996 in Meridian, MS.
(3) Angelina Nichole Allen, born 17 September 2002 in Lafayette, IN.
5) Faye Ann Allen, born 30 September 1941, in Mount Carmel, Illinois, married Edward White on 18 June 1960.
a) Bruce Wade White, born 2 March 1963, married Michelle Denise Faulkner on 15 June, 1991.  Michelle was born 22 December 1970 in Plattsburg, NY.  Michelle?s parents were Clarence Denson Faulkner and Nancy Pauline Sopher. 
(1) Kristin Marina White, born 14 August 1997.
(2) Brett Alexander White, born 22 October 2000.
(3) Logan Sherwood White, born 16 August 2002.
b) Donald Brian White, born 23 July 1965, married Tammy Carole Pope Adcox on 6 June 1992.  Tammy was born 23 March 1964.  Her parents were Gordon Lee Pope and Clara Mae Amason.  Tammy had two daughters when she married Brian ? Tammy and Ashley Adcox.
(1) Tammy Sheree Adcox, born 15 March 1983, married Michael Coleman Stapp on 15 September 2003.  Michael was born 31 March 1983.
(2) Ashley Michelle Adcox, born 12 October 1984.
(3) Dakota (Kody) Brycen White, born 20 January 1999.
c) Melissa L. White, born 5 February 1969, married David Wells Hyde in Tuscumbia, AL, on 24 August 1991.  David was born 24 November 1967.  His parents are David Ralph Hyde and Linda Ellen Wells. 
(1) David Austin Hyde, born 15 June 1995.
(2) Curran Lee Hyde, born 7 November 1997.
(3) Hailey Grace Hyde, born 25 February 2002.
6) Clarence Lee Allen, born 6 July 1946, in Madill, OK, married Sandra Wood on 9 August 1969, by Clarence?s brother, Paul D. Allen.  Sandra was born 2 August 1946, in Sylacauga, AL.  Her parents were Mary and Ewel Wood.
a) Darla Evelyn Allen, born 20 June 1975, married Benton Wayne Vaughn on 7 July 2001 by her Uncle Paul David Allen of Meridian, MS.
b) Carla Darlene Allen, born 20 June 1975.  Carla has Cerebal Palsy.
c) Christopher Joseph Allen, born 1 October 1978, married Lena Miles on 10 March 1998.  Lena father was Lester Miles.
(1) Christian Allen, born 31 August 1998.
c. Violet Allen, born 21 February 1902, died shortly thereafter.  Violet is buried in the Twin Mounds Cemetery at Glenpool, OK.
d. Vetrus Allen, born 3 June 1903 and died 6 February 1904.  Vetrus is buried in the Twin Mounds Cemetery at Glenpool, OK.
e. Millard Edward Allen, born 7 December 1904 in Bixby, OK, died 21 April 1978, married Opal Orena Musser in Whitewright, TX, on 10 July 1926.  Opal was born 28 October 1903 in Celeste, TX, and died 29 March 2001.  Opal?s parents were John Musser and Sarah Elizabeth Smith.  Millard and Opal lived in Tulsa, Sapulpa, but most of their life in Bixby, OK.
1) John Junior Allen, born 13 May 1927, in Bixby, OK, married Ruth Irene Winsett in Bixby, OK, on 21 November 1947.  Irene was born 30 December 1928.  Her parents were James Philip Winsett and Clarissa Myrtle Henry. 
a) Larry Wayne Allen, born 12 January 1952, married (1) Ida Mae Blackwell on 25 June 1971.  Ida was born 12 January 1951.  Larry and Ida had one son and one daughter ? Tina and Scott; married (2) Louise Gail Duncan on 20 September 1985.  Louise was born 12 March 1944.  Larry adopted Louise?s son ? Brian.
(1) Tina Michelle Allen, born 1 August 1974, married Shane Vannoy on 25 May 2001.  Shane was 26 November 1974.
(a) Kylee Ann Allen-Brown, born 4 June 1992.
(b) Raylynn Michelle Hardin, born 19 July 1997.
(2) Scott Eric Allen, born 1 October 1976.  Scott married Christi Wilkins on 25 September 2004.  Christi was born December 26, 1966.
(3) Brian Douglas Allen, born 2 October 1975, married Tracy Renee Cheatham on 23 February 2002.  Tracy was born 7 May 19____.
b) Ronald Keith Allen, born 8 December 1954, married Sidney Marie Beason on 20 June 1975.  Sid was born 11 June 1958.
(1) Michael Keith Allen, born 10 October 1978. married Lindsay Ann Brock on 4 August 2001.  Lindsay was born 14 May 1977.
(2) Christopher Lee Allen, born 19 August 1982.
c) Laura Ann Allen, born 3 September 1962, married Don Robertson on 2 January 1981.
(1) Kimberly Ann Robertson, born 23 September 1983.
2) Richard Edward Allen, born 18 December 1928 in Tulsa, OK, married Inell Gaddy in Broken Arrow, OK, on 28 July 1948.  Inell was born 18 April 1929.  Her parents were Bryan Gaddy and Anna Kindley
a) Stephen Bryan Allen, born 25 October 1956, married Linda Ulrich 21 February 1982.  Linda was born 21 May, 1959.  Linda?s parents are Les Ulrich and Barbara Jones.
(1) Daniel Bryan Allen, born 13 June 1987.
(2) Elizabeth Ann Allen, born 28 July 1989.
b) Mark Edward Allen, born 16 September 1958, married Ann Anneva Lee on 10 May 1986.  Ann was born 11 December 1962.  Ann?s parents are Gorden Lee and Helen Echols.
(1) Samuel Edward Allen, born 24 February 1992 in Quitman, TX.
(2) Charles Christian Allen, born 8 May 1994 in Tulsa, OK.
3) Emma Lou Allen, born 17 December 1940 in Bixby, OK, married Richard James Mosby in Bixby, OK, on 25 January 1963.  Richard was born January 12, 1940.  His parents were Homer Lorenzo Mosby and Euna F. Tennison.
a) LeAnna Kay Mosby, born 26 January 1964, at St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, OK, married Jay David Onstott on 10 August 1985.  Jay was born 9 June 1965.  Jay?s parents are Don Onstott and Carolyn Stewart.
(1) Amber Nichole Onstott, born 11 July 1988 in Tulsa, OK.
(2) Ryan David Onstott, born 24 May 1990 in Ft. Worth, TX.
b) Susan Renee Mosby, born 3 August 1966, at St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, OK, married Kyle Lee Wray on 15 August 1987.  Kyle was born 28 July 1967.  Kyle?s parents are Benton Gordon Wray and Connie Lee Counts. 
(1) Kimberly Lynn Wray, born 13 October 1990 in Tulsa, OK.
(2) Summer Ann Wray, born 19 June 1995 in Tulsa, OK.
c) Brenda Sue Mosby, born 25 October 1969, at St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, OK, married Corey Lee Gearheardt on 13 June 1992.  Corey was born 4 July 1971.  Corey?s parents are Fred Gearheardt and Sandra Christy.
(1) Corbin Owen Gearheardt, born 17 March 1992 in Tulsa, OK.
(2) Katlyn Louise Gearheardt, born 5 August 1994 in Dayton, OH.
f. Harry Eugene Allen, born on 15 May 1907 in Sapulpa, OK, died 29 
December 1987, married Grace Evelyn Bostwick in Guthrie, OK, on 21 
1934.  Grace was born in Big Piney, MO, on 13 March 1916 and died 13 November 2001.  Her parents were John Raymond Bostwick and Adnia Rebecca Crossland.  Harry and Grace lived most of their life in the Oklahoma City, OK, area.
1) John Eugene Allen, Sr., born on 27 July 1939 in Borger, TX, married Mary Alyce Hibbard in Del City OK on 25 August 1957.  Mary was born 16 May 1938 in Maud, OK.  Mary?s parents are Lee Hibbard and Zelda.
a) John Eugene Allen, Jr., born 13 October 1958 in Oklahoma City, OK, married Debbie Chronister on 1 June 1979 in Ada, OK.  Debbie was born 3 April 1960.  Debbie?s parents are Johnny Chronister and Jo.
(1) John Tyler Allen, born 13 July 1985 in Norman, OK.
(2) Ryan Scott Allen, born 14 September 1992 in Norman, OK.
b) Russell Wayne Allen, born 23 June 1960 in Oklahoma City, OK, married Amy B. Floyd on 3 June 1983 in Ada, OK.  Amy was born November 10, 1961.  Her father was Ben C. Floyd.
(1) Jessie Lee Allen, born 29 October 1986 in Ada, OK.
(2) Joel Linton Allen, born 29 August 1990 in Ada, OK.
c) Timothy Lee Allen, born 21 August 1964 in Midwest City, OK, married Kaye Abram on 17 August 1985 in Noble, OK.  Kaye was born 13 January 1964.  Kaye?s parents were Robert Abram and Lois.
(1) Jake Robert Allen, born 26 July 1990 in Ada, OK.
(2) Brooklyn Nicole Allen, born 15 November 1995 in Lewisville, TX.
d) Stephen Lynn Allen, born 23 December 1966 in Midwest City, OK, married Traci Gail Downs on 2 May 1992 in Hugo, OK.  Traci was born 3 May 1965.  Her father is Dwight G. Downs.
(1) Christian Taylor Allen, born 16 March 1994 in Oklahoma City.
(2) Turner Lane Allen, born 21 January 1997 in Oklahoma City, OK.
2) James Edwards Allen, Sr., born 21 July 1943 in Oklahoma City, OK, married (1) Alpha Diane Stevenson on 10 February 1961 in Texas and they had two sons ? James and Terry.  James married (2) Lynda Gay Townley on 11 November 1966.  Lynda was born 5 June 1943.  James and Linda had one son ? Jeffery.
a) James Edward Allen, Jr., born 16 December 1961 in Oklahoma City, OK, married Nancy Rosenbluth on 29 July 1982 in Oklahoma City.  Nancy?s parents are Ben Rosenbluth and Barbara.  James and Nancy are divorced.
(1) Matthew Shane Allen, born 19 July 1985 in Oklahoma City.
(2) Justin Chad Allen, born 23 September 1987 in Salinas, CA.
b) Terry Scott Allen, born 8 February 1963 in Oklahoma City, OK, married Melodie Lynn (Sipes) Whitlock on April 2, 1985 in Noble, OK.  Melodie was born 8 February 1966.  Melodie?s maiden name was Sipes.  Terry and Melodie are divorced.
(1) Ashley Lynn Allen, born 13 September 1983 ? adopted by Terry.
(2) Brandon Scott Allen, born 2 May 1986 in Chickasha, OK. 
c) Jeffery Todd, born 10 April 1969 in Oklahoma City, married Laura Ann Cole on 10 July 1993.  Laura was born 5 June 1968.
(1) Bayley Nicole, born 1 August 1997 in Oklahoma City.
(2) Ryley Paige, born 10 December 1999 in Oklahoma City.
g. Baby Allen, born 18 May 1909 and died at birth and is buried in the Twin Mounds Cemetery at Glenpool, OK.
h. Jewell Allen, born 18 August 1910 in Tulsa, OK, died 29 May 2001, married Dan Orville Marchant on 12 November 1932.  Dan was born 12 December 1910, in Canadian, OK, and died 1 May 2002.  His parents were Joe Ephraim Marchant and Mary ElizaJosie Tully.  Jewell and Dan lived in Oklahoma, Paulo Alto, CA and Bend, Oregon.  They are buried in Greenwood Memorial Cemetery in Bend, Oregon.
1) Mary Jo Marchant, born 17 December 1933, married Joseph Randolph Curtiss on 31 January 1953.  Randy was born 20 August 1932 and he died in Denver, CO, in March of 1992.
a) David William Curtiss, born 30 March 1954, married Alice Hesketh on 17 July 1976.  Alice was born 31 December 1956.
(1) Amy Marie Curtiss, born 6 July 1978, married Chris Seltzer in August of 2002.
(a) Jeanne Kateri Seltzer, born 8 July 2003.
(2) Tracy Virginia Curtiss, born 7 January 1980, married Troy Channell in April of 2004.
(a) Caden Wiley Fernquist, born 12 December 2001.
(b) Nylah Kelly Channel, born 1 October 2004.
(3) Casey Joe Curtiss, born 8 December 1982.
b) Steven Randolph Curtiss, born 25 January 1956, married Joann Connar on 18 July 1981.  JoAnn was born 27 February 1959.
c) Kathleen (Kathy) Elizabeth Curtiss, born 22 November 1957, married Scott Marshall Myers on 27 September 1980.  Scott was born 27 December 1952.  Kathy and Scott are divorced.
(1) Amanda Marie Myers, born 29 October 1975, married Troy Dean in 1992.  They are now divorced.
(a) Trey Joseph Robert Dean, born 10 August 1993.
(b) Kiersten Marie Dean, born 3 July 1996.
(2) Lindsey Kay Myers, born 17 March 1981, married Alan Hipenbecker in December of 2000.
(a) Jacob Hipenbecker, born 29 November 2001.
(3) Kindra Jo Myers, born 6 November 1986.
2) William (Bill) Dan Marchant, born 26 August 1937, married (1) Nancy Friegang on 25 May 1958, had two daughters, divorced in 1962, married (2) Francine Marie White on 1 October 1966.  Francine was born 21 March 1942.
a) Julie Ann Marchant, born 30 December 1958, married (1) Junior Sampier, married in December 1976 (2) Rick Velasquez on 26 June 1982.  Rick was born 25 October 1948.
(1) Charles Sampier, born 19 December 1975.
(2) Shannon Marie Sampier, born 6 July 1978.
b) Laural Alicia Marchant, born 24 November 1960, married (1) Denny Jones in 1979.  Laural and Denny had two children - David and Theresa.  They divorced 11 February 1983, Laural married (2) Steven Wulfekrikle December 1986 in Nashville, Tennessee, and they had one son ? Steven.
(1) David Marshall Jones, born 19 June 1979.
(2) Theresa Marie Jones, born 3 September 1981.
(3) Steven Robert Wulfekrible, Jr., born 26 February 1988, in Yelm, Washington. 
3) Linda Gale Marchant, born 10 October 1944, in Pawhuska, OK, married Gary Dean Andreasen on 23 March 1963, in Hollister, CA.  Gary?s parents were Frank Marlin Andreasen and Lauree Hatton.
a) Dirk Andreasen, born 17 October 1964,in Ridgecrest, CA, married Jody Nissen on 19 December 1987, in the Idaho Falls Temple.  Jody was born 6 December 1966.
(1) Amy Jolene Andreasen, born 26 February 1988 in Provo, Utah.
(2) Riley James Andreasen, born 27 April 1990 in Utah.
(3) Joseph Dirk Andreasen, born 8 August 1995
(4) Emily Andreasen, born 11 May 1998.
b) Eric Andreasen, born 17 December 1966, in Ridgecrest, CA, married Nickole (Nikki) Jensen on 17 June 1988, in the Idaho Falls Temple.  Nikki was born 3 May 1968 and her father is R. Brent Jensen.
(1) Brick Dean Andreasen, born 17 August 1989 in Provo, Utah.
(2) Tyler Andreasen, born 22 July 1991.
(3) Mason Eric Andreasen, born 7 May 1996 in Provo, Utah.
c) Damon Olaf Andreasen, born 9 January 1977, in Rexburg, Idaho, married Shawna Kay Bryant, on 18 December 1999, in Boise, Idaho.  Shawna Kay was born 8 June 1979 in Mountain Home, Idaho.
(1) Cru Olaf Andreasen, born 27 January 2002 in Rexburg, Idaho.
(2) Corbin Emmett Andreasen, born 16 June 2004, in Resburg, Idaho.
d) Carl Olan Andreasen, born 26 October 1978, in Rexburg, Idaho, married Jinger Tyne Koyle on 25 July 2002 in the Idaho Falls Temple.  Jinger was born 9 May 1985 in Gooding, Idaho.
(1) Gage Olin Andreasen, born 17 January 2004, in Rexburn, Idaho.
4) Margaret (Peggy) Elizabeth Marchant, born 20 September 1951, married (1) Tom Earl Sebastian on 16 May 1970.  Peggy and Tom had two children and they divorced in 1990.  Peggy married (2) James Alan Sebastian on 16 February 1992.  James was born 28 August 1947. 
a) Lisa Louise Sebastian, born 8 September 1971, married Clarence (Eddie) Edward Ball on 25 July 1993.
(1) Ryan Joseph Ball, born 3 August 1996.
(2) Nathan Edward Ball, born 25 January 1999.
(3) Sarah Elizabeth Ball, born 4 April 2001.
b) Lance Daniel Sebastian, born 19 March 1975 is engaged to Vanessa Nipper, born 12 May 1979.  They have not married yet but have been together for since 1967 and are still ?planning? to get married someday.
(1) Kyle William Sebastian, born November 28, 2001.
i. David Wesley Allen born 13 June 1915 and died 14 March 1918.  He is buried in the Bixby Cemetery.
D. Benjamin T. Allen, Born 1 February 1874, died 6 March 1940, unmarried, Kiefer, Oklahoma.
E. Mattie M. Allen, born 17 September 1876, died 26 August 1964.  She married William Sherrill, born 13 August 1868.  William died 13 November 1929.  They are both buried in the Bixby Cemetery in Bixby, OK.
a. Wesley Sherrill, born 28 August 1898.  Wesley died 19 September 1898 and is buried in the Twin Mounds Cemetery at Glenpool, OK.
b. Luther Sherrill, born 1 February 1900.  Luther died 3 September 1900 and is buried in the Twin Mounds Cemetery at Glenpool, OK.
c. Gracie Sherrill, born 18 October 1903, died 23 October 1957, She married Harry Lambley, born in 1897, died 1967.  Both are buried in the Bixby Cemetery.
d. Vera Sherrill, born in 1907, died in 1931.  Vera married E. J Shultz.  She is buried in the Bixby Cemetery.
F. Joseph M. Allen, Jr., born 1 January 1879 in Texas.  Died 15 October 1896, Kiefer Oklahoma and is buried in the Twin Mounds Cemetery at Glenpool, OK.

  15.  Eliza Huldah Posey, born 9 October 1849, Nacogdoches County, Texas,
       died 22 February 1930, Kiefer, Oklahoma, married Jospeh M. Allen, 7
       November 1867, Freestone County, Texas.134  He was born 9 July 1836,
       died 6 November 1913, Kiefer, Oklahoma.

       A.  Mary J. Allen, born 28 August 1868, died November 1935, married
           Byron Covey.

           a.  John Covey, born 6 April 1887, married Virgia.

           b.  Marquis William Covey, born 27 July 1891, married ___.
               Eleven children.

           c.  Bryan L. Covey, born 24 October 1899, lived in Tulsa in 1974.

       B.  Eliza M. Allen, born 6 October 1869, died 22 August 1949,
           married (1) Ellis Baysinger, who was born 15 december 1872,
           died 22 April 1900, Kiefer, OK, (2) ____McGuire, (3) _______?

           a.  Lemmie Baysinger married Mr. Devine.  I met Mr. Devine in
               1976 when I took a trip to Tulsa and the surrounding area.
               He was a pharmacist and owned his own drug store in Bixby.
               He bought one of my books for his son and clued me into
               some of the relatives that lived in the area.  I wish I could
               remember his name.

               aa.  Dr. J. C. Devine, Bixby, Oklahoma

           b.  Nellie Baysinger, born 20 October 1893, married ____Worsham

           c.  Joe McGuire, born 24 July 1907.

           d.  Paul McGuire, born 15 September 1908, married ___.

               aa.  Bobby Paul McGuire, lived in Bixby, Ok in 1974.

       C.  John W. Allen, born 3 January 1872, died 13 March 1960, married
           Cora Lou Maddox, 21 October 1896.

           a.  Iva M. Allen, born 31 January 1898, married ___Cole, lived in
               in San Jose, California.

           b.  Joseph William Allen, born 20 November 1899, lived Newton,
               Mississippi, 1974.

           c.  Millard Edward Allen, born 7 December 1904, married Opal
               Orena Mussen, 1926.

               aa.  John W. Allen Jr., born 13 May 1927, married and had
                    three children.

               bb.  Richard Edward Allen, born 18 December 1928, married
                    and had two sons.

               cc.  Emma Lou Allen, born 17 December 1940, married and had
                    three girls.

           d.  Harry Eugene Allen, born 15 May 1907, married Grace Boswell

           e.  Jewell Allen, born 18 August 1910, married Dan Marchant.

       D.  Benjamin T. Allen, Born 1 February 1874, died 6 March 1940,
           unmarried, Kiefer, Oklahoma.

       E.  Mattie M. Allen, born 17 September 1876, died 1964, married
           William Sherrill.

           a.  Gracie Sherrill married ___Lambley, four children.

       F.  Joseph M. Allen, born 1 January 1879, Died 15 October 1897,
           Kiefer Oklahoma.


Affidavit of Benjamin Posey

State of Texas          )
Limestone County        )          Before me the undersigned authority
15 September 1882       )   this day personally appeared appeared Benjamin
on file at Indian       )   Posey to me well known who after being by me
Archives, Oklahoma      )   first sworn says that he is now seventy six
Historical Society      )   years old, and that he is the father of the
Library, Oklahoma City  )   following named children to wit.
No. 24964               )

1st)   Sarah A. Posey who was born May 10th 1825 and married Silas H. Barber
        and died leaving ____ Children.

2nd)   Thomas B. Posey was born Sept. 14 1826 now living.

3rd)   Piety Jane Posey who was born Aug 13th 1828 now living.

4th)   Benjamin Bell Posey was born Dec 9th 1829 and died leaving Children.

5th)   John Deacle Posey who was born May 2nd 1831 now living.

6th)   Martha Elmira Posey was born Oct 3rd 1832, now living and married

7th)   Narcissa Posey August 2nd 1834 died without issue.

8th)   Uriah Posey was born Febr 6th 1836 and died leaving five children.

9th)   Nancy Green Posey was born Aug 29, 1837 and married Oswalt and died
        leaving two children.

10th)  Eli Posey born Mar 20 1839 and now dead leaving four children.

11th)  Tinsey Elizabeth Posey was born Jan 31st 1841 and married John
        Stinson and died leaving one child by Stinson.

12th)  James Marion Posey was born June 30th 1842 and died leaving two

13th)  George Washington Posey who was born Sept 6th 1844 and died
        without issue.

14th)  William Andrew Jackson Posey was born June 16th 1846 and died
        leaving 3 or 4 children.

15th)  Eliza Huldah Posey was born Oct 9th 1849 married Joe Allen, now

                               Benjamin  X  Posey

Sworn to an subscribed before me this the 15th day of September A. D. 1882

(seal)                           S. D. Walker  Co. Clk.
                                  Limestone County, Texas

I certify that this is a true copy of a document used by Mrs. Allen and
others as evidence in their application for citizenship in the MN
(Muscogee Nation) before the Citizenship Commission of the M. N. in
Sept 1895.

                                  J. H. Lynch
                                  Clerk, Commission


Petition of Descendants of Benjamin and Eliza (Berryhill) Posey

Indian Archives      )
Oklahoma Historical  )          To the Honorable Board of Commissioners
Society Library,     )   of Citizenship of the Muskogee Nation.
No. 25049            )

      We hereby petition you for application for citizenship in the Muskogee
Nation in accordance with the late laws Enacted by the call session of
Council of June 1895.  We the petitioners will prove to your Honorable
citizenship commisioners on the part of creek blood abond belonging to
Broken Arrow Town.  We claim to be derived from the following sources,
Viz;  From the side of the Berryhill and Posey's families who have long
since proven or recognized their claim to be the Creek Citizens and
have participated in all of the previous Creek payments.  We further
propose to prove that we are entitled to all of the rights and privi-
legdes of citizenshikp of the Muskogee Nation by the following named

Witnessess:        Robert T. Barber           N. B. Moore
                    John C. Barber             Hense Posey
                    M. A. Posey                Joseph Mingo
                    George Berryhill           Nathan Berryhill
                    Lucinda Berryhill          Stephen L. Smith

Names of the applicants-as follows

1.  Eliza H. Allen      1.  Walter Posey       1.  B. A. Barber
2.  John Allen          2.  Sarah E. Posey     2.  Harrison Barber
3.  Mattie Allen        3.  Bertha Posey       3.  Mariah E. Barber
4.  Jos Allen           4.  Laura S. Posey     4.  Eva A. Barber
5.  Ben Allen           5.  Willie B. Posey    5.  Ida B. Barber
                                                6.  Ed H. Barber
1.  Mary Covey          1.  T. B. Posey        7.  Sarah A. Barber
2.  John Covey          2.  J. M. Posey        8.  Dova D. Barber
3.  Marquis Covey       3.  Anna L. Posey
                         4.  John W. Posey      1.  J. M. Barber
1.  Eliza Baysinger     5.  James H. Posey     2.  Bettie Barber
2.  Lemmie Baysinger    6.  Walter A. Posey    3.  Bertie Barber
3.  Nellie Baysinger                           4.  John S. Barber
                         1.  G. W. Posey        5.  Pearl Barber
1.  G. A. Posey         2.  Katie Posey        6.  Niles Barber
2.  Edward U. Posey     3.  Annie Posey        7.  Pink Barber
3.  A. P. Posey         4.  Claud Posey
4.  Tommie Posey        5.  Willis Posey       1.  R. F. Barber
5.  Ben B. Posey                               2.  R. W. Barber
6.  Mary L. Posey       1.  James M. Posey     3.  L. E. Barber
7.  N. G. Posey         2.  Anna Hicks         4.  H. J. Barber
                         3.  Ruth Hicks         5.  Jessie Barber
1.  R. T. Posey                                6.  Jessie Fant
2.  William Posey       1.  Jennie Johnson
3.  Doctor Posey        2.  Clarence Johnson   1.  M. S. Coker
4.  Jonathan Posey      3.  Mary Johnson       2.  Silas Coker
5.  Beattrice Posey     4.  Jennie A. Johnson  3.  Marquis Coker
                         5.  Walter Johnson     4.  Robert Coker
1.  J. S. Posey                                5.  Eva Coker
2.  Andy Posey          1.  Mollie Stockton    6.  Maud Coker
3.  Tommie U. Posey     2.  Roy Stockton       7.  Lena Coker
4.  Lela Posey          3.  Harry Stockton
5.  Nora Posey

                        Attorneys for the petitioners
                        McIntosh and Haynes

Hense Posey, who witnessed this petition, was Lewis Henderson Posey,
father of Alexander Lawrence Posey, the Creek Indian poet.  Alex's father
was maybe 1/16th Creek, and his mother was full-blood Creek. He is listed
as a white man on the following documents.
henseposey1.jpg henseposey2.jpg henseposey3.jpg henseposey4.jpg henseposey5.jpg

Alexander Lawrence Posey

Alexander Lawrence Posey, born 3 Aug 1873, died 27 May 1908, Eufaula, McIntosh Co. OK, was a Creek Indian author, journalist, and teacher. One of the first Native American writers to achieve a national reputation. He grew up listening to Creek Tales from his mother Pohas Harjo, a fullblood Creek, whose white name was Nancy Phillips and who married a Scotch and Irish man named Lewis H. Posey. He developed an understanding of the human spirit and loved nature. He attended Bacone University, now Bacone College in Muskogee,Ok,where he acted as a librarian on Sundays and set type after schools hours for the Bacone Indian University Instructor. He was elected in 1895 to a seat in the House of Warriors of the Creek Legislature. In 1896, he was Superintendent of the Creek Nation Orphan Asylum at Okmulgee, OK, until 1897. He became the editor of the "Indian Journal" in Eufaula, Creek Nation, IT, for two years, and then was employed at the "Muskogee Times" in Muskogee, IT. He then worked for the United States Indian Agency at Muskogee, where he took charge of the Creek enrollment party of the Five Civilied Tribes at the request of the Dawes Commision. He then returned to Eufaula as editor of the "Indian Journal." Due to a railroad bridge being washed out, he and his companion R. D. Howe, an attorney, on a trip from Muskogee to Eufaula, rented a boat to cross the river. The river overcame the boat, and they were forced to jump in the water where Alex drowned along with a negro who was rowing the boat. His body was recovered about a month later. His biography is entitled "Alex Posey: Creek Poet, Jounalist, and Humorist" by Daniel F. Littlefield, Jr.

Robert T. Barber Petition135

6 August 1896     )
Application for   )            To The Honorable Henry L. Dawes, Frank
Enrollment in     )   C. Armstrong, Archibald S. McKennon, Thos. B.
Creek Nation      )   Cabaniss and Alexander B. Montgomery, United
                       States Commissioners authorized by act of Congress
of June 4, 1896 to hear and determine Claims for Citizenship in the
Creek Nation:

Gentlemen:  The undersigned your petitioner, Robert T. Barber,
for and on behalf of himself and his children mentioned below his lawful
heirs, this day makes this their application to you for the purpose of
being placed on the revised roll of Creek Indians, and of those entitled
to share in the distribution of funds and allotments of land in Creek
Nation by virtue of their Creek blood and I herewith submit this statement.
He states that he is a son of Silas H. Barber and Sarah A. Barber, whose
maiden name was Sarah A. Posey, and was born in lawful wedlock and is a
grandson of Benjamin Posey and Eliza Posey, nee Berryhill, and a great
grandson of Thomas Berryhill; That Eliza Posey and her
father were Creek Indians by blood.  That Robert T. Barber and his chidren mentioned
below are Creek Indians by blood and descent, and reside in the Creek
Nation in Broken Arrow Town, and he has resided in the Indian
territory for twenty four years, and are entitled to all rights and
privileges of citizens of said naiton ,and begs leave to submit his proof
herewith in support of said claim, and respectuflly awaits the time when
their application shaill be heard and tried.

Witness to signature              Respectfully Submitted,
   W. B. Watts                              his
                                  Robert T.  X   Barber

Enrollment of family, with relationship attached as follows:

Robert T. Barber        age 49      Robert T. Barber is a son of
and his children                    Sarah A. Barber, nee Posey, and
                                     a grandson of Benjamin Posey and
Nettie Barber           age 15      Eliza Posey, nee Berryhill, and
John Barber              "  12      a great grandson of Thomas Berryhill
Lula Barber              "  10      on his grandmother's side, and great
Pearl Barber             "   8      grandson of Nancy Posey nee Berryhill
Walter Barber            "   6      on his grandfather's side.
Mary Barber              "   4
Dovie Barber             "   2
Shella Barber            "   6 months

Grandchildren of
Robert T. Barber:
Robert T. Garner,
son of Virginia Garner,
deceased, daughter of
Robert T. Barber/age

In witness whereof I hereunto set my hand on this 6th day of August 1896.

Witness                                   his
W. B. Watts                      Robert T. X   Barber


John C. Barber Petition136

5 August 1896              )    To the Honorable Henry L. Dawes, Frank
Application for Enrollment )    C. Armstrong, Archibald S. McKennon,
in Creek Nation            )    Thos. B. Cabaniss and Alexander B.
                                 Montgomery, United States Commissioners
authorized by an act of Congress of June 4, 1896, to hear and
determine Claims for citizenship in the Creek Nation:

Gentlemen:  The undersigned your petitioner, John C. Barber, for and
on behalf of himself and his children and grandchildren mentioned below
and his lawful heirs, this day makes this their application to you for
the purpose of being placed on the revised roll of Creek Indians and of
those entitled to share in the distribution of funds and allotments of
land in Creek Nation, by virtue of their Creek blood, and he states that
he is the son of Silas H. Barber and Sarah A. Barber whose maiden
name was Sarah A. Posey and was born in lawful wedlock and is a grand-
son of Benjamin Posey and Eliza Posey nee Berryhilland great grandson
of Thomas Berryhill, that Eliza Posey and her father were Creek Indian
by blood and descent and reside in the Creek Nation in Broken Arrow
Town, and claimant has done so for twenty three years and are entitled
by law to all rights and privileges of citizens of said Nation and begs
leave to submit his proof here unto.  In support of said claim, and
respecfully awaits the time where their application shall be heard and tried.

Witness to signature                    Respectfully Submitted
   W. B. Watts                                    his
                                           John C. X  Barber and Childrenn
                                                 mark      and grand children

Enrollment of family, with relationship attached, as follows:

John C. Barber               age 43    John C. Barber is a son of Sarah
children of John C. Barber             A. Barber nee Posey, and grandson
Susan L. Garner nee Barber    "  23    of Benjamin Posey and Eliza Posey
Josephine C. Barber           "  19    nee Berryhill, and a great grand-
                                        son of Thomas Berryhill on his
Robert T. Barber              "   8    grandmother's side, and Nancy Posey
                                        nee Berryhill on his grandfather's
the children of Susan L.               side.  Said Benjamin Posey and Eliza
Garner, and grandchildren              Posey and Thomas Berryhill and Nancy
of John C. Barber                      Posey nee Berryhill are Creek Indians
John L Garner                age  5    by blood and descent.
Willie B. Garner              "   2

In witness of which I here unto set my hand on this 5th day of August 1896.

Witness                                   his
   W. B. Watts                      John C. X  Barber


Posey, Hopwood, Smith Family Bible

This bible is now in the possession of Mrs. Heidi Smith, Reno, Nevada.
Mrs. Smith's husband is descended from Sarah Posey Hopwood.
The Benjamin Posey in the bible may be the Benjamim Posey that
married Eliza Berryhill.


                               NEW TESTAMENT

                                 of our

                       LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST

                   Translated out of the original Greek;

                         and with the former

               Translations Diligently Compared and Revised


                     Canne's Marginal References.

                Stereotyped by James Conner, New-York


   Published by B. Waugh and T. Mason, for the Methodist Episcopal Church,
               at the Conference Office, 14 Crosby-Street

                        J. Collord, Printer


Thomas B. Posey was born April 21, A.D. 1802

Elender Posey was born October 28th A.D. 1795

Andrew M. Posey was born March 24th A.D. 1828

Aaron Posey was born September 8th A.D. 1833

Joel Barber

(The above entries on a scrap of paper.  No dates for Joel)

Family Deaths

John N. Hopwood departed this life March the 29th 1830

Louisa J. Hopwood departed this life Oct 28 A.D. 1831

W. H. Hopwood departed this life Dec th 8. 1860

Samuel Hopwood departed this life Feb th 7.1867

Sarah Hopwood departed this life Nove the 19.1875

F. Hopwood departed this life Dec 31th 1875

A. Pinbody, daughter of S & LA Smith departed this life Dec 23 A.D. 1879

D. C. Smith departed this life March 10 1885

Emma C. Smith was born 6th June 1867

Stephen S. Smith was borned Dec. 12, 1869

D. C. Smith was borned September 18. 1857

Sarah A. Smith was borned Sept 22 th 1859

S.H. Smith was borned April 17 1865

D.B. Smith borned Dec. 10,1862

Louisa Jane Smith was borned Dec. 18th 1864

Wm. Felix Hopwood was born Nov the 12th 1863

Robert Farimore Hopwood was borned  28th September 1865

Wm. Felix Hopwood died July the 28th 1865

R.F. Hopwood was married to Jennatti Chemaleiz January the 1 ,1861

Jenati Hopwood dide Sept 28th 1865

Emma C. Smith was borned June th 6th, 1867

Stephen S. Smith was borned Dec 12, 1869

Samuel Hopwood was born November 18, 1795

Sarah Hopwood was born December th 4th 1801

Leonard F. Hopwood was born February the 7th 1821

John H. Hopwood wass born april the 11, 1823

Pleasant A. Hopwood was born February th 8th 1827

Robert F. Hopwood was born June the 29th 1829

Louisa J. Hopwood was born January 1, 1831

Lucinda A. Hopwood was born August th 4th 1832

William H. Hopwood was born Sept the 17th 1835

Frances Marion Posey was born in the year A. D. 1846 June the 28

L. J. McSwiggins was born December the 14th A.D. 1849

D. C. Smith was born Sept 18th A. D. 1857

S. A. Hindman? was born Dec?  A.D. 8, 1857

S. H. Smith was borned April 17 A. D. 1865

D. B. Smith was borned Dec 10 A. D. 1862

Louisa Jane was borned December the 18th 1865

Nancy Posey was born March 28th A.D. in the year of our Lord 1784

Martha McGaha Oct 26th A.D. 1785

Sarah Hopwood was born December 4th A.D. 1801

Thomas Posey was born April 21th A. D. 1803

William Posey was born January 12th A.D. 1812

A. J. Posey was born June 10th A. D. 1818

Benjamin Posey was born Sept 10th A. D. 1807

L. A. Hopwood, daughter of Samuel Hopwood and Sarah Hopwood
married Nov the 17, 1856 S Smith

S.A. Smith. daughter of S, Smith and L.A. Smith married to E. Pinbody
th 16 of July 1871

Louisa J. Smith, daughter of LA Smith and SS Smith was married to J.H.
Rothammer Jan 11 1885

D C. Smith was married to Lizzie Osban Dec 7, 1884

(different part of the bible, and different hand writing)

Gilbert Looman died Feb. 10, 1894

Margret Jane Looman died Nov 16 1898

Irwin Neal Smith, son of Stephen & Emma Smith died thu 20 of July 1898

Keneth Cro? Smith, son of Stephen & Emma smith died Oct th 11, 1906

Errett owns, son of Stephen & Emma Smith died Feb the 2nd 1909

Francis Della Hindman died Jan 21, 1893

Dewy A. Hindman died Jan 4, 1900

Mrs. B. L. Smith died April 30, 1922, aged 46 yres, 8 months, 24 days,
born Aug 6 1875

Stephen Shelton Smith died Aug 1, 1919, age 49 years 7 mo. 24 days

born Dec 21, 1907, died Feb 20 1908 Errett Smith, son of Stephen & Emma.

Author Ray Smith, son of Stephen & Emma Smith, born the Jan the 31, 1893.

Daughter of Stephen & Emma Smith Linda? Nov the 12, 1894

Irwin Neal Smith son of Stephen & Emma Smith born Dec the 17 1896

Annie Augusta, daughter of stephen & Emma Smith born Nov.3, 1898

Gracie Zoe Smith daughter of Stephen + Emma Smith was born Dec.22 1900

Terry Stephen, Son of Stephen and Emma was born Oct 27,1903

H Leo. Smith, born 4/30-06

Gifford Earl Smith born June 30 1910

Victor Ellwood Smith born Mar 2nd 1915

Harry Deo Smith, born Apr 23 1919

Stephen Smith & Emma Looman was married Dec the 21, 1890

W. F. Hindman & Sadah Looman married June the 10 1888

Births of W. F. & S. J. Hindman

Earl Blackman Hindman born Jan 28, 1889

Gilbert Al Hindman born Nov 6, 1890

Fannie Della Hindman born Jan 1, 1893

Aaoh. Ler Hindman born March 26, 1894

James Brazzell Hindman born March 30, 1896

Dewey A. Hindaman born March 5, 1898


The William Posey in the above bible may be the one that married Harriet
____, and were the parents of Lewis Henderson Posey, born 1841, and the
grandparents of Alexander Lawrence Posey the Creek Indian poet.137

Eliza Berryhill Posey Family Bible

    Eliza Berryhill Posey Family Bible Printed 1853


    Thomas S. Berryhill Was born December 7th 1782

    Sarah Deacle was born July 3rd A.D. 1784

    William U. Mayfield was born Sept 15th 1866

    Mary Jane Allen was born the 28th Day of Aug 1868

    M. A. Posey was born Sept the 11th 1866

    A. W. Posey was born the Feb. th 7th 1869

    R. A. Posey was born the June 21st 1871

    J. M. Posey and Virginia Ann was married Sept 6th 1866

    J. M. Allen and E. H. Posey was married Nov 7th 1867

    Benjamin Posey was born Sept 10th 1806

    Eliza Posey was born July 17th A.D. 1807

    Sarah A. Posey was born May 10th A.D. 1825

    Thomas B. Posey was born Sept 14th A.D. 1826

    P. Jane Posey was born August 13th A.D. 1828

    B. B. Posey was born December 9th A.D. 1829

    John D. Posey was born May 2nd A.D. 1831

    Martha A. Posey was born Oct 3rd A.D. 1832

    Narcissa Posey was born August 2nd A.D. 1834

    Uriah Posey was born Feby 6th A.D. 1836

    Nancy G. Posey was born Augst 29th 1837

    Eli Posey was born March 20th A.D. 1839

    T. Elizabeth Posey was born January 31st 1841

    James M. Posey was born June 30th A.D. 1842

    George W. Posey was born Sept 6th A.D. 1844

    Wm. A.J. Posey was born June 16th 1846

    Eliza H. Posey was born Oct 9th 1849


    Silas H. Barber and Sarah A. Posey was married Dec'r 6th A.D. 1846

    Thomas B. Posey and Hulda E. Hughes was married Oct. 11th A.D. 1849

    John D. Posey and Catherine Jones was married A.D. 1852

    Benjamin B. Posey and Malinda C. Murphy was married December 26th A.D.

    Thomas S. Berryhill and Sarah Deacle was married Oct 25th A.D. 1804

    C. D. Oswalt and Nancy G. Posey was married the 18th day July 1859

    Jack Mayfield and Martha ? Posey was married (month unreadable) 25th

    John Stinson and T. E. Posey was married January? 18th 1864?

    Eli Posey and Mary? ? was married Sept 19th 1859

    Wm. ? J. Posey and E.E. Wallace was married July 18th 1865

    Uriah Posey and M. E. Barlow was married
    (no date written in)

    J. M. Posey and V. A. C. Allen was married Sept th 6th A.D. 1866


    Narcissa Posey departed this life Sept 22 A.D. 1834

    Sarah Berryhill departed this life Oct 23rd 1843

    George W. Posey departed this life May 11th 1863

    Benjamin B. Posey departed this life August 18th 1864

    Eliza Frances Barber departed this life June 3rd 1867

    Nancy G. Oswalt departed this life July 26th 1867

    C. D. Oswalt departed this life Aug 5th 1859

    Sarah A. Barber departed this life Jan 28th 1868

    J. M. Posey departed this life Jane 25th 1870

    Eliza E. Posey departed this life Oct 31st 1866

    Thomas S. Berryhill departed this life
    (date never written in)

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