Chapter 1

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Chapter 2

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Chapter 3

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Chapter 4

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Chapter 5

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Chapter 6

 53.  Marriage Records, Oglethorpe County, Georgia

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 54.  Marriage Records, Clarke County, Georgia

 55.  1860 Census, Sumter County, Georgia

 56.  Mrs. Dewitt B. Baker, Bedford, Texs.  Mrs. Albert G. Pabst Jr
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Chapter 7

 57.  1800 Census, Oglethorpe County, Georgia, shows George Reynolds with
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Chapter 8

 62.  _____ Smith.  History of Parker County, Texas 1877

 63.  1830 Census, DeKalb County, Georgia shows George Barber living there
      and next door was his son Sam R. Barber with wife and a young daughter

 64.  "Dennison Files", from the files of Velma Barber Dennison deceased,
      supplied to David W. Morgan by Mrs. H. D. White, Kearns, Utah.

 65.  Marriage Records, Palo Pinto County, Texas.  Interwoven, pages 57,59,
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      after he made a trip from Texas to Colorado with the Reynolds brothers

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 77.  Benjamin E. Billups, Las Cruces NM

 78.  Marriage Records, San Augustine County, Tx.  1850 Census, Shelby Co Tx
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Chapter 9

 79.  "McKenzie FIles"  From the files of Roberta McKenzie (Mrs. Donald E)
      which includes marriage records of Texas and California, correspondence
      from descendants, etc.  Acampo, California.

 80.  Silas H. Barber Family Bible - see chapter 14

 81.  1899 Creek Indian Census Card of Robert T. Barber. Also see Part 
      III of this genealogy

 82.  Silas H. Barber Family Bible, John C. Barber Creek Indian application
      see part III

 83.  Letters in possession of Robert McKenzie, Acampo, California

Chapter 10

 84.  Dr. Barber's grandfather, George Barber Jr was in Sabine County, Tx
      in 1840, when he appears oh the tax digest in that county owning
      109 acres and five slaves.

 85.  "Dennison Files" of Velma Barber Dennision.

Chapter 11

 86.  James Barber will, 1847, Clarke County, Georgia

 87.  1850 Census, 1860 Census, Talladega Co ALA. 1870 Mortality Census,
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 88.  1880 Census, Polk County, Georgia

 89.  Deed Records of Clarke County, GA.  Allen signs as witness to deeds
      as "Allen Barber JP" from 1836-1840.  No commission as a justice of
      the peace has been found.  Allen Barber disappears from Clarke County
      tax digest in 1841, as his daughter Susan Jane married in Tallapoosa
      County, Alabama in 1843.

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 95.  1870 Census, Polk CO Ga.

Chapter 12

 96.  Van Wert, Georgia Cemetery.  1840 Census, Paulding Co Ga. 1850-1860
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 97.  Ledger of the Eagle Tavern, Watkinsville, on microfilm at Georgia
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100.  Marriage Records, Paulding Co Ga.  Polk County Ga folder, Georgia
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101.  Barber Family Bible, in possession of Mrs. Lorabess Doddenhoff.
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102.  Mrs. Judson Crabb Barber, Cedartown, Geogia

103.  Rose Hill Cemetery, Rockmart, Georgia.  Marriage Records, Polk Co
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104.  Ibid.

Chapter 13

105.  Death Certificate, Robert Sanford Barber, Department of Vital
      Statistics, Austin, Texas.  1850 Census, Talladega Co. Ala.

106.  Marriage records, Rusk County, Texas.

107.  Civil War Records, Texas State Library, Austin, Texas.

108.  1860-1880 Census, Limestone County, Texas.  Marriage records,
      Limestone County, Texas.

Chapter 14

109.  1850 Census, Nacogdoches County, Texas.  Marriage records, Nacogdoches
      County, Texas.

110.  Marriage records, Nacogdoches County, Texas.  Silas Barber performed
      a marriage in 1856 in the Linn Flat District, Nacagdoches County, Texas
      as a Justice of the Peace.

111.  National Archives

112.  Kiefer cemetery, Kiefer, Oklahoma.  Robert's second wife is buried
      beside him and a Mary A. Grimsley is buried beside Alice, and is
      old enough to be Alice's mother.  see chapters 9 and 17 of this

113.  Marriage records, Hill County, Texas.  1880 Census, Hill County,
      Texas.  see chapter 17.  Creek Indian application of Benjamin A.
      Barber, 1896, on file at Bureau of Indian Affairs Muskogee, Ok

114.  Silas H. Barber Family Bible.  Creek Indian Census Card, 1901, of
      John C. Barber.  See chapters 9 and 17 of this genealogy.

115.  Marriage records, Navarro County, Texas, marriage records, Hill
      County, Texas

116.  Mrs. Agnes Coker Doherty (Mrs. William L.), Tulsa, Ok.  Creek Indian
      application of Martha S. Coker, Aug 5 1896, on file at the Bureau
      of Indian Affairs, Muskogee, Oklahoma.

117.  Information on children of Tinsley Elizabeth Posey Stinson Barber
      provided by Wayne Stockton, Bartlesville, Oklahoma, and Ruby Barber
      Partain, Tulsa Ok.  Wayne had slides of all the Indian papers mentioned
      in this genealogy.

Chapter 15

118.  Pearl Barber Howard Bible, owned by Jack M. Howard, OKC

119.  1880 Census, Comanche County, Texas

120.  Testimony of James Monroe Barber before the Dawes Commission, 1904.
      Indian papers of Pearl Barber Howard and Doris Barber Powell, Bureau
      of Indian Affairs, Muskogee, Oklahoma

121.  Mrs. Davis. D. Barber, Oklahoma CIty, Mrs. Alma Clark Barber, 
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      Hollis, Pryor, OK. Honest Ridge Cemetery, Limestone County,Texas.

122.  Charles Wood Pension #R 11801.  Wood-Woods Family Magazine, Vol. II
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123.  John Sumner Wood Sr, The Wood Family Index, 1966, page 124.  Marriage
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Chapter 16

124.  Mrs. Davis D. Barber.  Personal knowledge of the author.

125.  Ibid

Chapter 17

126.  1850 Census, Nacogdoches County, Texas.  1860-1880 Census, Limestone
      County, Texas.  Marrage records, Pike County, Georgia

127.  Bobby L. Lindsey, The Reaason for the Tears, 1971, page 72.  Plat
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128.  Reprints of Biographies from The Lone Star State, Lewis Publishing
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129.  Marriage records, Limestone County & Nacogdoches County, Texas.  
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      interviews of Mrs. Louis C. Hill with Mrs. Dan Dove and Miss Ruth
      Hicks.  Horn Hill Cemetery, near Groesbeck, Texas.  1860-1880 Census
      Limestone County, Texas.

130.  Wayne Stockton, Bartlesville, Oklahoma

131.  Creek Indian application of George W. Stinson, 1896

132.  Miss Ruth Hicks, Groesbeck, Texas

133.  Civil War Records, Texas State Library.

134.  Mrs. Ora Posey Nielsen (Mrs. Leroy F> American Fork, Utah.
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135.  Wayne Stockton, Bartlesville, Oklahoma

136.  Ibid.

137.  Floyd Franklin Posey and Betty Sue Drake Posey, The Posey Family
      in America, 1971. (Meet Your Ancestors: 1011 Windsor Dr 
      Hattiesburg, Mississippi) page 132-137. 

Chapter 18

138.  Mrs. Ora Posey Nielsen, American Fork, Utah.  Creek Indian Census
      card of Albert W. Posey.

Chapter 19

139.  Virginia Thompson Brittain, The Berryhill Family in America, 1968.

140.  Bobby L. Lindsey, The Reason for the Tears, 1971, pages 71-72

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