Part II - Descendants of Enoch Hanson and Cindarilla Barber Home
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Descendants of Enoch Hanson and Cindarilla Barber

Cindarilla was the daughter of James & Penelope Barber

Home of Enoch Hanson & Cindarilla Barber, Monroe County, Georgia
Still Standing in 2009

Cindarilla Barber, born 30 December 1795, North Carolina?, died 27 January 1857, Monroe County, Georgia, buried Hanson Cemetery, married Enoch Hanson 23 February 1813 in Clarke County, Georgia. Enoch was born 25 Sep 1792, VA, died 29 May 1872, Monroe County, GA. After Cindarilla died, Enoch married Catherine McCollum Brewer 30 April 1857. Here is a huge file on Hanson, thanks to Jennifer Wilson. Enoch Hanson was the son of William Hanson Sr and Ann Crawford and the grandson of Robert Hanson and Margaret Peggy Patrick. William was born 1772, Fauquier County, VA and died 3 March 1842, Monroe County, GA. Ann was born 1771, died 5 Feb 1858, Monroe County, GA. Robert Hanson was born 1728, Stafford County, VA, died 26 April 1802 in Fauquier County, VA. Margaret was born 1730 and died 1777 in Fauquier County, VA. Was Enoch Hanson a descendant of the presiding officer of the first Continetal Congress? Perhaps not. Here are death records on Enoch Hanson. See Census Records on Hanson

A. James Byrd Hanson, born 10 Jan 1814, Clarke County, GA, died 21 Jan 1885, Pike County, GA, married Permelia Catherine Freeman 23 Sep 1836, Monroe County, GA. a. James A. Hanson, born 1839, Monroe County, GA. b. John Fletcher Hanson, born 25 Nov 1840, Monroe County GA, died 15 Dec 1910, Atlanta, Fulton County, GA, married Cora Alice Lee 14 Feb 1865, Lamar County, GA. John was one of the founders of Georgia Tech. aa. Walter Taylor Hanson, born 1866, Pike County, GA married Estella C ____. aaa. Kate Hanson, born 1893 bbb. Cora Lee Hanson, born 1894 ccc. Margaret Hanson, born 1895 ddd. Frances Hanson, born 1898 bb. Anna C. Hanson, born 1868, Pike County, GA cc. Fannie Hanson, born Sep 1871, Pike County, GA married William Ross White 1893 aaa. Francis White, born 1903 bbb. Ross F. White, born 1906 c. Susannah W. Hanson, born 1846, GA, died 1883, married Alexander M Lambdin 6 Jan 1870, Lamar County, GA aa. Alice May Lambdin, born 21 Apr 1871, GA, died 17 Feb 1927, GA, married James D. Williamson. bb. John Asbury Lambdin, born 9 May 1879, died 31 Jan 1929, GA, married Vera Smiley. aaa. James Morrell Lambdin, born 6 Sep 1916, TX, died 19 Feb 1985, Dallas, Texas. d. Isaac Newton Hanson, born 1848, GA e. Henry Clay Hanson, born 1852, Pike County, GA, married Anna O. H. _____. aa. Anna O. Hanson, born 1873 bb. Victor Hanson, born 1876 cc. Henry Hanson, born 1879 dd. Albert Hanson, born 1886 f. Mary C. Hanson, born 1857, Pike County, GA, died 8 March 1889, married (1) Oliver Hillhouse Green 23 Dec 1873, who died 10 March 1877 (2) William B. Thomas about 1880. aa. Kenneth Green, born 1874, died 1876 bb. Ethel Green, born 2 March 1876, GA, died 11 Dec 1952 San Diego County, CA, married William Emmette Small 16 Oct 1901. aaa. William Emmett Small Jr, born 1904, Bibb County, GA, living in San Diego, California in 1930. cc. Clara Merrick Thomas, born 1881, died 14 Jan 1961, Atlanta, GA, married Col. Robert Permedus Jones 1 June 1900, Auburn, AL. Robert was living with his father Robert T Jones at the time of the 1900 census, which was taken on 2 June 1900. Thanks to Mary Stewart Lindsey for the newspaper clipping from the Atlanta newspaper. Clara's wedding to Robert Jones

aaa. Robert Tyre Jones Jr, born 17 March 1902, Atlanta, GA, died 18 Dec 1971, Atlanta, GA, famous golfer who helped design the Masters golf course in Augusta, Georgia. Bobby married Mary Rice Malone. Bobby took several tours of Europe. He went by himself in 1921 as a single man, later with his father Robert P Jones in 1927, and with his wife Mary in 1932. aaaa. Clara Malone Jones, born 18 April 1925, Atlanta, GA, died 10 Feb 1994, Atlanta, GA, married ___ Black bbbb. Robert Tyre Jones III, born 1927, Atlanta, GA cccc. Mary Ellen Jones married Carl Hood. aaaaa. _____ Hood married Cody Laird. dddd. Sandra Jones married Red Wootten aaaaa. _____ Wootten married Peter Michael Riendeau aaaaaa. Thomas Riendeau B. William Crawford Hanson, born 2 Sep 1815, Clarke County, GA died 6 Dec 1893, Monroe County, GA, married (1) Mary Spier March 1836, (2) Martha G. Hanson. Martha was born 20 March 1827 died 8 July 1902, is buried in the Hanson Family Cemetery in Monroe County, GA. a. James Hanson, born 1837, Monroe County, Georgia. b. Catherine Hanson, born 1838, Monroe County, Georgia. c. Columbus Hanson, born 1840, Monroe County, Georgia d. Sophia Hanson, born 1856, Monroe County, GA. e. Cindarella Jennie Hanson, born 1861, Monroe County, GA e. Martha H Hanson, born 1864, Monroe County, GA f. Willie Anna Hanson, born 1868, Monroe County, GA C. John Floyd Hanson, born 10 May 1817, Clarke County, GA. married (1) Nancy Hanson 7 Nov 1834, who died 19 June 1840, (2) Elizabeth Shockley 19 July 1842, Monroe County, GA. a. Susan E Hanson, born 1840 b. Mary C Hanson, born 1842 c. Margaret Hanson, born 1843 d. Emily Hanson, born 1845 e. Josephine Hanson, born 1850 f. Georgia L Hanson, born 1857 g. Jessie Hanson, born 1859 h. Melissa Hanson, born 1874 i. John Hanson, born 1885 D. Francis Marion Hanson, born 18 May 1819, Jasper County, GA died 22 Dec 1909, Monroe County, GA, married (1) Mary M Brandon 17 Sep 1837. She died July 1838. (2) Elizabeth Tillery 21 Aug 1842, Monroe County, GA, (3) Emma H Brown 19 Feb 1895, Bibb County, GA. a. Cinderella Ann Hanson, born 23 June 1838, Monroe County, GA, died 20 Sep 1904, Dublin, GA, married John Crawford Edwards 20 Sep 1854. John was the son of Henry Crawford Byrd Edwards and Sarah. Cinderella died on her 50th wedding anniversary. John C Edwards apparently married a second time between 1911 and 1920, when he was in his 80s. Her name was Mary, and she was 75 on the 1920 census. aa. Charles Henry Frances Marion Edwards, born 3 June 1855 Butts County, GA, died 11 Jan 1910, Washington County GA, married (1) Mary Eugenia Adams 25 Jan 1881, (2) Mary Ann Viles 5 Nov 1887, Monroe County, GA. aaa. John Edwards, born 1888. bb. Martha Cinderella Edwards, born 22 Jan 1857, married Matt Hutchenson. cc. James Byrd Edwards, born 27 Sep 1858, Monroe County, GA, died 22 March 1932, Butts County, GA, married Roberta Mayne Lane about 1881. aaa. R. C. Edwards bbb. Joseph Jolly Edwards, born March 1882, died after 1953, married Elvira Jones. aaaa. Sara Edwards bbbb. Carl Frederick Edwards, born 8 Aug 1906, married Hattie Bell Dodd 12 June 1926, Meriwether County, GA. Nine children. aaaaa. Mildred Louise Edwards, born 1927, died 1999. bbbbb. Margaret Leona Edwards, born 7 April 1928, died 4 Sep 2007, married Grady Hammond Key. aaaaaa. James Donald Key, born 7 April 1947, Hall County, GA, died 4 Sep 1994, Hall County, GA, married (1) Niki Dantos, (2) _____ McCrary 3 July 1965, Dawson County GA, (3) ___ Savage, 24 June 1972, Oconee County SC ccccc. James Nolan Edwards, born 1933, died 1942. ddddd. Charles William Edwards, born 15 Feb 1935, Porterdale, GA, died 4 Aug 2000, Gainesville, GA, married ____ Kimbrell 6 June 1953. Three children. ccc. Julia Gertrude Edwards, born 24 Nov 1884, died 15 May 1979, Walton County, GA, married Lloyd Garrison Marlin 27 June 1907, Butts County, GA. Lloyd Garrison Marlin World War 1 draft registration. aaaa. Joseph W. Marlin, born 8 July 1908, died Jan 1972, married Evelyn S ____. bbbb. Julia M Marlin, born 6 Feb 1910, New Haven, Missouri, died 6 March 2006, buried Barrow County, GA, married Marcus C. Esterling. cccc. John P. Marlin, born 1912 dddd. Mary Evelyn Marlin, 1914, Salem, MO, died 8 Feb 2002, Lake Charles, LA, married Jennings Bryan Fisher, LA. Seven children aaaaa. Mary Fisher married ____ Lipscomb aaaaaa. Dr. Michael K Lipscomb married Susan M Johnson, daughter of Mr & Mrs Bruce C Johnson Jr aaaaaaa. Katy Lipscomb bbbbbbb. Tyler Lipscomb eeee. James N Marlin, born 7 Feb 1917, MO, died 8 March 1953, Barrow County, GA ffff. David Loyd Marlin, born 24 Jan 1921, MO died Oct 1982, Calcasieu Parish LA, buried Barrow County, GA. gggg. Gertrude Elizabeth Marlin, born 24 Jan 1921, MO, died Dec 1993, Dodge County GA, buried Barrow County, GA. ddd. James Lane Edwards, born 12 Aug 1891, married Florrie Alamo Harp 13 April 1913. aaaa. James McDonald Edwards, born 1915, Dougherty County, GA. bbbb. Alma M Edwards, born 1917, Dougherty County, GA. dd. John Crawford Edwards, born 12 June 1860, Monroe County, GA dd. Duncan McCowan Edwards, born 20 April 1862 ee. Mary Elizabeth Ida Edwards, born 17 Feb 1866. ff. Edward Lee Edwards, born 20 Dec 1867 gg. Acrean Mahala Edwards, born 23 July 1870 hh. Eugene Ester Edwards, born 20 Dec 1874 ii. Alonzo Norval Edwards, born 27 May 1876 jj. Tallulah Ellen Edwards, born 17 Nov 1878, married J V Arrendale. kk. Gordon Lowe Edwards, born 2 March 1880 ll. Isabella Anne Edwards, born 13 Nov 1883 b. Andrew Jackson Hanson, born 1843, Monroe County, GA. Andrew enlisted in the Confederate Army 14 Oct 1861. He was captured at Spotsylvania, VA on 12 May 1864. Andrew took an oath of office to the US government, and enlisted in the US Army. He never returned south. (Apparently he came back to Georgia for a little while, since he was living next door to his parents in Monroe County in 1870, with a wife and two children) Andrew married Rachel ____ aa. Edward H Hanson, born 1866, Monroe County, GA bb. Margaret E Hanson, born 1867, Monroe County, GA c. Francis Maron Hanson Jr, born Nov 1847, Monroe County, GA, died 4 April 1924, married Janie Breedlove 25 March 1869. aa. Catherine (Kitty) Hanson, born June 1874, GA, married (1) _____ Nix, (2) _______ Hearst. aaa. Josie Nix, born May 1891, Troup County, GA bb. Henry M Hanson, born Aug 1876, GA, married Lilla? aaa. Alford Hanson, born Sep 1897. cc. Francis Marion Hanson III dd. Julia Hanson, born June 1885, married Albert Waldroup. aaa. Alma Waldroup married ____ Foster bbb. Annie Waldroup married ____ Garvin. ee. J Howard Hanson, born April 1886, AL ff. Mary Ella Hanson, born March 1888, married ____ Turman d. George Washington Hanson e. David A Hanson, born abt 1850, Monroe County, GA married (1) Martha A Speir 15 Dec 1868, (2) Susie Rogers 1 June 1883, Troup County, GA. One son by first marriage aa. Walter Rolland Hanson, born 13 Jan 1870, died 24 Aug 1957, Monroe County, GA, married Mattie Bryan. aaa. Lois Hanson, born Jan 1895, Georgia bbb. Wallace Asbury Hanson, born 29 Nov 1897, Coos County, Oregon, died 9 Feb 1968, Clayton County, GA, married Ruby. aaaa. Paul B Hanson, born 1922, GA bbbb. Robert R Hanson, born 1923, GA cccc. Wallace A Hanson, born 1925, GA dddd. David L Hanson, born 1927, GA eeee. Mary J Hanson, born 1928, GA ccc. Sarepta Hanson, born Aug 1899, Coos County, Oregon. ddd. Myrtle Martha Hanson, born 1902, Coos County, Oregon. eee. Walter Bryan Hanson, born 1905, Georgia fff. Nellie Hanson, born 1907, Tatnall County, GA. bb. Martha Hanson, born 1872, Monroe County, GA. cc. Annie Elizabeth Hanson dd. Seaborn Frank Hanson f. Catherine (Carrie) Hanson, born 17 May 1853, Monroe County, GA, died 5 Sep 1944, Chambers County, AL, married James Leonard Breedlove 25 March 1869. aa. Mary Francis Victoria Breedlove (Aunt Frankie Thomas), born 2 April 1870, Monroe County GA, died 23 Nov 1964, Chambers County, AL, married Joseph Clayton Thomas 9 Sep 1888. aaa. Fannie Cornelia Thomas, born and died 1890 bbb. Flossie Eugene Thomas, born 1896, died 10 Oct 1969, Chambers County, AL, married Robert J H Sides 3 Sep 1911, Harris County, GA, who was born 1887, died 1965. aaaa. Willie C. Sides, born 1913 bbbb. Robert Frank Sides, born 24 Aug 1915, Chambers County, AL, died 1988, Chambers County, AL, married Mazel Virginia Ingram cccc. infant daughter, born 1918, died 1918 dddd. Carl Thomas Sides, born 1921 eeee. Fannie Mae Sides married ____ Rocks bb. Nathan William (Munch) Breedlove, born 14 March 1873, GA, died 6 Nov 1943, married Sara C (Sally) Hendrix. aaa. Bessy Breedlove married _____ Gillenwaters bbb. Mary Breedlove married ______ Gillenwaters ccc. Hassie Kate Breedlove, born 1913, Chambers County, Alabama, married ___ White ddd. Avery (Buck) Breedlove cc. Irene C. Breedlove, born Nov 1875, married Lon Hawkins. aaa. Luther Hawkins bbb. Lizzie Hawkins ccc. Linnie Mae Hawkins ddd. Odis Hawkins eee. Jack Hawkins fff. Jim Hawkins dd. Eddie Breedlove, born 1876, died 1880/1881 ee. John T. Breedlove, born March 1879, died 1961, married Beunie Hammond?. aaa. Dorsey C Breedlove, born 1915, Chambers County, AL bbb. Bernard? Breedlove, born 1918, Chambers County, AL bbb. Alfred Breedlove, born 1923, Chambers County, AL married Winifred ____ ccc. Vernon Breedlove ff. Junie L Breedlove, born Nov 1880, died after 1900 gg. Annie Alberta (Berta) Breedlove, born 17 Nov 1882, Monroe County, GA died 10 July 1954, married Emory Granberry 1904. no children hh. Paul Eugene (Gene) Breedlove, born 19 April 1883, died 25 March 1977, married Della Dunn. aaa. Harvey L Breedlove, born 1912, Chambers County, AL, died 1965, Shawmut, AL, married Tommie Sue Motley. no children bbb. Eunice Inez (Sister) Breedlove, born 1914, GA, died 1995, married Charles Fincher. six children ccc. Arthur Breedlove, born 21 May 1919, GA, died 25 March 1977, married Sally _____. ddd. Oscar Breedlove, twin of Arthur, died at birth. eee. Della Mae Breedlove, born 1923, GA, married Walter Daniel. seven children aaaaa. Herbert Breedlove bbbbb. Walter (Cornel) Daniel ii. Asberry (Berry) Newton Breedlove, born 2 April 1885, died 29 March 1964, Milledgeville, GA, married Nita Pearl Yates. He spent much of his life at the asylum in Milledgeville after his wife ran off with another man. Georgia Deaths, 1919-98 about A M Breedlove Name: A M Breedlove Death Date: 29 Mar 1964 County of Death: Baldwin Gender: M (Male) Race: White Age: 78 years County of Residence: Troup Certificate: 007069 World War 1 draft registration for Asberry Newton Breedlove For a larger, more readable image, go here aaa. Leroy Breedlove, born 1914, Chambers County, AL bbb. Elvin Breedlove, born 1919, Troup County, GA jj. Carrie Bell Breedlove, born Aug 1887, Monroe County, GA, married Oscar Phillips. aaa. Ophelia Phillips married Bennie Snyder. bbb. Leila Mae Phillips married ____ Staham bbb. Homer Phillips married Lois Edwards ccc. Nona Mae Phillips died at 11 years of age. ddd. Mary Sue Phillips kk. Alfred (Toolie) Breedlove, born Aug 1889, Monroe County, GA died 1922, married Etta Jennings. Toolie was convicted of killing Will Bohanon and sent to prison. World War 1 draft registration of Tooly Williamson Breedlove For a larger image, go here aaa. Johnny Breedlove bbb. Fred (Tootsie) Breedlove ccc. Alfred Breedlove ddd. George Breedlove kk. Sally Jewell Breedlove, born 7 Aug 1893, died May 1947, Tallasse, AL, married James Lee (Simon) Whitley aaa. Myrtle Whitley bbb. Frances Whitley ccc. Ferrell Whitley ddd. Elsie Whitley, born 1913, married at 16 to Ira Paul Hill. aaaa. June Hill married Milfred Williams 1948 West Point, GA aaaaa. Ronald David (Ronnie) Williams born May 1949, married Jo Ann Nichols 20 June 1969. aaaaaa. Ron Williams born 26 July 1970, Langdale, AL, wrote ON RAILROAD STREET: THE STORY OF CARRIE HANSON BREEDLOVE AND HER FAMILY bbbbbb. Donald Clay (Don) Williams, born 16 Jan 1972, Langdale, AL cccccc. Milfred Shane Williams, born 12 Dec 1972, Langdale, AL bbbbb. Milfred Denson (Denny) Williams born 1951, Langdale, Chambers County, AL, married ____ aaaaaa. Steve Williams bbbbbb. Crystal Williams ccccc. Paula Sandra Williams, born 1953 married Joe Blair. aaaaaa. Joe Louis Blair, died at birth bbbbbb. Michael Scott (Scotty) Blair cccccc. Robin Lee Blair dddddd. Angela Blair ddddd. Robert Alvin Williams, (adopted) born in South Carolina bbbb. Polly Hill married (1) James Talley, (2) Barney Estes. aaaaa. Tony Talley bbbbb. ____ Talley cccc. Wanda Hill married Billy Edson eeee. Faye Hill married J. B. (Bubba) Waites aaaaa. Ricky Waites bbbbb. Paul Waites dddd. Cindy Hill married Junior Hamby aaaaa. Robert Hamby bbbbb. Tammy Hamby ccccc. Jo Jo Hamby eee. Jesse Cleveland Whitley, born 28 Nov 1918, married Mary Cox 29 June 1940. aaaa. (adopted) Janice A Cox aaaaa. Larry Mark Sorrell bbbbb. Jennifer K Sorrell fff. Simon (Buster) Whitley, born 18 Oct 1928, died 19 Oct 1974, married Wanda Louise Odum aaaa. Linda Whitley bbbb. Larry Whitley cccc. Gay Whitley ll. Lena M. Breedlove, born April 1899, married Grady Sides. aaa. Douglas Sides bbb. Carolene Sides ccc. Bobby Sides ddd. David Sides eee. Frances Mason Sides g. Sarah Hanson, born 1856, Monroe County, GA h. George Coleman (Coley) Hanson, born 1858, Monroe County, GA, married (1) Nanny Maddox, (2) Laura Zenphen aa. Benjamin Hanson, born 1873, Troup County, GA. bb. Charles Washington Hanson, born 1886, died July 1954, married Addie Wright. World War 1 draft registration of Charlie Washington Hanson aaa. Charles Washington Hanson Jr bbb. Clarence Hanson ccc. Ely Hanson (was in politics in LaGrange GA) aaaa. Phyllis Hanson maried Embry Robertson Bailey. aaaaa. Mark Bailey bbbbb. Robin Bailey ccccc. Brent Bailey ddd. George Hanson eee. J. W. Hanson fff. Mary Hanson married (1) ___ Skelton, (2) ____ Singleton aaaa. James R. Skelton ggg. Nanny Hanson married ____ Smith hhh. Olin Hanson cc. Jenny Hanson married ____ Wilder dd. Polly Hanson married ____ Pritchett ee. Minnie Bell Hanson, married ____ Parker ff. Blanche Hanson married ____ Snow gg. Buddy Hanson hh. Freddie Hanson ii. Quiltey Hanson jj. Lewis Hanson kk. Wesley Hanson, born 1899, Lee County, AL i. Daniel (Dane) Hanson, born 1858, Monroe County, GA, married Annie _____. j. Thomas Hanson, born 1863 k. Catherine (Kate) Hanson, born 22 Aug 1865, Monroe County, GA, died 21 Sep 1935, Troup County, GA, married Asbury N Crowder 22 May 1884, Troup County, GA. aa. Teaver Mae Crowder, died Aug 1896 bb. Katie Lou Crowder, died Aug 1896 cc. Ida Cornelia Crowder married James Ellis Hendry dd. Alice Odelia Crowder married James William Camp. She died in Texas l. George Hanson, born 1868 E. George Washington Hanson, born 23 Jan 1821, Clarke County, GA, died Oct 1879, Pike County, GA, married Elizabeth Short 22 Apr 1838, Monroe County, GA. a. Martha W Hanson, born 1840, Monroe County, GA b. Mary S Hanson, born 1842, Monroe County, GA c. Cynthia A Hanson, born 1844, Monroe County, GA d. Elizabeth J Hanson, born 1847, Monroe County, GA e. Jesse S Hanson, born 1849, Monroe County, GA, married Francis H ____. aa. Mary E Hanson, born 1872, GA bb. Robert Lee Hanson, born 1874, GA cc. Alice C Hanson, born 1874, GA gg. William Sidney Hanson, born 1879, GA, married Ollie aaa. Samuel L Hanson, born 1901, Heard County, GA bbb. Cora M Hanson, born 1903, GA ccc. Susie B Hanson, born 1905, GA ddd. Robert W Hanson, born 1908, GA eee. Green P Hanson, born 8 Oct 1910, Coweta County, GA, died 9 Oct 1987, Hogansville, Troup County, GA. fff. Howard G Hanson, born 30 July 1913, GA, died 9 Jan 1995, Hogansville, Troup County, GA ggg. George G Hanson, born 7 Jan 1915, GA, died 28 July 1966, Hogansville, Troup County, GA. f. Amanda Hanson, born 1852, Monroe County, GA g. Sarah Hanson, born 1855, Monroe County, GA h. Emma Hanson, born 1857, Monroe County, GA F. Martha Hill Hanson, born 11 May 1823, Clarke County, GA, died 6 Jan 1901, Monroe County, GA, married William Alfred Rogers 13 Sep 1841, Monroe County, GA, son of George Rogers and Sarah. He was born 22 Oct 1816, died 26 June 1884. Martha Hill Hanson Rogers William A Rogers a. Cindarella Rogers, born about 1843, died before 1892. b. Enoch Rolland Rogers, born 10 Sep 1844, served in the Civil War, Company A, 14th Regiment, wounded at the Wilderness in 1864, later surrendered at Appomattox, 1865. He married Sarah E _____ after the Civil War. He died 22 May 1928. aa. Martha W Rogers, born 1868, GA bb. Thomas M Rogers, born 1870, GA cc. Ola Rogers, born about 1871, GA dd. Herbert Rogers, born about 1874, GA ee. Wiley Rogers, born about 1879, GA ff. Banks Rogers, born about 1882, GA gg. Lizzie L Rogers, born about 1884, GA hh. Annie R Rogers, born about 1887, GA ii. Cicero S Rogers, born about 1890, GA c. Mary Cornelia Rogers, born 1849 d. William Cicero Rogers, born 1853, Monroe County, GA, died March 1902, Bostwick, GA. aa. Clem Rogers bb. son Rogers cc. daughter Rogers dd. daughter Rogers e. Martha Virginia (Jenny) Rogers, born 21 Nov 1854, Monroe Co. GA, died 4 July 1942, Monroe Co GA, married Charles Lafayette Adams 2 April 1874, son of George Adams and Nancy Johnson. Charles was born 29 Feb 1852, Jasper Co. GA, died 21 March 1942, Monroe Co GA. Jenny and Charles Adams aa. William Headly Adams Sr, born 27 Jan 1875, Monroe Co GA, died 1 Mrch 1956, Leslie, GA, married Bertha Gertrude Shepherd 22 Feb 1899, Monroe Co. GA, daughter of Isaac Shepherd and Mary Tucker. She was born 28 July 1878, Monroe Co. Ga, died 20 April 1970, Cordele, GA. William Headly Adams Sr aaa. Paul White Adams, born 17 Jan 1902, Monroe Co. GA, died 15 March 1963, Baton Rouge, LA, married Louise Lillian Lane, who was born 2 Nov 1902, Crisp Co. GA, died 2 May 1991, Baker, East Baton Rouge Parish, LA. bbb. Lillian Gertrude Adams, born 3 Aug 1904, Monroe Co. GA, died 2 Sep 1985, Americus, Sumter County Hospital, Americus Ga, married Buster Brown Lane, who was born 6 Jan 1904, Crisp Co. GA, died 13 Nov 1984, Dooly Co. GA ccc. Ferol Adams, Born 2 Dec 1906, Monroe Co. GA, died 3 Feb 1990, Brunswick, GA, married James Richard Nunnally Vaughan, Dooly Co, GA. He was born about 1906, died 2 Sep 1967, Sumter Co. GA ddd. Charles Lafayette Adams, born 27 July 1908, Monroe Co. GA, died 11 Feb 1998, Baton Rouge, LA, married (1) Eleanor Sullivan, Louisiana, who was born 3 Oct 1907, died Nov 1980, Baton Rouge LA, married (2) Lila Ott, born 23 Dec 1922 1922, Louisiana, died 24 Nov 1999, Baton Rouge, LA. eee. Virginia Adams, born 12 March 1910, Monroe Co. GA, died 22 July 1998, Americus, GA, married Arthur Eugene Perry, Jr 27 Oct 1934, Sumter Co. GA. He was born 23 Dec 1906, Sumter CO. GA, died 1 June 1968, Americus Sumter County Hospital, Americus, GA. Arthur Eugene Perry Jr aaaa. Ginger Perry Ginger Perry, a great-grandaughter of Charles and Jenny Adams, provided the pictures. The tombstone pictures are from the Rogers Family Cemetery in Monroe County, GA. Here is Ginger Perry's file on Hanson Ginger Perry, 2010 fff. William Headly Adams, Jr, born 1 May 1912, Monroe Co. GA, died 20 Feb 1980, Americus-Sumter Co. Hospital, Americus, GA, married Maude Eugenia Holman, 30 May 1934, Sumter Co. GA. She was born Sumter CO. GA, died 3 Oct 2006. bb. Gussie Elberta Adams, born 9 Aug 1876, Monroe CO. GA, died 24 Aug 1924, Monroe Co GA, married (1) Levi Waites, who was born about 1854, Jackson, Butts CO. GA, died 30 Aug 1919, Forsyth, GA. She married (2) John T. Grant 18 Dec 1892, Monroe Co. GA. He was born 18 March 1873, died 28 Aug 1903. aaa. Eunice Magdalene Waites, born 26 Aug 1911, Forsyth, GA, died 17 June 1984, Huntington Beach, Ca, married William Reese Huff 23 Dec 1932. He was born 7 June 1907, Corinth, Heard Co. GA, died 30 April 1996, Valley, Chambers Co. AL. bbb. Ethel E. Grant, born Dec 1892, Monreo Co. GA ccc. William J. Grant, born April 1896, Monroe Co. GA ddd. Vera M Grant, born June 1899, Monroe Co GA eee. Sarah V Grant, born about 1903, Monreo Co. GA cc. Mattie Layfette Adams, born 24 Aug 1878, Monroe Co GA, died 21 April 1902, Monroe Co. GA, married James J. Morrison, son of John and Emmi B Morrison. He was born 1873. aaa. Evelyn V Morrison, born 26 Oct 1898, died 15 Nov 1967, Monroe Co. GA, marreid Opal M Chambliss, who was born about 1892, died 7 Dec 1964, Monroe Co. GA. dd. Mary Cornelia (Love) Adams, born 15 March 1881, Monroe County, GA, died 10 Jan 1933, Monroe County, GA married Amos Fletcher Roquemare 20 Dec 1899, Monroe County, GA, son of William Roquemore and Niciria Sandefer. He ws born 7 April 1866, Monreo Co. GA, and died 25 July 1951, Monroe CO. GA. aaa. Mary Virginia Roquemore, born 13 Oct 1900, Monroe County, GA, died 11 Aug 1983, married Willie Eugene Etheridge 23 Dec 1919, Monroe Co GA bbb. John Holland Roquemore, born 30 July 1902, Monroe County, GA, died 26 JUne 1996, Sumter Co. GA, married Kate Morris, who died 28 April 1995, Sumter CO. GA ccc. William Charles Roquemore, born 24 Jan 1906, Monroe County, GA ddd. Paul Allen Roquemore, born 16 Aug 1908, Monroe County, GA eee. Douglas Newton Roquemore, born 2 Feb 1911, Monroe County, GA, died 1945, married Sarah Myrtle Pippin. aaaa. _____ Roquemore married Larry Phillip Lundy. bbbb. ______ Roquemore fff. Amos Fletcher Roquemore Jr, born 18 Feb 1914, Monroe County, GA, died 2 Jan 1933, Monroe County, GA ggg. Alice Elizabeth Roquemore, born 14 Nov 1915, Monroe County, GA, married ____ Smith hhh. Hattie Rebecca Roquemore, born 16 Sep 1917, Monroe County, GA, died 6 Nov 1937, Monroe County, GA iii. James Roquemore, born 26 Dec 1919, Monroe County GA, died 12 June 1920, Monroe County, GA jjj. Alma Marjorie Roquemore, born 15 Oct 1921, died 29 April 2005, married Harold W Whiteman 1948. aaaa. Phillip Whiteman, who provided the pictures of the Enoch Hanson home in Monroe County, GA and the tombstones of Enoch and Cindarilla. Phillip Whiteman kkk. Julia Gladys Roquemore, born 16 Aug 1924, married John Thomas Bradley, born about 1919. Both are still living. aaaa. Janet Bradley, born about 1951, married Edward Lee Pickney. Janet Bradley Pickney ee. Alfred Rogers (Alf) Adams, born 18 April 1884, Monroe Co GA, died 28 Dec 1937, Monroe Co. GA, married Charlie Floyd. He ws born about 1882. aaa. William Floyd, born about 1910, Monroe Co. GA bbb. Charlie Jabez Floyd, born 9 Dec 1904, Monroe CO. GA, died 2 Aug 2003, Monroe Co. GA, married Farris Clifford Ham. She was born Pike county, died 4 Jan 2004, Monroe Co. GA. ccc. Virginia Lou Floyd, born 1 Jan 1912, Monroe Co. GA, died 8 Aug 2001, Monroe Co. GA, married Taylor Foster, who ws born about 1909, died July 1975, Butts Co. GA ddd. Aubrey Floyd, born about 1919, Monroe Co GA, died after 1930, Monroe CO. GA ff. Charles Newton (Newt) Adams, born 30 July 1886, Monroe Co GA, died 6 May 1984, Cuthbert, GA, married (1) Verna Williford 21 Nov 1909, daughter of Hines Williford. She was born 24 Feb 1888, died 13 April 1910, Forsyth, Monroe Co. GA. He married (2) Mattie Mae "Mamie" McElroy 26 Dec 1914, Monroe Co. GA, daughter of John McElroy and Ella Ham. She was born 11 July 1893, High Falls, Monroe CO. GA, died 8 March 1965, Shellman, GA. aaa. Charles McElroy Adams, born 19 April 1916, Forsth, GA, died 12 May 1965, Cordele, GA, married Ouida Carswell 10 Aug 1941. She was born 11 June 1910, Abeville, Wilcox Co GA, died 22 March 1998, Cuthbert, GA. bbb. Martha Adams, born Forsyth, GA, married James Riley Curry, 10 April 1943. He was born 21 April 1906, Dawson, Terrell Co GA, died 22 Nov 1974, Shellman, GA ccc. Ima Jean Adams, born 25 May 1925, Cordele, Ga, died 12 Feb 2009, Americus, GA, married Rennie Gladstone Easom Jr, who was born about 1923. ddd. Norma Pearl Adams, born 30 May 1928, Crisp Co. Ga, died 26 May 2009, Randolph Co> Ga, married Marlin Samuel Brown 26 Dec 1948, Shellman, Randolph Co. GA. He was born 1922. gg. Elizabeth Rebecca "Lizzie" Adams, born 23 April 1889, Monroe Co. GA, died 12 April 1981, Monroe Co. GA, married Aaron Sylvester Gatliff 11 Aug 1907, Monroe Co. GA, son of Moses Gatliff and Jennie Tribble. He was born 5 Aug 1889, Monroe Co. GA, died 19 July 1957, Monroe Co. GA. aaa. Charles Alfred Gatliff, born 20 July 1908, Monroe Co. GA, died 12 Oct 1964, Monroe Co. Ga, married Thelma Guy, who was born 20 March 1909, died 23 March 1990, Monroe Co. GA bbb. Virginia Lee Gatliff, born 19 March 1911, Monroe Co. GA, died 26 June 1980, Monroe Co. GA, married Edmund Gillard Copeland, Sr, 3 May 1928, Monroe Co. Ga. He was born 5 Dec 1901, died 14 March 1963, Monroe Co. GA ccc. Raymond Adams Gatliff, born 12 Nov 1916, Monroe Co. GA, died 30 May 2002, Monroe Co. GA, married Blanche Little, 19 Dec 1937. She was born 27 June 1920. hh. Nannie White Adams, born 21 Aug 1891, Monroe CO GA, died 11 Aug 1893, Monroe Co. GA. ii. George Henry Adams, born 12 Oct 1893, Monroe Co, GA, died 18 Nov 1967, Monroe Co. GA, married Eddie C Steele 2 Dec 1913. She ws born 10 Oct 1896, died 13 Dec 1948. aaa. Martha Louise Adams, born 9 Sep 1914, Monroe Co. GA, died 31 July 1995, Monroe Co. Ga, married John Dorsey Herndon. He was born 10 Dec 1908, died 11 Dec 1978, Monroe Co. GA. bbb. Syble Adams married (1) James Brasher, who was born 9 Sep 1915, died 18 Feb 1979, Monroe Co. GA, (2) Lens O. McCoy, born 20 May 1931. ccc. Joe K. Adams, born 6 June 1926, Monroe Co. GA, died 24 Dec 2003, Dublin, GA, married (1) Mary Vann, (2) Carolyn ____. ddd. George Henry Adams Jr, born 17 Aug 1918, Monroe Co. GA, died 9 Oct 1920, MOnroe Co. GA. jj. Annie Virginia Adams, born 5 Aug 1896, Monroe Co. GA, died about 1970, Monroe Co. GA, married (1) John Wesley Chambliss, (2) C. T. Bryant, (3) Austin Smith. aaa. John L. Chambliss, born about 1915, Monroe Co. GA, died 11 Feb 2009, Forsyth, GA. Charles & Jenny Adams with three of their children: George Henry Adams, Charles Newton Adams, Annie Virginia Adams f. Elizabeth Hattie Rogers, born 10 March 1858, Monroe Co. GA, died 13 March 1889, maried A. Lafayette Sandifer. He was born 5 Sep 1852 and died 5 Nov 1927 in Monroe Co. GA. aa. John Sandifer, born about 1877 bb. Minnie C. Sandifer, born 14 Sep 1878, died 14 Jan 1936, married William Henry Davis. He was born 2 June 1875, died 23 March 1938. aaa. Phil L Davis, born about 1898. bbb. Willie M Davis, born about 1899. ccc. Hattie E Davis, born about 1901. ddd. John Mack Davis, born 1903, died 1905. eee. Henry Grady Davis, born 1906, died 1963. cc. Alonza Sandifer, born about 1882. dd. Lillie Mae Sandifer, born about 1886. g. Rebecca Green Rogers, born about 1862, Monroe Co. GA, died 10 April 1936, Monroe CO. GA, married John H. Stuart, who was born about 1859, died 6 Sep 1937, Monroe CO. GA. G. Amanda Califerno Hanson, born 17 May 1825, Clarke County GA, died 13 Dec 1893, Monroe County, GA, married (1) Abraham J. Bostick 16 Oct 1842, Monroe County GA (died 1847), (2) Wiley Pritchett 12 June 1849 Monroe County, GA. Wiley was born 1807, died 1852. Amanda married (3) William John Allen 1864. a. Johnathan William Bostick, born 24 Oct 1843, Monroe County, GA, died 13 Feb 1907, Monroe County, GA, married (1) J. E. ______ 9 Nov 1865 (2) Lucinda W. Davis 3 Feb 1867 aa. John Newton Bostick, born 6 April 1889, Monroe County, GA, died 12 Aug 1970, married Mae Emma Bridges. aaa. Curtis Eugene Bostick, born 3 Oct 1908, Jones County, GA, died 28 July 1971, Juliette, Monroe County, GA, married Vilula Lawrence. aaaa. Donald Bostick bbb. Walker Douglas Bostick, born 21 Aug 1910, Monroe County, GA, married Mildred Pippin. aaaa. Ronnie Bostick married Shirley Fordham aaaaa. Angie Bostick married ___ Mike aaaaaa. Scotty Mike bbbbb. Rodney Douglas Bostick married Louise Elizabeth Tritsch 25 July 1992, Monroe County, GA bbbb. Bennie Bostick married Patricia Gail Childree aaaaa. Shawn Bostick bbbbb. Ryan Bostick ccccc. Heather Bostick ccc. Lula Wayne Bostick, born 15 April 1918, Monroe County, GA, died 19 July 1986, married Clint Safford. aaaa. Malicah Mallory Safford bbbb. Dion Safford ddd. Lenton Doris (Bill) Bostick, born 18 Jan 1913, Monroe County, GA, died 24 May 1986, Bibb County, GA, married Ruby Ollie Wilson 14 Jan 1934. aaaa. William Merrill Bostick, born 11 April 1934, married Alberta Durrance 20 Nov 1971. bbbb. Mary Leona Bostick, born 29 Sep 1935, died 17 May 1982, married (1) Ruben Wright, (2) Bennie Donald McCard Sr 4 July 1952 aaaaa. _______ Wright, killed at Wake Island, World War II. bbbbb. Bennie Donald McCard Jr ccccc. William L McCard ddddd. Raymond S McCard eeeee. Gerald Van McCard cccc. Keith Jerome Bostick, born 26 May 1942, married Sandra Cook 21 Dec 1967. dddd. Beverly June Bostick, born 27 Jan 1947, married James B. Skipper. eeee. Carol Ann Bostick, born 26 Feb 1951, married Michael F Blankenship 28 March 1981. aaaaa. Michael Blankenship bbbbb. Terri Blankenship eee. Dorothy Lee Bostick, born 14 Oct 1926, Monroe County, GA, married Horace Roland Pritchett Sr 26 June 1942, Upson County, GA. Horace was the son of Edgar Thomas and Nancy Elizabeth Pritchett. aaaa. Horace Roland Pritchett Jr, born 28 Oct 1945, Jones County, GA, married (1) Kathy Arlene Pritchett 28 Nov 1966, Lamar County, GA, daughter of Lesley Pritchett and Odessa Melvin. He married (2) Loven Long 8 June 1982, Crawford County, GA. aaaaa. Alicia Renee Pritchett, born 18 June 1967, Bibb County, GA, died 1 July 1968, Fulton County, GA bbbbb. Christie Dawn Pritchett, born 27 June 1970, Bibb County, GA, died 1 May 1971, Dane County, WS. Christie apparently needed a bone marrow transplant. ccccc. Bryan Christopher Pritchett, born 7 May 1975, Bibb County, GA, married (1) Jennifer Shumard in Delaware, (2) Christa Kittell. aaaaaa. Jacob Christopher Pritchett, born 2 March 1997, New Castle County, DE bbbbbb. Joshua Michael Pritchett, born 21 July 1999, Detroit, MI cccccc. Madison Kathleen Pritchett, born 30 May 2001, Detroit, MI ddddd. Amanda (Mandy) Lynn Pritchett, born 5 March 1980, Bibb County, GA aaaaaa. Veronica Sky Pritchett, born 2 Dec 2001, Warner Robbins, GA bbbb. Joseph Daniel Pritchett, born 15 Dec 1949, Monroe County, GA, died 1 July 1991, Bibb County, GA in a car wreck. b. Martha Bostick, born 9 Aug 1846, Monroe County, GA, died 31 Aug 1911, Monroe County, GA, married Green Brooks 1866. c. Virginia Pritchett, born Jan 1850, Monroe County, GA, died young. d. Cinderella Pritchett, born 14 Aug 1850, Monroe County, GA died 15 Feb 1932, Monroe County, GA, married James Allen McClain. aa. Cornelia McClain, born 1880. bb. Ethel McClain, born 1882, married (1) Lee McCarson, (2) Samuel Morphis. cc. James Doyle McClain, born 1896 dd. John McClain, born 15 July 1898, Pope County, AR, died 11 June 1974, Pope County, AR, married Frankie Bell Morgan aaa. Mary McClain, born 1920 bbb. James McClain, born 1923 ccc. ____ McClain e. Wiley Rhodum Pritchett, born 14 Feb 1852, Monroe County GA, died 27 Oct 1929, Monroe County, GA, married (1) Mary Catherine Speir 10 May 1868, (2) Minnie Lee Sharp 24 April 1906. Mary died 1902 and Minnie died in 1948. aa. William Allison Pritchett, born 1 Sep 1869, died 3 Oct 1872, Monroe County, Ga. bb. Asbury Augustus Pritchett, born 21 Aug 1871, died 22 May 1953, Monroe County, GA, married (1) Emma O Johnson 30 Nov 1890, Monroe County, GA, (2) Annie L Speir Nov 1931. Asbury and Annie Pritchett aaa. Jesse Oby Pritchett, born 25 Dec 1891, died 22 Aug 1942, Upson County, GA, married Mary Lizzie (Mollie) Hanson 1 June 1914. 6 children aaaa. Ruby Mae Pritchett, born 1915, SC bbbb. William L Pritchett, born 1917, SC, died 6 Nov 1982, Upson County, GA. cccc. Aley A Pritchett, born 1918, Monroe County, GA dddd. Thomas B Pritchett, born 28 Sep 1921, died 28 Oct 1921. eeee. Jessie E Pritchett, born 31 May 1925, died 5 April 1981. bbb. Annie May Pritchett, born 8 May 1894, died 19 April 1973, Tift County, GA, married (1) Thomas Frank Musselwhite 27 March 1910, (2) J S Coleman 26 Nov 1911. aaaa. Cobb Musselwhite bbbb. Gladys Musselwhite, born 1912 cccc. James L Musselwhite, born 1916, married Dollie Bell Adkins 7 Feb 1942, Crisp County, GA. dddd. Herbert Musselwhite, born 1920 eeee. Matthew Musselwhite, born 1924 ffff. Wiley Musselwhite, born 1924 ccc. William Alonzo Pritchett, born 2 July 1897, Juliette, Jones County, GA, died 14 Jan 1953, Cook County, GA, married Mary Elizabeth Rider. aaaa. Minnie Pritchett, born 1917, married Raymond Adams. bbbb. Henry Pritchett, born 1919 cccc. Elizabeth Emma Pritchett, born 22 Sep 1921, Monroe County, GA, died 19 Dec 1952, Chatham County, GA, married Charlie James Polk Jr 23 April 1938, Upson County, GA. Elizabeth, Charlie and three of their children were killed in a car wreck 19 Dec 1952. aaaaa. Mary Jeanette Polk, born 2 Oct 1939, died 19 Dec 1952, Chatham County, GA bbbbb. Joyce Polk, born 22 Sep 1941, Upson County, GA, died 19 Dec 1952, Chatham County, GA. ccccc. Ellen Polk, born 15 Aug 1944, Upson County, GA, married Bennie Carl Boyett Sr, 12 June 1965 Savannah, GA aaaaaa. Bennie Carl Boyett Jr, born 29 March 1966, Chatham County, GA, married Connie Anne Durrell 24 Jan 1987, Effingham County, GA aaaaaaa. Amanda Danell Boyett, born 6 March 1991 bbbbbbb. Stephanie Nicolle Boyett, born 12 Dec 1992 bbbbbb. Sharon Marie Boyett, born 20 March 1968, Richmond County, GA, married Ernest Cohen Grizzard Jr 20 Dec 1986, Effingham County, GA aaaaaaa. Ernest Cohen Grizzard III, born 12 Feb 1988 bbbbbbb. Cory Brandon Grizzard, born 24 Feb 1989 ddddd. Eleanor Polk, born 15 Aug 1944, died 19 Dec 1952, Chatham County, GA dddd. James E Pritchett, born 26 Jan 1924, died 30 Oct 1997, married Dorothy Castleberry. eeee. Hurbert E Pritchett, born 9 Jan 1925, Spalding County, GA, died Spalding County, GA, married Daphene Harper aaaaa. Deborah Ann Pritchett ffff. Maggie Pritchett, born 7 May 1928, Columbus, Muscogee county, GA, married Sidney Harper. gggg. Marion Franklin Pritchett, born 7 May 1928, Columbus, Muscogee County, GA, married (1) Audrey Walker, (2) Patsy, (3) Lorene Harper. hhhh. Joyce T Pritchett, born 6 May 1931, GA, died Greenville, SC, married Jack Doyle Holder. aaaaa. Mary Holder married Terry Bragg bbbbb. Jack Doyle Holder Jr ccccc. Ann Holder ddddd. Patricia Sissy Holder eeeee. William Joel Holder, born 8 June 1952, died 9 June 1952. iiii. Betty Louise Pritchett, born Sep 1938, married (1) Franklin Whitehead, (2) Jimmy Carter. aaaaa. Diane Whitehead bbbbb. David Whitehead ccccc. Bryan Whitehead jjjj. William Eldridge Pritchett Sr, born 30 June 1936, Thomaston, Upson County, GA married Mary Loveless Wallace 18 May 1957 aaaaa. Tammie Elizabeth Pritchett, born 1 Jan 1959 bbbbb. Rhonda Kay Pritchett, born 16 May 1960 ccccc. Billie Sue Pritchett, born 26 April 1962 ddddd. Phyllis Renee Pritchett, born 16 Aug 1963 eeeee. William Eldridge Pritchett Jr, born 2 Aug 1971 ddd. James Franklin Pritchett, born 8 Sep 1902, died 9 June 1968, Bibb County, GA, married (1) Lois Cobb 10 Feb 1923, (2) Annie L Glass 1 March 1930. aaaa. James H Pritchett, born 1924 bbbb. Bob L Pritchett, born 1928 cccc. Franklin Pritchett dddd. Leonard Pritchett married Alpha Brookshire eeee. Loretta Pritchett ffff. Velma Pritchett eee. Walter Lee Pritchett, born 26 Nov 1906, died 5 April 1941, Monroe County, GA, married Helen Ruark. aaaa. Bennie Pritchett cc. Minnie Pritchett, born 29 May 1873, married William H Stephens 7 Oct 1900, Coweta County, GA. dd. Ninnie Pritchett, born 29 May 1873, died 14 June 1873 Monroe County, GA ee. Edgar Thearthalas Pritchett, born 6 July 1874, Monroe County, GA, died 10 July 1961, Phoenix City, Russell County, AL, married (1) _____ Pickrell, (2) Annie Laura Lee Statham 28 Feb 1897, Cordele, Crisp County, GA. aaa. Fred Pickrell? Pritchett? married Victoria bbb. Nettie Gertrude Pritchett, born 13 Aug 1898, died 22 Jan 1901 ccc. Verba Lee Pritchett, born 1 Sep 1900, Brook County, GA, died 30 Nov 1972, Fayette County, GA, married Tully Edward Ard 17 Nov 1918, Cordele, GA. aaaa. Annie Kathryn Ard, born 20 Jan 1920, Macon GA, married Bob Armistead aaaaa. Shirley Armstead bbbbb. Barbara Armstead bbbb. Vivian Ard, born Dec 1926, Miami FL, died Atlanta, married Wallace Carruth. aaaaa. Gail Carruth cccc. Dorothy Montez Ard, born 9 Oct 1924, Macon, Bibb County, GA, married (1) ________ (2) Ted Coddling, (3) Russell McDuffie, aaaaa. Deborah Coddling bbbbb. Edward Coddling ccccc. Herbert Coddling ddddd. Johnny Coddling ddd. Mary Jane Pritchett, born 16 Sep 1902, Monroe County, GA, died 17 April 1981, Phenix City, Russell County, AL, married (1) Charles Courtney Rivers 1918, Crisp County, GA, (2) Calvin Wade 17 Nov 1934, Russell County, AL aaaaa. Mary Elizabeth Rivers, born 8 Feb 1919, Crisp County, GA, married (1) Herbert Hoover Holloway 18 March 1936, Russell County, Al, (2) Homer A Davis 8 Feb 1953. aaaaaa. Herbert Hoover Holloway Jr, born and died 6 June 1937, Columbus, GA. bbbbbb. Walter Lamar Holloway Sr, born 23 June 1940, Columbus, Muscogee County, GA, married (1) Janice Marie Rhodes 16 March 1960, Russell County, AL (2) Donna Lee Robertson 25 Aug 1969, Perry, Houston County, GA aaaaaaa. Rhonda Joy Holloway, born 8 Aug 1961, Columbus, GA, married (1) Howard Faulk, (2) David Strickland, (3) Jack Blue aaaaaaaa. Crystal Leigh Faulk, born 4 Nov 1980, Appling County, GA married Brian Patrick Henning 29 March 2003, Glynn County, GA bbbbbbbb. Tracy Lynn Faulk, born 2 July 1982, Appling County, GA bbbbbbb. Walter Lamar Holloway Jr, born 20 Aug 1962, Columbus, GA, married Carole Haile. ccccccc. Herbert Guy Holloway, born 25 July 1966, Hamilton County, OH, married (1) Tanna, (2) Debra Ann Sadler, Marietta, GA aaaaaaaa. Danielle Nicole Holloway, born 25 April 1986, Appling County, GA bbbbbbbb. Justin Guy Holloway, born 2 Jan 1996 cccccccc. Brady Guy Holloway, born 20 Nov 1997 ddddddd. John Lee Holloway, born 17 July 1972, Mariemont, OH, married Susan Davina Keller 25 May 1996, Loveland, OH aaaaaaaa. Luke Joseph Holloway bbbbbbbb. Nathan Lee Holloway eeeeeee. Mark Lynn Holloway, born 22 Jan 1974, Mariemont, OH cccccc. John Comer Holloway, born 11 April 1942, Sylacauga, AL, died 14 Oct 1990, Tuskegee, AL, married Linda Locke 17 Nov 1959 Russell County, AL aaaaaaa. John David Holloway, born 5 March 1961, Muscogee County, GA, married (1) Nevahl, (2) Pamela aaaaaaaa. Jonathan Holloway, born 1983 bbbbbbbb. Samantha Holloway, born March 1989 bbbbbbb. Denise Holloway, born Muscogee County, GA, married ____ Langfelds aaaaaaaa. Myranda Denise Langfelds bbbbbbbb. Brandon David Langfelds ccccccc. Charlotte (Renee) Holloway, born 26 Sep 1965, Muscogee County, GA, married (1) Curtis Dale Crane, (2) Tommy Frankland Missildine Aug 1997 aaaaaaaa. Colton Jay Crane bbbbbbbb. Taylor Grace Missildine dddddd. Rebecca Jane Holloway, born 23 Sep 1943, Panama City, FL married (1) William Ander Hartsfield, (2) _____ Lattiere, (3) Thomas Lollar, (4) Samuel Shaw 18 March 1960, Russell County, AL aaaaaaa. Anne Marie Lattiere, born 1 Dec 1963 bbbbbbb. James Joseph (Joey) Lattiere, born 12 April 1965, (adopted by Joe and Libby Davis) married (1) Laura Ann Hartsfield 10 May 1984, (2) Gena 6 March 1996 aaaaaaaa. Ashley Ann Davis bbbbbbbb. Amanda Joy Davis cccccccc. Brodon Davis dddddddd. Carolyn Davis ccccccc. William Thomas Lollar, born 25 Oct 1967, Bowie County, TX, married Donna Marie Elliott 1 July 1995, Fort Benning, GA ddddddd. Elizabeth Thomasina Lollar, born 20 Jan 1970, Gwinnett county GA eeeeeee. Mary Jo (Jodie) Gibson, born 15 July 1961, Muscogee County, GA, married (1) Charles (Sammy) Barnette 9 Feb 1980 (2) Ira (John) Medley 20 June 1998, Russell County, AL aaaaaaaa. Deaon (Tessa) Barnette, born 12 Oct 1981, Clarke County, GA married Adam (Jonathan) Richardson 7 Jan 2000 bbbbbbbb. Marie (Katie) Medley eeeeee. Herbert Timothy Holloway, born 4 Nov 1946, Columbus, GA, married (1) Patricia Ann Eldridge 1964, (2) Wanda Gail Taylor 10 June 1985, Muscogee County, GA aaaaaaa. Timothy Wesley Holloway, born 26 Oct 1964, Phenix City, Russell County, AL, married (1) Michelle Martin, (2) Tessa Marie Sanders aaaaaaaa. Timothy Paul Holloway, born 9 July 1985 bbbbbbbb. Wesley Drew Holloway, born 1 April 1988 cccccccc. Kortney Ann Marie Holloway dddddddd. Jillian Montana Holloway eeeeeeee. Patricia Meadows Holloway bbbbbbb. Bobby Vance Holloway born 30 Oct 1967, married (1) Sandy Smart, (2) Lynda aaaaaaaa. Bobby Vance Holloway Jr, born 16 March 1986, DeKalb County, GA bbbbbbbb. Amber Lynn Holloway, born 23 Oct 1988 cccccccc. Levi Cole Holloway ccccccc. Paul Everett Holloway born 15 Dec 1970, married Andrea Dare Oyler aaaaaaaa. Benjamin Paul Holloway bbbbbbbb. Hannah Dare Holloway ffffff. (adopted) William (Billy) Davis born 25 Nov 1951, Russell County, AL, died 11 Nov 1957, Russell County, AL eee. Bessie M. Pritchett, born 1 Sep 1904, died 4 April 1909, Barbour County, AL. fff. Eva T Pritchett, born 22 Jan 1907, died 28 Jan 1907. ggg. Lois Ruth Pritchett, born 15 April 1908, Barbour County, AL, died June 1983, Duval County, FL, married (1) Julius Barker, (20 Charlie Oneal, (3) Vestal Tindell 19 March 1949. aaaa. Anne Lee Barker, born 6 June 1926, Macon, Georgia, married Kenneth Brown aaaaa. Steve Brown, born 1950, NC bbbbb. Philip Brown, born 1952 ccccc. Deborah Brown, born 1954 bbbb. Verba Louise Barker, born 1928, Eastman, GA hhh. Annie Maude Pritchett, born 20 March 1911, Dodge County, GA, died 5 Oct 1979, Russell County, AL. married James Benjamin Kirkland 7 Nov 1934. aaaa. James Benjamin Kirkland II, born 2 Aug 1936, Russell County, AL, married Judith Ray Potts. aaaaa. Terry Kaye Kirkland, born 24 May 1957 bbbbb. James Benjamin Kirkland III, born 14 April 1959 ccccc. Cynthia Joann Kirkland, born 1 Jan 1963. ddddd. Karen Leigh Kirkland, born 18 July 1969 bbbb. Cody Lynn Kirkland, born 11 Feb 1941, Russell County, AL, married Brenda Joyce Crockett 25 March 1961 aaaaa. Vickie Lynn Kirkland, born 14 May 1962, Russell County, AL, married married Matthew Taylor. aaaaaaa. Penne Taylor, born 15 Aug 1992. bbbbbbb. Matthew Taylor Jr, born 3 Oct 1990 bbbbb. Tracie Ann Kirkland, born 1 Oct 1970, Russell County, AL, married Dougley Starr. iii. Edgar Preston (Buddy) Pritchett, born 10 Aug 1913, Coffee County, GA, died 10 Dec 1995, Muscogee County, GA, married (1) Katy Belle Jowers 19 Aug 1933, Russell County, AL, (2) Annie Lillie Hutto 16 Sep 1949. aaaa. June Pritchett, born 10 June 1934, Muscogee County, GA, married James East 29 May 1954, Muscogee County, GA. bbbb. Edgar Preston Pritchett II, born 10 June 1956. cccc. Elizabeth Ann Pritchett, born 31 Jan 1958 jjj. Ruby Grace Pritchett, born 6 July 1915, died 1917. kkk. William Reed Pritchett, born 16 July 1917, Troup County, GA, died 21 July 1992, Muscogee County, GA, married Thelma Roberta Fountain 1 Sep 1938. aaaa. Eddie Pritchett, born Muscogee County, GA bbbb. Steve Pritchett, born Muscogee County, GA cccc. William (Billy) Reed Pritchett Jr, born Muscogee County, GA. ff. Charles Rhodum Pritchett, born 29 July 1876, Monroe County, GA, died 11 Jan 1956, Jones County, GA, married (1) Rosa Lee Speir 24 Nov 1895 Henry County GA (2) Annie Childs. aaa. Marion Jackson Pritchett, born 18 July 1894, Henry County, GA, died 6 March 1937, Jones County, GA, married (1) Nannie Jarrel, (2) Avis. bbb. Emmie Ophilia Pritchett, born 18 Sep 1896, Henry County, GA, died 19 Nov 1938, Upson County, GA married John Franklin Coulon Oct 1919. ccc. Willie Rhodum Pritchett, born 26 March 1899, Henry County, GA, died 30 Jan 1989, Monroe County, GA, married Mattie Lee Smith 3 Feb 1919 aaaa. Lesley Philip Pritchett, born 22 Dec 1919 Jones County, GA, married Odessa Melvin 5 April 1941, Jasper County, GA. aaaaa. Gerald Phillip Pritchett, born 27 July 1942, Jones County, GA married Shirley (Darlene) Jackson 23 Nov 1962, Lamar County, GA. aaaaaa. Todd Phillip Pritchett, born 20 July 1971, Bibb County, GA bbbbbb. Timothy Wade Pritchett, born 21 July 1965, Monroe County, GA, married (1) Bonita Bramblett 1988, Monroe County, GA, (2) Leah Gwinnette Williams 2 May 1992, Monroe County, GA aaaaaaaa. Holden Blane Pritchett, born 12 July 1988 bbbbbbbb. Timothy Wade Pritchett Jr, born 14 July 1989 cccccccc. Bailey Rhiannon Pritchett dddddddd. Colby Dean Pritchett eeeeeeee. Kayla Nicole Pritchett bbbbb. Kathy Arlene Pritchett, born 7 Oct 1949, Monroe County, GA, married (1) Horace Roland Pritchett Jr 28 Nov 1966 in Lamar County, GA, son of Horace Pritchett and Dorothy Bostick. Kathy married (2) Donald Edward Fullman 19 Feb 1988 in Harris County, GA. aaaaaa. Alicia Renee Pritchett, born 18 June 1967, Bibb County, GA, died 1 July 1968, Fulton County, GA bbbbbb. Christie Dawn Pritchett, born 27 June 1970, Bibb County, GA, died 1 May 1971, Dane County, WS cccccc. Bryan Christopher Pritchett, born 7 May 1975, Bibb County, GA dddddd. Amanda (Mandy) Lynn Pritchett, born 5 March 1980, Bibb County, GA ccccc. Barry Melvin Pritchett, born 17 Feb 1954, Monroe County, GA, married Teresa Gail Harris 1 April 1981, Lowndes county, GA aaaaaa. Jarred Melvin Pritchett, born 19 Aug 1982, Lowndes County, Ga bbbbbb. Leslie Elizabeth Pritchett, born 3 Dec 1990, Seveir County TN bbbb. Cornelia Pritchett, born 18 Oct 1921, Jones County, GA, married Sammie Osceola Griffin 20 Dec 1941, Jasper County, GA Cornelia Pritchett Cornelia and Sammie Griffin Sammie Griffin being interviewed aaaaa. Judith Anita Griffin, born 18 May 1943, Jones County, GA, married William Ben Speir 16 March 1943, Jones County, GA aaaaaa. William Andrew Speir, born 8 Nov 1964, Monroe County, GA, married Pam Stone 9 Nov 1990, Bibb County, GA aaaaaaa. Andrew Travis Speir bbbbb. Hollis Sammie Griffin, born 26 July 1945, Pike County, GA, married (1) Eleanor Jean Quick 1964, Monroe County, GA, (2) Ruth Buczkowski, (3) Mariena Shiflett 7 May 2001. aaaaaa. Tracy Lynn Griffin, born 29 Jan 1965, Dyess Air Force Base, Texas, married Clayton E Presley aaaaaaa. Erin S Presley, born 4 March 1986 bbbbbb. Steven Anthony Griffin, born 12 Oct 1968, Monroe County, GA, married Tracy Lynes aaaaaaa. Steven Anthony Griffin, born 17 March 1989 bbbbbbb. Anthony Tyler Griffin cccccc. Christopher Brian Griffin, born 6 July 1970, Washington, DC (child of Hollis Griffin and Ruth Buczkowski) ccccc. Ronald Lesley Griffin, born 6 June 1949, Monroe County, GA, married (1) Kathy Colvin 25 Aug 1967, (2) Janice Sanders 16 Feb 1978, Monroe County, GA aaaaaa. Lori Griffin, born 4 April 1970, Monroe County, GA, married ___ Hall aaaaaaa. Katie Hall, born 26 Dec 1986 bbbbbbb. Kimberly Hall, born 19 July 1989 bbbbbb. Jennifer Griffin, born 13 May 1978, Bibb County, GA, married Jeffrey "Jeff" Wilson, born June 11 1980, Perry, GA aaaaaaa. Laney Grace Wilson, b. 1 March 2012. cccccc. Jessica Griffin, born 30 Nov 1982, Bibb County, GA, married ____ Hamrick aaaaaaa. Sara Jessica Hamrick dddddd. Jason Griffin, born 14 Nov 1988, Bibb County, GA cccc. Rosa Kathryn Pritchett, born 31 Jan 1924, Jones County, GA, died 24 April 1994, married Clarence (Skinner) Bryant, Jasper County, GA aaaaa. Harold Bryant, born 19 Sep 1946 bbbbb. Pamela Anita Bryant, born 16 March 1948, Monroe County, GA married (1) Raymond Martin, (2) Robert Lee Smith 28 April 1967, Monroe County, GA, (3) Donald J Bailey 1 Jan 1982, Jones County, GA aaaaaa. Katrina (Trina) Lynn Smith, born 21 Dec 1968, Monroe County, GA bbbbbb. Tiffany Leigh Smith, born 5 Oct 1971, Monroe County, GA, married ____ Lawrence aaaaaaa. Cortney Lawrence ccccc. Sue Ellen Bryant, born 3 Nov 1954 married Wayne Griffin 12 Nov 1972 aaaaaa. Tonya Griffin, born 8 July 1976 aaaaaaa. Jessica Dayne Griffin bbbbbbb. Alexander Ethan Barolon dddd. Vernell Pritchett, born 11 June 1925, Jones County, GA, married Grover G Holley 5 Nov 1944, Jasper County, GA. aaaaa. Scott Gordon Holley, born 27 Oct 1945, Jones County, GA bbbbb. Gary Alan Holley, born 7 June 1949, Monroe County, GA, married (1) Wanda Watts 28 Feb 1971, Monroe County, GA, (2) Mary Ann Phillips 2 Nov 1979, Houston County, GA aaaaaa. Shannon Denise Holley, born 15 May 1972, Bibb County, GA bbbbbb. Bryan Alan Holley, born 9 Oct 1974, Warner Robbins, GA cccccc. Joshua David Holley, born 16 Oct 1980, Warner Robbins, GA dddddd. James Nathan Holley, born 7 July 1984, Warner Robbins, GA eeee. Willie Lee Pritchett, born 24 Sep 1929 married Bonnie Griffin 7 May 1954, Butts County, GA. aaaaa. Elaine Pritchett, born 13 Feb 1956, Bibb County, GA, married Larri Graham aaaaaa. Kavin Roise Graham bbbbbb. Timmie Rosie Graham bbbbb. Donna Pritchett, born 24 Feb 1957 Bibb County, GA, married (1) Kevin Brown, (2) Robert Rowan aaaaaa. Reggie Ogborn Brown bbbbbb. Kevin Brown Jr cccccc. Noah Brown dddddd. Stephanie Brown eeeeee. James Rowan ccccc. Randall Edgar Pritchett, born 21 Nov 1959, Bibb County, GA. aaaaaa. Bonnie Pritchett bbbbbb. Ashley Pritchett ffff. James Alvin Pritchett, born 23 Sep 1933, Jones County, GA, married Mary Lee Hunnicutt 1 July 1961, Jones County, GA, the daughter of William Hunnicut and Grace Pritchett. She was born 13 Dec 1934, Jones County, GA aaaaa. Lisa Anne Pritchett, born 15 June 1962, Monroe County, GA, married (1) James Michael Massara Jr 29 Sep 1984, Clarke County, GA, (2) Harris Michael Sheinman 26 July 1992, Watkinsville, Oconee County, GA aaaaaa. Samuel Joseph Sheinman, born 11 July 1995 bbbbbb. Marc William Sheinman, born 22 Dec 1997 bbbbb. Janice Maria Pritchett, born 24 May 1966, Loundes County, GA, married (1) Robert Thomas Schweitzer, 15 Aug 1986, Lowndes County, Ga, (2) William Rodney Rogers 27 Sep 2002. ddd. Bertha Jewell Pritchett, born 23 Apr 1900, Henry County, GA, died 18 Dec 1979, married (1) Dorsey Vining, (2) Curtis Stone, (3) John Jacie Harry. aaaa. Dorsey M Vining, born 1918 bbbb. Thomas F Vining, born 1921 cccc. Pearlie J Vining, born 1928 eee. Nancy Elizabeth (Lizzie) Pritchett, born 23 Apr 1903, Henry County, GA, died 25 Oct 1990, Monroe County, GA, married first cousin Edgar Thomas Pritchett 22 June 1918, son of James Thomas Pritchett and Bessie Lee Wilson. Read this. aaaa. Beatrice Lucile Pritchett, born 26 Apr 1919, Jones County, GA, died 21 Feb 2003 Thomaston, Upson County, GA, married George William Wilson 25 Nov 1937 Monroe County, GA. Beatrice was the owner/ operator of the Thomaston Cafe. aaaaa. Patricia Kay Wilson, born 25 Nov 1938, Upson County, GA, married Charles Robert Paramore Sr 14 July 1957 aaaaaa. Miranda Lynne Paramore, born 10 May 1958, Upson County, GA, married Thomas Phillips Watts 4 March 1977 aaaaaaa. Carla Elizabeth Watts, born 7 Dec 1978, Upson County, GA bbbbbbb. Stephanie Kay Watts, born 15 Sep 1981, Upson County, GA, married ____ Piper bbbbbb. William Craig Paramore, born 11 July 1959, Upson County, GA, married Sharon Jewell Williamson 21 Oct 1978 aaaaaaa. Sharan Alicia Paramore, born 22 April 1979, Upson County, GA, married _____ Swindell bbbbbbb. Nathaniel Craig Paramore, born 8 Oct 1981, Upson County, GA, married Alicia Michelle Vemeer 13 July 2000. cccccc. Deidra Lucille Paramore, born 5 March 1964, Upson County, GA, married Richard Lyle Finley 1 June 1988 aaaaaaa. Richard Kyle Finley, born 17 Aug 1988, Upson County, GA bbbbbbb. Kristie Adonna Finley dddddd. Sara Georgette Paramore, born 2 April 1971, Upson County, GA, married Jesse Len Holloway 22 July 1995 aaaaaaa. Jonathan Daniel Holloway bbbbb. Glenda Faye Wilson, born 22 Nov 1943, Upson County, GA, married married Joel Vandiver Crabtree 14 Dec 1962. aaaaaa. Michelle Crabtree, born 19 Sep 1963, Upson County, GA, married Scott Allen Hamilton. bbbbbb. Christina Marie Crabtree, born 23 Aug 1965, Upson County, GA married Mark Seidleck aaaaaaa. Lauren Marie Seidleck cccccc. Joel Jason Crabtree, born 6 Feb 1971, Dallas, PA. aaaaaaa. Emma Nicole Crabtree bbbbbbb. Nicholas Crabtree ccccc. Thomas Randolph (Randy) Wilson, 24 April 1952, Upson County, GA married Brenda Fay Gordy 16 Nov 1974. aaaaaa. Heather Renee Wilson, born 18 Nov 1978, Upson County, GA bbbbbb. William Bryan (Bobo) Wilson, born 30 sep 1980, Upson County, GA bbbb. Thomas Pritchett, born 1920 cccc. James Pritchett, born 1922 dddd. Horace Roland Pritchett Sr, born 7 Dec 1924, Jones County, GA, married Dorothy Lee Bostick 26 June 1942, Upson County, GA. Dorothy was the daughter of John Bostick and Mae Bridges. aaaaa. Horace Roland Pritchett Jr, born 28 Oct 1945, Jones County, GA, married (1) Kathy Arlene Pritchett 28 Nov 1966, Lamar County, GA, daughter of Lesley Pritchett and Odessa Melvin. He married (2) Loven Long 8 June 1982, Crawford County, GA. aaaaaa. Alicia Renee Pritchett, born 18 June 1967, Bibb County, GA, died 1 July 1968, Fulton County, GA bbbbbb. Christie Dawn Pritchett, born 27 June 1970, Bibb County, GA, died 1 May 1971, Dane County, WS cccccc. Bryan Christopher Pritchett, born 7 May 1975, Bibb County, GA dddddd. Amanda (Mandy) Lynn Pritchett, born 5 March 1980, Bibb County, GA bbbbb. Joseph Daniel Pritchett, born 15 Dec 1949, Monroe County, GA, died 1 July 1991, Bibb County, GA fff. Leslie Eugene Pritchett, born 31 Dec 1905, Henry County, GA, died 9 Jan 1993, Jones County, GA, married (1) Floy Mae Smith, (2) Mattie Tribble. aaaa. Henry Eugene Pritchett married Carole M Stansbury. ggg. Annie Lou Pritchett, born 31 May 1906, Henry County, GA, died 5 Nov 1985, Monroe County, GA married Luke Ceban Mercer 1927. aaaa. Victor Luke Mercer, born 2 Sep 1927, died 30 May 1999, married Lucy Lee Vining. bbbb. Herbert Lee Mercer, born 11 April 1929 cccc. Charlie Neal Mercer, born 25 May 1930, married Dorothy I ____ 28 July 1951 dddd. Frances Rebecca Mercer, born 3 Nov 1932, died 7 Dec 2000 eeee. Mary Florence Mercer, born 7 April 1934 ffff. James Franklin Mercer, born 2 Jan 1936 gggg. Marion Luke Mercer, born 4 March 1944 hhhh. Chester Mercer, born 11 May 1945 hhh. Grace Pritchett, born 12 Sep 1910, Henry County, GA, died 9 June 1979, Jones County, GA, married William James Hunnicut 2 Oct 1926 aaaa. James Floyd Hunnicut, born 11 Sep 1927 married Vivian Chambers 19 Nov 1944 aaaaa. Dianne Hunnicut married Wayne Pippin aaaaaa. Sherry Pippin bbbbbb. Ginny Pippin, born 1 Feb 1968, married Donald Sapp 19 Nov 1998. cccccc. Matthew Pippin bbbbb. Michael Hunnicut married ______ Darnell 17 July 1971 aaaaaa. Stacey Hunnicut bbbbbb. Christopher Hunnicut, born 24 Oct 1984 cccccc. Andrew Hunnicut, born 26 Nov 1986 ccccc. Lindy Hunnicut, born 17 Sep 1964, married Wayne Smith 16 Oct 1982 bbbb. Willie Edna Hunnicut, born 13 March 1930, married (1) Frank Cole, (2) John Franklin McGee, 25 June 1965 cccc. Thomas Franklin Hunnicut, born 18 May 1931, married Honie Speir dddd. Betty Joyce Hunnicut, born 11 June 1933 Jones County, GA, married Ben A Wood 3 March 1951, Jasper County, GA aaaaa. Dennis Wood, born 4 Dec 1952, Monroe County, GA eeee. Mary Lee Hunnicutt, born 13 Dec 1934, Jones County, GA, married James Alvin Pritchett 1 July 1961, Jones County, GA James was the son of Willie Pritchett and Mattie Smith. aaaaa. Lisa Anne Pritchett, born 15 June 1962, Monroe County, GA bbbbb. Janice Maria Pritchett, born 24 May 1966, Loundes County, GA, married (1) Robert Thomas Schweitzer, 15 Aug 1986, Lowndes County, Ga, (2) William Rodney Rogers 27 Sep 2002. ffff. Emmie Lula Hunnicut, born 10 Aug 1936, married (1) Thomas Dewey Harmond, (2) Molden Tillman gggg. Annie Gail Hunnicut, born 27 Nov 1945, married Billy Cochran 28 Nov 1963. iii. Mary Dean Pritchett, born 26 Sep 1913, Henry County, GA, died 5 Aug 2000, Monroe County GA married John Herbert Williams Sr 21 Dec 1929, in Macon, Bibb County, GA. aaaa. Peggy Laverne Williams, born 27 July 1933, Bibb County, GA, married Thomas George Dobson Sr 19 Jan 1951. aaaaa. Mary Regina Dobson, born 28 July 1952, Mobile County, AL bbbbb. Thomas George Dobson Jr, born 23 July 1956, Mobile County, AL ccccc. Kenneth D. Dobson, born 9 Sep 1958, Mobile County, AL bbbb. Robert Augustus Williams, born 11 June 1936, Macon, Bibb County, GA, married Antoinette Caruso 14 Feb 1959, Duval County, FL aaaaa. Robert Augusta Williams, born 8 Dec 1963, Bibb County, GA bbbbb. Ronald Mark Williams, born 12 Oct 1969, Orange County, FL cccc. Walter Eugene Williams, born 8 Aug 1938, Macon, Bibb County, GA, married (1) Peggy Jo McCann 19 Dec 1958, (2) Rose Marie Bradley 30 March 1963. aaaaa. Tonya Renee Williams, born 31 Dec 1959, Mobile County, AL bbbbb. Suzy Marie Williams, born 15 Feb 1964, Mobile County, AL ccccc. Jeffrey Chase Williams, born 17 June 1969, Mobile County, AL dddd. John Herbert Williams, born 5 July 1931, Macon, Bibb County, GA, married Agnes Virginia Wilkins 14 March 1953, Mobile County, AL. aaaaa. John Herbert Williams, born 17 Aug 1958, Mobile County, AL bbbbb. Mary Lynn Williams, born 13 March 1954, Mobile County, AL ccccc. Virginia Dianne Williams, born 17 Jan 1957, Mobile County, AL jjj. Rosa Bell Pritchett, born 11 Dec 1915 Jones County, GA, married Quincy W Campbell aaaa. Wiley Campbell married Diane ___ bbbb. Patsy Campbell married ____ Fort gg. Leslie Franklin Pritchett, born 21 Aug 1878, died 23 Oct 1881, Monroe County, GA hh. James Thomas Pritchett, born 25 March 1881, Monroe County, GA, died 2 May 1941, Macon, Bibb County, GA married Bessie Lee Wilson 21 Oct 1898, Monroe County, GA. aaa. Edgar Thomas Pritchett, born 2 Oct 1901, died 20 Apr 2000, married first cousin Nancy Elizabeth Pritchett 22 June 1918, daughter of Charles Rhodum Pritchett and Rosa Lee Mackay, born 23 Apr 1903, Henry County, GA, died 25 Oct 1990, Monroe County, GA. After Edgar retired as superintendent of the Juliette Milling Company, he became a Baptist preacher. Here is a story of their lives. aaaa. Beatrice Lucile Pritchett, born 26 Apr 1919, Monroe County, GA, died 21 Feb 2003, married George William Wilson 25 Nov 1937. bbbb. Thomas Pritchett, born 1920 cccc. James Pritchett, born 1922 dddd. Horace R. S. Pritchett, born 7 Dec 1924 Monroe County, GA bbb. Florence Gertude Pritchett, born 19 Nov 1907 Monroe County, GA, died 24 Feb 1994, Monroe County, GA, married Walter Martin Coulon 27 Jan 1923, Monroe County, GA. ccc. Charlie Rhodum Pritchett, born 12 Jan 1910, Monroe County, GA, married Lina Wommack 26 Dec 1946 aaaa. Rodney Clifford Pritchett, born 13 Sep 1948, Bibb County, GA, married Nancy Anne Bossman 28 Aug 1971, Turner County, SD aaaaa. Rory James Pritchett, born 17 June 1977, Davidson County TN bbbbb. Heidi Ann Pritchett, born 6 Feb 1980, Mecklenburg County, NC ccccc. Brady Paul Pritchett, born 30 Sep 1984, Mecklenburg County, NC ddddd. Wiley John Pritchett, born 15 April 1989, Mecklenburg County, NC eeeee. Phoebe Elizabeth Pritchett, born 17 Oct 1991, Mecklenburg County, NC fffff. Calli Margaretta Pritchett, born 29 Jan 1994, Cobb County, Ga bbbb. Ted Allison Pritchett, born 12 May 1950, Bibb County, GA ddd. Mary Lou Pritchett, born 12 May 1912, Tift County, GA died 27 Feb 1986, Fulton County, GA, Asa James Watters Sr 17 Aug 1929. aaaa. James Harold Watters, stillborn bbbb. Robert Lee Watters, born 18 March 1930, Jones County, GA, died 23 Nov 1930. cccc. Asa James (Sonny) Watters Jr, born 19 Sep 1932, Fulton County, GA, married Carolyn Maude Dodgen 4 Aug 1957, Fulton County, GA. aaaaa. Shirley Denise Watters, born 23 June 1959, Fulton County, GA married Steven Ward Peek 27 June 1981. aaaaaa. Kristine Michelle Peek, born 22 July 1986, Broward County, FL bbbbb. James David Watters, born 8 June 1961, Fulton County, GA, married Suzy Anne Mueller 24 May 1980 aaaaaa. Jessica Sue Watters, born 16 Sep 1981, Clayton County, GA ccccc. Dwight Glenn Watters, born 26 May 1963, Fulton County, GA dddd. Andrew Ronald Watters, born 24 Nov 1934, Upson County, GA, died 7 May 2003, Fulton County, GA, married Mary Willene Mayfield 27 May 1960, Fulton County, GA. aaaaa. Timothy Wayne Watters, born 28 Sep 1955, married Cheryl Ann Hall 12 May 1972. aaaaaa. Rhonda Danielle Watters, born 4 May 1974 bbbbbb. Timothy Jason Watters, born 17 Sep 1978 bbbbb. Tony Lee Watters, born 24 Sep 1962, Fulton County, GA, died 17 Jan 1986. eee. Bernice Marie Pritchett, born 20 Dec 1914, Monroe County, GA, died 21 Jan 2005, Monroe County, GA, married (1) Emmett Andrew Cranford 19 Dec 1929 Bibb County, GA, (2) Clyde H Murray 10 June 1984 aaaa. James Andrew Cranford, born 21 Nov 1931, Bibb County, GA, died 15 Oct 1995, Clayton County, GA, married Barbara Ann Wilson 15 June 1957. aaaaa. James Scott Cranford, born 2 Dec 1958, Fulton County, GA, married (1) _____ (2) _____ bbbbb. Andrea Elaine Cranford, born 5 April 1963, Fulton County, GA, married Carl Owen. bbbb. Raymond Lamar Cranford, born 3 Dec 1933, Upson County, GA, died 5 Oct 1995, Clayton County, GA, married Bobby Ann Minor 25 Nov 1953. aaaaa. Ramona Kim Cranford, born 9 June 1955 AL, married Richard Allen Marsh 14 July 1973 bbbbb. Kevin Lee Cranford, born 29 Oct 1957, Fulton County, GA ccccc. Steven Kerry Cranford, born 27 Feb 1962, Fulton County, GA cccc. Barbara Jean Cranford, born 23 May 1944, Bibb County, GA, married Keith Lamar LeGrand 6 Jan 1963 aaaaa. Craig Keith LeGrand, born 7 July 1964, Kendall County IL bbbbb. Cathleen Renee LeGrand, born 26 May 1965, Kendall County, IL, married Timothy Ray Wilkinson 26 Jan 1983 aaaaaa. Donna Lynn Post Wilkinson, born 15 April 1986, Sauk County, WS ccccc. Kelly Marie LeGrand, born 6 Sep 1966, Kendall County, IL, married Bryan Ronald Post 27 July 1985 aaaaaa. Kasey Marie Post, born 19 June 1987, Sauk County, WS ddddd. Clint Lamar LeGrand, born 31 May 1968, Oneida County, WS eeeee. Kimberly Ann LeGrand, born 1 Sep 1970, Kendall County, IL fffff. Aimee Jennifer LeGrand, born 20 Oct 1972, Kendall County, IL ggggg. Rachel Elizabeth LeGrand, born 27 Dec 1975, Marathon County, WS dddd. Allene Murray eeee. Charlie Murray fff. Joseph Daniel Pritchett, born 9 Sep 1917, Monroe County, GA, died 2 Sep 1940 Spalding County, GA. married Daisy Maxey 8 July 1933, Upson County, GA aaaa. Robert Roscoe (Bobby) Pritchett, born 25 May 1934, Upson County, GA, married (1) Julie Tommie (Mae) Hencely 22 Jan 1956, (2) Jeanette Frances Johnson 11 June 1969, Monroe County, GA aaaaa. Dennis Keith Pritchett, born 17 Aug 1959, Monroe County, GA, married Kathy Jean Manus 16 March 1979 aaaaaa. Latasha Nicole Pritchett, born 26 Sep 1985, Monroe County, GA bbbbbb. Joshua Blake (Josh) Pritchett, born 8 Sep 1987, Monroe County, GA ggg. Eunice Catherine Pritchett, born 6 Sep 1922, Monroe County, GA, married Joseph H Chapman Jr 9 Dec 1944, Pike County, GA aaaa. Joseph Wayne Chapman, born 1 April 1947, Zebulon, Pike County, GA, married Marianne Martin 26 July 1975, Andalusia AL aaaaa. Laura Layne Chapman, born 2 Jan 1978, Bibb County, GA, married David Garrett. bbbbb. Bradley Joseph Chapman, born 4 July 1984, Bibb County, GA bbbb. Joyce Elaine Chapman, born 1 April 1947, Zebulon, Pike County, GA, married Larry Wayne Smith 11 Oct 1970, Pike County, GA aaaaa. Sabrina Delshan Smith, born 29 June 1978, Chattanooga, TN, married Clint Jason Sanders 19 Aug 2000, Upson County, GA bbbbb. Joseph Hudson Smith, born 9 Nov 1982, Upson County, GA, married ________ 27 Oct 2005, Upson County, GA cccc. Robert Lynn Chapman, born 4 Aug 1951, Pike County, GA, died 21 June 2004, married Clydie Ruth Scoggins 4 Sep 1976, Pike County, GA aaaaa. Stacy Lynn Chapman, born 4 Oct 1983, Upson County, GA, died 16 Oct 1984 bbbbb. Codi Renea Chapman, born 11 Nov 1985, Upson County, GA ccccc. Robert Kevin Chapman, born 29 April 1987, Upson County, GA ii. Amanda Catherine Pritchett, born 31 March 1883, Monroe County, GA, died 24 Apr 1949, Macon, Bibb County, GA, married Martin Adolphus Coulon 4 Dec 1898 Monroe County, GA. aaa. Ethel Elizabeth Coulon, born 20 Dec 1899, Lamar County, GA, died 1 Jan 1917, Spalding County, GA married Idel Bishop 27 Dec 1914. aaaa. infant Bishop, born and died 8 Dec 1916 bbb. John Franklin Coulon, born 18 Oct 1901, Lamar County, GA, died 23 Dec 1983, Lamar County, GA married (1) Emmie Ophelia Pritchett Oct 1919, daughter of Charlie Pritchett and Rosa Speir (died 1938), (2) Lizzie Lou McCord 1929, (3) Louise Laseter 24 Dec 1931, (4) Helen Brookshire 1936, (5) Myra Duke 3 June 1938. aaaa. Silvia Elizabeth Coulon, born 16 Oct 1932, died 29 Jan 1933 bbbb. Donald Coulon, born 17 April 1934, died 25 Feb 1975 cccc. Anne Coulon, born 23 May 1939 ccc. Walter Martin Coulon, born 22 Nov 1903, Monroe County, GA, died 16 Nov 1974, Lamar County, GA, married Florence Gertrude Pritchett 27 Jan 1923, Monroe County, GA, ddd. Fannie Mae Coulon, born 6 April 1906, Monroe County, GA, died 6 June 1984, Forest Park, GA. married Rev. William Harrison Gann 14 Oct 1928. aaaa. Mildred Geneva Gann, born 23 July 1929 married Delton Horne 4 Sep 1948 aaaaa. Cheryl Andrea Horne, born 30 Aug 1951, married Ronald Edward Gilbert 22 Aug 1970. aaaaaa. Christin Edward Gilbert, born 25 May 1973 bbbbbb. David Ryan Gilbert, born 22 Jan 1975. bbbbb. Donna Karen Horne, born 5 July 1957 bbbb. Rev. Gilbert Harrison Gann, born 10 Sep 1931, married Helen Reid 18 March 1949 aaaaa. Debbie Lee Gann, born 12 Aug 1953 married John Garrett aaaaaa. Natasha Lynn Garrett, born 31 May 1976. bbbbb. Jerry Lamar Gann, born 4 July 1955 ccccc. William Lamar Gann, born 18 June 1958 ddddd. Douglas Gann, born 14 May 1961 cccc. Rev. Charles Leslie Gann Sr, born 26 Feb 1936, maried Ruth Rebecca Peak 5 Aug 1954 aaaaa. Valerie Denise Gann, born 30 Dec 1956 bbbbb. Rhonda Lavele Gann, born 5 Aug 1962 ccccc. Charles Leslie (Chuck) Gann Jr, born 9 Feb 1965 dddd. Betty Doris Gann, born 20 May 1938, married (1) Maron Russell Crowe, (2) Jack Jarrel 25 Sep 1953 aaaaa. Grant Wesley Crowe, born 12 Sep 1954 bbbbb. Celia Lynn Crowe, born 23 March 1961 eeee. Baby Boy Gann, born and died 24 Sep 1944 eee. Mary Amanda Coulon, born 4 April 1908, Monroe County, GA, died 27 Sep 1986, Bibb County, GA married James Edward (Eddie) Williamson Sr 4 Nov 1922, Monroe COunty, GA aaaa. James Edward Williamson Jr, born 2 Oct 1923, married Dorothy Mae Franklin 14 June 1944 aaaaa. James Edgar Williamson Sr, born 15 May 1945, married Charlotte Smith 16 June 1966. aaaaaa. James Edgar Williamson Jr bbbbb. Joel Wayne Williamson, born 23 July 1947, married Jacquelyn Duck 30 May 1970 ccccc. Gloria Ruth Williamson, born 30 May 1955 bbbb. Eunice Kathryn Williamson, born 12 Sep 1925, married (1) Cullen Loyal Moon 15 May 1943, (2) Clarence S. Johnson 1947 aaaaa. Rose Andrea Moon, born 24 April 1944, married Talmadge Ryals 9 Aug 1958 aaaaaa. Karen Marcelle Ryals, born 1 March 1960 bbbbbb. Patricia Ann Ryals, born 2 Feb 1961 bbbbb. Ronald Lamar Moon, born and died 2 Sep 1946 ccccc. Tyrone Marcelle Johnson, born 7 March 1948, died 26 Dec 1959 ddddd. Yvonne Antoinette Johnson, born 28 Oct 1951 eeeee. Angiolina Johnson, born 31 July 1953 fffff. Mona Lisa Johnson, born 13 May 1955, married Chris Allen Nash 20 Aug 1971 aaaaaa. Michael Shane Nash ggggg. Rhonda Valerie Johnson, born 28 July 1958, married Danny Eubanks Marshall. aaaaaa. Taya Amanda Marshall, born 14 Oct 1976 hhhhh. Kathy Manita Johnson, born 24 Sep 1959, married Henry Forrest Payne aaaaaa. Sean Keiley Payne, born 4 July 1974 iiiii. Darix Maurice Johnson, born 13 Jan 1962 jjjjj. Dannon Antonius Johnson, born 25 March 1966 kkkkk. Erick Lance Johnson, born 13 Feb 1968 cccc. Robert Lee Williamson Sr, born 10 June 1927, Monroe County, GA, married (1) Marilyn Fraser 22 April 1950, (2) Patricia Louise (Patsy) Petermen 27 July 27 1974. aaaaa. baby girl Williamson, born and died Feb 1951. bbbbb. Robert Lee Williamson Jr, born 4 Jan 1957 ccccc. Randolph Fraser Williamson, born 26 July 1958 ddddd. Robin Leigh Williamson, born 13 Jan 1961 eeeee. Stacy Leigh Williamson, born 30 March 1977 dddd. William Martin (Billy) Williamson, born 19 March 1930, married Gussie Mae branch 1 April 1955 aaaaa. William Martin Williamson Jr, born 19 March 1956 bbbbb. Roy Glynn Williamson, born 1 Aug 1957 ccccc. Terry Michael Williamson, born 30 Aug 1960 ddddd. Patricia Ann Williamson, born 16 June 1962 eeeee. Timothy Wade Williamson, born 29 Oct 1964 fff. Annie Claudia Coulon, born 19 Aug 1912, Monroe County, GA, married Clyde C. Cox 22 June 1929. aaaa. Clyde C Cox Jr, born 28 Oct 1930, married Josephine Vance 20 Sep 1950. aaaaa. Cynthia Jo Cox, born 12 Jan 1952, married Dan Salters 4 Sep 1970 bbbbb. Karen Sue Cox, born 28 July 1956 married Douglas Smith 5 Aug 1977. bbbb. Curtis Eugene Cox Sr, born 20 March 1934 aaaaa. Curtis Eugene Cox Jr, born 14 Sep 1952, married Judy Hardee 6 Nov 1975 aaaaaa. Michael Cox, born 22 May 1972 bbbbbb. Christopher Lee Cox, born 14 Feb 1977 bbbbb. Tenny Lee Cox, born 10 Aug 1954 ccccc. Debra Lynn Cox, born 10 Nov 1955, married Steve Satterfield 27 Nov 1976. ddddd. Dale Allen Cox, born 17 Jan 1958 eeeee. Virginia Maureen Cox, born 31 July 1959 cccc. Cecil Herbert Cox Sr, born 11 April 1939 married Mae Price 11 April 1956. aaaaa. Cecil Herbert Cox Jr dddd. Charlotte Ruth Cox, born 24 Jan 1945 married (1) Wendell Campbell, (2) Jim Bryant aaaaa. Wendy Campbell, born 26 March 1964 bbbbb. Christie Campbell born 3 April 1965 ccccc. Melissa Bryant, born 8 March 1970 ggg. Flossie Mae Coulon, born 9 April 1916, Upson County, GA, died 7 April 1979, married John D. Carter 25 June 1936. aaaa. Daniel Lee Carter, born 29 Jan 1938, married Barbara Rawls 30 May 1957 aaaaa. Karen Denise Carter, born 1 Feb 1959, married Ricky Thompson 9 Aug 1977 bbbbb. Knistilia Dawn Carter, born 16 1964 bbbb. Gwendolyn Carter, born 19 July 1941 married Melvin Stepp aaaaa. Tonya Lumay Stepp, born 12 Aug 1964 bbbbb. Melanie Rachel Stepp, born 11 April 1968 hhh. James Edward Coulon, born 7 March 1921, Monroe County, GA, married Margaret Crawley 24 June 1938. aaaa. Carolyn Christine Coulon, born 27 Oct 1938, Fulton County, GA, married Billy Elmer Hunt 7 May 1956. aaaaa. James Marty Hunt, born 28 March 1957, married Brenda 13 Dec 1973 aaaaaa. James Michael Hunt, born 16 Sep 1974 bbbbbb. Lithia Diane Hunt, born 4 Oct 1975, Fulton County, GA bbbbb. William Boyd Hunt, born 22 Dec 1962 bbbb. Donald Edward Coulon Sr, born 25 Oct 1941 married Dot _______. aaaaa. Karen Louise Coulon, born 1 March 1960 bbbbb. Donna Ann Coulon, born 2 Feb 1961 ccccc. James Russell Coulon, born 1 March 1962, AR ddddd. Donald Edward Coulon Jr, born 29 March 1966, Fulton County, GA eeeee. Donna Lynn Coulon, born 27 Oct 1970, AR cccc. Betty Sue Coulon, born 5 June 1948, Fulton County, GA, married (1) _____ Phillips, (2) Michael Bruce Bellury 10 Nov 1972, Bibb County, GA aaaaa. Ronnie Philips, born 28 Dec 1966, Fulton County, GA bbbbb. Randall Patrick Phillips, born 3 Dec 1968, Fulton County, GA dddd. William Daniel Coulon, born 24 July 1951 Fulton County, GA, married Barbara Joan McLarty 29 Nov 1969, Fulton County GA aaaaa. Jennifer Diane Coulon, born 20 Aug 1976, Fulton County, GA eeee. Amanda Carol Coulon, born 26 June 1955, Fulton County, GA, married John Raymond Childers 7 Dec 1974, Fayette County, GA iii. Joseph Brown Coulon Sr, born 20 Jan 1910, Monroe County, GA, died 12 Aug 1968, Lamar County, GA married Rosa Lee McDaniel 20 Nov 1926. aaaa. James Robert Coulon, born 18 Aug 1927, died 1 April 1933 bbbb. Joseph Brown Coulon Jr, born 25 Jan 1933 married Betty Burrell 14 June 1951 aaaaa. Penny Lynn Coulon, born 30 March 1963 cccc. Walter Martin Coulon, born 29 Nov 1936 married Darlene McKinley. aaaaa. Cheryl Ann Coulon, born 5 June 1958 dddd. Dorothy Ann Coulon, born 31 May 1946 married John Daniel 21 Nov 1964 aaaaa. John Wesley Daniel, born 17 Jan 1967 bbbbb. Jeffrey Martin Daniel, born 30 Dec 1970 eeee. Johnny Earl Coulon, born 12 Feb 1952 jj. Wiley Allen Pritchett, born 14 June 1885, died 11 Feb 1889, Monroe County, GA kk. Otis Mashburn Pritchett, born 15 May 1887, died 12 Jan 1971, Monroe County, GA, married Martha (Janie) Gandy. aaa. Gordon Wiley Pritchett, born 30 Aug 1908, Aucilla, FL, died 27 Feb 1927, Jones County, GA bbb. Rev. James Edgar Pritchett, born 19 Feb 1913, Madison County, FL died 18 May 1998, Monroe County, GA, married Mildred Louise Bearden 16 Oct 1932, Jones County, GA aaaa. James Robert Pritchett, born 27 Sep 1933, Jones County, GA, married Josephine Bishop 19 July 1953, Jones County, GA aaaaa. Jimmy Rodney Pritchett, born 17 June 1957, Monroe County, GA, married Brenda Davis 18 March 1979, Clarke County, GA bbbbb. Natalie Gay Pritchett, born 11 Oct 1960, Monroe County, GA, married William Wayne Brown Jr 22 May 1982, Monroe County, GA aaaaaa. William Daniel Brown, born 21 Jan 1986, Monroe County, GA bbbbbb. Jennifer Lacy Brown, born 3 Aug 1989, Monroe County, GA ccccc. Richard Wade Pritchett, born 6 Sep 1964, married Kimberly Shaw, 5 May 1986, Monroe County, Ga ccc. Vernon Leroy Pritchett, born 30 Dec 1914, Jefferson County, FL, died 18 Nov 1987, Bibb County, GA, married (1) Myrtice Smith 6 March 1932, Jones County, GA, (2) Eveda Jump 14 Nov 1941. aaaa. Vera Pritchett, born GA bbbb. Ray Pritchett, born 5 Aug 1945, Dodge County GA cccc. Rebecca Pritchett, born 3 Sep 1947, Dodge County, GA. dddd. Roy Pritchett, born 24 Oct 1955, Dodge County, GA. ddd. Bessie Agnes Pritchett, born 2 Oct 1917, Clinch County, GA, died 29 Oct 1999, Monroe County, GA. married John Lee Cox 26 May 1938, Upson County, GA aaaa. Faye Cox, born Jones County, GA, married ____ Andrews. bbbb. Linda Cox, born Upson County, GA, married _____ Childs cccc. Janice Cox, born Upson County, GA, married _____ Davis dddd. Carolyn Cox, born Upson County, GA eeee. Barry Cox, born Upson County, GA (twin) ffff. Bentley Cox, born Upson County, GA (twin) gggg. Sandra Cox, born Upson County, GA hhhh. Stephan Cox, born Upson County, GA eee. Jonathan Bernaze Pritchett, born 27 Nov 1919, Jones County, GA, died 31 Dec 1989, Blount County, AL, married Ruby Baker 5 Oct 1953. aaaa. Virginia Bernice Pritchett, born 10 July 1944, Bibb County, GA bbbb. Paula Ann Pritchett, born 21 Sep 1947, Bibb County, GA cccc. Deborah Dean Pritchett, born 13 Nov 1959 Bibb County, GA dddd. Bernice Pritchett fff. Leon Mashburn Pritchett, born 16 Sep 1906, Aucilla, FL, died 3 Aug 1964, Monroe County, GA, married Lou Ella Hammond. ll. Nettie Ree Pritchett, born 8 June 1889, Monroe County, GA, died 21 March 1927, Upson County, GA, married James Gray Britt. World War 1 draft registration. aaa. Mary Olivia Britt, born 1908, Wayne County, GA, married George W Hunter bbb. James David Britt, born 1910, Wayne County, GA, married Claudine Evans ccc. Essie Lee Britt, born 1913, GA married Harvey Johnson ddd. Eva Dorris Britt, born 1913, married James Strickland eee. Ida Mae Britt married Reynolds Daniels mm. Robert Lee Pritchett, born 30 May 1891, Monroe County GA, died 12 Nov 1970, Bibb County, GA, married (1) Minnie E Tyson McCommon 11 Aug 1910, Dooly County, GA Lilla Pearl Posey 17 June 1944. f. James Adolphus Allen, Sr, born 3 July 1865, Ireland, died 31 Aug 1887, married Nancy Rebecca Marshall 24 Nov 1884 aa. James Adolphus Allen Jr married Nettie Rebecca ____. H. Mary Walker Hanson, born 23 Sep 1828, Clarke County, GA married George W Speir 29 Sep 1847. a. John W Speir, born 1848, Monroe County, GA, married Missouri S _______. aa. Ella S Speir, born Aug 1872, Monroe County, GA, died 23 March 1941, Monroe County, GA, married Alexander J Wilson about 1890, Monroe County, GA. aaa. Paul J Wilson, born Sep 1895, Monroe County, GA bbb. Susie Mae Wilson, born Aug 1897, Monroe County, GA ccc. Fannie Wilson, born 2 April 1899, Monroe County, GA, died 24 May 1943, Monroe County, GA, married Willie Lee Bowdoin 20 Dec 1915, Monroe County, GA. World War 1 draft registration for Willie Bowdown aaaa. William A Bowdoin, born 1918, died 19 Sep 1985, Monroe County, GA, married Clyde O'Neal. aaaaa. Mary Ellen Bowdoin bbbbb. William Bowdoin bbbb. Robert Lee Bowdoin, born 28 May 1920, died 23 April 1976, Monroe County, GA, married ______ Mathews. cccc. Eloise Bowdoin, born 3 Feb 1922, died 12 June 1923, Monroe County, GA b. Catherine Speir, born 1850, Monroe County, GA c. Louisa J Speir, born 1851, Monroe County, GA d. Martha Speir, born 1857, Monroe County, GA e. Emily Speir, born 1859, Monroe County, GA f. George Speir, born 1866, Monroe County, GA g. Charles Speir, born 1868, Monroe County, GA I. Elizabeth Ann Hanson, born 12 May 1831, Clarke County, GA married _______ 23 Nov 1851. J. Enoch Alling Hanson Jr, born 15 July 1834, Monroe County, GA married Hattie N. Crawford 21 Feb 1857, Monroe County, GA a. Eudora G "Dora" Hanson, born 1858, Monroe County, GA, died about 1904, married Archibald Manwell Brooks. aa. Jefferson B Brooks, born 1881. bb. Hanson Brooks, born 14 Aug 1883, died 29 April 1944. Cleburne, Alabama, married Martha Jane Sweatman. aaa. William Floyd Brooks, born 1 Aug 1906, died 3 Oct 1979, Heflin, Alabama, married Lorene Mae Smith. aaaa. Ida Inez Brooks, born 1 Sep 1927, Cullman, Alabama, died 2 Dec 2008, Munford, Talladega County, Alabama, married Willis Lester Key. aaaaa. Doris Key, born 27 April 1953, Anniston, Alabama,, married William Franklin Colburn. aaaaaa. Amanda Colburn, born 27 Sep 1976, married Jason Michael Schuldt. cc. Joseph T Brooks, born 1885. dd. May Brooks, born 1889. ee. Liza Newell Brooks, born 1894. b. George S Hanson, born Feb 1860, Monroe County, GA, married Fannie O _____, moved to Troup County, GA. aa. Gertrude Hanson, born Jan 1887, GA. bb. Mildred Hanson, born May 1890, GA. cc. Hattie Hanson, born Aug 1892, GA. dd. Joseph Hanson, born Dec 1894, GA. c. Hattie J. Hanson, born 1866, Monroe County, GA d. Mary R. Hanson, born 1868, Monroe County, GA K. Susan Jane Hanson, born 6 Sep 1836, Monroe County, GA married (1) Calvin L Robertson 3 Jan 1855, (2) Wiley J Britt 27 Feb 1879, Monroe County, GA. a. Edgar Britt, born 1879 b. Leila Britt, born 1879 L. Wesley G. Hanson, born 10 Dec 1838, Monroe County, GA married (1) Candace G. Maynard 14 Nov 1859, Monroe County, GA. Candace died 31 March 1894. Wesley married (2) Addie ____. Wesley was a Methodist preacher. a. Isabella Hanson, born 23 March 1861, Monroe County, GA, died 8 June 1866, buried in the old Maynard Cemetery.