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Part II

Descendants of Griffin Barber

5. Griffin Barber, born about 1803, Clarke County, GA, the son of James and Penelope Barber, married Maryann "Polly" _____. See Census Records on Jemima Barber Wilson Jones Long


          Surname: Griffin Barber
          Year: 1860
          County: Gwinnett CO.
          State: GA
          Age: 57
          Gender: M (Male)
          Month of Death: Jun
          State of Birth: GA
          ID#: MRT197_14465
          Occupation: FARMER
          Cause of Death: DROPSY

       A.  Jemima Barber, born 1823, Clarke County, GA, married (1) James
           P. Wilson, (2) John Jones, (3) Rueben Long, Jr. Jemima died
           26 July 1883, and is buried in an unmarked grave in the Long
           Cemetery in Fannin County, GA. According to census records,
           Jemima was living with her sons and no husband in the 1860 
           census of Gwinnett County, GA, while Reuben was living not far 
           away with his first wife Malin(d)a and their children. Jemima 
           was living with Reuben Long Jr in Polk County, TN in 1870.  In 
           1880, they were in Fannin County, GA.

           a.  James Lewis Wilson, born 27 Jan 1844, Clarke County, GA,
               died 20 Dec 1935, Craighead, AR, married Elizabeth Johnson
               about 1868.



               aa.  Ada A Wilson, born 1871, GA, died 1962, Craighead Co,
                    AR, married General David Davenport abt 1887, 
                    Craighead Co AR.

                    aaa.  infant Davenport, born and died 1889.

                    bbb.  infant Davenport, born and died 1891.

                    ccc.  infant Davenport, born and died 1893.

                    ddd.  Hile D Davenport, born 29 July 1895, died 18 
                          Oct 1975, Craighead, AR, married Gertie Rogers
                          29 Nov 1917.


                          aaaa.  Hile D Davenport Jr, died before 2006.

                          bbbb.  Lola Mae Davenport, died before 2006.
                          cccc.  Maxine Davenport, born 1924.

                          dddd.  Donald Eugene Davenport, born 1 Dec 1937, 
                                 died 27 Aug 2006, Paragould, AR, married
                                 Shirley Rice.

                                 aaaaa.  Donald Gene Davenport

                                 bbbbb.  Jerry Davenport

                                 ccccc.  Larry Davenport

                    eee.  Frank Davenport, born 1898.

                    fff.  Gloria Davenport, born 1903.

                    ggg.  Gladis Davenport, born 1904, married William M

                          aaaa.  Harold Sane, born 1923.

                          bbbb.  Ruth Sane, born 1925.

                          cccc.  Ada Jo Sane, born 1929.

                    hhh.  Lola C Davenport, born 1904, died 1905.

               bb.  Emma "Emily" Wilson, born 1874, GA, married (1) John
                    P Hopkins, (2) Chareles Fredrick Langsdon.

                    aaa.  infant Hopkins, born and died 1894.

                    bbb.  Albert Earl Hopkins, born 23 Aug 1897, died 
                          after 1940 in Nebraska, married Thelma.

                          aaaa.  Theresa Hopkins, born 1939.

                    ccc.  Elbert E Hopkins, born 23 Aug 1897, married 
                          Alice Hogan 24 Dec 1922, divorced 25 March 1925.

               cc.  Ellen Wilson, born 1876, died before 1900.

               dd.  Alice Wilson, born 1878, GA, died bef 1930, married
                    Purvison Walker Blalock.

               ee.  Sarah Wilson, born April 1880, AR, married John Wiley
                    Puckett 1 May 1898.

               ff.  Cora Lee Wilson, born 14 Feb 1882, Lake City, 
                    Craighead, AR, died 7 Nov 1956, Craighead, AR,
                    married Edward Lee Adams about 1899.

                    aaa.  Bertha Adams, born 14 Dec 1900, Craighead, AR, 
                          died 6 April 1985, Greene CO AR, married Charles
                          Cebert Hale 6 Feb 1916, Craighead, AR.

                          aaaa.  Albert Lewis Hale, born 21 Aug 1917, died 
                                 30 May 1993, Greene, AR, married Yvonne 


                                 aaaaa.  Billie Jean Hale, born 26 Feb 
                                         1938, died 15 May 1939, Lake 
                                         City, AR. 

                                 bbbbb.  Ray Louis Hale, born 26 June 
                                         1942, died 17 Feb 2010, 
                                         Craighead, AR.

                                 ccccc.  Michael Hale, born 13 June 1945, 
                                         died 29 Nov 2004, Memphis, TN.

                          bbbb.  Alta E Hale, born 1919, died 1923.

                          cccc.  Elvis Lester Hale, born 7 April 1923, 
                                 died 8 June 1985, Craighead, AR, married
                                 Ellanore C Horne abt 1943.

                          dddd.  Sarah Christine Hale, born 24 March 1928, 
                                 died 29 Sep 2011, Greene, AR, married
                                 William Clinton "Bob" Pillow 19 Oct 1946,
                                 Greene, AR.

                                 aaaaa.  Jerry Pillow

                          eeee.  Charles Hale, born 1938.

                    bbb.  Elizabeth Adams, born 22 Dec 1902, Greene AR,  
                          died 18 April 1979, Greene, AR, marreid Author
                          A Horne 8 June 1919 in Lake City, Craighead, AR.

                    ccc.  Carl Clinton Adams, born 26 March 1905, 
                          Craighead, AR, died 5 March 1978, Craighead, AR,
                          married Bobby Lee Elliott about 1925.

                          aaaa.  Clinton Carl Adams, born 1926, died 1972.

                          bbbb.  Wyveda Adams, born 1930, died 1990, 
                                 married Cole J Futrell about 1958, Greene 
                                 Co AR.

                          cccc.  Harold K Adams, born 1931, died 2005.

                    ddd.  Edward Lee Adams Jr, born 19 April 1907, died 
                          11 May 1976, Craighead, AR, married Minnie 
                          Davenport about 1925, Craighead, AR.

                          aaaa.  Charles J Adams, born 1935, died 2 July 
                                 1990, Craighead, AR, married 1963.

                    eee.  Jewel Amman Adams, born Jan 1909, died 23 Nov 
                          1965, Craighead, AR, married Katie Marie Stalcup
                          abt 1927.

                          aaaa.  Joe Adams, born 1928, died 1981.

                          bbbb.  Jewel Ammon Adams Jr, born 22 Feb 1932,
                                 Craighead, AR, died 1 March 1991, Lake
                                 City, Craighead, AR, married abt 1947.

                    fff.  Hershel Adams, born Jan 1912, died 24 July 1956,
                          Craighead, AR, married Selma Schug about 1934.

                          aaaa.  William Jerry "Pigeon" Adams, born 1950,
                                 died 1985.

                    ggg.  Lois A Adams, born 22 Sep 1914, died 7 Nov 1996,
                          Craighead, AR, married James Curtis Davenport 
                          8 May 1932.


                          aaaa.  James Curtis Davenport II, born 3 July  
                                 1933, died 27 July 2002, Greene Co AR.

                    hhh.  Charlsie Mae Adams, born 20 Dec 1916, died 1 Sep 
                          1999, Craighead, AR, married Ray Schug abt 1937. 

                    iii.  Florence Adams, born 1923.

                    jjj.  Griffin Adams, born 1926.

               gg.  Carrie Rebecca Wilson, born 10 Oct 1884, Duluth, 
                    Gwinnett, GA, died 4 April 1969, Paraguould, Greene,
                    AR, married Jasper Emmette Hyde 4 Aug 1901 Jonesboro,

                    aaa.  Lissi M Hyde, born 1908.

                    bbb.  Claude Alfred Hyde, born 14 June 1910, died 
                          16 Feb 1987, Paragould, Greene, AR, married 
                          Ruby D Turpin 27 Dec 1930, Greene CO AR.


                          aaaa.  Fondel Jane Hyde, born 1931, died 2014.

                          bbbb.  Jasper W Hyde, born 1935.

                          cccc.  Shirley Ruth Wynell Hyde, born 11 April 
                                 1937, died 9 March 2014, married Wilbert 
                                 Marion Pullen 23 Nov 1955, St Louis Co 


                                 aaaaa.  Shirley Pullen married Aaron
                                         Robert "AB" Cook, born 1950, died

                                         aaaaaa.  female Cook

                                         bbbbbb.  Ricky Lee Cook, born 
                                                  1977, died 1989.

                                         cccccc.  male Cook, born and
                                                  died 1979.

                                         dddddd.  Grant Aaron Cook, born
                                                  1982, adopted at 10 by
                                                  John Van Vranken. Grant
                                                  is a DNA match with David
                                                  W Morgan as a 5th cousin.

                          dddd.  Ruby Claudette Hyde, born 1943, died 

                          eeee.  Orville Gene Hyde,born 1946, died 1960.

                    ccc.  Bessie C Hyde, born 1912.

                    ddd.  J L Hyde, born 1917.

               hh.  infant Wilson, born and died 1900.

           b.  Joseph Wilson, born 1847, Clarke County, GA, living in 
               Fannin County, GA in 1880, was a blacksmith.

           b.  John T. Jones, born 1854, Georgia, married Maranda.
               John apparently took the name of his step-father, Reuben
               Long Jr.

           c.  Warren Peter Jones, born 1858, Gwinnett County, GA, 
               apparently took the last name of his step-father, 
               Reuben Long, married Martha Ann E Parris about 1874.

               aa.  Joseph Long

               bb.  Emory Long, born 1875, Georgia

               cc.  Lillian Long, born 1877, Fannin County GA

               dd.  Ruben W Long, born 1879, Fannin County, GA

           d.  George Emmanuel Jones, born 14 Dec 1859, Gwinnett County, 
               GA, died 16 Oct 1935, apparently took the last name of his 
               step-father, Reuben Long Jr. He married (1) Sarah Emmaline 
               Mcconnell 1 July 1882, Fannin County, GA, (2) Eliza P Clore
               24 Jan 1926, Polk County, TN. 
               aa.  Martha V Long, born 16 Nov 1882, Fannin County, GA

               bb.  Mary Ann Long, born May 20 1884, Fannin County, GA,
                    married ____, apparently died before 1920.

                    aaa.  Dessma Long, born 18 March 1910.

               cc.  Emmanuel A Long, born 18 Jan 1886, Fannin County, GA
                    died 1912, married Sina Abercombie 2 June 1907.

               dd.  Melvin David Long, born 11 June 1888, Fannin County, 
                    GA, died 4 March 1910

               ee.  James Richard Long, born 6 July 1890, Fannin County, 
                    GA, married (1) Ethel Addington, (2) Gladys Bryant
                    Ethel is listed as a widow on the 1920 census of Polk
                    County, TN.
                    aaa.  Ruby Long, born 1917, Polk County TN.

               ff.  Luther Hayden Long, born 1 April 1892, Fannin County, 
                    GA, died 14 Feb 1969, married Mary Malinda Elizabeth
                    Amburn 25 Dec 1917.  

        World War 1 draft registration

                    aaa.  Louise Long, born 1920, Polk County, TN

                    bbb.  Warren G. Long, born 21 March 1921, Polk County, 
                          TN, died 4 Aug 1995, Polk County, TN, married
                          Jimmie Lou McNabb, born was born 1927, died 2007

                          aaaa.  Elizabeth Long married Jeff Smith

                                 aaaaa.  Amanda Jill Smith married Jessie

                                         aaaaaa.  _____ Williamson

                                         bbbbbb.  Trent Smith

                          bbbb.  Greta Sue Long married Joe Ballew

                                 aaaaa.  Brandon Ballew

                                 bbbbb.  Joseph Kyle Ballew married Dawn

                                         aaaaaa.  Baylee Ballew

                                         bbbbbb.  Bradley Ballew

                          cccc.  Kathy Long married James Larry Cherry

                                 aaaaa.  Candice Cherry married Troy Lee

                                         aaaaaa.  Candra Cross

                                         bbbbbb.  Jake Cross

                                         cccccc.  Jessica Cross

                                         dddddd.  Justin Lee Cherry

                                 bbbbb.  James Larry Cherry married 

                                         aaaaaa.  Hannah Cherry

                                         bbbbbb.  Hayden Cherry

                                 ccccc.  Kenneth W. T. Cherry

                                 ddddd.  Nancy Ann Cherry married Harland

                                         aaaaaa.  Harley Ferguson Carr

                          dddd.  ____ Long married ____ Brown

                    ccc.  Helen W Long, born 1923, Polk County, TN

                    ddd.  Ruby Long, born 22 Dec 1926, Polk County, TN
                          died 4 Oct 1990, Polk County, TN

                    eee.  Mildred Long, born 1929, Polk County, TN

                    fff.  Luther H. Long Jr

                    ggg.  Mona Long

               gg.  Ellen Della Long, born 28 June 1894, Fannin County, GA
                    married Thomas M. Postelle 8 Aug 1916.

                    aaa.  Ruth Postelle, born 1917, Polk County, TN

                    bbb.  Thomas M. Postelle Jr, born 1919, Polk County, 

                          U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 
                          1938-1946 about Thomas M Postelle Jr 
                          Name: Thomas M Postelle Jr 
                          Birth Year: 1918  
                          Race: White, citizen (White)  
                          Nativity State or Country: Tennessee  
                          State of Residence: Tennessee  
                          County or City: Polk  
                          Enlistment Date: 29 Oct 1942 
                          Enlistment State: Tennessee  
                          Enlistment City: Camp Forrest  
                          Branch: Air Corps  
                          Branch Code: Air Corps  
                          Grade: Private  
                          Grade Code: Private  
                          Term of Enlistment: Enlistment for the duration 
                          of the War or other emergency, plus six months, 
                          subject to the discretion of the President or 
                          otherwise according to law  
                          Component: Army of the United States - includes 
                          the following: Voluntary enlistments effective 
                          December 8, 1941 and thereafter; One year 
                          enlistments of National Guardsman whose State 
                          enlistment expires while in the Federal Service; 
                          Officers appointed in the Army of  
                          Source: Civil Life  
                          Education: 4 years of high school  
                          Civil Occupation: Skilled engineers, stationary  
                          Marital Status: Single, without dependents  
                          Height: 70  
                          Weight: 174  
                    ccc.  Keith Postelle, born 1921, Polk County, TN

                    ddd.  Elizabeth Postelle, born 1923, Polk County, TN

                    eee.  Betty Postelle, born 1925, Polk County, TN

                    fff.  George Postelle, born 1930, Polk County, TN

               hh.  Carl T Long, born 20 May 1898, Fannin County, GA, 
                    married Maude Quinn 6 June 1919, Polk County? TN

           e.  McArthur Mack Long, born May 1865, Fannin County, GA, 
               married Mary Malinda Black. I think this was the son of
               Reuben Long Jr and his second wife Jemima Barber Wilson 

               aa.  George M Long, born April 1882, Fannin County, GA

               bb.  James A Long, born July 1884, Fannin County, GA

               cc.  Disa B Long, born June 1886, Fanning County, GA

               dd.  Webster D Long, (Daniel Webster Long) born 16 Oct 
                    1890, Fannin County, GA, married Carrie M Loudermilk.

           World War 1 registration

                    aaa.  Harold Long, born 1921

               ee.  Lee R. Long, born April 1892, Fannin County, GA

               ff.  Joseph Long, born Jan 1894, Fannin County, GA

               gg.  Mary H Long, born Dec 1898, Fanning County, GA

       B.  Elizabeth W. Barber, born October 1824, married James M. 
           Patterson about 1847. James was born July 1827, died after 
           1910, Gwinnett County, Ga. Census Records on Patterson

           a.  Edward H. Patterson, born 5 March 1848, died 20 March 1925, 
               was an invalid and never married. Here is his death certificate
               The death certificate says he was born in 1857, which is 
               wrong, but it also says he was 78 years and 15 days old
               when he died, which is much closer to his actual birth 

           b.  Alfred T. Patterson, born 1851, Gwinnett County, GA, died
               18 July 1921, Gwinnett County, married Louvenia A Holland
               about 1887. She was born 1868, died 1936.

               aa.  Mattie V. Patterson, born 1888, died 1900.

               bb.  Lizzie Mae Patterson, born 1890, died 1900.

               cc.  James Harrison Patterson, born 20 March 1893, died 

       World War 1 draft registration

               dd.  infant, female, born 1895, died 1900.

               ee.  Tandy M. Patterson, born 1 March 1897, died 13 Nov 
                    1977, Orlando, Orange County, Florida, married Elsie
                    M. ____, born 1905, died 1930.

               ff.  Lois  E. Patterson, born 1900, died 1910

               gg.  Alfred T. Patterson, born 1903, died after 1930, 
                    married Opal L. _____.

           c.  Laura Eliza Patterson, born 2 March 1853, Gwinnett County, 
               GA, died 11 July 1915, Gwinnett County, Georgia, married
               Zachariah Taylor King. He was born 1850, died 1923.

               aa.  James Andrew King, born 7 Aug 1871, died 18 Feb 1929,
                    Fulton County, Georgia, married Sarah F Sizemore, born

                    aaa.  James L. King, born 1890, died 1910.

                    bbb.  Thomas L. King, born 1892.

                    ccc.  Howell Taylor King born 26 June 1894, Gwinnett Co
                          GA, died 15 April 1955, Hyattsville, MD, married
                          Elizabeth Needham.
                          aaaa.  Howell Taylor King Jr, born 27 April 1925,
                                 Philadelphia Co PA, married ______.

                                 aaaaa.  Patricia (Patsy) King, born 1946, 
                                         married _____ Koenig. Patsy has a
                                         DNA match with David W Morgan.

                                 bbbbb.  (female) King

                                 ccccc.  Joan King, born 1958, married ____

                    ddd.  Lougine King, born 1895

                    eee.  Daisie King, born 1899

               bb.  Marion T. King, born 1872

               cc.  John J. King, born 1875

               dd.  William H "Will" King, born June 1878, married Carrie,
                    who was born 1872.

                    aaa.  Johnie King, born 1903

                    bbb.  Nellie King, born 1906

                    ccc.  Zack T. King, born 1908

                    ddd.  Louis King, born 1916

                    eee.  Mamie Lorain King, born 1919, died 1969

           d.  Souiza Patterson, born 1854, died young

           e.  John Patterson,born 1856, died young

           f.  Newton B. Patterson, born 1859

           g.  Thomas A Patterson, born July 1866

           g.  William H Patterson, born March 1868, married Sallie
               aa.  Annie Patterson, born  Nov 1895, died 1910

               bb.  William H. Patterson, born 1901, died 30 July 1955
                    married Frances, who was born 1903, died 1930.

       C.  Eleanor Barber, born 1827, Clarke County, GA.

       D.  Lewis G. Barber, born 1830, Clarke County, GA.

       E.  Francis E Barber, born 21 Aug 1837, Clarke County, GA, died 23 June
           1901, Duluth, Gwinnett Co GA, married George Newton Herrington
           about 1852.

           a.  James David Herrington, born 1853, died 1909.

           b.  Margaret Herrington, born 1855.

           c.  Georgia Herrington, born 8 Sep 1859 in Duluth, Gwinnett Co GA,
               died 1939-1940, Gwinnett Co GA, married George Tyler Stone 24
               Dec 1879, Gwinnett County, GA. George left her in the 1890s
               and never made contact with her again. He moved to Indian
               Territory (Oklahoma) and married another woman, with no 
               aa.  George David Stone, born 9 July 1880, died 28 Dec 1973,
                    Atlanta, Georgia, married Jewell M Brown 27 June 1915,
                    Milton Co GA.

                    aaa.  James Thomas Stone, born 26 Sep 1917, died 13 Aug 
                          1987, DeKalb Co GA, married Mary Emma Craig.

                          aaaa.  James Hulon Stone married Rebecca Gibson.

                                 aaaaa.  James Scott Stone.

                    bbb.  Irene Nebraska Stone, born 1920, died 1988.

                    ccc.  Hazel Margaret Stone, born 1922, died 1984.

                    ddd.  Sara Grace Stone, born 1924, died 2012.

                    eee.  George Crawford Stone, born 1928, died 2007.

                    fff.  Truman Franklin Stone, born 1931, died 1965.

                    ggg.  Bettye Stone, born 1933.

                    hhh.  Barbara Stone, born 1937.

               bb.  Sarah Alice Stone, born 19 Feb 1881, died 7 July 1949,
                    Macon, GA, married (1) Aaron Amos Smith abt 1899, (2)
                    Charles Joseph Doby abt 1912.

                    aaa.  Bessie Mae Smith, born 1899.

                    bbb.  Paul Lester Smith, born 20 Feb 1902, died 24 Dec
                          1962, Gwinnett Co GA, married Mary Lula Mae Boyd
                          about 1928.

                          aaaa.  Ladora M Smith, born 1919, died 2012.

                          bbbb.  Raymond A Smith, born 1932, died 2008.

                          cccc.  Richard L Smith, born 1935, died 2006.

                          dddd.  Bennie R Smith, born 17 Sep 1937.

                          eeee.  Royston Lee Smith, born 30 Sep 1938, died 

                          ffff.  Annette Smith, born 1941.

                    ccc.  Joseph Doby, born 1914.

                    ddd.  Holbert Doby, born 1916.

                    eee.  Annie Christine Doby, born 1919, died 1982.

               cc.  Emma S Stone, born 1884, died 1946.

               dd.  Anna Belle Stone, born 1889.

               ee.  John Franklin Stone, born 1891, died 1948.


           d.  John T Herrington, born 9 July 1861, Gwinnett CO GA, died 20 
               Oct 1921, Campbell CO GA, married Mrs Ellen Jane Phillips 

               aa.  John Newton Herrington, born 1898.

               bb.  Henry Rogers Herrington, born 31 Dec 1906, died 23 Nov 
                    1993, Taylor Co GA, married (1)Iva Allene Johnson, (2)
                    Agnes Windham. All the children were with the first wife.

                    aaa.  Calvin Rogers Herrington, born 1929, died 2003.

                    bbb.  Ivey Janet Herrington, born 9 July 1933, Fairburn, 
                          GA, died 14 April 2010, Cherokee CO NC, married
                          James Donald Jones.

                          aaaa.  Arthur Bradford Jones

                          bbbb.  Victoria Jones.  Victoria is a DNA match 
                                 with David W Morgan on Ancestry, as 5th 

                    ccc.  Harold Wallace Herrington, bonr 1937, died 2011.

                    ddd.  Brenda Herrington, born 1941.

           e.  Franklin Herrington, born 1861.

           f.  Newton T Herrington, born 1872, died 1910.

       F.  Almedea Barber, born 1839, Clarke County, GA.

       G.  Freeman D. Barber, born 1842, Clarke County, GA.

       H.  Lorena Barber, born 1846, Clarke County, GA.