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Descendants of Gray Barber and Charlotte Steadman

Gray Barber, born 1800, died 1866, St. Clair County, AL, the son of James and Penelope Barber, married (1) Charlotte Stedman 15 August 1816, Clarke County, GA., (2) Mrs. Pharebia Watts 30 May 1854. Charlotte was born 1797, died 1 April 1853, St. Clair County, Alabama. Mrs. Watts, born 1817, North Carolina, had 3 children from her first marriage: James Watts, born 1847, Elizabeth Watts, born 1850, and Mahala Watts, born 1852. She had four children with Gray Barber.

        a.  Champion Monroe Barber, born 15 Jan 1817, St. Clair Co. AL., died 22 April 1884, married Margaret R. Kelley, who was born 
            22 April 1822, died 13 Oct 1888.


            aa.  Margaret L. Barber, born 1846?, St. Clair Co.AL, married J. D. Patterson.

            bb.  John William Wesley Barber, born 14 Feb 1846, died 24 June 1899, St. Clair County, AL., married (1) Nancy 
                 Lands, who was born 16 May 1850, died 9 July 1878, St Clair Co. AL (2) Amanda Elmira Wright, born 16 Feb 1862, 
                 died 29 June 1928, St. Clair County, Alabama

            cc.  Andrew Jackson Barber, born 1848, died Dec 1858, St. Clair Co. Alabama

            dd.  Gray Barber, III born 18 Oct 1850, died  18 March 1925, Vincent, Alabama, married (1) Sarah McClellen, 1 Feb 
                 1871, (2) Sarah Stone 15 Sept 1872, St. Clair Co. AL (3) Mary Frances Arnold 20 Jan 1889, who was born 16 July    
                 1860, died 21 July 1928. Will of Gray Barber, page 1, Will of Gray Barber, page 2.


                 aaa.  Rhoda Barber, born about 1873, died before 1923, married Charles B. Tollison 29 Oct 1896, St. Clair
                       Co. AL

                 bbb.  Marion W. Barber, born 4 Dec 1875, St, Clair CO. AL died 28 Aug 1905

                 ccc.  William J. Barber, born 3 July 1873, St. Clair Co. AL., died 16 Sept 1900, St. Clair Co. AL

                 ddd.  Levi Barber, born 13 November 1888, Pell City, AL, died 3 Dec 1952, buried Harpersville, AL., married
                       (1) Lillian Nettie Messier 1912, (2) Beulah Sherbert Fincher 26 June 1925, St. Clair Co. AL. Three
                       children by first wife, the rest by the second.  Beulah had four children by her first husband, 
                       James Fincher, Katherine Fincher, Lavada Fincher and Ruby Lou Fincher, who was adopted out.

                       aaaa.  Willie Gray Barber, born 1913, died Rome, GA

                       bbbb.  Lillian Barber

                       cccc.  Wesley Barber

                       dddd.  G. W. (Toke) Barber, born 21 Aug 1932, died  23 Dec 2000, married Helen Christine Haynes
                              16 May 1953, who was born 29 Jan 1936, died 23 Jan 2010.  

                            Toke and Helen Barber


                              aaaaa.  Garey Wayne Barber, born 4 Sep 1953, married Joyce Marie Partridge.

                                      aaaaaa.  Jeanie Joyce Barber married Gary Eaton.

                                               aaaaaaa.  Jennifer Eaton

                                               bbbbbbb.  Brandon Lee Eaton

                                               ccccccc.  Amanda Eaton

                                      bbbbbb.  Bridget Marie Barber married Michael Sheppard

                                               aaaaaaa.  Samantha Sheppard

                                               bbbbbbb.  Rebecca Sheppard

                                      cccccc.  Gregory Wayne Barber

                              bbbbb.  Caffie Laray Barber, born 6 April 1955, married (1) Grover Gibson, 
                                      (2) Douglas Roston Limbaugh, (3) Douglas Roston Limbaugh, (4) 
                                      Steve Batham, (5) Eddie Dodson, (6) Steve _____, (7) Donald Lee.

                                      aaaaaa.  Christopher Shane Gibson married Angela ____, now divorced.

                                               aaaaaaa.  Anthony Shane Gibson (adopted by Helen Barber
                                                         after Toke passed away), born 1 Nov 1994, died
                                                         2 July 2015.

                                      bbbbbb.  Shawn Dodson married Starr

                                               aaaaaaa.  Alexander Dodson

                                               bbbbbbb.  Billy Austin Dodson

                                               ccccccc.  Coy Dodson

                              ccccc.  Edith Joy Barber, born 26 April 1957, married Ricky Earl Sims.  
                                      Ricky was born 25 April 1958.



                                      aaaaaa.  Toby Eugene Sims married Lisa ______.

                                               aaaaaaa.  Toby Eugene Sims Jr

                                               bbbbbbb.  Tara Sims

                                      bbbbbb.  Ricky Earl Sims Jr married Danielle ____.

                                               aaaaaaa.  Natalie Sims (being raised by 
                                                         Tiffany and Danny)

                                               bbbbbbb.  Jeremy Sims (being raised by 
                                                         Tiffany and Danny)

                                      cccccc.  Tiffany Dawn Sims, born 16 Aug 1982, married James
                                               Daniel Adair. Danny has two children from a previous
                                               marriage, Lexi and Slade.

                                               aaaaaaa.  Breanna Adair

                                               bbbbbbb.  Deanna Dawn Adair, born 15 Sep 2011.


                              ddddd.  Ronald Levi (Ronnie) Barber, born 21 July 1958, died 5 Nov 1958.
                              eeeee.  Karen Hope Barber, born 21 July 1959,  married (1) John Stage, (2)
                                      married Gary Hardy.

                                      aaaaaa.  Jason Scott Stage married Robin _____.

                                               aaaaaaa.  Jarek Stage

                                               bbbbbbb.  Jae Stage

                                      bbbbbb.  Jeremy Stage died 28 Oct 2007.

                                      cccccc.  Teresa Nicole Stage married Jay Mott.

                                               aaaaaaa.  Nicolas Mott

                        Teresa, Dee, Karen, Edith and bro-in-law Ricky

                              fffff.  Mary Dee Barber, born 4 July 1960, married (1) Randy Joe Ingram 17 Feb 
                                      1978, divorced Oct 2000, (2) Edward Flournoy 1 Nov 2002. 
                                      Randy and Edward were both born on 13 Jan 1960.  Randy died 16 March 2011.

                             Dee Barber Ingram Flournoy

                                      aaaaaa.  Jeffrey Lane Ingram, born 29 Aug 1979, married Tonja 
                                               Hope Barnes McWhorter 5 Nov 2003. Tonja was born 31 Mar
                                               1982. (Zach is Tonja's son from a previous marriage)

                                               aaaaaaa.  Taylor Alexis Davis, born 24 
                                                         Feb 2000, adopted by step-dad _____ Harris.
                                                         (This is Jeffrey's biological daughter)

                                               bbbbbbb.  Zachary Earl McWhorter, born 
                                                         18 May 2001.

                                               ccccccc.  Brandon Scott Ingram, born 27 
                                                         June 2003

                                               ddddddd.  Jeremiah Lane Ingram, born 13 
                                                         March 2005


                              ggggg.  Teresa Denise Barber, born 12 Oct 1961, died 23 Dec 2015, married (1) Travis (Pete)  
                                      Grimes, (2) Robert (Harold) Edwards Jr.

                                      aaaaaa.  Laura Christine (Christi) Grimes, married Jason 

                                               aaaaaaa.  Avery Drake 

                                      bbbbbb.  Bonnie Sue Edwards married
                                               Robert Barnett.

                                               aaaaaaa.  James Barnett

                                               bbbbbbb.  Conner Barnett

                                      cccccc.  Robert (Rob) Harold Edwards

                                               aaaaaaa.  Holden Ryan 

                              hhhhh.  Tara Faith Barber, 24 July 1971 

                       eeee.  Thomas Eugene (Gene) Barber, born 18 Jan 
                              1925, married Lola Mae Smith(?), died in
                              a car wreck with daughter Connie on 24 Jan

                              aaaaa.  Shirley Barber

                              bbbbb.  Diana Barber

                              ccccc.  Joyce Barber

                              ddddd.  Connie Sue Barber, born 17 Feb 1952,
                                      died 24 Jan 1965. 

                              eeeee.  Jerry Barber

                       ffff.  Melvin Lee (Boker) Barber Sr, born 1926, 
                              died 1999, married Myrtle Lee ______, who
                              was born 1932, died 2008. 

                              aaaaa.  Melvin Lee Barber Jr

                       gggg.  Mary Louise Barber, born 19 Dec 1928, 
                              died 2 Jan 1972, married (1) J. C. Smith, 
                              (2) Robert Frank White, who was born 
                              10 March 1936, died 12 June 1996.

                              aaaaa.  Danny Smith

                              bbbbb.  Glenda Smith

                       hhhh.  Paul D (Slick) Barber, born 25 Dec 1930, 
                              died 6 Aug 2010, married Ruth Smith?

                              aaaaa.  Gail Barber

                              bbbbb.  Eunice Barber

                              ccccc.  Paul Barber

                              ddddd.  Phoebe Barber

                              eeeee.  Michael (Mike) Barber

                              fffff.  Bobby Barber

                              ggggg.  Sharon Barber

                       iiii.  M. W. Barber, born 17 July 1937, died 16 May 
                              2007, married Maxine F Sims, who was born 17
                              March 1937, died 25 Aug 2007.

                              aaaaa.  Darlene Barber

                              bbbbb.  Randy E Barber, born 10 March 1958, 
                                      died 1 Jan 2008.

                              ccccc.  Donna Kay Barber died as an infant

                              ddddd.  Rebecca (Becky) Barber married
                                      _____ Hobson.

                       jjjj.  Dolly Blaine Barber married Olean Grady 

                              aaaaa.  Rita Faye Meherg

                              bbbbb.  Esther Jean Meherg married ___ Cape

                              ccccc.  Ricky Regina Meherg

                              ddddd.  Travis Wayne Meherg

                              eeeee.  Johnny Carroll Meherg

                              fffff.  Rhonda Denise Meherg

                              ggggg.  Olean Grady Meherg Jr

                 eee.  Marshall Newton Barber, born 25 Jan 1891, Pell 
                       City, L, died 9 Oct 1966, Vincent, AL, married 
                       Lillian Roberson 27 Aug 1922, Shelby Co. AL.
                       Lillian was born 18 Sep 1899, died 10 March 1989

                       aaaa.  Ann Barber, born 13 June 1923, died 18 Nov 
                       bbbb.  Faye Barber married ____ Macon

                       cccc.  Gertrude Barber, born 22 Jan 1927, died 26 
                              Nov 1988, never married

                       dddd.  JoAnn Barber, born 24 Nov 1936, died 14 July 
                              2001, married ____ Price.

                              aaaaa.  Vicky Price

                              bbbbb.  Debby Price

                       eeee.  Shirley R Barber, born 13 July 1939, died 12 
                              Aug 1994, never married

                 fff.  Matthew Gray Barber, born 20 Dec 1893, Pell City, 
                       AL, died 5 Sep 1920, married Katie Geneva Hale 1 
                       Feb 1914

                       aaaa.  Marion Washington Barber, born 1914, married 
                              Irene Cross, resided in Talladega County, 

                              aaaaa.  Jimmy Barber

                       bbbb.  John J Barber, born 1916 married Mavis Enid
                              Stone, resided Talladega Co. AL.

                              aaaaa.  Gary Barber, born 1946.

                              bbbbb.  Shay Barber, born 1950.

                       cccc.  son Barber, born 1920.

                 ggg.  Oscar L. Barber, born 27 April 1895, Pell City, AL.
                       died 26 Feb 1977, Talladega, AL, married Hester 
                       Bassett 23 March 1919, Talladega Co. AL

                 hhh.  Earnest Barber, born 7 March 1897, Pell City AL.
                       died 20 June 1946, St. Clair Co. AL, married
                       Martha M. "Mattie" Gallagher, who was born 30 
                       April 1903, died 13 Aug 1946.

                 iii.  Andy Barber, born 23 March 1899, died 13 Oct 
                       1967, Vincent, AL, married (1) Katie Geneva Hale 
                       (2) Plumer McDonald.  Last four children with last 
                       wife. Plumer was born 24 Feb 1916, died 10 Jan 1999.


                       aaaa.  Andy Casey Barber, born 18 Dec 1922, 
                              Talladega CO. AL, married Nancy Ruth Ogle 14 
                              Jan 1946

                       bbbb.  James Gray Barber, born 1 May 1925, married
                              Lorene Annette Stephens

                       cccc.  Rev Daniel Presley Barber, born 11 Nov 1927, 
                              Talladega Co. AL, died 5 June 2011, married 
                              Mary Nell Stone 31 Aug 1945. Mary was born 
                              13 Dec 1926.


Rev. Daniel P Barber
November 11, 1927
June 5, 2011
Leeds, Alabama, went to be with his Lord on June 5, 2011. Rev. Barber was a graduate of the Baptist Bible Institute (Baptist College of Florida). He worked for B. F. Goodrich for 15 years and then served as pastor for Markeeta Baptist, Klein Baptist, Pleasant Plains Baptist, Oates Avenue Baptist, Cowarts Baptist and Whites Chapel Baptist. Rev Barber was preceded in death by his son James Layne Barber and great-grandson Ryan Barber. He is survived by his wife of 65 years, Nell Barber, daughter, Cindy McInnish (Jim), sons, Danny (Norma), Tony (Angie), Curtis (Linda), Stephen (Janet) and William, daughter-in-law Glenda; sisters, Sue Otwell, Brenda Lambert and Elizabeth Spiller; brothers J. F. Barber, Wayne Barber and Steve Barber, 22 grandchildren, 34 great grandchildren and one great-great grandchild. Funeral services will be Tuesday, June 7, 2011 at 2 PM at Kilgroe Funeral Home-Leeds Chapel with burial to follow in Bethel Cemetery. The family will receive friends on Monday, June 6, 2011 form 6:00 to 8:00 PM at the funeral home. Kilgroe Funeral Home, Leeds, directing.

Published in Columbus Ledger-Enquirer on June 7, 2011.

                              aaaaa.  James Layne Barber, born 17 July 
                                      1946, died 11 June 1991, Leeds, 
                                      Alabama, married Glenda ____ 5 June 

                              bbbbb.  Danny Michael Barber, born 16 Aug

                              ccccc.  Charles Anthony Barber, born 11 Jan

                              ddddd.  Curtis Daniel Barber, born 25 May 
                                      1953, Troy, Alabama

                              Layne, Danny, Tony, and Curtis Barber
                              Rev Daniel and Nell and children

                              eeeee.  Stephen Presley Barber, born 29 
                                      April 1956, Troy, Pike CO. AL. 
                                      (1) Karon Pearson, (2) Janet Marie 
                                      Baggett 20 March 1987. Two children
                                      by first marriage and two children 
                                      by second marriage. Stephen earned 
                                      his Ph.D from Auburn University in 

                                      Stephen P. Barber at a NASCAR race

                                      aaaaaa.  Stefani Leigh Barber, born
                                               29 April 1976, Birmingham,
                                               Alabama, married (1) Brian 
                                               Thomas Robinson 1 May 1994
                                               divorced 2000, (2) Brian 

                                               aaaaaaa.  Briana Geneva
                                                         Robinson, born  
                                                         30 March 1995

                                               bbbbbbb.  Presley Pettit
                                                         born 30 July

                                               ccccccc.  Pearson Pettit
                                                         born 10 Dec 2007

                                               ddddddd.  Ethan Stone 
                                                         Pettit, born 21 
                                                         Nov 2009, GA. 

                                      bbbbbb.  Jacob Edmond Barber, born 
                                               6 May 1983, Columbus, GA

                                      cccccc.  Sarah Marie Barber, born 17 
                                               Feb 1990, Columbus, Georgia

                                      dddddd.  John Gray Barber, born 5
                                               Nov 1992, Columbus, GA

                              fffff.  Cynthia Lynn Barber, born 23 Feb
                                      1960, Dotham, Alabama  

                              ggggg.  William Oliver Barber, born 6 Aug
                                      1961, Leeds, Alabama

                       dddd.  J. F. "Tunney" Barber, born 1930, married
                              Faye George

                              aaaaa.  David O'Neal Barber, born 1953

                              bbbbb.  Karen Barber, born 1957

                       eeee.  Sue Nell Barber, born 1933, married Roy 

                       ffff.  Samuel Wayne Barber married Joyce Dyer. 
                              Joyce died 6 Jan 2011.

                              aaaaa.  Samuel Wayne Barber II, born 21 Sep
                                      1972, married Kerry Maroney. He is a 
                                      CPA in Alabama.


                              bbbbb.  Crystal Barber married _____ Barnes.

                              ccccc.  Adrian Barber, born 12 Jan 1978.


                       gggg.  Steve Barber

                       hhhh.  Elizabeth Barber married Banks Spiller


                       iiii.  Brenda Barber, born 9 Oct 1958? married 
                              _____ Lambert.

                              aaaaa.  Candy married Jerry Huffstutler. 
                                      (daughter of Brenda)

                                      aaaaaa.  Tyler Huffstutler

                                      bbbbbb.  Josh Huffstutler

                 iii.  Margarete "Retta" Barber, born 19 Feb 1902, Pell
                       City, AL, died 10 Oct 1972, married Owen Fuller

                 jjj.  Lucinda Catherine Barber, born 29 Oct 1905, Vincent
                       Alabama, died Aug 1950, Rome, GA, married Milton
                       Higginbotham May 1923.

            ee.  James J M Barber, Rev., born 1854, St. Clair Co. AL., 
                 married (1) Rhoda Elizabeth Wells 24 Dec 1871, who was 
                 born 12 March 1851, St. Clair County, AL, died 9 July 
                 1910, buried in Pope's Chapel, Wattsville, AL. James 
                 married (2) Louisa Shepherd. James Barber was a minister, 
                 and he preached at Macedonia Church, Ragland, Alabama. 

                 aaa.  Margaret Ellen Barber, born 1872, died 1926,
                       married John Daniel Patterson

                 bbb.  Alice Green Barber, born 1873, died 1964, married 
                       E. Z. Robinson

                 ccc.  Eleanor Barber, born 1876, died 1926, married 
                       Samuel Roddy.

                 ddd.  Sarah Jane Barber, born 1877.                 

                 eee.  Catherine Elizabeth "Kate" Barber, born 1879, died 
                       1939, married Sam Hannah.

                 fff.  John Wess Barber, born 1880, died 1958, married
                       Lucy Campbell.

                       aaa.  Travis Barber, born 1903

                       bbb.  Robert W. Barber, born 1903, died 1969
                             married Emma Kitchens. 

                             aaaa.  Mary Ruth Barber married Mike Russo

                                    aaaaa.  Michael Timothy Russo, 
                                            married Donna Reeves

                                            aaaaaa.  Juniper Russo
                 ggg.  Reuben Franklin Barber, born 1883, St. Clair Co AL,
                       died 6 July 1931, Elmore Co AL, married Maude 
                       Garnett Crosby.

                       aaaa.  Marie Elizabeth Barber married ____ Stough.

                 hhh.  George Thomas Barber, born 1884, died 1972, 
                       married Lela ____

                 iii.  Leroy Barber, born 1886, St. Clair Co. AL

                 jjj.  Terry Barber, born 1886, died 1961, St. Clair Co. 
                       AL, married Mittie Layton, who was born 1894, died 

                       aaaa.  Felton J Barber, born 1915.

                       bbbb.  Albert Barber, born 1920.

                       cccc.  Vance Barber, born 1924.

                       dddd.  Ardele Barber, born 1929.

                       eeee.  Jimmy Louis Barber, born 29 Aug 1931, died 
                              6 May 1998, married Edna McCall.

                              aaaaa.  Jenny Barber married ____ Srygley.
                                      aaaaaa.  Jessica Lauren Srygley.        

                              bbbbb.  Jimmy Lynn Barber married Debbie.

                                      aaaaaa.  Christopher Barber

                                      bbbbbb.  Terry Lynn Barber

                              ccccc.  Mary Barber

                              ddddd.  Terry Wayne Barber

                              eeeee.  Phillip Barber, born 1959, married 

                                      aaaaaa.  April Barber

                                      bbbbbb.  Heidi Michelle Barber

                              fffff.  Kathy Barber, born 1962, married 
                                      _____ Cain.

                 kkk.  James Carroll Barber, born 1889, died 1961, married
                       Dessie Wise

                 lll.  Julian S. C. Barber, born 1891, died 1951.

                 mmm.  Corine "Rena" Barber, born 1893

                 nnn.  Lorah Virginia H. Barber, born 1895, married
                       George Kitchen

                       aaaa.  Marie Allie Kitchen, born 1920,
                              married James Savage
                       bbbb.  Willie George Kitchen, born 1925,
                              married Nellie Savage

                       cccc.  Lelas Burnett Kitchen

                       dddd.  Nellie Azalea Kitchen married Ray Wright

                       eeee.  Elsie Magdelene Kitchen married Jim Cox

                       ffff.  Mary Lane Kitchen married Ralph McMahan

                 ooo.  Laura Lou Barber, born 1896, died 1977.

            ff.  Mary Barber, born 1855-56, St. Clair Co.,Alabama

            gg.  Francis Catherine "Kitty" Barber, born 13 May 1857, St. 
                 Clair Co., AL, died 5 July 1944, St. Clair Co. AL., 
                 married John Samuel Higginbotham 30 Aug 1876.

                 aaa.  Cornelia Higginbotham, born 1878.

                 bbb.  Junous Alvarion Higginbotham, born 1879, died 1935.

                 ccc.  Griffin Higginbotham, born 1881, died 1906.

                 ddd.  Samantha M. Higginbotham, born 1883, died 1948.

                 eee.  John Reuben Wesley Higginbotham, born 1885, died 

                 fff.  Mary Higginbotham, born 1887, died 1968.

                 ggg.  Lizabeth Higginbotham, born 1889, died 1924.

                 hhh.  Mosouri Higginbotham, born 1891, died 1959.

                 iii.  Milton Eugene Higginbotham, born 1894, died 1958.

                 jjj.  George Washington Higginbotham, born 5 March 1897, 
                       AL, died 6 March 1944, married Mamie Griffin 11 Oct
                       1919, St. Clair County, AL. Mamie was born 1900, 
                       died 1970.

                       aaaa.  Buford Higginbotham, born 1920, died 1980.

                       bbbb.  Hayward Higginbotham, born 1923, died 1978.

                       cccc.  Margaree Higginbotham, born 1925, died 1949.

                       dddd.  Scottie Ruth Higginbotham, born 1933, died 

                       eeee.  ____ Higginbotham, is the owner of a page on
                              Ancetry with the ID trhigginbotham.

                 kkk.  Leliah Higginbotham, brn 1900, died 1979.

            hh.  Rhoda Jane Barber, born 5 April 1858, died 23 March 1916, 
                 married William Henry Walker 11 July 1878, St. Clair Co
                 AL.  He was born 14 March 1856, died 8 Feb 1913.

                 aaa.  son Walker, buried at Harkey's Chapel

                 bbb.  son Walker, buried at Harkey's Chapel
                 ccc.  Martha Walker, buried at Harkey's Chapel

                 ddd.  Frances Walker, born 10 June 1879.

                 eee.  James Asberry Walker, born 12 Apr 1881, died 22
                       May 1961.

                 fff.  Lona Elmary Walker, born 20 Feb 1882

                 ggg.  Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie" Walker, born 17 Aug 1884,
                       died 16 Nov 1950, married William Henry Vaughan
                       aaaa.  Irene Vaughan married ___ Bell

                              aaaaa.  William E. Bell married ____

                                      aaaaaa.  William R. Bell, married
                                               Robin _____

                 hhh.  Nancy Embaline Walker, born 22 May 1888, died 18
                       July 1979, married William Henry Phillips, son of
                       William Chesley Phillips and Mary Jane Chambliss.
                       He was born 4 March 1880, died 25 Jan 1941.

                       aaaa.  Abner Phillips, born 22 July 1907, died 11
                              April 1910.

                       bbbb.  Alberta Phillips, born 28 Sep 1908, died 20
                              Dec 1908.
                       cccc.  Chesley Phillips, born 22 Jan 1910, died 22
                              Feb 1911.

                       dddd.  Eunice Estelle Phillips, born 6 July 1912,
                              died 12 July 1967.

                       eeee.  Hurshell Eugene Phillips, born 25 Jan 1915,
                              died 5 June 1977, married Clara Mae Layton,
                              daughter of Manuel Layton and Bertha Bryant.
                              She was born 1 June 1919, died 11 Oct 1999.

                              aaaaa.  Houston Eugene Phillips, born 18 May
                                      1937, died ???

                              bbbbb.  Billy Herman Phillips, born 24 July
                                      1939, married Martha Marie Dunnaway,
                                      daughter of Robert Lee Dunnaway and
                                      Lillian Catherine White. She was 
                                      born 16 Apr 1940, died 19 Apr 1990. 
                                      She and Billy were married 8 Aug 
                                      aaaaaa.  Barbara Sue Phillips, born
                                               3 July 1960.

                                      bbbbbb.  Billy Randall Phillips, 
                                               born 21 Sep 1962.
                                      cccccc.  Rita Gail Phillips, born 11
                                               July 1964, married Preston
                                               Lee Thomason Jr, son of 
                                               Preston Lee Thomason Sr and
                                               Roberta Grace Smith. He was
                                               born 31 May 1958. Rita and
                                               Preston were married 16 Oct

                                               aaaaaaa.  Robert Lee 
                                                         Thomason, born 14 
                                                         Sep 1983, md 
                                                         Emily Lauren 
                                                         Montgomery, who 
                                                         was born 26 Dec 
                                                         1983, on 9 July 
                                                         2005.  She is the 
                                                         daughter of 
                                                         Montgomery and 

                                                         aaaaaaaa.  Sarah
                                                            b. 9 Aug 2006

                                               bbbbbbb.  April Denise
                                                         Thomason, b 27
                                                         1985, md Cody
                                                         Shane Sexton 20
                                                         May 2006. 

                                                         aaaaaaaa.  Hunter
                                                           b. 6 Nov 2006

                                                         bbbbbbbb.  Kelsey
                                                           b. 5 Mar 2009

                                      dddddd.  Sandra Lynn Phillips, b.
                                               25 Dec 1965

                                      eeeeee.  Janet Lynn Phillips, b.
                                               25 Sep 1971, d. 21 Dec 1974

                              ccccc.  Gerald Eugene Phillips, b. Feb. 15, 
                                      1943, d. Nov. 3, 1991

                              ddddd.  Bertha Ann Phillips, b. 19 Jan 1945,
                                      d. ???

                              eeeee.  Sarah Nell Phillips, b. 12 Feb 1947,
                                      married Bobby Gerald Bryant.

                                      aaaaaa.  Cosby Bryant

                              fffff.  Linda Faye Phillips, b. 18 May 1949.

                              ggggg.  Donald Gene Phillips, b. 19 Sep 1951

                              hhhhh.  Luther Ray Phillips, b. 8 Feb 1953.

                              iiiii.  Iva Dean Phillips, b. 9 Apr 1955.

                              jjjjj.  Roger Dale Phillips, b. 31 Mar 1957

                              kkkkk.  Nancy Phillips, b. 4 Mar 1959.

                       ffff.  Marion Roscoe Phillips, b. 18 Mar 1917, d.
                              11 Apr 1965

                       gggg.  Vada Lee Phillips, b. 11 Sep 1919, d. ???

                       hhhh.  Viola Catherine Phillips, b. 10 Nov 1921

                       iiii.  Alma Louise Phillips, b. 5 Aug 1924, d 17
                              Sep 1994

                       jjjj.  William Austin Phillips, born and died
                              22 Jan 1926

            ii.  George Washington Barber, born 14 Jan 1859, died 6 Dec 
                 1921, married VanDora Jessmah L. Robertson 6 Oct 1878.
                 She was born 7 Oct 1859, died 29 Aug 1932.

                 aaa.  Louis Issac Newton Barber, born 1886, died 1958,
                       married Lora Lee Stewart, born 1893, died 1978.

                       aaaa.  Thomas Gordon Barber, born 1909, died 1976,
                              married Lorene Wilson Glass, born 1912, died

                              aaaaa.  Helen Marie Barber married Robert
                                      Jefferson West.

                                      aaaaaa.  Phyllis Colleen West

            jj.  Cynthia Barber, born 1862-63, St. Clair Co.,Alabama

            kk.  Isaac Newton "Bud" Barber, born 1864, St. Clair Co. AL
                 died 1932, married Vienna C. Vardiman 13 March 1887,
                 St. Clair Co. AL.

            ll.  Margaret Barber, born 4 May 1866, (twin of Lucinda?) 
                 married (1) Frederick Bryant 18 Jan 1890, (2) Lee 

                 aaa.  Dock Bryant, b. 9 Oct 1893, d. 6 Aug 1973.

                 bbb.  Bertha Bryant, b. 18 May 1895, d. 16 Dec 1922, md.
                       Manuel Layton 25 July 1913.

                       aaaa.  Clyde Layton, b. 9 Aug 1915.

                       bbbb.  Clara Mae Layton, b. 1 June 1919, d. 11 Oct
                              1999, md. Hershell Eugene Philips, son of
                              William Henry Phillips and Nancy Embaline
                              Walker. He was born 25 Jan 1915, died 5 June

                              aaaaa.  Houston Eugene Phillips, born 18 May 
                                      1937, died ???

                              bbbbb.  Billy Herman Phillips, born 24 July 
                                      1939, married Martha Marie Dunnaway,
                                      daughter of Robert Lee Dunnaway and
                                      Lillian Catherine White. She was 
                                      born 16 Apr 1940, died 19 Apr 1990. 
                                      She and Billy were married 8 Aug 
                                      aaaaaa.  Barbara Sue Phillips, born
                                               3 July 1960.

                                      bbbbbb.  Billy Randall Phillips, 
                                               born 21 Sep 1962.
                                      cccccc.  Rita Gail Phillips, born 11
                                               July 1964, married Preston
                                               Lee Thomason Jr, son of 
                                               Preston Lee Thomason Sr and
                                               Roberta Grace Smith. He was
                                               born 31 May 1958. Rita and
                                               Preston were married 16 Oct

                                               aaaaaaa.  Robert Lee 
                                                         Thomason, born 14 
                                                         Sep 1983, md 
                                                         Emily Lauren 
                                                         Montgomery, who 
                                                         was born 26 Dec 
                                                         1983, on 9 July 
                                                         2005.  She is the 
                                                         daughter of 
                                                         Montgomery and 

                                                         aaaaaaaa.  Sarah
                                                            b. 9 Aug 2006

                                               bbbbbbb.  April Denise
                                                         Thomason, b 27
                                                         1985, md Cody
                                                         Shane Sexton 20
                                                         May 2006. 

                                                         aaaaaaaa.  Hunter
                                                           b. 6 Nov 2006

                                                         bbbbbbbb.  Kelsey
                                                           b. 5 Mar 2009

                                      dddddd.  Sandra Lynn Phillips, b.
                                               25 Dec 1965

                                      eeeeee.  Janet Lynn Phillips, b.
                                               25 Sep 1971, d. 21 Dec 1974

                              ccccc.  Gerald Eugene Phillips, b. Feb. 15, 
                                      1943, d. Nov. 3, 1991

                              ddddd.  Bertha Ann Phillips, b. 19 Jan 1945,
                                      d. ???

                              eeeee.  Sarah Nell Phillips, b. 12 Feb 1947.

                              fffff.  Linda Faye Phillips, b. 18 May 1949.

                              ggggg.  Donald Gene Phillips, b. 19 Sep 1951

                              hhhhh.  Luther Ray Phillips, b. 8 Feb 1953.

                              iiiii.  Iva Dean Phillips, b. 9 Apr 1955.

                              jjjjj.  Roger Dale Phillips, b. 31 Mar 1957

                              kkkkk.  Nancy Phillips, b. 4 Mar 1959.

                       ffff.  Marion Roscoe Phillips, b. 18 Mar 1917, d.
                              11 Apr 1965

                       gggg.  Vada Lee Phillips, b. 11 Sep 1919, d. ???

                       hhhh.  Viola Catherine Phillips, b. 10 Nov 1921

                       iiii.  Alma Louise Phillips, b. 5 Aug 1924, d 17
                              Sep 1994

                       jjjj.  William Austin Phillips, born and died
                              22 Jan 1926

                   cccc.  Fred Layton, b. 1924

                   dddd.  Edna Layton
            mm.  Lucinda C. Barber, born 10 Jan 1866, St. Clair Co. AL, 
                 died 19 April 1939, married Frank M. Higginbotham
                 10 Feb 1889, St. Clair Co. AL.

            nn.  Champion Monroe Barber, II, born 1 Aug 1867, St. Clair 
                 Co. AL, died 8 Dec 1945, married Sarah E. Wilson, who
                 was born 23 Dec 1874, died 20 Oct 1959.

            oo.  Amanda "Mandy" Melvina Barber, born 14 Feb 1870, St. 
                 Clair Co. AL, died 22 April 1919, married J. Samuel 
                 Higginbotham, who was born 8 July 1861, died 24 Oct 
                 1930, St. Clair Co. AL

        b. James S. Barber, born 1818, Clarke County, Georgia, died 13 
           August 1861, Bristow Station, Virginia, while in Confederate 
           service, married Mahala Stephens 16 January 1838. James was a
           private in Company F, 10th Alabama Regiment, he enlisted 4 June
           1861, and died of disease 13 Aug 1861. The story told by 
           Hurshel Barber years later is not credible. See the Civil 
           War Records of Alabama.

           1850 Census, St Clair Co AL, page 1
           1850 Census, St Clair Co AL, page 2

            aa.  Penelope Barber, born 1839, Alabama

            bb.  Sarah Ann Barber, born 10 May 1842, St Clair Co AL, died 
                 25 September 1892, married (1) ____ Scott, (2) David Huston 16 July 1874, Christian Co. MO., 
                 (3) James Knox Polk Lett 3 Aug 1879, he born 1843, died 
                 1902, Fayetteville, AR., divorced 1881 (4) George W. Nix 
                 7 Jan 1883 Christian Co. MO, divorced 1884. 

                 aaa.  Mahala Scott, born 1867, MO, died 1913, OK, married
                       (1) William Wiley Cloud 15 Oct 1885, Ponce de Leon, 
                       Stone Co. MO., (2) William H (Red) Parker 1896? in

                       aaaa.  Marion Cloud (male), born 1887, MO

                       bbbb.  Letitia Cloud, born 1889, MO, married
                              Lee Shelton 20 July 1902 in Polk Co. AR

                       cccc.  Dewey P. Parker, born 10 Sep 1897, AR,
                              died March 1967, Lancaster, Los Angeles Co.
                              CA., married Mary ____.

                              aaaaa.  Molly Parker, born Nov 1919, OK
                                      married _____.

                                      aaaaaa.  son?

                                      bbbbbb.  son?
                 bbb.  Mary Anna Huston, born 25 Aug 1875, MO, died 20 
                       Sep 1895, Taney Co MO., married John Henry Keithley 
                       6 Nov 1888, Christian County, MO., son of Louis 
                       Keithley and Mary Turner. He was born 10 Feb 1868 
                       and died 23 Nov 1939, Christian Co. MO.

                       aaaa.  Luretta Keithley, born 20 Sep 1889, died 
                              23 July 1968, MO, married George Walles.

                       bbbb.  Louis Huston Keithley, born 14 April 1891,
                              MO., died 1 May 1980, married Harriet Ann 
                              Graves. She was born 19 Aug 1894, died 
                              30 Apr 1973

                              aaaaa.  Mary Loretta Keithley, born 1911, died 2003.

                              bbbbb.  Marion Francis Keithley, born 17 May 1913,
                                      died 27 Nov 1999, Christian Co. MO,
                                      married Sylvia B King 28 Sep 1935 in
                                      Clever, Christian Co. MO, the 
                                      daughter of Jesse King and Sadie 
                                      Frazier. She was born 27 July 1917, 
                                      died 30 Aug 1978          

                                      aaaaaa,  Phyllis Keithley

                                      bbbbbb.  Betty Keithley 

                              ccccc.  Minnie Anna Keithley, born 1 Nov 1915, 
                                      Jamesville, Stone Co. MO, died 
                                      12 May 2006, married Joseph Russell
                                      Hicks 3 July 1934, son of William 
                                      Hicks and Lillie Frazier. He was 
                                      born 3 Feb 1913, MO, and died 11 
                                      Sept 1973 in Springfield, MO.

                                      aaaaaa.  Denny Hicks

                                      bbbbbb.  Jerry Hicks, born 1938, 
                                               died 12 May 1969, 
                                               Springfield, MO

                                      cccccc.  Patsy Hicks

                              ddddd.  Theodore Dorn Keithley, born 28 March 1918, died 18 Sep 2006.

                              eeeee.  Joseph Grief Keithley, born 1920, died 1981

                              fffff.  Lonney Perry Keithley, born 1923, died 2010.

                              ggggg.  John H Keithley, born 1926.

                              hhhhh.  William Thomas Keithley, born 1927, died 2014.

                              iiiii.  Ola Rae Keithley, born 1929.

                              jjjjj.  Ira Keithley, born 1932.

                              kkkkk.  David Huston Keithley, born 1934, died 2009.

                       cccc.  Myrtle Ann Keithley, born 18 Jan 1892,MO, died
                              29 Sept 1979, Springfield, MO, married (1) 
                              Henry Claborn Wilson, son of William Wilson
                              and Dicy Holderby. He was born 20 June 1888,
                              Stone County, MO, and died 6 Sept 1912, 
                              Stone Co. MO. She married (2) William Isom Tabor
                              1917, (3) Fred W Leavitt.

                              aaaaa.  Rev. Loyd H Wilson, Sr., born 28 Oct 
                                      1911, died 10 Aug 1995, Springfield, 
                                      MO, married Ava Gilmore

                                      aaaaaa.  Loyd H Wilson Jr

                                      bbbbbb.  Oral Wilson

                                      cccccc.  Dwight Wilson

                                      dddddd.  Ronald Wilson

                                      eeeeee.  Darlene Wilson

                                      ffffff.  Connie Wilson

                              bbbbb.  Jesse Lee Wilson, born 1915, died 1987.

                              ccccc.  Anna Katherine Tabor, born 1918, died 2001.

                              ddddd.  Loretta Tabor, born 7 Feb 1921, Christian Co MO, died 9 Aug 1992, Springfield, MO,
                                      married (1) Tom R Brown, (2) Jack Haskell Leavitt.

                                      Loretta Tabor and Jack Leavitt

                                      aaaaaa.  Freddie Lee Brown, born 1938, died 1938.
                                      bbbbbb.  Joetta Brown, born 1939, died 2003.

                                      cccccc.  Carl Junior Leavitt, born 1945, died 2013.

                                      dddddd.  Linda Lee Leavitt, born 1945, died 1945.

                                      eeeeee.  Michael E Leavitt, born 1 May 1948, married Laurie S Herber 3 May 2002, Potter Co TX.

                              eeeee.  Retha Pearl Tabor, born 1924, died 2001.

                              fffff.  Charles Daniel Tabor, born 1927, died 1933.

                              ggggg.  Dorothy Ann Leavitt, born 1929, died 2007.

                              hhhhh.  Paul Edward Leavitt, born 1931, died 2006.

                              iiiii.  Bob Leavitt, born 1932.

                       dddd.  Lester Keithley, born 1893, MO

                       eeee.  Logan Keithley, born 1894, MO

                 ccc.  Lucinda Lett, born 7 June 1881, died 18 Feb 1939,
                       married Louis Daily West, 31 Jan 1897, who was born
                       9 March 1875, died 20 Sept 1898.

                       aaaa.  Mable D. West, born 10 May 1899, died 12 
                              Aug 1969, Tulsa, OK., buried in Wise Hill
                              Cemetery in Christian Co. MO. She married
                              John D. Lish, who was born 29 July 1897
                              and died 20 July 1976.

                              aaaaa.  Madeleine Lish

                              bbbbb.  Lewis William Lish, born 9 March 
                                      1921, died 1 Jan 1982, buried in
                                      Wise Hill Cemetery.

            cc.  Francis M. Barber, born 1843, married Martha M. Stedman
                 12 July 1862, daughter of Henry Stedman and Mary "Polly"
                 Hancock, born 1837. Martha may have been a cousin to 
                 Francis M. Barber through Charlotte M. Stedman, 
                 grandmother of Francis M. Barber.

            dd.  Mary Elizabeth Barber, born 19 July 1846, St Clair Co. 
                 AL, died 29 Jan 1937, Stone Co. MO, married Marmaduke 
                 Williams 12 Feb 1867, divorced 1896. He was born 1842, 
                 TN, died 31 May 1931, Lawrence Co. MO. Marmaduke married 
                 (2) Eliza Callie Amos 14 March 1899, Barry County. MO. 
                 They had three children, Herbert Williams, born April 
                 1895 (before the marriage), Hattie, born 1899 and Oda 
                 born 1902. Marmaduke died 31 May 1931, Lawrence CO. MO. 
                 Eliza had previosly been married to John Zinc.

                 aaa.  infant Williams, born 20 Nov 1868, died 20 Nov 1868

                 bbb.  John Jeffie Williams, born 25 April 1870, MO, died
                       25 May 1892, MO

                 ccc.  Sarah Frances Williams, born 31 Jan 1872, MO, died
                       30 Aug 1969, MO., married (1) Les F Carpenter 28 
                       Nov 1889, Christian Co. MO, son of Mary A. He was
                       born March 1865, Illinois, died between 1900-1910
                       in MO.  She married (2) John Lyons Cox 3 Oct 1908,
                       MO., son of William Cox and Cordelia Shannon. He
                       was born 14 Jan 1862, Stone Co. MO, died 22 April
                       1960, Stone CO. MO

                       aaaa.  Leroy Carpenter, born July 1894, MO
                              aaaaa.  Lionel Carpenter died 2005.

                                      aaaaa.  Carol Carpenter married 
                                              Steve Quish.


                       bbbb.  Vesta Fern Carpenter, born Feb 1900, MO
                              married William B Pritchard. He ws born 
                              aaaaa.  Zoe Deloris Pritchard, born 1922,
                                      MO., married _____ Doty.

                       cccc.  _____ Carpenter

                       dddd.  _____ Carpenter

                       eeee.  Thelma Cox, born Sep 1909, MO

                       ffff.  Rowena Cox born 1913, CA

                 ddd.  Mary Annie Williams, born 24 June 1875, MO, died 
                       3 Feb 1909, married Frank Fugitt 19 Nov 1893,
                       Christian Co. MO, son of John Fugitt and Mary 
                       Greer. He was born 26 Feb 1868, Christian Co. MO
                       died 3 Nov 1934, Detroit, Michigan.

                       aaaa.  Austin Ganey Fugitt, born 16 June 1897,
                              Christian Co. MO, died 3 Sept 1949, St. 
                              Louis, MO., married Thetta Cynthia Phillips,
                              born 1909, die 1991, MO.

                       bbbb.  Maude Fugitt, married ___ Robertson

                       cccc.  Alma Fugitt

                       dddd.  Blanche Fugitt

                 eee.  Charles Dewitt Williams, born 2 Dec 1877, MO, died
                       21 July 1927, married Lillie Hall 8 June 1898, 
                       Stone Co. MO

                 fff.  Hattie Williams, born 5 Sep 1879, MO, died 31 July
                       1880, MO
            ee.  Gray Barber Jr., born 23 Sep 1848, AL, died 5 Feb 1924,
                 Jasper Co. MO, married (1) Barbara Susan Hart 1869, the 
                 daughter of Pleasant Hart and Mary Baur. She was born 
                 24 Feb 1846 AL, and died 19 Sep 1921 in Vernon CO. MO    
                 Gray married (2) Mrs. Sarah E. Keasby 4 May 1922, Newton
                 Co. MO.


                 aaa.  James Pleasant Barber, born 11 Feb 1870, AR, died
                       1 April 1962, MO., married Dora Bell Stiffler 3 May
                       1894, daughter of Albert Stiffler and Leah Nokes.
                       She was born 8 March 1876 in Nixa, MO, died 11 Jan
                       1949, Nixa, Christian CO. MO.

                       aaaa.  Lena Barber

                       bbbb.  Erma Barber

                       cccc.  Theo Barber
                       dddd.  Chester L Barbr, born 10 Aug 1915, died
                              19 May 1959, Nixa, Christian Co. MO

                       eeee.  Bertie Barber, born 1896, died 19 May 1959,
                              Nixa, Christian County MO, married Lula 
                              Meese. She was born 1897, died 1970

                              aaaaa.  Allen C. Barber, born 23 July 1923,
                                      died 16 June 1992, Springfield, MO
                                      married Maxine ____.

                                      aaaaaa.  Patricia Ann Barber, born 
                                               15 Sep 1945, MO, died 16
                                               April 1978    	

                                      bbbbbb.  Rickey Lee Barber, born 
                                               30 Aug 1953, MO, died 
                                               24 Feb 1973 in automobile

                              bbbbb.  Bobby Barber

                       ffff.  Lonzo Barber, born 7 July 1905, Republic,
                              Greene Co. MO, married Pauline Emma Stewart

                       gggg.  Almus Waldo Barber, born 17 June 1913, MO,
                              died 17 Jan 1914, MO.

                 bbb.  John H Barber, born 1871, AR

                 ccc.  William D Barber, born 26 Dec 1875, AR, died 8 Jan
                       1938, Joplin MO, married Bessie Burgess, daughter
                       of William Burgess and Mandy Barr.  She was born 
                       19 Feb 1886, MO, and died 26 Sept 1925, Webb City,
                       Jasper CO. MO.

                       aaaa.  Ruby May Barber, born 3 May 1916, Webb City,
                              MO, died 2 Sep 1917, Webb City, MO
                 ddd.  Mary M Barber, born 1879, AR

                 eee.  Leona Barber, born June 1885, MO

                 fff.  Joseph Walter Barber, born Dec 1886, MO, died Feb 
                       1969, Phoenix, AZ, married (1) Myrtle Marie Jones
                       3 May 1913 in Springfield, Greene Co MO. Myrtle was 
                       born 1896, died 1981. After Joseph and Myrtle 
                       divorced, Joseph married (2) Lucy _____. Myrtle 
                       married James C Mooney in 1945.

                        Joseph and Myrtle Barber

                       Joseph with second wife Lucy

                       Joseph and Lucy

                       Lucy and Joseph

                       John, Charles, Floyd, Edna, Myrtle and Dorothy

                       Jesse Mathews, Joseph Barber and Floyd Barber

                       Joseph and Floyd Barber

                       Five Generations: Edna, Wanda & Joyce
                           Myrtle & Betty in front

                       Edna, Myrtle, Dorothy holding Rhonda, and Judy

                       aaaa.  Floyd Efrin Barber, born 19 Dec 1913, MO, 
                              died 15 May 1988 in Phoenix, Maricopa Co AZ.

                       bbbb.  Edna Jewel Barber, born 14 April 1915, MO 
                              died 9 Dec 1998 in Phoenix, Maricopa Co AZ, 
                              married (1) Jesse Jackson Mathews 29 Oct 
                              1932, who was born 15 Nov 1897, died 1979, 
                              (2) Philip Hohnstein Jr.  Jesse had two 
                              children, Wesley and Ruby, by his first 
                              wife, Eulah Sutton, who died in 1930.

                              Jesse Jackson Mathews draft registration World War One

                              Edna at 3 months, in Missouri


                                    Edna and Floyd Barber


                              aaaaa.  Jimmy Lee Mathews, born 23 June 
                                      1933, Phoenix AZ, died 1 July 1996 
                                      in Chino Valley, Yavapai Co AZ, 
                                      married Bessie Cooper, who was born
                                      1936, died 2010.
                                      Jimmy Lee and sister Joyce

                                      Jimmy and sister Darlene

                                      aaaaaa.  Jimmy Mathews Jr

                                      bbbbbb.  Gordon Noel Mathews 


                              bbbbb.  Joyce Doreen Mathews, born 21 Dec
                                      1934, Phoenix, AZ, married (1) 
                                      Harold Dean Matheson, (2) Stewart 
                                      Colegrove Jr, who was born 1927, 
                                      died 2010.


                                      Davey Lee, Susan Kay, Nellie Margaret

                                      Darlene and Joyce
                                      aaaaaa.  Davey Lee Colegrove, born 
                                               29 April 1952, married (1)
                                               Donna Utz, (2) Pam Pruitt
                                               Donna is mother of the 


                                               aaaaaaa.  Katherine Doreen

                                               bbbbbbb.  Davey (Bubba)
                                                         Colegrove Jr,
                                                         b 30 Sep 1976


                                      bbbbbb.  Susan Kay Colegrove, born 
                                               17 Sep 1954, Phoenix AZ,
                                               married (1) John Sebastian 
                                               Moroney, (2) Mark Alan
                                               Kromrie 15 Sep 1984, 
                                               Portage Co WI, (3) Timothy
                                               Lee Yarborough 18 Oct 2008,
                                               Surprise, AZ.

                                               Susan & John Moroney & JJ

                                               aaaaaaa.  John James 
                                                         Moroney, born 
                                                         30 Dec 1972, md
                                                         Un-Hui Hwang

                                                         aaaaaaaa. Autumn
                                                            Jacqueline Kay
                                                            Moroney, b 7 
                                                            Nov 1996 in
                                                            Honolulu, HI

                                                         bbbbbbbb. Abigail
                                                            Nicole Kaylee
                                                            Moroney, b 24
                                                            April 2001 in
                                                            Oklahoma City.

                                                         cccccccc. Logan
                                                            James Moroney,
                                                            b 19 Oct 2007
                                                            Honolulu, HI

                                               bbbbbbb.  Candice Kay 
                                                         Moroney, born 
                                                         20 Jan 1976,
                                                         Phoenix, md (1)
                                                         Jerry Don Taylor,
                                                         (2) Johnny Lee

                                                         aaaaaaaa. Trace
                                                            Michael Taylor
                                                            born 1997

                                                         bbbbbbbb. Autumn
                                                            Dawn Frost,
                                                            born 2007

                                               ccccccc.  Justin Dean 
                                                         Kromrie, born 
                                                         25 Oct 1988,
                                                         Payson, AZ


                                      cccccc.  Nellie Margaret Colegrove, 
                                               born 15 Dec 1955, Phoenix 
                                               AZ, md Franklin Bruce 


                                               aaaaaaa.  Benjamin Allen 
                                                         Wooten, b 5 Nov
                                                         1973, md Heidi Jo


                                                         aaaaaaaa. Justin
                                                            Tyler Wootten,
                                                            b 12 Sep 2006.

                                               bbbbbbb.  Heather Marie 
                                                         Wootten, b 14 Oct
                                                         1975, md Franklin
                                                         Arthur Cochran.

                                               Edna and Heather

                                                         aaaaaaaa. Amber 
                                                            Kay Cochran, b 
                                                            19 Feb 1994

                                                         bbbbbbbb. Gunner
                                                            Cochran, b 1 
                                                            Oct 2002

                                      dddddd.  Wanda Jewel Colegrove, born 
                                               10 May 1957, Phoenix, AZ,
                                               married (1) Tommy Ray 
                                               Hammock, (2) Jim Prince.

                                               Wanda and Jim Prince

                                               aaaaaaa.  Shawntay Marie 
                                                         Hammock, b 11 May 
                                                         1978, d 28 June 
                                                         2005, Phoenix, 

                                               bbbbbbb.  Betty Joyce


                                                         aaaaaaaa. Shonteka 
                                                            Griffin, b 1993

                                                         bbbbbbbb. Camryn
                                                            Griffin, b 1995

                                                         cccccccc. Jordan
                                                            Griffin, b 1998

                                                         dddddddd. Conner
                                                            Wells, b 2003

                                               ccccccc.  Dewayne Howard 
                                                         Prince md Michelle 
                                                         ____  8 March 
                                                         2000, Phoenix, AZ. 


                                                         aaaaaaaa. Isaiah
                                                             Prince b 2001

                                                         bbbbbbbb. Faith
                                                             Prince b 2006

                                                         cccccccc. Grace
                                                             Prince b 2010

                              ccccc.  Jackie Warren Mathews, born 1936,  
                                      died 29 May 1937.

                                      Jackie Mathews

                              ddddd.  Gerald Dee Mathews, born 16 Jan 
                                      1938, died June 1991 in Glendale AZ, 
                                      married (1) Doris ____, (2) Mrs 
                                      Shirley A Frazier 19 Feb 1969. 
                                      Shirley had children by previous 
                                      marriage also.
                                      aaaaaa.  Sherald Doreen (Sherry) 
                                               Mathews, born in Phoenix AZ

                                      Gerald and daughter Sherry

                              eeeee.  Leland Eugene Mathews, born 27 
                                      Oct 1939, died 1 Nov 1995 in 
                                      Phoenix, AZ, married Mrs Lylis J 
                                      Meyer 12 Oct 1963, Las Vegas, NV.
                                      Lylis had two children, Leanne and
                                      Randy Meyer by a previous marriage.

                                      Leland and John Mathews

                                      Edna with Leland and Darlene

                                      aaaaaa.  Leesa Ellen Mathews, born 
                                               in AZ, married TJ Dwyer.



                                               aaaaaaa.  Nicole (Nikki?)

                              fffff.  John Wayne Mathews, born 23 Dec ??? 
                                      married Josephine Irene Clements.
                                      Darlene with brother John

                                      Josephine (JoJo) and John Wayne Mathews

                                      aaaaaa. Susan Athena Mathews, born
                                              23 Dec 1959, Phoenix, AZ,
                                              md Bryan A Stoyer.


                                              aaaaaaa.  Kimberly Renea

                                              bbbbbbb.  Christopher Stoyer

                                      Kim and Christopher, 1984

                              ggggg.  Darlene Marie Mathews, born 1 Dec 
                                      1946, Phoenix, AZ, died 5 April 
                                      2014, married (1) Wilbert Joseph 
                                      Duguay 1963, who was born 1928, died 
                                      2002, (2) Russell Gilbert Fisher Jr 
                                      1967, who was born 1927, died 1994, 
                                      (3) Roger May. 


                                      aaaaaa.  Kimberly Sue Duguay, born 26 
                                               Sep 1963, Phoenix, AZ, 
                                               married Sam Graziano III
                                               21 Jan 2006.

                                      Kim in 1981, high school graduation

                                      Kim on her wedding day

                       cccc.  Charles E Barber, born 16 Aug 1918, MO, died 
                              11 July 1987 in Phoenix, AZ, married Edna 
                              Mae Newell 11 May 1940.  Edna Mae was born 
                              9 Sep 1922 in Johnson County KS to Lennie 
                              and Brunett Newell. She died 6 Dec 2010.

                              Charles Barber at 19

                              Edna Mae and Charles Barber


                              Edna Mae, Charles and Patsy Mae

                              Edna and Patsy

                              aaaaa.  Patsy Mae Barber died 1974.



                              bbbbb.  Sharon Barber married (1) ____
                                      Anderson, (2) ___ Mohr.

                                      Sharon, Edna Mae and Patsy

                                      Sharon Barber

                                      aaaaaa.  Nicole Anderson

                                               aaaaaaa.  Conner

Edna Mae Barber Service: 11 am Saturday, December 11, 2010, Location: Greenwood Memory Lawn Cemetery. Edna Mae Barber 88 of Phoenix passed away on December 6, 2010. She was born September 9, 1922 in Johnson, Kansas to Lennie and Brunet Newell She has lived in Arizona for over 60 years. She was a homemaker and was a wonderful story teller! She loved her friends and family especially her great grandson Connor. She was a past member of Valley Cathedral. She is preceded in death by her loving husband Charles (1987) and daughter Patsy Barber (1974). She is survived by a daughter Sharon Mohr, granddaughter Nicole Anderson, brother Bud Newell and great grandson Connor Anderson. Viewing will be held on Friday, December 10, 2010 6-8pm at Hansen Mortuary 8314 N 7th Street Phoenix AZ. Graveside services will be held on Saturday, December 11, 2010, 11:00 am at Greenwood Memory Lawn Cemetery 2300 W Van Buren Road, Phoenix, AZ.

                       dddd.  John W Barber, born 3 Jan 1921, died 10 
                              Sep 2000 in Phoenix, AZ, married Ruth L
                              Hendershot 23 Sep 1957 in Nevada.


                              aaaaa.  John W Barber Jr


                              bbbbb.  Keren Barber


                       eeee.  Dorothy June Barber, born 24 Oct 1926, MO, 
                              died 23 Nov 2010 in Phoenix, AZ, married 
                              Walter William Chesser, who was born 31 
                              March 1918, died July 1982, Prescott, AZ.



                              Judy and Billy Chesser

                              Dorothy, Walter, and Billy Chesser

                              Judy at 3, Billy at 7
                              Bill, Dorothy, and Judy Chesser

                              aaaaa.  Walter William (Billy) Chesser, 
                                      born 1943, died 2005, Phoenix, AZ, 
                                      married Leslie.

                                      aaaaa.  Tamara Sue (Tammy) Chesser, 
                                              born 1961.


                              bbbbb.  Judy Chesser married (1) Lewis, (2) 
                                      Jim Nipper.

                                      Darlene Mathews and Judy Chesser, cousins

                                      aaaaaa.  Rhonda Rene Lewis



                                      bbbbbb.  Duane Lewis

                                      cccccc.  Teresa Nipper married ___ 

                                               Rhonda, Duane and Teresa

                 ggg.  Rosetta Barber, born May 1888, MO, married _____
                       Hitte? Was a widow by 1910.

                       aaaa.  Heral Hitte

            ff.  Charlotte L Barber, born 9 Nov 1850, St. Clair Co. AL, 
                 died 2 Aug 1918 in Stone County MO. She married John 
                 Wesley Fugitt 27 Feb 1870 in Benton Co. AR, the son of
                 John Fugitt and Manerva Radford. He was born 5 Nov 1846
                 in Bedford Co. TN, and died 17 April 1924, Stone Co. MO

Picture of Charlotte L Barber and her husband John Wesley Fugitt
with daughter Maud Mae Fugitt in the middle
                 aaa.  John Alan Fugitt, born 12 Nov 1870, died 17 Oct 

                 bbb.  Mary Susan Fugitt, born 22 Dec 1871, AR, died 10
                       Feb 1939, Porter Township, Christian Co. MO
                       married John Columbus White 18 Sep 1894, Stone CO
                       MO, the son of William White and Lucinda Cavener
                       He was born 27 Nov 1870, Stone Co. MO, died 21 Aug
                       1951, Stone Co. MO

                       aaaa.  Wesley W White, born 28 June 1895, Union
                              City, Stone Co MO, died 2 May 1932, Cass
                              Township, Stone Co. MO, married Hazel ___.

                       bbbb.  Richard Lee White, born 30 Jan 1897, died
                              30 March 1944, Greene Co. MO

                       cccc.  Newton J White, born 6 NOv 1898, MO, died
                              24 Oct 1901, MO

                       dddd.  John H White, born 1901, MO

                       eeee.  Clarence C White, born 29 Nov 1902, MO, 
                              die 12 Nov 1915, Christian Co. MO

                       ffff.  Dorothy J White, born 18 June 1905, MO, 
                              died 20 July 1976, married George A Bailey,
                              born 30 Aug 1906, died 14 March 1993

                              aaaaa.  Joseph A Bailey (living in 2006)

                       gggg.  Marton David White, born 26 Feb 1908, MO
                              died 5 Jan 1963, MO, married Mildred Frances
                              Turner, daugter of Henry Turner and Mamie
                              Merritt. She was born 24 Feb 1919, Stone Co
                              MO, died 11 Dec 1964, MO.

                              aaaaa.  Florence Charlene White, born 9 Jan
                                      1936, Stone Co. MO, died 30 Dec 
                                      1986, Jefferson Co. MO 
                              bbbbb.  Leona Marlene White, born 18 Dec 
                                      1937, Stone Co MO

                              ccccc.  David Ray White, born 17 June 1940,
                                      Stone Co. MO, died 23 May 1987, MO

                              ddddd.  Roberta Sue White, born 29 Oct 1942,
                                      Stone Co. MO

                              eeeee.  Linda Norene White, born 28 Oct 1944

                              fffff.  Murvon Dee White, born 3 Nov 1948

                              ggggg.  Melissa Joy White, born 15 Sept 1952

                       hhhh.  Maude May White, born 10 June 1910, MO.,
                              died 11 Sep 1928 MO

                       iiii.  Hershel L White, born 1913, MO, died 1951

                 ccc.  Richard Franklin Fugitt, born 14 Nov 1873, TX, died
                       9 Jan 1955, Aurora, MO, married (1) Addie Charlotta 
                       Wells, daughter of James W Wells. She was born 6 
                       Sept 1879 in Christian Co. MO and died 17 July 1946 
                       in Aurora, Lawrence Co. MO. He married (2) Cora 
                       Bell Wilson 6 Oct 1898, Stone Co. MO, daughter of 
                       Jackson Wilson and Emma Stewart. She was born 17
                       Oct 1876, Stone Co. MO, died 30 Setp 1918, Stone
                       Co. MO

                       aaaa.  John Elza Fugitt, born 27 Jan 1900, 
                              Christian Co. MO, died 14 Nov 1945, 
                              Christian Co. MO, married Clara Domitz

                              aaaaa.  Billy Fugitt

                              bbbbb.  Mary Fugitt
                       bbbb.  William Lee Fugitt, born 15 Oct 1901, MO
                              died 17 April 1951, MO, married Carrie Mae
                              Fugitt 2 Aug 1924, daughter of William
                              Fugitt and Sarah Wolf. She was born 6 Sep
                              1900, died 6 June 1973.

                              aaaaa.  Gene Fugitt

                              bbbbb.  Gerald Fugitt
                       cccc.  Logie M Fugitt, born 26 Aug 1903, MO, died
                              8 Feb 1990, married (1) Hobart Williams, son 
                              of Leon Williams and Nancy Henry. He was 
                              born 13 Feb 1897, Stone Co MO, died 8 Feb 
                              1945, Springfield, MO. Logie married (2)
                              ____ Potter.

                              aaaaa.  Lloyd Williams, born 1922, MO
                              bbbbb.  infant son Williams, born 1 April 
                                      1927, Hurley Township, Stone Co MO
                                      died 1 April 1927, Stone Co. MO
                              ccccc.  Kathlene Williams, born 1930, MO

                       dddd.  Benjamin F Fugitt, born 26 Aug 1903, MO,
                              died 27 Sept 1970, married Flossie Rickman

                              aaaaa.  Benny Joe Fugitt, born 11 May 1927
                                      died 23 June 1998, MO, served in 
                                      U. S. Navy during World War II

                              bbbbb.  Emma Lou Fugitt, born 1930

                              ccccc.  Patsy Fugitt, born about 1935

                              ddddd.  Jackie Glen Fugitt, born 1940.

                       eeee.  Delbert Fugitt, born 1908, Mo

                       ffff.  Arland Fugitt, born 1911, MO

                       gggg.  Vernice Fugitt, born 16 June 1916, MO
                              died June 1976, Wichita, Sedgwick Co. MO

                 ddd.  Newton Jasper Fugitt, born 14 Sep 1875, Benton Co
                       AR, died 9 May 1945, Marionville, Lawrence Co. MO.
                       married (1) his cousin Mary Lentz 19 March 1899. 
                       She was born 27 June 1879, died 1 Sep 1903 MO, the 
                       daughter of John Thomas Lents and Gilly Ann Barber.  
                       Newton married (2) Elizabeth Catherine Wright, 
                       daughter of George Wright and Mary Henderson. She 
                       was born 16 Dec 1874, Stone Co. MO, died 4 Jan 
                       1956, Aurora, Lawrence Co. MO. Two children by 
                       first marriage, three by second.

                       aaaa.  Lewis Fugitt, born 1901, died after 1920

                       bbbb.  James Lawson Fugitt, born 25 Feb 1903, died
                              26 Nov 1967, never married

                       cccc.  Laura Ellen Fugitt, born 29 Feb 1908, MO.,
                              married Herbert Lough Marshall, Sr., born
                              4 June 1901, and died 24 Aug 1970.   

                              aaaaa.  Herbert Lough Marshall, Jr. born
                                      and died 7 Dec 1937, Marionville,
                       dddd.  Elizabeth G. Fugitt, born 1912, MO

                       eeee.  infant Fugitt  

                 eee.  Nancy Ellender Fugitt, born 25 March 1877, died 
                       22 Aug 1878

                 fff.  Pearlie Ann Fugitt, born 15 May 1878, Bentonville, 
                       AR, died 15 Feb 1952, Cass Township, Stone Co MO
                       married John Robert Roy 10 April 1898, son of Hiram
                       Roy and Lorinda Johnson.  He was born 12 Aug 1876
                       in Stone Co. MO, died 24 Feb 1966 in Springfield,
                       Greene Co. MO

                       aaaa.  Alfred Oscar Roy, born 16 March 1899, MO,
                              died 4 Nov 1975, MO, married Hattie Gilmore
                              10 April 1920, daughter of Tom Gilmore and
                              Fannie Maples. She was born 29 Sep 1895, MO
                              died 27 Nov 1979, Springfield, MO.

                              aaaaa.  J W Roy

                              bbbbb.  Darl Roy

                              ccccc.  Alvin Roy 

                       bbbb.  Leonard G Roy, born 13 June 1900, MO, died
                              9 Oct 1971, MO, married Auda Day Gilmore,
                              daughter of Tom Gilmore and Fannie Maples.
                              She was born 22 Sep 1901, Stone Co MO, died
                              17 Aug 1998, Nixa, Christian Co. MO

                              aaaaa.  Bonnetta Roy

                              bbbbb.  Louella Roy, born 26 Feb 1925, Stone
                                      Co. MO, died 10 June 2008, married
                                      _____ McCurry. No children

                              ccccc.  Vurnece Roy, born 15 July 1920,  
                                      Stone Co. MO, died 10 March 1923, 
                                      Stone Co. MO

                              ddddd.  Lyle Junior Roy, born 11 Dec 1922,
                                      Stone Co. MO, died 22 March 1945,

                              eeeee.  Bobby Eugene Roy, born 16 May 1927,
                                      Stone Co. MO, died 20 May 2005, 
                                      Springfield, MO, married Freda 
                                      Maples 26 July 1946.

                                      aaaaaa.  Denny Roy

                                      bbbbbb.  Kenny Roy

                              fffff.  Steva Lou Roy, born 5 Jan 1930, 
                                      Stone Co. MO., died 19 Oct 1993, 
                                      married Ralph Edward Mills. He was 
                                      born 24 Sep 1920, Springfield, MO, 
                                      died 2 Oct 2001, Springfield, MO

                              ggggg.  Tommy Dale Roy, born 10 May 1938,
                                      Stone Co. MO, died 31 Dec 2003.
                                      married Judith White.

                                      aaaaaa.  Jeffery D Roy

                                      bbbbbb.  Gregory B Roy

                                      cccccc.  Angela L Roy 

                       cccc.  Carl James Roy, born 16 Nov 1905, MO, died
                              16 April 1985 MO, married Lola Marie Young,
                              daughter of James Young and Nancy. She was
                              born 6 Aug 1912, Stone Co. MO, died 17 March
                              1983, MO.

                              aaaaa.  Doris Roy 

                       dddd.  Opal V Roy, born 15 March 1907, MO, died
                              2 April 2003. married Charley W Maples
                              24 March 1928, son of Gabriel Maples and
                              Martha Little. He was born 12 Feb 1907,
                              Stone Co. MO., died 22 Dec 2003, Crane, 
                              Stone Co. MO

                              aaaaa.  Gary Maples

                              bbbbb.  Johnny Gene Maples

                              ccccc.  Joe Maples

                              ddddd.  Betty Maples

                       eeee.  Alice V Roy, born 3 Aug 1910, MO, died 16 
                              Aug 1941, MO

                       ffff.  Loren A Roy, born 25 April 1913, Stone Co. 
                              MO, died 10 Aug 1956, Cass Township Stone 
                              Co. MO.

                       gggg.  Neva Mae Roy, born 15 Aug 1915, Stone Co. MO
                              died 3 Nov 1989, Springfield, Greene Co MO
                              married Boyd W Compton 1 April 1936, son of
                              Claude Compton and Bessie Jones. He was born
                              2 Oct 1912, died 31 July 1996, Republic, 
                              Greene Co. MO

                              aaaaa.  Carroll Compton

                              bbbbb.  J C Compton 

                       hhhh.  Lloyd Willie Roy, born 27 Oct 1917, MO, died
                              20 Nov 1968, Springfield, Greene Co.MO

                 ggg.  Amanda Cordelia Fugitt, born 25 Feb 1880, died 
                       14 Aug 1908, married Paul E White 26 March 1905,
                       (26 Nov 1905?) son of William White and Lucinda 
                       Cavener. He was born 6 March 1877, MO, died 21 
                       April 1955, LaClede Co. MO

                       aaaa.  _____ White, born 1908, died 1908

                 hhh.  Minerva Belle Fugitt, born 17 Feb 1886, Benton Co
                       AR, died 3 Jan 1977, Springfield, MO. She married
                       John Washington Wilson 26 Nov 1905 in Boaz, 
                       Christian Co. MO, son of Jackson Wilson and Emma 
                       Stewart. He was born 4 Feb 1884, Stone Co. MO, died 
                       6 Aug 1946, Christian Co MO

Picture of Belle Fugitt and John W Wilson, on their wedding day in 1905 aaaa. Marvin Lester Wilson, born 13 Oct 1906, Stone Co. MO, died 20 Feb 1974, Hurley, MO married (1) Vernia Helen Fugitt 16 May 1925, daughter of William Fugitt and Sarah Wolf. She was born 30 April 1906, Stone Co MO, died 5 Nov 1940, Springfield, MO. He married (2) Phyllis Maxine Springer 4 Nov 1941 in Marionville, MO, daughter of Lemuel Springer and Mary Thompson. She was born 19 May 1917, in Hurley, Stone Co. MO, and died 4 June 1979, St. John's Hospital, Springfield, MO aaaaa. Betty Jane Wilson, born 15 Feb 1926, Stone Co. MO, died 27 July 1927, MO bbbbb. Jereleine Celestine Wilson, born 27 April 1928, Stone Co. MO, died 24 Sep 1997, Buhl, Idaho, married (1) John Max McGuire 23 Jan 1945, in Springfield, MO. (2) Earl Wesley Payton 20 Sep 1947, son of ___ Payton and ____ Robertson. He was born 10 Feb 1919, MO, died 4 Mar 1958 in Los Angeles County, CA She married (3) Thomas Y Okamoto 17 Oct 1969, Virginia City, Clark County, Nevada. (marriage recorded 3 Nov 1969) aaaaaa. Earlene Payton, born 20 July 1948, Corpus Christi, Nueces Co. TX., married Samuel D. Douglas 1969, California bbbbbb. Larry Clifford Payton, born 5 June 1949 Corpus Christi, TX, died 7 Nov 1955, Los Angeles Co. CA. cccccc. Rebecca Sue Payton, born 14 Aug 1951, Los Angeles Co. CA, married (1) Charles H Buffington 6 Dec 1969, Orange Co. CA, born 1946 married (2) Greg Rasmussen 19 Nov 1970, Orange CO CA (3) Sidney Leo Schmid 28 May 1978, Clark Co. NV. dddddd. Stephen Payton, born 6 Sep 1955, Los Angeles Co. CA. died 6 Sep 1955 Los Angeles Co. CA. eeeeee. Diana Lee Payton, born 14 June 1957, Los Angeles Co. CA, died 24 Jan 1974, Orange CO. CA ccccc. John A Wilson, born 9 Jan 1934, Stone Co. MO, died 13 March 2000, St. Louis, MO., married Jennie Lee Springer 9 June 1955, MO, daughter of Edgar Springer and Muriel Morris. She was born 20 Nov 1939, MO aaaaaa. Lisa Ann Wilson, born 13 Feb 1957, Springfield, MO, married David Readman bbbbbb. Jimmy John Wilson, born 5 June 1958, Springfield, MO, married Kelly ____ 1986 cccccc. Libby Kay Wilson, born 7 April 1960, Springfield MO, married ____ Middleton Children of Marvin Wilson and Phyllis Springer: ddddd. Jim Lester Wilson, born 12 Jan 1944 Hurley, MO, married Margery Ann Peach 5 May 1973, St. John's Anglican Church, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, daughter of Harold Peach and Marian Harding. She was born 22 July 1949, Stettler, Alberta, Canada. ( aaaaaa. Peter Aaron Wilson, born 24 June 1974, Pensacola, FL bbbbbb. Matthew Stewart Wilson, born 14 Jan 1977, Iowa City Iowa cccccc. Nathan Philip Wilson, born 30 March 1978, Iowa City, IA., married Anna Talbot Tillman 9 Aug 2003, Frazer United Methodist Church in Montgomery, AL, born 4 July 1977, Opelika AL dddddd. Mark Allen Wilson, Born 12 Oct 1983, Mobile, AL eeeee. Danny Eugene Wilson, born 10 July 1945, Hurley, MO, died 16 Aug 2002 Springfield, MO.,married Jeanette Gay Ottendorf 5 June 1967, Hurley, MO, daughter of Everett Ottendorf and Theresia Wright. She was born 9 Nov 1946, MO aaaaaa. Paul Kent Wilson, born 9 Aug 1969, Springfield, MO married Cheryl Ratterree 19 July 1991, Lamar MO, born 21 Aug 1971, Mountain Grove, MO bbbbbb. Brian Ray Wilson, born 5 Jan 1972, Springfield MO fffff. Nancy Carolyn Wilson, born 31 Oct 1947, Springfield, MO, married Bobby Lee Conrad 8 June 1968, Hurley MO, son of William Conrad and Louise White. He was born 27 March 1945, MO aaaaaa. Amy Elizabeth Conrad, born 7 Feb 1969 Springfield, MO, married Scott Alan Jones 3 Oct 1998, Springfield, MO, born 8 Jan 1971, MO bbbbbb. Kyle Douglas Conrad, born 7 Jan 1972, Springfield, MO married Mary Ellen Stuckmeyer 20 July 2002, Crane, MO, born 20 April 1967, MO bbbb. Luie Almus Wilson, born 11 March 1908, Stone Co. MO, died 3 June 1964, Baptist Hospital, Springfield, MO, married Cora Young 10 June 1930, daughter of James Young and Nancy. She was born 6 March 1908, MO, died 14 March 1990 in Crane, MO aaaaa. Peggy Lou Wilson, born 22 Aug 1932, MO, married Billy J Raper. aaaaaa. Terry Raper bbbbbb. Marty Raper cccc. Virgle C Wilson, born 28 Dec 1909, Stone Co MO, died 15 Jan 1982, Mt Vernon, MO., married Ella Mae Young 17 April 1932, daughter of William Young and Allie Sanders. She was born 11 Dec 1912, Nixa MO, died 22 Sep 2000 in Nixa. aaaaa. Bonnie Rose Wilson married (1) Leo Nelson, (2) Bob Sissel, (3) Jim Wiles aaaaaa. Lynette Sissel married Joe Jarvis bbbbbb. Sue Sissel married Dave Jenson cccccc. Cathy Sissel married Jerry Dingus dddddd. Robert Sissel married Genla dddd. Goldia Mae Wilson, born 12 July 1912, Stone Co. MO, died 15 Aug 1995, Springfield, MO married Leonard Willoughby 8 June 1936 in Christian Co. MO, son of Bert Willoughby and Lila Fugitt. He was born 11 Jan 1914, Christian Co MO, died 4 Feb 1997, Springfield, MO aaaaa. Ronnie Willoughby, born 1940 MO married Sue Thomas aaaaaa. Brad Willoughby, born MO bbbbbb. Monty Willoughby, born MO cccccc. Corey Willoughby, born Jan 1976, MO eeee. J. Leo Wilson, born 18 Oct 1920, Stone Co MO married (1) Nadine Andrus 31 Dec 1941, MO, daughter of Jess Andrus and Cora Blades. She was born 9 July 1923, Stone Co. MO, died 22 Dec 1990, Nixa, MO. He married (2) Vesta A Gryder about 1995, MO, daughter of Oscar Gryder and Ida Medlin. She was born 3 Nov 1919, MO, died 10 Dec 2004. aaaaa. Linda Diane Wilson, born 21 Aug 1950 Aurora, MO., married Micky Cook aaaaaa. Eric Wilson, born 26 July 1968 bbbbbb. Michael Cook ffff. Dovie Belle Wilson, born 13 Jan 1925, Stone Co. MO, died 6 March 2008, Clever, Christian Co. MO, married Leroy John Seals, son of Charles Seals and Vergia McWilliams. He was born 3 Feb 1918, MO, died 23 Feb 1965 in Nashville, Davidson County, TN aaaaa. Karen June Seals, born 18 May 1947 married Larry Camp aaaaaa. Robert L Camp, born 30 July 1969, MO, died 3 Sep 1999, Clever, Christian Co. MO bbbbbb. Adam Camp bbbbb. Donna Jean Seals, born Oct 1948 married Danny Oertle aaaaaa. Linus Oertle, born 1967 bbbbbb. Max L Oertle, born 12 Oct 1968, MO, died 22 Oct 2006 ccccc. Debra Seals, born 1957, married (1) ____ Louderback, (2) ____ Kerr aaaaaa. Rufus Louderback bbbbbb. Blake Louderback cccccc. Cagney Kerr gggg. Stewart B. Wilson, born 18 Dec 1927, Stone Co. MO, died 22 Dec 1927, Stone Co. MO iii. Maud Mae Fugitt, born 26 May 1889, died 1959, Stone Co. MO. She married Robert E Wilson 17 Feb 1909, son of Ransom Wilson and Dicy Maples. He was born 1886, died 1986 in Lockwood, MO aaaa. Albert Wilson, born 1910, MO bbbb. Farris Wilson, born 2 April 1911, MO, died 6 Jan 1921, Springfield, MO cccc. George Wilson, born 1915, MO dddd. Olive Wilson, born March 1919, MO jjj. Dixie Lee Fugitt, born 14 May 1896, died 14 Oct 1899, Stone Co. MO hh. Champion Barber, born 16 April 1854, AL, died 13 Dec 1930, Springfield, Greene Co. MO, married (1) Martha C. Creasy, (2) Janie M Justice 1897. Janie was born 26 March 1876. aaa. Louise Barber bbb. Margaret Elizabeth Barber ccc. William Luther Barber ddd. Harvey Marion Barber, born 16 November 1880, Billings, Christian County, MO, died 10 March 1947, Joplin, Jasper County, married Etta Mae Batson. aaaa. Alfred Leon Barber, born 12 Dec 1904, Greene Co. MO., married Leona Isabelle Smith 1926. aaaaa. Doris Wayne Barber, born 7 Dec 1926, died 28 July 1960, a police officer in Alaska killed in the line of duty. He married (1) Wanda Bruner 10 Nov 1943, (2) Bernice Dustenhoffen, (3) Joyce Garven. Wanda was the mother of first 3 children, Joyce was the mother of Dewayne. Wayne and Wanda Bruner Barber aaaaaa. Suzanne Barber, born 2 Sep 1944, married (1) Gerald Mark Nunes, (2) David Quentin Puent, (3) Richard Sorenson, (4) John St. Martin. aaaaaaa. Deborah Caye Nunes, b. 19 Dec 1961, md ____ Dunn Jerry (dad) Vicki, Suzanne (mom) baby Steven, bored Debbie Nunes bbbbbbb. Vicki Sue Nunes, b. 10 Jan 1964, md Bruce Blair 25 March 1995. ccccccc. Steven Mark Nunes, b. 9 March 1966. ddddddd. James Quentin Puent eeeeeee. Jessica Esther Sorenson bbbbbb. Alan Wayne Barber, born 4 March 1949. cccccc. Douglas Edward Barber, born 20 Nov 1951. dddddd. Dewayne Leon Barber, born 1960. bbbbb. Marion Henry Barber, born 1928. ccccc. Jimmy Lee Barber, born 1931. bbbb. Earl Eugene Barber, born 5 November 1906, Greene County, MO., died 1985, married Dorothy Pauline King. eee. Martin Allen Barber, born 13 November 1882, Joplin, MO., died 13 October 1948, Joplin, MO, married Neldon Agnes Wynn, born 12 Dec 1882, Indiana, died 11 Dec 1943, Joplin, MO. fff. Joseph Warren Barber, born 16 Oct 1883, MO, died 23 Aug 1939, Springfield, MO,married Anna Katherine Wolf, born 1 Feb 1883, Greenfield, Illinois, died 5 Aug 1945, Springfield, MO. ggg. Claude E. Barber, born 6 July 1891, MO, died 25 Sep 1939, Springfield, MO., married Ruby, (2) Bessie Jones, daughter of John Jones and Mary Childers. She was born 8 March 1895 in Greene Co. MO and died in Springfield, MO. aaaa. Robert Lee Barber, born 18 Sep 1912, Springfield, MO, died 5 March 1913, Springfield, MO. hhh. Hershel Barber (children by Janie Justice) iii. Westley Redfern Barber jjj. Jasper G. Barber, born 18 March 1900, died 3 Nov 1925, MO kkk. Lottie Mabel Barber, born 22 May 1903, died 10 March 1907 lll. Julia Bell Barber, born 18 Jan 1906, Greene Co. MO, died 21 July 1913, Greene Co. MO mmm. Alice Lucinda Barber, born 14 Oct 1909, died 19 Nov 2001, married Virgil E. Frederick, born 13 Feb 1907 died 14 Feb 1976. No children nnn. Alvie Herston Barber,born 14 Dec 1911, married Opal Brumley. aaaa. James Herston Barber, born 1937, died 2007, married Juanita Jones aaaaa. Jimmie D. Barber, born 18 Dec 1962, married Kathi Woodward ( Jimmie is an exact DNA match for 67 markers with Arthur B. Barber II, a descendant of Allen Barber (son of James), and and one marker difference with Charles Stephen Barber, a descendant of Moses Barber, born 1755-1760. This would indicate, with a probability of 95.27%, that Moses and James Barber have a common ancestor. Jimmie also matches on 36 out of 37 markers with Willis Mitchell Barber, a descendant of William H Barber, son of Allen Barber and grandson of James and Penelope Barber. aaaaaa. Sam Barber bbbbbb. Alice Barber, born 19 Feb 1991, graduated from Carleton College in Northfield, MN in 2013, will enter the PhD program at Texas in the fall. bbbbb. Eddie Ray Barber married Silvia (Several children) ccccc. Rose Ann Barber married Geoff Hefner bbbb. Samuel Wayne Barber married (1) ------ (2) Katherine Robertson. Children are from the first marriage. Kathy also has children from a previous marriage, Angie and Kevin ( Sam and Katherine Barber aaaaa. Mike Barber bbbbb. Sherry Barber married Reese Cole aaaaaa. River Cole cccc. Della "Kay" Barber married Jimmy Lee Jefferis. Jimmy has two sons from his marriage to Shirley Jean Herzog, Mark Wayne Jefferis and Michael Lee Jefferis. aaaaa. Bradley James Jefferis married (1) Amanda Jane Melton (2) Angela Dawn Sneed, (3) Amber Dredge. aaaaaa. Millie Jane Jefferis, born 8 June 2001 bbbbbb. Madelyn Ann Jefferis, born 8 June 2001 (twins are from first marriage) cccccc. Tatem Dawn Joelle Jefferis, born 21 April 2004 dddddd. Braelyn Reign Jefferis, born 8 March 2011. (daughter of 3rd marriage) bbbbb. Amanda Kay Jefferis married James Matthew "Matt" Stafford ( aaaaaa. Archer Hayes Stafford, born 29 July 2012. dddd. Wanda Barber, died about 1992, married to Don Strauss aaaaa. Greg Strauss aaaaaa. Christina Strauss bbbbb. Susan Strauss married Willie Lopez now divorced. Susan has re-married aaaaaa. Samantha Lopez eeee. Nancy Barber married Clarence Donaldson Clarence has a son, Russ, by a previous marriage ffff. Linda Sue Barber married (1) Steve Terry (2) Mark Mall aaaaa. Tamera Terry (adopted) married ___ aaaaaa. Trevor Terry bbbbbb. Brittani Terry ooo. Edward Woodrow Wilson Barber, born 5 July 1918, Republic, MO, died 19 Feb 2011, Springfield, MO, buried Strafford, MO. He married Susie M on 30 August 1952. Susie born 22 Sept 1915, died 3 August 1998.

Edward Woodrow Barber, formerly of Strafford, passed away on February 19 after a short illness. Ed was born on July 5, 1918 in Republic, MO. He is preceded in death by his wife, Susie and is survived by his daughter and her husband, Ruth and Dustin Cooper, of Overland Park, KS; and two grandchildren, Corrine Cooper and her fiance Marco Serrano, of New York City, and Greg Cooper, of Little Rock, AR, and several nieces and nephews. Ed served his country in the US Navy and retired from Colonial Bakery. A viewing will be held in Klingner-Cope Family Funeral Home, 1635 N. Benton, Springfield from 10 to 11 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb 23 with graveside services held at noon in Bumgarner Cemetery in Strafford. Family has requested donations be made in Ed's name to the Home-Delivered Meals program at the Southwest Missouri Office of Aging, 1735 S. Fort, Springfield, MO 65807.

Published in the News-Leader on February 22, 2011.

                       aaaa.  Ruth Alice Barber married Dustin Cooper

                              aaaaa.  Corinne Cooper

                              bbbbb.  Gregory Cooper

            ii.  John Barber, born 1856

            jj.  Gilly Ann Barber married John Thomas Lents 21 Dec 1876,
                 Christian Co. MO

                 aaa.  Charles Lentz, born 15 Sep 1877, died 10 Oct 1950,
                       Springfield, MO, buried Mars Hill cemetery in
                       Christian Co. MO.  The death certificate of Charles
                       Lentz lists his father as John Lents, but his 
                       mother as "unknown." His death certificate has him
                       born before his parents got married. According to
                       census records, he was born 1877.

                 bbb.  Mary Lents, born 27 June 1879, died 1903, married 
                       her cousin Newton Jasper Fugitt 19 March 1899 in 
                       Marionville, Lawrence Co. MO., son of John Wesley 
                       Fugitt and and Charlotte Barber. Mary is buried by 
                       her husband in White Cemetery in Stone Co. MO. 
                       Newton then married Elizabeth Catherine Wright in 
                       1907. (see more info under Newton Jasper Fugitt)

                       aaaa.  Lewis A. Fugitt, born 1901, died after 1920 
                              in OK of rabies after being bitten by a 

                       bbbb.  James Lawson Fugitt, born 25 Feb 1903, MO.,
                              died 26 Nov 1967, Springfield, MO, never 

                 ccc.  Tommy (Sonny) Lents

        c.  Nancy Annabelle Barber, born 9 Feb 1819, died 1898, Ashville, 
            St. Clair, AL, married William Lemuel Nichols 21 Aug 1834, who 
            was born 15 Feb 1813, died 2 April 1874

  Does anybody know the year this was taken of the Nichols family?

  Picture of Nancy Annabelle Nichols and her family about 1898.

            aa.  Charlotte Tempie Nichols, born 18 July 1837, Ashville, 
                 St. Clair Co AL, died 5 Feb 1901? St Clair Co AL, married 
                 Robert Adam Bowlin 26 Aug 1856, Ashville, St Clair Co AL.
                 Robert was born 1832, died 1893.

                 aaa.  William Thomas Bollen, born 1858.

                 bbb.  Henry Allen Bollen, born 3 Feb 1861 St Clair Co Al, 
                       died 19 Sep 1935 in Friendship, Hot Spring Co AR, 
                       married (1) Elizabeth L. McGraw 14 Jan 1879, 
                       Arkadelphia, Clark Co. AR, (2) Laura Virginia 
                       Woolard 1886. Two children by first marriage.

                       Henry Allen Bollen with second wife Laura

                       Nine Sons of Henry Bollen

                       aaaa.  Sarah Jane "Janie" Bollen, born 13 April 
                              1880 in DeRoache, Hot Springs Co AR, died 
                              4 Feb 1941 in Sentinel, Washita Co OK, 
                              married Joseph "Eli" Smith 1 Aug 1897 in 
                              Canie, AR

                       Janie and Eli Smith and family

                              aaaaa.  Verda Mae Smith, born 1898, died 

                              bbbbb.  Flossie Ruby Smith, born 1901, died 

                              ccccc.  Etta Janetta Smith, born 1903, died 

                              ddddd.  Fred Adolphus Smith, born 1905, died 

                              eeeee.  Dewey Eli Smith, born 1907, died 

                              fffff.  Elmettie Smith, born 1 May 1909, 
                                      in Hot Springs CO AR, died 8 Oct 
                                      1992 in Van Zandt Co TX, married
                                      J. B. Worley 22 Dec 1930 in Mountain
                                      View, OK. 

                                      J B Worley and Elmettie

                                      aaaaaa.  Wanda Mae Worley, born 12 
                                               Oct 1931

                                      bbbbbb.  Janie Pearl Worley, born 
                                                20 May 1933

                                      cccccc.  Billy Doyen Worley, born 
                                               7 May 1936, Washita Co OK,
                                               married Norma Jo Volcik 25
                                               Feb 1956 in Durant, OK.

                December 1990, James, Norma, and Billy seated,
                Betty and Peggy standing

               50th Wedding Anniversary, 2006, Billy and Norma Worley

                                               aaaaaa.  Betty Jo Worley,
                                                        born 19 Oct 1956,
                                                        DeSoto, TX, 
                                                        married (1) Joe 
                                                        David Rose 31 
                                                        May 1975, divorced 
                                                        18 Oct 1976, 
                                                        Dallas TX, (2) 
                                                        James Michael 
                                                        Norris 21 April 
                                                        1979, divorced 4 
                                                        April 1981, (3) 
                                                        James Basil 
                                                        Kauffman 11 March 
                                                        1983 Dallas TX, 
                                                        divorced 23 Nov 
                                                        1986, (4) Jonas 
                                                        Cooper Aronson 12 
                                                        April 1992, 
                                                        Alexandria, VA, 
                                                        divorced 11 Dec 

                                                        aaaaaaa.  James

                                                        bbbbbbb.  Sarah

                                                        ccccccc.  Jesse

                                                        ddddddd.  Hannah

                                               bbbbbb.  Peggy Sue Worley,
                                                        born 1959.

                                               cccccc.  James Glenn Worley
                                                        born 1961.

                                      dddddd.  Helen Jean Worley, born 15
                                               Aug 1938

                                      eeeeee.  Betty Sue Worley, born 13
                                               Feb 1942

                                      ffffff.  J B Worley Jr, born 25 Feb

                              ggggg.  Henry Doven Smith, born 1911, died 

                              hhhhh.  Claud William Smith, born 1913, died 

                              iiiii.  Carl Walter Smith, born 1920, died 

                              jjjjj.  Dan Randolph Smith, born 1922, died 

                       bbbb.  William Franklin Bollen, born 1884, died 

                       cccc.  Robert Charley Bollen, born 27 May 1887, 
                              died 25 Oct 1979 in Hot Springs Co AR, 
                              married (1) Bula _____ (2) Stella Hodge.
                              Two children by Bula.

                              aaaaa.  Hurcel J Bollen, born 1909, died 

                              bbbbb.  Hershel Ervin Ellis, born 1917, died 

                              ccccc.  ______ Bollen

                       dddd.  Sam Henry Bollen, born 1 Oct 1888 in Old De 
                              Roche, Hot Springs Co AR, died 8 Dec 1969 in 
                              Friendship, Hot Springs Co AR, married (1)
                              Maceties Whitley in 1910, (2) ____ Russell
                              27 Sep 1939, Hot Springs Co AR.

                              aaaaa.  Grace V Bollen, born 1912, died 

                              bbbbb.  Callie Mae Bollen, born 1914, died 

                              ccccc.  Hallie Austin Bollen, born 1914, 
                                      died 1989.

                              ddddd.  Lawrence Allen Bollen, born 3 July 
                                      1917, Hot Springs Co AR, died 22 Sep 
                                      2005 in Malvern, Hot Springs Co AR,
                                      married Nettie Kate Sealy 1 Aug 1946
                                      in Hot Springs Co AR.  Six children

                              eeeee.  J. T. Bollen, born 1920, died 1929.

                              fffff.  Wallace Lyndell Bollen, born 1924, 
                                      died 2001.

                       eeee.  Lee Roy Bollen, born 1890, died 1955.

                       ffff.  Walter Austin Bollen, born 1891, died 1964.

                       gggg.  Rosettie "Rose E." Bollen, born 1893, died

                       hhhh.  Fred Monroe Bollen, born 1895, died 1972.

                       iiii.  Clarence Eli Bollen, born 1898, died 1993.

                       jjjj.  Jesse Daniel Bollen, born 1899, died 1996.

                       kkkk.  Grady Eugene Bollen, born 1902, died 1997.

                       llll.  Clardy Allen Bollen, born 1904, died 1987.

                       mmmm.  Frances Clementine Bollen, born 1910, died 

                 ccc.  John H Bowling, born 1864, died 1951.

                 ddd.  _____ Bowlin, born 1866, died 1866.

                 eee.  D. Bradley Bolen, born 1867, died 1901.

                 fff.  Champion "Camp" Bowlin, born 1871.

                 ggg.  James F Bowlin, born 1873.

            bb.  Allen Christopher Nichols, born 5 Dec 1838, St Clair Co
                 AL, died 4 Feb 1890, Emory, Rains Co TX, married (1) 
                 Sarah Ann Cuthbert (Barber?) 11 Dec 1858 in Ashville, St 
                 Clair Co AL, (2) Sarah Jane Jordan 10 Oct 1866 in St. 
                 Clair Co AL. Allen Christoper Nichols murdered George 
                 Matthews 27 Nov 1883 in St Clair Co AL. He then ran away 
                 to Rains Co TX and concealed his identity by assuming the 
                 name of his deceased brother, John William Nichols. He 
                 was born 5 December 1838, AL, died 4 Feb 1890, Emory, 
                 Texas, with tombstone marked Capt. John William Nichols.

                 1860 Census, Allen C Nichols

                 aaa.  Mahala Nichols, born Feb 1860, St Clair County AL.
                       Child of Allen's first marriage. What happened to her?

                 bbb.  John F Vaughn, adopted (his wife's son?)

                 ccc.  Ada W Nichols, born 1868

                 ddd.  Ida W Nichols, born 1869

                 eee.  Newton N Nichols, born 1875

                 fff.  Rhoda Nichols, born 1878.

            cc.  John William Nichols, born 1840, died 1861, married
                 Mary Humphries

            dd.  Lemuel Griffin Nichols, born 1841, died 1910, married
                 Sarah Jane Clements          

            ee.  Henry Richard Nichols, born 1843, died 1864, married
                 Julia Cox

            ff.  Champion Monroe Nichols, born 10 May 1845, St Clair Co AL, died 2 Nov 1911,
                 Thatcher, Graham Co AZ, married Sina Elizabeth Johnson 24 Sep 1865, St Clair Co AL.

                 aaa.  Temple Lula May Nichols, born 1867, died 1942.

                 bbb.  Jonah Fletcher Nichols, born 1869, died 1948.

                 ccc.  Alice Holly Nichols, born 1872, died 1965.

                 ddd.  Casey Monroe Nichols, born 1875, died 1882.

                 eee.  Alburn Alton Nichols, Born 1878, died 1941.

                 fff.  Pettie Ella Nichols,born 1880, died 1956.

                 ggg.  Gideon Dunlap Nichols, born 1883, died 1899.

                 hhh.  Essie Bell Nichols, born 1885, died 1978.

                 iii.  Effie Nichols, born 1886.

                 jjj.  Jettie Lee Nichols, born 22 April 1887, Hot Springs, AR, died 26 Aug 1974, New Braunfels, Texas, married Henry Calvin Johns 16 July 1911, Graham Co AZ.
                       Henry was born 1883,, died 1960.

                       aaaa.  Mayola Elizabeth Johns, born 1912, died 2003.

                       bbbb.  Willie Waldo Johns, born 24 Dec 1913, Hot Springs, AR, died 6 March 2010, married (1) Hazel Crystal Daniel
                              23 Aug 1935, Clark, AR, (2) Melba L 21 Sep 1951.

                              aaaaa.  Mary Lee Johns, born 1936, married Emmitt Dale Madden 7 Jan 1956.
                                      aaaaaa.  Brenda Gayle Madden, born 1957, married Steve Lynn Chandler 21 June 1975, Angelina, Texas.

                                      bbbbbb.  Robert Dale Madden, 20 Jan born 1959, Angelina, Texas, died 27 May 2001, married (1) Pamela L Hooper 11 May 1977,
                                               (2) Susan J Burroughs 18 June 1983, (3) Sharon A Windham 17 March 1995. 

                                      cccccc.  Phyllis Madden, born 1961, married Roy Davis 15 Feb 2001, Angelina, Texas.

                              bbbbb.  Paul Albert Johns, born 1939.

                              ccccc.  Robert Ian Goebert, born 15 Jan 1954, Tarrant, Texas, married Ronda Gail McCullough 22 March 1974, Tarrant, Texas.

                                                Robert, Paul and Mary, brothers and sister, meet for the first time 14 May 2016.

                                      aaaaaa.  Joan Goebert, born 1978.

                                      bbbbbb.  Jacqueline Goebert, born 1978.

                       cccc.  Flora Gladys JOhns, born 1916, died 1966.

                       dddd.  Paul Raymond JOhns, born 1918, died 1991.

                       eeee.  Henry Calvin Johns Jr, born 1920, died 1921.

                       ffff.  Jettie L Johns, born 1925.

                       gggg.  Charles Monroe Johns born 1931, died 1031.

                 kkk.  infant Nichols, born and died 1889.

                 lll.  Mayola Pearl Nichols, born 1890, died 1980.

            gg.  Nancy Elizabeth Nichols, born 1846,died 1936, Ashville,
                 S. Clair Co. AL, married William Anderson Posey, b. 1847

                 aaaa.  Amos Latham Posey, born 1872, died 1949, married
                        May Atkin

                        aaaaa.  Somona Posey, born 1914, married William
                                Chester Williams, born 1910, died 1987

                                aaaaaa.  Jacqueline Lynette Williams 
                                         married D Awerkamp.

            hh.  Adelia Ann Manicy Nichols, born 1848, died 1874,
                 married General T. McDill

            ii.  Frances Penelope Nichols, born 1849, married Andrew
                 J. Clements

            jj.  Pinkney Tren Nichols, born 1852, died 1933, married
                 Mattie M. Fennell

            kk.  Samuel Syms Nichols, born 1854, died 1872, married
                 Amanda Courson

            ll.  Daniel Mead Nichols, born 1856, died 1898, married
                 Sarah M. Hughes

            mm.  Lucinda Catherine Nichols, born 1858, died 1880,
                 married William L. Lumpkins

            nn.  James Thomas Nichols, born 1860, married Rachel 

        d.  John Griffin Barber, born 20 Feb 1823, St. Clair Co. AL, 
            died 9 March 1907, married (1) Lucy Ann Long 30 June 
            1846 who was born 9 Feb 1820, Richmond, Virginia, died Dec 1872, 
            Ashville AL. John married (2) Nancy A. Biddy 30 June 1875. 

            aa.  Naomi Elizabeth Barber, born 9 June 1847, St. Clair Co. 
                 AL., died 11 Sept 1883, married Joel E. Starnes, who was 
                 born 4 April 1844, died 18 Jan 1901

            bb.  Wyly Griffin Barber, born 13 Aug 1849, St.Clair CO. AL
                 died 24 May 1855

            cc.  John William Barber, born 18 May 1851, St. Clair Co. AL, 
                 died 8 May 1933, married Olene Jackson Sullivan 3 Nov 
                 1870, who was born 3 Jan 1853, died 1934.

                 aaa.  William Jackson Barber, born 1871, died 1925.

                 bbb.  James Wesley Barber, born 1872, died 1949.

                 ccc.  Minnie Barber, born 1874.

                 ddd.  Mollie Ann Barber, born 1876, died 1950.

                 eee.  Temperance Barber, born 1878, married Edward
                       James Carlisle.

                       aaaa.  Mary Carlisle, born 1902, St. Clair. Co.
                              AL, married John Russell Trammell.

                              aaaaa.  Temperance Orlena Trammell, born 
                                      10 Nov 1919, Pell City, AL, died 
                                      1998 in Anniston, Calhoun Co. AL,  
                                      married (1) Armus Rudolph (Rudy) 
                                      Henderson about 1938. Rudy was born 
                                      1917, Widowee, Randolph Co. AL, died 
                                      1970-1971, New Orleans, LA. Orlena
                                      married (2) Willard Hazle.

                          Rudy, Olena and sons Johnny and James

                                      aaaaa.  James Lawrence Henderson, 
                                              born 13 Dec 1938, Pell City, 
                                              St Clair Co. AL, died 1982 
                                              in Anniston, Calhoun Co. AL, 
                                              married (1) Roselle Marie 
                                              Kent on 11 Sept 1958 in 
                                              Martinez, Contra Costa 
                                              County, CA (divorced) (2) 
                                              Edna Kitchens. First child 
                                              from first marriage.
                                              Info from Rose Adams

                                                       Rose and son

                                              aaaaaa.  David Lawrence
                                                       Henderson, born 23
                                                       Sep 1959, 
                                                       Pittsburg, Contra 
                                                       Costa Co. CA, 
                                                       married (2) 
                                                       Lorainne Romero, 
                                                       (3) Mary Etta Jones 
                                                       Sloan 25 Oct 2008.

                                    David Lawrence Henderson

                                                       aaaaaaa.  Michael
                                                                 born Sep
                                                                 1978 in
                                                               CA, married
                                                               Nissa Long,
                                                               born 9 Sep
                                                               1972, in





                                                       bbbbbbb.  Brandon
                                                               born 30 Jan

                                              bbbbbb.  Felisha Victoria

                                Felisha Henderson

                                              cccccc.  Dana Daneen 
                                                       Henderson, died in
                                                       a car wreck.

                                              dddddd.  James Robert

                                              eeeeee.  Janet Henderson.

                                      bbbbb.  Johnny Henderson, born 1940, 
                                              lives in Anniston, Alabama.
                 fff.  Sidney Barber, born 1880.

                 ggg.  Thomas Griffin Barber, born 1882, died 1961, 
                       married (1) Lillie Viola Alverson 12 Aug 1906, who
                       was born 1889, died 1911, (2) Margie Lucinda Woods
                       about 1918. Margie was born 1887, died 1929.

                       aaaa.  Ima Ruth Barber, born 1908, married Theodore 
                              Roosevelt Jenkins 12 Sep 1931, Birmingham,
                              Alabama. Theodore was born 1898, died 1966.

                              aaaaa.  Carolyn June Jenkins, born and died

                       bbbb.  Harris Wicker Barber, born 17 Feb 1910, died
                              25 Feb 1968, married Charlotte Wilma Turner
                              18 May 1940.  Charlotte was born 1916, died

                       cccc.  Thomas Griffin Barber Jr, born 26 Oct 1919,
                              died 7 March 1944. Thomas was a staff 
                              sergeant in the Army Air Corp, he was killed 
                              in Finland.

                       dddd.  Esther Barber, born 1922.

                 hhh.  Henry Pickens Barber, born 1884, died 1963.

                 iii.  Armenta F Barber, born 1885.

                 jjj.  Charles C Barber, born 1887.

                 kkk.  Erwin E Barber, born 1889.

                 lll.  Howel Mac Barber, born 1891.

                 mmm.  Norman Barber, born 1900.

            dd.  Amanda Melvina Barber, born 4 March 1853, St. Clair Co. 
                 AL, died 27 May 1925, married Thomas Howell Vaughn 10
                 Oct 1872, who was born 15 March 1848, died 13 April 1920

                 aaa.  Augustus Franklin Vaughn, born 1874, died 1947.

                 bbb.  Nancy Ann Vaughn, born 1876, died 1945.

                 ccc.  Ida Ellen Vaughn, born 1878, died 1962.

                 ddd.  William Henry Vaughn, born 1880, died 1955.

                 eee.  Lou Ella Vaughn, born 27 Dec 1881, died 27 May 1973,
                       married William Taylor Singleton 27 May 1900, St
                       Clair Co AL.

                       aaaa.  Pauline Singleton, born 1902.

                       bbbb.  Dempil Singleton, born 1904.

                       cccc.  Herbert Singleton, born 1905.

                       dddd.  Meredith Singleton, born 1907.

                       eeee.  Mereda Singleton, born 1908.

                       ffff.  Dorothy Singleton, born 1910, died 2003.

                       gggg.  Ruth Singleton, born 1912, died 2008.

                       hhhh.  Maude Blanch Singleton, born 10 March 1913, 
                              died 26 Jan 1999, Jefferson Parish, LA, married
                              Hemath H Shockley.

                              aaaaa.  Carlton Shockley

                              bbbbb.  Dale L Shockley

                              ccccc.  Joyce A Shockley, born 5 June 1947, 
                                      died 8 April 2007, Perquimans Co
                                      NC, married (1) James W Hilburn, (2) 
                                      Robert Charles Sullivan, (3> _____

                                      aaaaaa.  Jo Ann Hilburn, born 6 Jan 1968, 
                                               adopted by  Robert Charles 
                                               Sullivan, married (1) _____ 
                                               Stephenson, (2) _______ Taylor.

                 fff.  Minie May Vaughn, born 1883.

                 ggg.  Elizabeth Francis Vaughn, born 1885, died 1976.

                 hhh.  Louise (Lucy) Caroline Vaughn, born 1887, died 1923.

                 iii.  Julia James Etta Vaughn, born 1889.

                 jjj.  Naomi Temperance Judson Vaughn, born 1891.

                 kkk.  Reuben John Benjamin Vaughn, born 1893, died 1993.

                 lll.  Wiley Griffin Vaughn.

            ee.  James Franklin Barber, born 1 April 1860, died 19 Nov  
                 1950, Broken Arrow, St. Clair Co. AL, married (1) Jane 
                 Ellen Chapman, born 9 Nov 1847, died 4 March 1915, (2) 
                 Leanna Alliefair Chapman, born 9 Nov 1867, died 19 Oct 
                 1951, Akin, SC.  Jane was the daughter of Berry and
                 Elizabeth Chapman, and Leanna was the daughter of James
                 Carter Chapman and Sarah Angeline Foutz.

                 aaa.  Purna Alice Chapman, born 1880, died 1963, Coal 
                       City, St. Clair CO. AL. married Elisha Pinkney
                       Morgan, born 1871, died 1944. Purna is believed
                       to be the out-of-wedlock daughter of James Franklin

                       Purna and her sister

                       aaaa.  Lena Estelle Morgan, born 1898, died 1966,
                              St. Clair Co. AL, married Grady Jackson
                              Donahoo, born 1900, died 1974

                       bbbb.  Robert Lee Morgan, born 1900, died 1976,
                              married (1) Jewel Beck, (2) Gladys G. Lawley

                       cccc.  Sally Gertrude Morgan, born 1902, died 1970,
                              married Will Floyd Holmes, born 1891, 
                              Ragland, AL

                       dddd.  Jesse Aldrich Morgan, born 1904, died 1958,
                              married Darlene Satterfield

                       eeee.  Wilburn Huey Morgan, born 1906, died 1990,
                              married Maggie Haynes, born 1904, died 1992

                       ffff.  Nora Ivella Morgan, born 1908, died 1978,
                              married Ira Godfrey Callahan, born 1900

                       gggg.  Thomas Berry Morgan, born 6 Feb 1912, Coal 
                              City, AL, died 3 June 1994, Birmingham, AL, 
                              married (1) Margaret E. McCrory, born 
                              1916, died 1987, Ashville, AL, (2) Mae Bell
                              Powers, born 1914, Northport, AL.

                              aaaaa.  Norman Dale Morgan, born 9 Nov 1936
                                      in Ragland, St. Clair Co AL, died 
                                      15 Feb 2003 in Phoenix, Jackson, OR.
                                      married (1) Janice C Menees 11 July
                                      1960, Fresno, CA, (2) Beverly Taylor  
                                      Nelson 9 June 1973, (3) Judy Marie 
                                      Ellison 24 Nov 1976.  Three daughters.


                              bbbbb.  Jerry Donald Morgan, born 1 Dec 1938,
                                      Leeds, AL, died 12 Oct 2011, Denver,
                                      CO, married (1) Carol Kay Lind 12 
                                      Sep 1959, (2) Diane ___, (3) Barbara 
                                      Whipple 16 Oct 1968, (4) Jackie L 
                                      Peak 14 May 1973, (5) Katyanne 
                                      Lechmann 24 Nov 1977.

                                      aaaaaa.  Victor Timothy Morgan, 
                                               born 1960, died 2007.

                                      bbbbbb.  Tom Morgan, born 22 March 
                                               1966, MS, adopted by Doris 
                                               and Phil LoBue.

                                      cccccc.  Jerry Donald Morgan Jr, 
                                               born 30 May 1971, MS.

                              ccccc.  Doris J Morgan, born 23 Dec 1941, 
                                      Birmingham, AL, married Philip 
                                      Joseph LoBue 25 Jan 1959, Virginia
                                      City, Nevada.

                                      aaaaaa.  (adopted) Tommy LoBue, 
                                               born 22 March 1966, MS.

                              ddddd.  Anita Morgan

                       hhhh.  Ladie Mae Morgan, born 1914, married William
                              Freeman Mashburn, born 1911, died 1980

                       iiii.  Ella Lucille Morgan, born 1917, died 1980,
                              married (1) Russell Smith (2) Charles Boyd

                       jjjj.  Bessie Lee Morgan, born 1921, married
                              Benjamin H. Travis, born 1916

                 bbb.  Flora Estelle Barber, born 1887, died 1970, Coal 
                       City, AL
                 ccc.  Frederic Ernest Barber, born 1888, died 1962, Coal
                       City, AL, married Agnes Burton, born 1888

                       aaaa.  Cecila Jo Barber, Pell City, Al, married
                              Ladell Milam

                       bbbb.  Frieda Annette Barber, born 1935, married
                              Monty Luna

                       cccc.  Wynelle Barber, born 1940, married Wayne

                 ddd.  John Foutz? Barber, born 1890, died 1964, married
                       Grace Evans

                 eee.  Sara Mae Barber, born 1893, married Hardy Clemmons
                        Bates, born 1893

                 fff.  Lena B. Barber, born 1895, died 1973, married
                       William Washington Lybrand, born 1885

                 ggg.  Clifton Arley Barber, born 1897, married Robbie

                 hhh.  Cason Oscar Barber, born 21 April 1892, died 26 
                       Feb 1977, married Maevis E. Stephens, born 1909

                 iii.  Nellie G. Barber, born 1902, died 1913, Coal City 

                 jjj.  Cecil Barber, born 1904, died 1977, married Odelle
                       Jones, born 1908

                 kkk.  James Lee Barber, born 1907, died 1985, married
                       Lorene Lee, born 1907, died 1985

        e.  Penelope Barber, born 1825, Ashville, Al, married Joseph 
            Kennedy 23 June 1843

            aa.  Henry Kennedy, born 1844, married Nancy Helton

            bb.  Nancy Elizabeth Kennedy, born 8 March 1848, died 15 June 
                 1930, Iuka, Tishomingo Co. MS, married Samuel Wright
                 McCain 21 Nov 1870.

        f.  Sarah Barber, born 1826, Ashville, AL, married James A.
            Kelly 21 March 1844

            aa.  John R. G. Kelly, born 1846, St. Clair Co. AL

            bb.  Nancy Kelly, born 1848, St. Clair Co. AL

            cc.  James R. Kelly, born 1850, St. Clair Co. AL

        g.  Henry Francis Barber, born 1832, died March 1906, married 
            Sarah L. Rice 17 Oct 1850, who was born 1834.


            aa.  Charles T Barber, born 1851, died 1912.

            bb.  Nancy Ann Barber, born 1852, St. Clair Co. AL, died
                 1910, married (1) George Smith, (2) Josiah Francis
                 Morrison 12 Dec 1873, son of Andrew Jackson Morrison
                 and Margaret Pepper. He was born 1850, Carroll Co. GA

                 aaa.  Sarah A Morrison, born 21 Dec 1873, died 29 Nov 1919, St Clair County, Alabama,
                       married Levi Bowlin 15 Nov 1891, St Clair Co AL.

                       aaaa.  Lela Viola Bowlin, born 1893, died 1983.

                       bbbb.  Pearl Ethel Bowlin, born 2 Sep 1895, St Clair Co AL,  died 21 Aug 1985,
                              St Clair County AL, married Osie Clarence Nolin 16 July 1911, St Clair Co AL.

                              aaaaa.  Jessie Louise Nolin, born 1917.

                              bbbbb.  Jack Willard Nolin, born 6 March 1919, died 20 Jan 2009, St Clair Co AL,
                                      married Nora Lucille Layfied.

                                      aaaaaa.  Sarah Ann Nolin, born 1944, died 1945.

                                      bbbbbb.  Nellie Pearl Nolin, born 1946, died 1951.

                                      cccccc.  infant son Nolin, born and died 1951.

                                      dddddd.  Joy Nolin married Roger Stallings.

                                               aaaaaaa.  Roger Charlie Stallings, born 18 Sep 1974,
                                                         married Kathryn 23 Dec 1993.


                              ccccc.  Joe C Nolin, born 1922, died 2004.

                              ddddd.  Virginia M Nolin, born 1924.

                              eeeee.  Juanita Nolin, born 1926.

                              fffff.  James Clarence Nolin, born 1932, died 1952.

                              ggggg.  Carlton Nolink born 1933.

                              hhhhh.  Annie Nolin, born 1937.

                       cccc.  Elmer D Bowlin, born 1899, died 1966.

                       dddd.  Fannie Belle Bowlin, born 1901, died 1998.

                       eeee.  Nellie Bowlin, born 1905.

                       ffff.  Arthur Bowlin, born 1906, died 1981.

                       gggg.  Ellen Bowlin, born 1909.

                       hhhh.  John Hershel Bowlin, born 1914, died 1974.

                 bbb.  Martha Morrison, born 1879.

                 ccc.  John Henry Morrison, born 1881, died 1940.

                 ddd.  Perry Marion Morrison, born 1884, died 1925, 
                       married Lucy Ann Mickel, who was born 1886, died 
                       1948. Much of this information comes from the 
                       ANCESTRY pages of JodiLu172 and sandstone.


                       aaaa.  Willard Morrison, born 1908.

                       bbbb.  Virgel Morrison, born 1909.

                       cccc.  Sylvester "Vester" Morrison, born 1911, died 

                       dddd.  Effie Morrison, born 1914, died 1986.

                       eeee.  James Marvin Morrison, born 1914, died 1961.

                       ffff.  Essie Idella Morrison, born 31 May 1917,
                              St Clair Co AL, died 18 Feb 2002, Cullman Co
                              AL, married Marshall Riston Smithson 18 July
                              1936. Six children, three of whom are still
                              living in 2011.



                               Smithson family in 1948

                              aaaaa.  Willard Haskell Smithson, born 1937,
                                      died 1940.

                              bbbbb.  _____ Smithson, born 1938, stillborn

                              ccccc.  Drennon Smithson

                              ddddd.  Carolyn Smithson married James 
                                      Albert Crane.

                                      aaaaaa.  James Burks Crane, born
                                               1965, died 2008, married
                                               (1) Malissa, (2) Karen.

             James Burks Crane with mother Carolyn, 1993

                                      bbbbbb.  Jodi Crane, born 1968, 
                                               married ____ Anderson.

                Decoration Day, 1969
                Jodi is the infant being held  

              Jodi and James and cousins

              James and Jodie

              James and Jodie, 1974

              Jodie and James and Malissa, 1990

                              eeeee.  Gerry Smithson

                              fffff.  Michael DeWayne Smithson, born 1950,
                                      died 2002.

                       gggg.  Ester Morrison, born 1920, died 1994.

                       hhhh.  Elvie Irene Morrison, born 1922, died 1990.

                       iiii.  Ether "Billie" Elizabeth Morrison, born 
                              1924, died 2005.

                 eee.  Mary Jane Morrison, born 1888.

                 fff.  Dora Missouri Morrison, born 1890.

            cc.  Mary J. Barber, born 1854, St. Clair Co. AL

            dd.  Fidella Barber, born 1856, St. Clair Co. AL

            ee.  Martha E. Barber, born 1858, St. Clair Co. AL

            ff.  Alabama Barber, born 1859-60, married Marbo Compton

            gg.  Effie Ann Barber, born 1866, married A. B. Risner 14 Dec

            hh.  Perry Barber, born 16 Feb 1868, died 7 May 1959, 
                 married (1) Mary Frances Denty 4 Oct 1888, Shelby Co. AL, 
                 born 10 Dec 1872, died 12 Feb 1903, (2) Ellen Virginia 
                 Whitman 15 March 1905, Talladega, AL, born 17 March 1874, 
                 died 1 Jan 1910, Emmet, Nevada Co. AR., (3) Iva Bain, 9 
                 Jan 1910, born 22 Sep 1883, died 20 June 1973.

                 aaa.  Sarah Luana Lula Barber, born 1891, died 1909.

                 bbb.  Tennie Velma Barber, born 1894, died 1975,
                       married Lawrence S. Ferguson, born 1885, died

                       aaaa.  Lawrence Summer Ferguson Jr, born 1925,
                              died 1987, married Bettie Marie Lashley,
                              born 1927

                              aaaaa.  Lawrence Summer Ferguson III
                                      ( born 1953

                              bbbbb.  daughter, born 1958.

                               Lawrence Ferguson III

                 ccc.  Samuel Aaron Barber, born 1896.

                 ddd.  Allen Barber, born 1896, died 1929.

                 eee.  Stella Alva Barber, born 1898, died 1996.

                 fff.  William Henry Barber, born 1900, died 1980.

                 ggg.  Minnie Belle Barber, born 1902.

                 hhh.  Pluma Lavada Barber, born 1906, died 1981.

                 iii.  Huey Latell Barber, born 1907, died 1985.

                 jjj.  Ercile M Barber, born 1910.

                 kkk.  Ruth Inez Barber, born 1911, died 2008.

                 lll.  Ruby Lee Barber, born 25 May 1913, AR, died 17 
                       June 1986, San Bernardino, CA, married Jesse 
                       Paul Wilbanks TWICE, 16 Aug 1930 and 3 March 1934,
                       Hot Springs, AR.

                       aaaa.  Jesse Delbert Wilbanks, born 1932, AR, 
                              married Donna Susan Brown 2 July 1960, 
                              Sacramento, CA.


                              aaaaa.  Monica Wilbanks, born 26 Sep 1963,
                                      Sacramento, CA, married (1) Anthony
                                      Pera 28 May 1985, San Mateo, CA, 
                                      (2) Bill Buzbee. (

                 mmm.  Eugene Barber, born 1916.

                 nnn.  Charles Herman Barber, born 1922, died 1998.

                 ooo.  Viola Victoria Barber, born 1924, died 1925.

            ii.  Nettie Chandler Barber, born 28 March 1870 (twin of 
                 Mattie?), died 8 August 1934, married John Monroe Smith
                 19 Dec 1889. He was born 10 Aug 1868, died 10 Jan 1942, 
                 Hempstead CO. AR

            jj.  Sallie Barber, born Feb 1873, married William Allen Wyatt
                 28 Nov 1889, son of Perry E. Wyatt and Phoebe Ann Lee,
                 who was born April 1856     

            kk.  Belzoria Barber, born Feb 1874, married Obadiah Edge

            ll.  Thomas R Barber, born 1876, died 4 April 1927, Alabama,
                 married Fannie Johnson 29 Dec 1895 in St Clair Co AL.

                 aaa.  Alonzo D Barber, born 1897.

                 bbb.  Albert B Barber, born 1899, died 1940.

                 ccc.  Maggie Barber, born 1901, died 1982.

                 ddd.  Robert Barber, born 1903.

                 eee.  Rudy Barber, born 1905.

                 fff.  Nora Barber, born 1907, died 1926.

                 ggg.  Jody Barber, born 1910.

                 hhh.  Hershell Barber, born 1912.

                 iii.  Willie Barber, born 1914.

        h.  Elizabeth M. Barber, born 1834, Ashville, AL, married
            James Hendon, born 1819, York District, SC

        i.  Minerva Barber, born 1840, Ashville, AL, married James S.
            Arnold 10 Feb 1855, who was born 1827, died 1860.

            aa.  Henry Allen Arnold, born 1856, died 1934, St. Clair Co.
                 AL, married Ura Jane Trammel

                 aaa.  John Wesley Arnold, born 1877, died 1924, married
                       Mary Jane St. John

                       aaaa.  John Thomas Arnold, born 1900, died 1986,
                              married Sina Gann

                              aaaaa.  Paul Bradford Arnold married Lou
                                      Jean Bowens

                                      aaaaaa.  Paulette Arnold married
                                               _____ Pruitt


        j.  Flosea Barber, born 1842

        k.  Rebecca Barber, born 1855, St. Clair Co. AL

        l.  Aaron Barber, born 1859, St. Clair CO. AL

        m.  Susan Barber, born 1859, St. Clair Co. AL

        n.  Moses F. Barber, born 26 May 1861, Broken Arrow, St. Clair
            Co. AL, died 29 July 1941, Talladega Co. AL, married
            Florence Alverson 28 Feb 1884.

            aa.  Ernest Franklin Barber, born 13 May 1886, died 3 July 
                 1949, married Mary Doss Watson 20 Dec 1908.

            bb.  Aaron Arthur Barber, born 15 Dec 1887, died 4 May 1962
                 married (1) Ollie Forrester 27 Dec 1914, (2) Grace 

            cc.  Eunice Allean Barber, born 20 July 1891, died 19 March
                 1959, married John Harper.

            dd.  Joe Constant Barber, born 8 March 1893, married Alene

            ee.  Duffy Sidney Barber, born 24 Oct 1894, married Harry 

            ff.  Mittie Lucille Barber, born 8 April 1897, died 19 June 

            gg.  Maney Winnifred Barber, born 28 March 1898, married
                 Hugh Hindman.

            hh.  John Henry Barber, born 26 Nov 1904, died 25 Jan 1951,
                 married Idell Sides.

            ii.  Moses Alverson Barber, born 7 Oct 1906, married (1) 
                 Ethel Haynes, (2) Mary W. Clark.