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Gilly Barber Stephens Brown

Gilly Barber, born 1796 in Chatham County, North Carolina, died after 
1870, probably in Clay County, Alabama. Gilly married James S Stephens 24 
Dec 1818 in Clarke County, Georgia, and then married Daniel Brown 8 May 
1845, also in Clarke County, Georgia. Gilly and Daniel Brown were both 
still living in 1850, when her brother Griffin Barber retained her share 
of James Barber's estate, most likely because she owed money to the 

Gilly Barber Stephens Brown was living with the George Byron McGuire 
family in 1860 in Tallapoosa County, Alabama, and with the same family in 
1870 in Clay County, Alabama.

1860 Census, Tallapoosa County, Alabama

George Mcguire      25   born in Georgia  millwright
Martha C Mcguire    22   born in Georgia
Cordelia C Mcguire   3   born in Alabama
George W Mcguire     4   born in Alabama
Annie E Mcguire      2   born in Alabama
Gilly Brown         65   born in North Carolina

1870 Census, Clay County, Alabama

G B Mcguire         36    born in Georgia  millwright
Martha Mcguire      31    born in Georgia  
Cordelia Mcguire    15    born in Alabama
George Mcguire      14    born in Alabama
Anne E Mcguire      12    born in Alabama
Wm Mcguire          10    born in Alabama
Amanda Mcguire       7    born in Alabama
Henry W Mcguire      4    born in Alabama
Mary A Mcguire       2    born in Alabama
Nancy Mcguire       21    born in Georgia
Annie E Mcguire      2    born in Alabama
Gilly Brown         74    born in North Carolina

I believe that Martha C Stephens, the wife of George Byron McGuire, was 
the daughter of Gilly Barber Stephens Brown.

Martha C Stephens, born 7 Sep 1838, Clarke County, GA, died 24 Dec 1918 
Tallapoosa County, AL, married George Byron McGuire 26 Jan 1854 in 
Tallapoosa County, Alabama.

A.  Cordelia Jane McGuire, born 20 Feb 1855, Tallapoosa Co AL, died 28 May 
    1928, Covington Co AL, married George Aaron Brackenridge Whatley about
    1876 in Tallapoosa Co AL.

    a.  Jesse Bartow Whatley, born 1877, died 1957, married Lula Belle  
        Moody about 1898.

        aa.  Litha L Whatley, born 1901.

        bb.  Elgona Whatley, born 1904.

        cc.  Richard Brach Whatley, born 1906, died 1990.

        dd.  Lillian Lavonia Whatley, born 1909, AL, married Louis J 

             aaa.  Reginald Altman, born 1933.

             bbb.  Ruethel Altman, born 1935.

             ccc.  Lester Altman, born 1938.

        ee.  Myrtie Whatley, born 1913.

        ff.  Jesse C Whatley, born 1916, died 2008.

        gg.  Quinton Pearson Whatley, born 5 Feb 1923, AL, died 14 Sep 
             2001, married Anna Louise Clark.

             aaa.  Scooter Whatley

             bbb.  Tina Whatley

             ccc.  Rita Marie Whatley

             ddd.  Dana Whatley married _____ Gonzales.

             eee.  Jessie Whatley

             fff.  Quinlyn Whatley

    b.  Mary A Minnie Nancy June Whatley, born Sep 1879, died 28 Feb 1961,
        Tallapoosa Co AL, married Richard Homer Moody in 1898.

        aa.  Manning Moody, born 1903.

        bb.  Nannie Moody, born 1905.

        cc.  Rufus Moody, born 1907.

    c.  Louisville Kentucky Whatley, born 23 Jan 1884, Tallapoosa Co AL, 
        died 22 Jan 1974, Covington Co AL, married Eva Burgess.

        aa.  Dossie Whatley, born 1907, AL, married Hazel W ____.

             aaa.  James E Whatley, born 1928.

             bbb.  Mary A Whatley, born 1930.

             ccc.  Virginia D Whatley, born 1934.

             ddd.  R D Whatley, born 1936.

        bb.  Sherman Lincoln Whatley, born 12 Feb 1909, died 23 March 
             1964, married Gradie C Ballard.

        cc.  Lessie Whatley, born 1912.

    d.  Randolph Doss Whatley, born 25 Jan 1886, Tallapoosa Co AL, died 
        28 May 1971, Eastland Co TX, married Ada Ruth Belyeu.

        aa.  Arra Lee Whatley, born 9 June 1909, TX, died 10 Jan 2008, 
             Erath Co TX, married Charles Washington Nelson.


             aaa.  Nancy Rudell Nelson, born 1932, married ___ Beller.   

             bbb.  Mildred Charlene Nelson, born 1934, married ___ 

             ccc.  Gordon Glee Nelson, born 15 May 1936, Eastland Co TX,
                   married Erna Pauline Ballard 6 Aug 1966.

             ddd.  Michael Nelson.

        bb.  Herbert G Whatley, born 29 Feb 1912, Comanche Co TX, died 
             16 May 1992, Comanche Co TX, married Lois Pressley.

    e.  Napoleon Bonaparte Whatley, born 17 Feb 1888, Clay Co AL, died 18 
        Aug 1956, Covington Co AL, married (1) Irene "Rena" Poppen 
        Peppers, (2) Rosie Yates. Children are by the first wife.


        aa.  Frazier Whatley, born 26 Feb 1908, AL, died 23 April 1963,
             Covington Co AL, married Bama Elvie Carter abt 1928.

             aaa.  Wilson Lee Whatley, born 1930, died 1983.

             bbb.  Wilma Whatley, born abt 1932, married Bill Tillman.

             ccc.  Willie Whatley, born abt 1934, married Harvey Brooks.

        bb.  Valerie Whatley, born 12 Sep 1913, AL, died 25 Dec 1979,
             Montgomery Co, AL, married James Walter Brown 1930.

             aaa.  Alleane Brown, born 12 March 1931, died 15 Nov 2011,
                   Tallapoosa Co AL, died John Charlie Ogletree abt 1946.

                   aaaa.  Jerry Charlie Ogletree.

                   bbbb.  Jimmy Lawrence Ogletree.

                   cccc.  Judy Ogletree.

                   dddd.  June Elaine Ogletree.

             bbb.  Alelane Brown, born 1934.

             ccc.  Gordon E Brown, born 1936.

             ddd.  Ethalda Y Brown, born 1938.

             eee.  Edward Lee Brown, born 1939.

        cc.  Edgar Lee Whatley, born 17 July 1916, Tallapoosa Co AL, died 
             7 Nov 2009, Tallapoosa Co AL, married Pauline Dora _____.

             aaa.  Patsy Whatley married Larry Granger.

             bbb.  Betty Whatley married Don Rockstall.

        dd.  Edward Reed "Ted" Whatley, born 17 July 1916, died Aug 1988,
             married Agnes _____. (twin of Edgar Lee Whatley)

    f.  Arra Cordelia Whatley, born 17 Oct 1889, died Jan 1978, married 
        Silas Jackson Woodruff about 1907.  Silas Jackson was born 29 Oct
        1885 in Alexander City, AL, died 1 Oct 1929 in Montgomery Co AL.
        Silas was convicted of first degree murder in 1927 and sentenced 
        to life in prison. He died in prison two years later.

        aa.  Frank Willis Woodruff, born 10 Sep 1908, Tallapoosa Co AL,
             died 20 July 1968, Tallapoosa Co AL, married Oceal P ____.

        bb.  Dorsey Montague "Mon" Woodruff, born 10 March 1910, 
             Tallapoosa Co AL, died 20April 1965, Jefferson Co AL, married
             Barcie Betty Whiteard about 1934.

             aaa.  Burnell Woodruff, born 1935.

             bbb.  Myrtle Woodruff, born 1936.

        cc.  Jewel Armite Woodruff, born 1913, Tallapoosa Co AL, died 
             14 March 1952, Tallapoosa Co AL, married Hoyt Carlton Nelson
             about 1932.

             aaa.  Hoyt Carlton Nelson Jr, born 1933.

        dd.  Ruth Woodruff, born 17 Feb 1917, Tallapoosa Co AL, died 30
             Aug 2001, Tallapoosa Co AL, married John W Coker abt 1936.

             aaa.  John F Coker, born 1937.

             bbb.  Margie Coker, born 1939.

        ee.  Lynn Broughton "Beaster" Woodruff, born 27 April 1919, 
             Tallapoosa Co AL, died 9 July 1995, Tallapoosa Co AL, married
             Mary Margaret Fuller.

             aaa.  Debra Lynn Woodruff, born 1950, died 2010.

        ff.  Silas Jackson "Luke" Woodruff Jr, born 17 April 1921, died
             Sep 1975, Tallapoosa Co AL, married ____ 17 April 1944.

        gg.  Vertis Woodruff, born 19 Aug 1923, Tallapoosa Co AL, died 
             8 Oct 2003, Tallapoosa Co AL, married Joseph Lane Stephens
             3 May 1945 in Tallapoosa Co AL.

             aaa.  Larry J Stephens married Jenny.

                   aaaa.  Tiffany Stephens married Donny Ray Surrett.

                          aaaaa.  Kaitlin Nicole Surrett.

                   bbbb.  Larry J Stephens Jr.

        hh.  Dorothy Virginia Woodruff, born 12 Feb 1926, died 29 Jan 2012
             Tallapoosa CO AL, married John Benjamin "JB" Peoples, 21   
             April 1945.

             aaa.  Joann Peoples married Melvin Mathis.

             bbb.  Joyce Peoples married Charles Mathis.

    g.  Jay Pearson Whatley, born 10 March 1892, Clay Co AL, died 7
        July 1973, Andalusia, Covington Co AL, married Cora Ann Elizabeth


        aa.  Floy P Whatley, born 13 Sep 1913, AL, died 17 March 2008, 
             Covington Co AL, married John D "JD" Casady.

             aaa.  Cora Mae Casady, born in AL, died 5 Dec 1999, Covington
                   Co AL.

        bb.  Jay Theron Whatley, born 17 June 1915, AL, died 9 Aug 1979,
             Andalusia, Covington, AL, married Lessie Myrl Biggs.

             aaa.  Myrtice Edna Whatley, born 29 June 1937, died 13 June  
                   1992, married Norman Eddie White.

                   aaaa.  Mike White.

                   bbbb.  Janice White married _____ Hargrove.

                   cccc.  Jay Timothy White, born 1963, died 2011.

             bbb.  Myrtle Maxine Whatley, born 1941, died 1944.

             ccc.  Gordon Lavaughn Whatley, born 1945.

        cc.  Aaron Braxton Whatley, born 5 July 1918, died 5 July 1999, 
             married Alice Dorothy Nelson.

             Aaron Braxton Whatley and Jay Theron Whatley

             aaa.  Aaron Franklin Whatley, born 8 Nov 1940, died 28 Feb 
                   2012, married (1) _____, (2) Shirley Selwyn.

                   aaaa.  Derinda Whatley.

                   bbbb.  Debbie Whatley married Dan Goodman.

             bbb.  Farrell B Whatley, born about 1946.

                   aaaa.  Aaron F Whatley.

                   bbbb.  Paul Braxton Whatley.

        dd.  Edna Christine Whatley, born 1921, died 1986.

        ee.  Ira Lee Whatley, born 1926, died 1986.

    h.  Erie Louisiana Whatley, born Feb 1893.

    i.  Garrett Hooper Whatley, born Feb 1895, Tallapoosa Co AL, died 16
        Aug 1925, married Flora Parker Aug 1925. Garrett and Flora were 
        killed by a train just a few days after they got married.

    j.  Quinton Lee Whatley, born 21 Jan 1897.

B.  George Pinkney McGuire, born 3 April 1856, Tallapoosa Co AL, died Aug 
    1934, Tallapoosa Co Al, married Sarah Jane Wade in 1877.

    a.  Mary Melcisa McGuire, born 27 April 1879, Tallapoosa Co AL, died 
        22 Feb 1974 in Tallapoosa Co AL, married John Morgan Brewer 2 Oct
        1907 in Tallapoosa Co AL.

        aa.  Owen Morgan Brewer, born 1906.

        bb.  Allie K Brewer, born 1909.

        cc.  Charlie Rosser Brewer, born 9 Jan 1916, Tallapoosa Co AL, 
             died 30 Nov 1978, Lee Co AL, married Ruby C McHargue.

             aaa.  John Milton Brewer, born 14 July 1944, Lee Co AL, 
                   died 31 May 1969, Lee CO AL.

        dd.  Theresa Brewer, born 1923.

    b.  Henry G McGuire, born 1881, died 1885.

    c.  Susan Ophelia Maguire, born 14 July 1885, AL, died 15 June 1958
        in Birmingham, Jefferson Co AL, married (2) John D Sherron.

        aa.  William Sherron, born 1920.

    d.  Brantford Frank Maguire, born 15 Jan 1890, AL, died 9 Oct 1960
        in Chambers Co AL, married Katie Bell Whatley.

        aa.  William C Maguire, born 1920.

        bb.  Edna M Maguire born 1922.

        cc.  Sadie J Maguire, born 1925.

        dd.  Lorene M Maguire, born 1929, died 2001.

    e.  Walker Dexter Maguire, born 29 July 1898, AL, died 23 Aug 1987
        in Tallapoosa Co AL.

        aa.  Addie Lyette Maguire, born 1925.

        bb.  Mary Sue Maguire, born 22 1927, Tallapoosa Co AL, died 29 Dec
             2007, Clay Co AL, married Edward Lee Fetner 11 April 1953 in
             Tallapoosa Co AL. 

             aaa.  Lula Fetner married Jerry Walls.

             bbb.  Lisa Fetner married Terry Gray.

             ccc.  Catherine Fetner married Jeff Colburn.

             ddd.  Charles Fetner married Ellowese ____.

             eee.  Robert Fetner married Julie _____.

        cc.  George F Maguire, born 1930.

        dd.  Elizabeth Maguire, born 1932.

C.  Annie Elizabeth McGuire, born 27 June 1858, Tallapoosa Co AL, died 
    16 Feb 1942, Decatur, Morgan Co AL, married William Stokley Morgan
    Bloodworth about 1875.

    a.  James Monroe Bloodworth, born 18 Aug 1885, Al, died 26 June 1955,
        Jefferson Co AL, married Viola Emaline Reel 28 Sep 1908.

        aa.  Ida Aloiv Bloodworth, born 1909, died 1994.

        bb.  Edythe Bloodworth, born 1911, died 2009.

        cc.  Edna Bloodworth, born 1914.

        dd.  Wilma Bloodworth, born 1917, died 2005.

        ee.  Margaret Bloodworth, born 1920.

        ff.  James Bloodworth, born 1923.

D.  William Phillip McGuire, born 30 Aug 1860, Tallapoosa Co AL, died 
    21 Aug 1951, Houston, Harris Co TX, married (1) Sophia Catherine
    Simpson 24 Nov 1881, Clay Co Al, (2) Willie about 1898, (3) Virginia 
    about 1908. All children are with the first wife except for the 


    a.  George L McGuire, born 1881, died 1883.

    b.  Robert Melton McGuire, born 5 Oct 1882, died 13 May 1959, Harris 
        Co TX, married Virgie Mae Jonson Oct 1905.

        aa.  Katie B McGuire, born 1907.

        bb.  Guy M McGuire, born 1908, died 1971.

        cc.  Trixie E McGuire, born 1909.

        dd.  Maggie G McGuire, born 1911.

        ee.  Joseph McGuire, born 1914.

        ff.  Jack William Maguire, 15 Jan 1916, Anderson Co TX, died 13 
             April 1972, Galveston Co TX, married Jessie Mae Hilton.

             aaa.  _____ Maguire (female) married George Ervin Lee.

                   aaaa.  Dena Lee, born 1959, married ____ Woodall.


    c.  Martha Alice McGuire, born 1885.

    d.  Ella Irven McGuire, born 19 Nov 1886, Clay Co AL, died 1 Aug  
        1960, Harris Co TX, married (1) Cinton Gist 14 April 1902, (2) 
        William Russel Archer March 1908.

        aa.  Lenora Virginia Archer, born 1908, died 1967.

        bb.  Charles Russel Archer, born 1909, died 1980.

        cc.  Willie Rupert Archer, born 1912, died 1976.

        dd.  Boyd Vernon Archer Sr, born 29 Jan 1914, Harris Co TX, died 
             17 Dec 1970, Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto Co TX, married Claudia 
             Almeda Hancock.

             aaa.  Boyd Vernon Archer Jr, born 14 July 1945, married

                   aaaa.  James Archer

                   bbbb.  Shawn Archer

             bbb.  Claudia Lynn Archer, born 1947, died 1977.

        ee.  Robert Bertran Archer Sr, born 1917, died 1985.

    e.  Willie Kate McGuire, born 1887.

    f.  John Rupert McGuire, born 1890.

    g.  Charles Grover McGuire, born 9 Aug 1892, AL, died 29 March 1976,
        Houston, Harris Co TX, married Alta Ophelia Tyler abt 1913.

        aa.  William Edward Maguire, born 19 Sep 1914, TX, died 2 Aug 

             aaa.  Georgia Maguire married _____ Dyer.

    h.  William Simpson McGuire, born 1894.

    i.  Virginia McGuire, born 1911.

E.  Amanda Louisiana McGuire, born 13 May 1862, Clay Co AL, died 22 Jan
    1957, Tallapoosa Co AL, married Jacob Belton Anderson 20 March 1881
    in Clay Co AL.  Jacob was born 1852, died 1939.


    a.  Esrom Sadolph Anderson, born 1882, died 1977.

    b.  Robert Owen Anderson, born 29 April 1883, Tallapoosa Co AL, died
        17 Sep 1961 in Gorman, Eastland Co TX, married Tempy Ann Beaty.

        aa.  Robert Anderson, born 1905.

    c.  George Bartholomew Anderson, born 1885, died 1972.

    d.  William John Anderson, born 1887.

    e.  Eusora Anderson, born 1887.

    f.  Charlie Pierce Anderson, born 1889, did 1970.

    g.  William E Anderson, born 1891.

    h.  Lou Ella Anderson, born 1891, died 1965.

    i.  Martha A Anderson, born 1894.

    j.  Annie J Anderson, born 1896.

    k.  Perry Hobson Anderson, born 1898, died 1990.

    l.  Katie Norris Anderson, born 1901, died 1995.

    m.  L Belton Anderson, born 1904.

    n.  Adella Anderson, born 1909.

    o.  Odie A Anderson, born 1910.

F.  Henry Wiley McGuire, born 1866, Clay Co AL, died 10 June 1920, 
    Muscogee Co GA, married Martha Eudora Rhodes about 1893.

    a.  Alpheus Eugene Maguire, born 30 Sep 1887, Tallapoosa Co AL, died 
        29 July 1929, AL, married Bessie Lee Eason 17 Nov 1912.

        aa.  Eugene Maguire, born 1914, AL, died in New Zealand, married
             Edith Ada Davis.

             aaa.  Mavis Lillian Maguire, born 1909, died 1979.

        bb.  Wiley Andrew Maguire, born 1915, died 1973.

    b.  Anna A Maguire, born 1889.

    c.  Minnie Maguire, born 1890.

    d.  Berta L McGuire, born Jan 1895, married ____ Withers.

        aa.  James E Withers, born 1913.

        bb.  Helen Withers, born 1917.

        cc.  Wilmar Withers, born 1919.

    e.  Lizzie U Magure, born 1898.

    f.  George B Maguire, born 1902, married Virginia Jackson.

    g.  Eula May Maguire, born 1904.

    h.  Willie T Maguire, born 1906.

    i.  Thelma L Maguire, born 1909.

G.  Mary Ann McGuire,born 23 April 1868, Alabama, died 18 Dec 1921, Lanett
    Chambers Co AL married (1) Henry A Whitten 15 Jan 1884, Tallapoosa Co 
    AL, (2) Miles Thomas Duncan 7 Dec 1899, Tallapoosa Co AL.

    a.  Oscar Whitten, born 8 Aug 1891, AL, died 10 May 1977, Tallapoosa 
        Co AL, married Nora L.

        aa.  Curtis Whitten, born 1919.

        bb.  Helen Whitten, born 7 Feb 1923, Houston Co AL, died 6 June  
             2008, Houston, AL, married Otis Maxwell Buie.

    b.  Ruby Ann Whitten, born 14 May 1893, AL, died 3 Nov 1976, 
        Montgomery Co AL, married Bennie Mack Flournoy.

        aa.  Raymond E Flournoy, born 12 Dec 1923, AL, died 17 Feb 2011,
             Montgomery Co TN, married Janet G _____.

             aaa.  Pattie Flournoy.

             bbb.  Phyllis Flournoy.

        bb.  Norman L Flournoy, born 30 March 1926, AL, died 8 July 2000,
             Chambers Co AL.

        cc.  Mary Emma Flournoy, born 26 June 1927, AL, died 1994, MO.

    c.  Martha Carly Whitten, born 24 March 1895, died 16 April 1962,  
        married Charles Preston Young.

    d.  Henrietta Whitten, born 4 May 1897, AL, died 21 Jan 1899, AL.

    e.  Daisy Dove Duncan, born 17 Sep 1900, Tallapoosa Co AL, died 28 Oct  
        1987, Chambers Co AL, married Joseph Autry Jones.

        aa.  Inez Hilda Jones, born 1918, died 1999.

        bb.  Helen E Jones, born 1921, died 1999.

        cc.  Lerline Jones, born 1925, died 1926.

        dd.  Herbert Jones, born 1929.

        ee.  Rance A Jones, born 1931, died 1989.

        ff.  Antho J Jones, born 1934, died 2007, married ____ Franklin.

        gg.  Frederick Jones, born 1939.

    f.  Julian Velphew (Velpue) Duncan, born 7 Nov 1901, Tallapoosa Co Al,
        died 25 Jan 1961, Russell Co AL, married Evie Lou Holman Jan 1923.


        aa.  Julian Alvie Duncan, born 24 Jan 1924, Tallapoosa Co Al, died 
             9 Feb 2000, Polk Co FL, married Rubye Maxine Haggard.


             aaa.  Janie Cheryl Duncan married Richard Joseph Ponson 14 
                   Jan 1984, Baton Rouge Parish, LA.  Richard was born 14 
                   Feb 1949, Iberville Parish, LA, died 12 Oct 1992, Baton 
                   Rouge Parish, LA.

                   aaaa.  Ashley Marie Ponson

                   bbbb.  Steven Joseph Ponson

             bbb.  Martin Eldredge Duncan married (1) Lonnie, (2) Pamela 
                   Lee Adams.

                   aaaa.  Jamie

                   bbbb.  Casey McAdam Duncan

                   cccc.  Kelsey Louise Duncan

             ccc.  LoLee Duncan married Michael William Downey.

        bb.  Aubrey Thyer Duncan, born 1925, died 1992.

        cc.  Mary Evelyn Duncan, born 1927, died 2004.

        dd.  Emmaree Duncan, born 1930, died 1967.

        ee.  Thomas Clark Duncan, born 1933, died 1989.

        ff.  Judith Anie Duncan, born 1940.

    g.  Dosca Dewrell Duncan, born 10 Jan 1903, AL, died 27 Oct 1994, 
        Fairfax, Va, married (1) Mamie B Lee 1 April 1924, (2) Helen 
        Doherty Wright 1971.

    h.  Ardell Gomaz Duncan, born 15 Jan 1905, AL, died 3 April 2000, 
        Chambers Co AL,, married Ida Mae Jones in 1934.

        aa.  Mary Elizabeth Duncan, born and died 1933.

        bb.  Sherlie M Duncan, born 1936.

        cc.  Ronald Duncan, born 1937, died 1994. 

    i.  George Dewey Duncan, born 19 June 1908, died 3 May 1974, Chambers
        Co AL, married Vivian Brazell.

        aa.  Evelyn Duncan, born 1929.

        bb.  Gerald Duncan, born 1931.

        cc.  True Eloise Duncan, born 1937.

    j.  Rilla Pearl Duncan, born 2 March 1910, Elmore Co AL, died 18 Dec
        1952, married Henry Elmer Bailey.

        aa.  Mavaine Bailey, born 1929.

        bb.  William O Bailey, born 1930.

        cc.  Joan G. Bailey, born 9 Dec 1932, AL, died 19 Dec 1968, AL, 
             married Jack B Morrow.