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Part II

Descendants of Cynthia Barber Brewer

6. Cynthia Barber, born about 1808, Clarke County, GA, the daughter of James and Penelope Barber, married (1) John Brewer 27 May 1822 Clarke County, GA, Census Records on Brewer Here is more info, possibly more accurate, thanks to John E Young.

      A.  James Brewer, born 1826, Clarke County, GA., married (1) Frances
          East, daughter of Silas East and Harriet Canty Houze, 3 Nov 1850
          Watkinsville, Clarke Co. GA. She was born 1826, Clarke County 
          GA, died 23 March 1865. James then married (2) Mrs Louisa 
          Etchieson in Walton County, GA on 17 Oct 1865.

          a.  Marsha A. Brewer, born 1852, Watkinsville, Clarke County, GA

          b.  Eliza Brewer, born 1857, Watkinsville, Clarke County, GA

          c.  Josiah T. Brewer, born May 1858, Watkinsville, Clarke 
              County, GA, married (1) Mary "Mollie" F Mobley about 1877. 
              Mollie was born Oct 1857, died in the 1910s. He then 
              married (2) Mrs Octavia Phillips. Josiah always went by 
              Joseph. Joseph was living in Walton County, Georgia in 1930.

              aa.  James Archer "Archy" Brewer, born 1 March 1879, Walton 
                   County, GA married Nettie Lewis about 1900. Nettie was 
                   born 1882-1884. James died 1 April 1937, Walton County 
                   GA and Nettie died 4 June 1962, Fulton County, GA

                   aaa.  child Brewer, born & died 1901

                   bbb.  Rosa B. Brewer, born 1903 Walton County, GA

                   ccc.  James Marcus Brewer, born 1904, Walton County, GA
                         died 4 May 1970, DeKalb County, GA. He married
                         _____ about 1926.

                   ddd.  Jewel A. Brewer, born 1906, Walton Co. GA

                   ddd.  Joseph Lewis Brewer, born 1908, Walton County, 
                         GA, married Ludie, joined the Army 1943

                         aaaa.  Virginia Brewer, born 1923, Walton Co, GA

                         bbbb.  Inman Brewer, born 1929, Walton County, GA

                   eee.  Katie Brewer, born 1909, Walton County, GA

                   fff.  Frances Brewer, born 1916, Putnam Co. GA

                   ggg.  Jack Brewer, born Aug 1919, Putnam Co. GA

              bb.  child Brewer, born and died 1877-1900

              cc.  Annie L. Brewer, born 1884, Walton County, GA, married
                   (1) _____ about 1900, (2) Weldon Percy Landers about 
                   1906.  Weldon was born 22 Sep 1880 in GA, died 20 Sep 
                   1929, Walton County, Georgia.

                   aa.  Ernest _____, born 1901

                   bb.  W. Brewer Landers, born 1907, Walton County, GA

                   bb.  Evelyn L Landers, born 1908, Walton County, GA

                   cc.  Martin Landers, born 1913, Walton County, GA

                   dd.  Myrtle Landers, born 1915, Walton County, GA

                   ee.  Harold Landers, born 1918, Walton County, GA

              dd.  Joseph Bascom Brewer, born 6 Feb 1888, Walton County, 
                   GA, married Eva P ____.  World War 1 draft registration 
                   of Joseph Bascom Brewer.

                   aaa.  Kenneth B Brewer, born Feb 1910, Walton County, 

                   bbb.  Frank Brewer, born 1911, Walton County, GA

                   ccc.  Julia C. Brewer, born 1914, Walton County, Ga
                         went to college, was a school teacher in 1935
                         She was married to Kingsland? Coombs in 1945.

                   ddd.  Josephine Brewer, born 1918, Walton County, GA

                   eee.  Sidney W Brewer, born 1920, Walton County, GA

                   fff.  Joseph Bascom Brewer, Jr., born 1925, Walton 
                         County, GA, went to college, was in the Army in 

                   ggg.  Martha N Brewer, born 1928, St Lucie County, FL

              dd.  Albert Dilmus Brewer, born 9 Aug 1890, Walton County,
                   GA, married Rosalea _______. Here is Albert's 
                   draft registration for World War 1.

                   aaa.  Mary Brewer, born 1912, Walton County, GA

                   bbb.  Catherine Brewer, born 1915, Walton County, GA

                   ccc.  Vernell Brewer, born 1917, Walton County, GA

                   ddd.  Christina Brewer, born 1919, Walton County, GA

              ee.  Stella Brewer, born Sept 1896, Walton County, GA

          d.  Elizabeth Brewer, born May 1860, Georgia

          e.  Henry Dilmus Brewer, born 24 Nov 1863, Georgia, died 15 Jan
              1953, DeSoto County, FL, married Sarah, who was born 21
              Dec 1868, Georgia, died 29 March 1929, De Soto County, FL
              Much information comes from Pamela Brewer Feezell. 
              Her web page is here.

aa. Owen Thomas Brewer Sr, born 6 Aug 1885, GA, died 10 Nov 1974, De Soto County, FL, married Florrie Estelle Jones, who was born 1 July 1896 in Chipley, FL, died 16 Aug 1996, Sarasota, FL. Owen Brewer Sr in 1917 50th wedding anniversary, 1968 aaa. Florrie Estelle Brewer, born 7 June 1919, Washington, D.C., died 7 Feb 1997, Orlando, FL. married Richard Llewellen Eppes 15 July 1943, Camp Blanding. Richard was born 27 Jan 1919, Greenville, SC, died 18 Dec 1993, Maitland, FL. aaaa. Wanda Patricia Eppes, born 11 Oct 1945, Coral Gables, FL, married (1) Harlan Carr Starnes Dec 1967, (2) Lewis C. Jones 18 Feb 1984, Sanford, FL. aaaaa. Veronica Eppes Jones, born 15 Aug 1987, Orlando, FL. bbbb. Karen Janice "KJ" Eppes, born 17 April 1957, married Bernard Weintraub. bbb. Owen Thomas Brewer Jr, born 18 Oct 1924, De Soto County, FL, married (1) Peggy Ann Knight 14 Oct 1945, Waycross GA. She was born 6 Dec 1924, died 7 Apr 1977, buried Oak Lawn Cemetery Waycross Ga (2) Dorothy Higginson Blais 21 Jan 1978, Tampa, FL, (3) Joan Garrison 14 Apr 2001, Tampa, FL. aaaa. Pamela Kay Brewer (adopted), born 31 July 1963, Anchorage, Alaska, married Donald Larry Feezell 20 Nov 2001. Pamela died of cancer 14 April 2012. She will be greatly missed. Owen Jr and Estelle at Florrie's 100th birthday ccc. Wanda Marie Brewer, born 12 March 1928, died 1 Aug 1928 bb. James Walter Brewer, born 23 Sep 1888, GA, died 7 Dec 1981, De Soto County, FL, married Missouri J. Moore 15 Nov 1911, De Soto County, FL. She was born 1892, died 1983. aaa. Lewis Brewer, born in De Soto County, FL cc. Austin Dilmus Brewer, born 30 Oct 1889, GA, died 27 Oct 1942, De Soto County, FL, married Florence ____ She was born 1889, died 1970. WWI CIVILIAN DRAFT REGISTRATIONS ABOUT AUSTIN DILLMUS BREWER Name: Brewer, Austin Dillmus Birth Date: 30 Oct 1889 Birth Place: McRae GA City/County: De Soto State: FL Ethnicity: W Austin Dillmus Brewer aaa. Austin Dilmus Brewer, Jr., born 2 July 1915, died 20 April 1968, Arcadia, FL, married Earline Langford. She was born 1914, died 2003. aaaa. Jo Anne Brewer, born 1933, De Soto County, FL bbb. Viva Nell Brewer, born 1916-1917, died August 2006, Arcadia, FL. married _____ Wooten. dd. Ellen J Brewer, born 26 Oct 1893, De Soto County, FL died 30 April 1959, De Soto County, FL, married Henry Grady Perry. aaa. Walter Perry, born 1915, De Soto County, Fl bbb. Norman Lamar? Perry, born 1918, De Soto County, FL ccc. Dorothy Perry, born De Soto County, FL ee. Henry Grady Brewer, born Feb 1898, De Soto County, FL married Mamie. aaa. Savolia H. Brewer, born 1924, De Soto County FL bbb. K Nell Brewer, born 1928, De Soto County, FL ff. Maude Estelle Brewer, born 26 Nov 1899, De Soto County, FL, died 24 May 1984, De Soto County, FL married Kirby Garner in 1919. Kirby was born 1893, died 1967. aaa. Kirby Dilmus Garner, born 11 Jan 1920, Arcadia, FL, died 13 March 1997, Bradenton, FL, married Hazel J. Tucker 1952, Nocatee, FL. bbb. Gerald Hugh Garner, born 26 Oct 1921, Arcadia, FL, died 14 July 1992, Fort Ogden, FL, married ______ Lunquist. ccc. Malcolm Garner, born 5 May 1923, Arcadia, FL, married (1) Goldie Mae Cherrix 21 May 1947, (2) _____ Bland 2 May 1959, Spokane, Washington. ddd. Laverne Garner, born 1927, Arcadia, FL eee. Doyle Daniel Garner, born 19 Jan 1932, Arcadia, FL, died 2009, married (1) Elizabeth Riker 1953, she died 1969, (2) Doris De Matteo, 1970, divorced 1987, (3) Barbara Young, 1989. Doyle wrote about his family on Ancestry aaaa. Kevin Garner, born 1955. bbbb. Karen Garner, born 1957. cccc. Mary Garner, born 1958. dddd. Susan Garner, born 1960. eeee. Patrick Garner, born 1962. ffff. Tim Garner, born 1964. gggg. Jean Garner, born 1971, New York, daughter of second marriage. ddd. Norma Carolyn Garner, born 6 July 1934, Arcadia, FL, died 3 Sep 1960, Arcadia, FL, married William Griffin gg. Ralph Brewer, born 1904, De Soto County, FL hh. Wayman Brewer, born 1906, De Soto County, FL ii. Ernest Brewer, born 8 May 1908, De Soto County, FL died 30 July 1990, De Soto County, FL, married Susie W. Lastinger. aaa. Coleman Brewer jj. Nettie Brewer, born 1913, De Soto County, FL kk. Earl Brewer, born 1918, De Soto County, FL ll. Nell Brewer, born 1921, De Soto County, FL f. Lizzie Brewer, born 1866, the daughter of James and Louisa Brewer g. William Brewer, born 1873, Georgia, married Vickey M _____ William was the son of James and Louisa Brewer. aa. Roy Brewer, born Nov 1899, Polk County, GA bb. Harvey Erastus Brewer, born 1905, Georgia. cc. Hoke W. Brewer, born 1911, Georgia. B. Gilley Brewer C. Daniel Brewer D. Allen E Brewer, born 4 May 1835, Clarke Co, GA, died 17 April 1917, Georgia, married Mary Ellen Hailes 18 March 1860 in Walton Co GA. Mary Ellen was born 29 March 1829, died 23 Jan 1886. a. Emma E. Brewer, born 1861, GA b. Atticus Lamar Brewer, born 26 March 1863, GA, died 12 Feb 1887, married Naomi Caroline Verner 26 Dec 1883 in Walton CO GA. Atticus and Naomi apparently had no children. After his death, his widow married Robert Richard Hearn and had at least seven children. Robert Hearn was the son of William Henry Hearn, who was a brother to Stephen Thomas Hearn. c. Adies Hellene Brewer, born 11 April 1865, GA, died 27 July 1930, Walton Co GA. d. Sally Verta Brewer, born 25 April 1867, Walton Co, GA, died 21 Oct 1921, Montal, Walton Co, GA, married John Joseph Thomas Hearn 30 Nov 1887 in Walton Co GA. John was born 13 April 1862 in Walton Co GA, died 3 Nov 1929 in Walton CO GA, was the son of Stephen Thomas Hearn and Martha C R Camp. John's brother George Justus Hearn married Sally's sister Leona Zader "Ona" Brewer. aa. Erastus Palmer Hearn, born 17 Nov 1889, GA, died 27 Aug 1944, married Sallie Lillian Cook 23 Dec 1913 in Walton Co GA. aaa. Joseph Thurman Hearn, born 1915, died 1976. bbb. Erastus Palmer "Pete" Hearn Jr, born 1917, died 1991. ccc. Juliette Hearn, born 1920, died 2002. ddd. Sallie Lillian Hearn, born 1921, died 1998. eee. baby Hearn (female), born and died 1924. bb. John Allen Hearn, born 10 May 1894, Walton Co GA, died 18 Jan 1972 in DeKalb Co GA, married Lillie Corinne McGaughey 26 July 1914. aaa. Stephen Kelso Hearn, born 1915, died 1968. bbb. John Lamar Hearn, born 1917, died 2009. ccc. Robert Allen Hearn, born 1919, died 2000. cc. Walter Benjamin Hearn, born 16 June 1899, Walton Co GA, died 13 Dec 1963 in DeKalb Co GA, married Lily Mae "Macie" Peters, who was born 1898, died 1978. aaa. William Joseph Hearn, born 1919, died 1964. dd. Martha Virginia Hearn, born 26 1902 in Walton Co GA, married J Clarence Dillard. e. Leona Zader "Ona" Brewer, born 15 March 1869, Walton Co, GA, died 28 July 1949, Monroe, Walton Co, GA, married George Justus Hearn 24 Dec 1889 in Monroe, Walton Co GA. George was born 15 Oct 1867, Walton Co GA, died 3 June 1942, Walton Co GA, was the son of Stephen Thomas Hearn and Martha C R Camp. aa. Edward Lamar Hearn, born 26 May 1891, Walton Co GA, died 28 April 1957, Walton CO GA, married Alberta Irene Knight 24 Nov 1914 in Walton Co GA. Alberta was born 17 Feb 1893, GA, died 14 April 1955 in Walton Co GA, the daughter of Charles Fletcher Knight and Virtous Mary Arelia Matilia Malcom. bb. George Benjamin Hearn, born 19 March 1894 in Walton Co GA. cc. Mary Viola Hearn, born 11 Sep 1896, died March 1974 in Barrow Co GA, married Carl Edward Patat 5 March 1916. Carl was born 6 Sep 1895 in AL, died 15 Dec 1978 in Winder, Barrow Co GA, the son of Henry E Patat and Carrie. aaa. Ora Lee Patat, born 1918, died 1999. bbb. Carl Hearn Patat Sr, born 1922, died 1995. dd. Ora Bell Hearn, born 11 Sep 1900 in Walton Co GA, died 20 Feb 1959 in Walton Co GA, married Waymon Jackson Hamilton 27 Dec 1925. Waymon was born 11 July 1900, died Oct 1973 in Walton Co GA. After Ora died, Waymon married Martha Evelyn Thompson 23 June 1962 in Walton Co. GA. ee. George Justus "Bo" Hearn, Jr., born 29 May 1907, died 17 April 1981 in Walton Co GA, married Nell Potts about 1929. Nell was born 18 Sep 1908 in Monticello, GA. aaa. George Justus Hearn III, born 1934. E. Mary Frances Brewer, born 1838, Clarke Co, GA, died about 1871, married Archibald Milligan 30 Nov 1856 in Clarke CO GA. Archibald was born 15 Oct 1836 in North Carolina, died 19 March 1898 in Oconee Co, GA. After Mary Frances died, Archibald married Mary Ann Whitehead 17 Dec 1873 in Clarke Co, GA. a. Martha S Milligan, born 18 Nov 1858, GA, died 16 May 1937, GA, married John Chatman Elisha Weatherford in 1875. John was born 1853, died 1944. aa. Mamie Estelle Weatherford, born 24 March 1877, GA, died 28 March 1937, Athens, Clarke Co GA, married John J O'Kelly. bb. Nellie Eugenia Weatherford, born 30 June 1879, Clarke Co GA, died 8 July 1968, Waverly Hall, Harris CO GA, married William Walter Fleeman in 1902, who was born Jan 1871, died 28 July 1958. aaa. Mattie Mae Fleeman, born 1903. bbb. Roy Fleeman, born 1906. ccc. Willie H Fleeman, born 1909, died 1991. ddd. Weldon W Fleeman, born 13 March 1913, GA, died 4 dec 1964, Clarke Co GA. eee. Frances (Nannie?) Fleeman, born 1918, GA, married _____ Patten? aaaa. Martha Patten, born 1931. cc. David Weatherford, born 14 Nov 1881,Oconee Co GA, died 30 Aug 1939, Watkinsville, Oconee, Co GA, married Roberta Dawson, who was born 14 Nov 1887, died 26 Sep 1926. aaa. Lawrence Elmer Weatherford, bor 1908, died 1976. bbb. Eldridge N Weatherford, born 1911. ccc. David Edgar Weatherford, born 1917, died 2003. dd. James Archie Weatherford, born 26 July 1886, GA, died 6 April 1931 in Watkinsville, Oconee Co GA, married Sadie Lou Thornton, who was born 5 Sep 1891, died 25 Feb 1925 during a pregnancy. aaa. Stanley Weatherford, born 1915, died 1941. bbb. male Weatherford. ee. Earl Center Weatherford, born 23 Nov 1888, GA, died 4 May 1965 in Barrow Co GA, married Ruby Clara Edwards. aaa. Robert Chatman Weatherford, born 1914, died 1993. bbb. Otis C Weatherford, born 1918, died 1969. ccc. Mary Frances Weatherford, born 1922, died 2005. ddd. Chester Weatherford, born 1927. ff. John Golden Weatherford, born 1 April 1891, GA, died June 1966 in Athens, Clarke CO GA, married Ola Shackelford about 1925. aaa. John Weatherford, born 1927. gg. Tessie Iola Weatherford, born 23 June 1892, GA, died 27 March 1948 in Coffee Co GA, married Charles Cleo Mathews about 1910. Charles was born 3 April 1888, Oconee Co GA, died 7 July 1946 in Coffee Co GA. aaa. Martha Irene Mathews, born 1911, died 1975. bbb. Mamie Lurleen Mathews, born 1913, died 1981. ccc. Charles Alfred Mathews, born 1915, died 1983. ddd. Elsie Vivian Mathews, born 1919, died 1942. eee. Doris Lorene Mathews, born 1921, died 1976. fff. Chester Horace Mathews, born 1923,, died 1967. ggg. Clifton Gerald Mathews Sr, born 1928, died 1985. hhh. James Hayward Mathews, born 1928. iii. Weta Mathews, born 1933. hh. Otis R Weatherford, born 23 Oct 1895, GA, died Oct 1972, GA. ii. Frank Lee Weatherford, born 8 Sep 1898, Winterville, Clarke Co GA, died 10 Jan 1987, Atlanta, Fulton Co GA, married Mary Jane Head, who was born 29 April 1909, died 3 Sep 1985 in Atlanta, GA. jj. Elsie Cleo Weatherford, born 17 Jan 1901, Oconee Co GA, died 4 Sep 1991, Athens, Clarke Co GA, married Clifford L Hinsley, who was born 25 Oct 1895, died 10 June 1967. aaa. Henry Clayton Hinsley Sr, born 28 June 1923, Oconee Co GA, died 6 Nov 1983, Watkinsville, Oconee Co GA, married Naomi Powell 12 Oct 1952. aaaa. Henry Clayton Hinsley Jr. b. C B Milligan, born 1862. c. Maggie Milligan, born 17 Sep 1864, GA, died 3 March 1922 in Watkinsville, Oconee Co GA, married Charles Henry Dougherty Gordon 14 Feb 1903 in Oconee Co GA. Charles was born 1856, died 1922. aa. Durward C Gordon, born 1906. bb. Sarah Gordon, born 1908. cc. Marvin George Gordon, born 1910. d. Sarah Lena Milligan, born 1865, GA, married J W Warren 17 Jan 1893. e. William Early Milligan, born 1868, died 1900 in Walton Co GA, married Beatrice E Williams 15 Oct 1887.