Part II - Descendants of Jane Barber Wilson

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Descendants of Jane Barber Wilson

7. Jane Barber, born about 1810, Clarke County, GA, the daughter of James and Penelope Barber, married Charles W. Wilson 23 July 1826 Clarke County, GA. They were both alive in 1880, although Charles was paralized.
Census Records on Wilson


       A.  Allen Harris Wilson, born 14 March 1827, Clarke County Georgia, married Mary McDaniel 28 July 1852, Coweta County, GA.

           a.  Sarah J Wilson, born 1853.

           b.  Ferby A Wilson, born Nov 1855, died 21 May 1929, Carroll County, GA, marreid Mayann Carolina Callie" Cato in 1874.

               aa.  William Allen Wilson, born 9 April 1875, Heard County, GA, died 6 July 1956, Troup County GA, married Sarah "Sallie" Smith 7 Oct 1894, Heard County GA.


                    aaa.  William Thaddeus Wilson, born 1894, died 1973.

                    bbb.  Mammie Wilson, born 1896.

                    ccc.  Mary Savannah Wilson, born 1900, died 1993.

                    ddd.  Fannie Sue Wilson, born 1900, died 1963.

                    eee.  Annie Gertrude Wilson, born 1903, died 1944.

                    fff.  Etta May Wilson, born 1905, died 1991.

                    ggg.  Sarah Wilson, born 1908.

                    hhh.  Ruby Florence Wilson, born 27 April 1910, Troup County GA, died 25 Jan 2009, Santa Rosa, Florida, married (1) Claud McCoy
                          (2) George Washington Flournoy.

                                            Ruby Florence Wilson                     Ruby on the left, Guadalupe and Donald Flournoy Sr on the right

                          aaaa.  David Jerald McCoy, born 1928, died 2007.

                          bbbb.  Donald Wolford Flournoy, born 8 July 1932, died 14 Jan 1972, Harris County, Texas, married Guadalupe Alejandro.


                                 aaaaa.  John Flournoy, born 27 Feb 1957.

                                 bbbbb.  Donald Wolford Flournoy Jr, born 1961.

                    iii.  Oscar Thomas "Tommie" Wilson, born 1912, died 1983.

                    jjj.  J W Wilson, born 1916.

                    kkk.  James William Boyd Wilson, born 1916, died 2000.

               bb.  Lizzie Wilson, born 1878.

               cc.  E E Wilson, born 1880.

               dd.  D A S J Wilson, born 1881.

               ee.  Pearlie Wilson, born 1884.

               ff.  Hiram C "Lummy" Wilson, born 1894.

           c.  Dovie A Wilson, born 1858.

           d.  Susan N Wilson, born 1861, AL, died 1933.

       B.  Napolean Wilson, born 1837, Georgia

       C.  Griffin Johnson Wilson, born Oct 1837, died 21 May 1908, married Harriet Copeland.


           Name: Griffin J Wilson
           Side: Confederate
           Roll: M598_122
           Roll Title: Selected Records of the War Department Relating to
           Confederate Prisoners of War, 1861-1865

           Griffin J Wilson, prisoner of war, released June 21, 1865
           second page
           third page


           a.  Charles Griffin (Son) Wilson, born 30 June 1862, Alabama, died 19 March 1920, Lanett, Chambers County AL, marreid Martha Frances (Dutch)
               Phillips Bowen.


               aa.  Idella Wilson, born 1884, died 1885.

               bb.  Minnie Lee WIlson, born 1885, died 1965.

               cc.  Wiley Richard Wilson, born 1887, died 1947.

               dd.  Mary Jane Wilson, born 1889, died 1970.

               ee.  Carrie Lavonia Wilson, born 1892, died 1982.

               ff.  Louetta Wilson, born 23 Seo 1894, Georgia, died 18 Jan 1991, Lanett, Chambers County, AL, married Elbert Timothy Morgan Sr, born 1882, died 1937.


                    aaa.  Charlie William Morgan, born 1919, died 1992.

                    bbb.  Elbert Timothy Morgan Jr, born 1922, died 1926.

                    ccc.  Frances Elizabeth Morgan, born 1925, Lanett, Alabama, married Robert Charles Richards, who was born 1922, died 2015.

                          aaaa.  Scott Richards, born 1949, married Betty Marie Hatchell, born 1955.


                    ddd.  Jack Adolphus Morgan, born 1926, died 2014.

                    eee.  Billy Wilson Morgan, born 1930, died 1930.

                    fff.  Bobby  Joe Morgan, born 1932, died 2015.

               gg.  George Griffin Wilson, born 1897, died 1966.

               hh.  Benjamin Frank Wilson, born 1900, died 1982.

               ii.  Mattie L Wilson, born 1902.

               jj.  Lettie Velma Wilson, born 1902, died 1993.

           b.  George Wilson, born 1864, Georgia

           c.  Jane Wilson, born 1866, Georgia, twin of Mary

           d.  Mary Wilson, born 1866, Georgia, twin of Jane

           e.  Hattie Lee Wilson, born 19 Dec 1867, Heard County, GA, died 
               8 March 1931, Heard County, GA, married James Henry Bryan
               21 Aug 1887. 

               aa.  Jasper Johnson Bryan, born 11 Oct 1888, Heard 
                    County, GA, died 29 May 1950, Heard County, GA, 
                    married (1) ____ ___, (2) Neelie B. Busbin.

                    aaa.  Clara Lillian Bryan

                    bbb.  James Lewis Bryan

                    ccc.  Nora May Bryan

                    ddd.  Walter Clarence Bryan                   

                    eee.  Mary Jane Bryan, born 1882

                    fff.  Sarah Adeline A Bryan, born 1884

                    ggg.  Frances Bryan, born 1888

                    hhh.  Martha Bryan, born 1893

                    iii.  Julia Bryan, born 1895

                    jjj.  Katie Bryan, born 1898

                    kkk.  Charlie Jasper Bryan, born 1900

                    lll.  Gertie Lee Bryan

                    mmm.  Gladys Bryan

                    nnn.  Arzie Bryan, born 1907

                    ooo.  Ezra Bryan, born 1912

                    ppp.  Gladys Bryan, born 1914

                    qqq.  James C. Bryan, born 1918

                    rrr.  Henry Bryan, born 1920

               bb.  Ida Lee Bryan, born 1890, died 1978

               cc.  Lonie Addis Bryan, born 1892, died 1973
               dd.  Ludie Beatrice Bryan, born 1894, died 1975

               ee.  Ovie Corian Bryan, born 1897, died 1979

               ff.  Dovie Bryan, born 1899, died 1982

               gg.  Effie E Bryan, born 1901, died 1936

               hh.  Mettie Eula Bryan, born 5 March 1904, died 1 Jan 1976
                    married Henry O Brooks.

                    aaa.  Harold Brooks

                    bbb.  Roxford Brooks

                    ccc.  Phillip Theadore Brooks, born 18 June 1924,
                          died 6 April 1983, married ____ Aikens, 20 Oct
                          1944, West Point, Troup County, GA.

               ii.  Zilah Elizabeth Bryan, born 1905, died 1989

               jj.  Nina Alberto Bryan, born 1907, died 1907

               kk.  Hughey M Bryan, born 1914

               ll.  Margaret Bryan, born 1921

           f.  Marsha Wilson, born 1868, Heard County, Georgia

           g.  James Wilson, born 1869, Heard County, Georgia

           f.  Samantha Wilson, born 1878, Heard County, GA

       D.  Jacob R. Wilson, born 1844, Georgia, married Dicey Meachem. Dicey was married to _____ Spears first.