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Part II

Descendants of James and Penelope Barber

James Barber, born about 1763, probably in Orange County, NC, married Penelope, whose name we have not been able to determine. Penelope Barber was born about 1775, died 1849, Monroe County, GA. James and Penelope were living in Chatham County North Carolina in May, 1800, and they most likely got married in Chatham County about 1794. Here are the relevant documents about the Barber Family of Indian Creek, Chatham County, NC. The page showing James and Penny Barber living in Chatham County in 1800 is here

James Barber was called to jury duty in Chatham County in 1784. Since he had to be 21 to be a juror, he must have been born in 1763.

James Barber had a brother named Moses Barber, born 1745-1760, died about 1800, Chatham County, North Carolina. A descendant of James Barber is a match for 66 of 67 markers with a descendant of Moses Barber, according to DNA results. Here is what it says on the DNApage:

"In comparing 67 markers, the probability that Mr. Arthur B. Barber, Jr. and Charles S. Barber shared a common ancestor within the last 8 generations is 95.27%."

Arthur is a descendant of James Barber and Charles is a descendant of Moses Barber.

Here is the family of Moses Barber. The DNA page is at Moses Barber and family are buried at the Barber cemetery near Goldston, Chatham County, North Carolina. Thanks to Shirley Barber McDaniel for the information on Moses Barber.

According to DNA testing, there is a close relationship with James Barber and the family of Littleton Barber. Littleton was possibly the son of Asa Barber of Washington County, GA. Asa was born in Chatham County NC in 1789. Here is the family of Littleton Barber.

Also according to DNA testing, there is a close relationship with James Barber and William Barber, born 1789 in Chatham County North Carolina, who married Rachel Daniell in 1810. A descendant is Gary Edward Barber. He and his wife Laura have twin boys born 18 July 2000.

I believe the father of James and Moses Barber was William Barber, born about 1730. Just not able to prove it as yet.

Elizabeth Day assigned James Barber as her attorney in 1808 for land she received in the 1807 lottery as a widow. I am not sure what her relationship to James Barber was.

James and Penelope were members of the Mars Hill Baptist Church in Watkinsville, Georgia by 1803. My original information on James Barber and his son Gray came from N. Dale Morgan of Grants Pass, Oregon, originally of St. Clair County, Alabama, and Stephen Presley Barber.

History of Mars Hill Baptist is here

There was apparently bad blood between James Barber and his son Allen Barber, as Allen was not named in the will of James. And Allen's legacy was retained by Griffin Barber. James Barber did go to court about 1841 in Clarke County to get something back from Allen that belonged to James. Allen Barber was a Justice of the Ordinary from 1836 to 1841 and is listed on many deed records between James and Allen Barber. Allen's property was sold at a Sheriff's sale in 1841. In the biography of Wiley Crawford Barber, written in the 1890s, it is stated that Wiley was the son of Allen Barber and the grandson of James Barber. See Chapter 12

Will of James Barber

I, James Barber of the County and State aforesaid, being week in body, but of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make, ordain, publish and declare this to be my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all former Wills by me heretofore made.

Item 1st: I commend my soul to God who gave it and my body to my family and friends to be buried in a plain and decent manner.

Item 2nd: I wish all my just debts first paid.

Item 3rd: I will and bequeath to the children of my son Griffin Barber now with him and hereafter born, on hundred acres of land at my lower place.

Item 4th: I will and bequeath to my daughter Cynthia Brewer twenty acres of land where she and they now live.

Item 5th: I will and bequeath to the children of Charles and my daughter Jinney Wilson twenty acress of land where they now live.

Item 6th: I will and bequeath to my beloved wife Penelope Barber all the rest of my land and dwellings during her life, and as much furniture and stock as she may need to render her comfortable and also as much provisions as she wants.

Item 7th: I wish my grandson James Brewer to remain with my wife during her life and take care of her and provided he does so, I will and bequeath to him a good horse, saddle and bridle.

Item 8th: It is my will that all my perishable property and not necessary to the comfort of my wife be sold on the usual credit of twelve months, my debts paid and the balance put out at interest as my Executor thinks best.

Item 9th: I wish Peter and Pat to remain with my wife during her life as her slaves to wait upon her, Vina to be sold.

Item 10th: It is my will that at the death of my wife, the residue of my estate both real and personal be sold, and with the residue then in hand divided amongst my children and grandchildren then in life, without one solitary exception, as the law would would divide it had I now will.

Item 11th: I hereby nominate, constitute and appoint my son Griffin Barber and my friend Tap. C. Holder Executors of this my last Will and Testament.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this seventeenth day of August 1842.

Signed, sealed published and acknowledged, delivered and declared in presence of: Lewis Lester, William Bradberry, John Calvin Johnson.

Will Book C, pp 88-90
Clarke County, Georgia

Court of Ordinary Book K. page 55 Estate settlement of James Barber returned by Griffin Barber acknowledges the following children:

Here is Stephen P. Barber's interpretation of what the above says:
(And I agree with him)

               Final Return on Est of James Barber Dec'd
                                         by Griffin Barber Esq.

Dec'd Retained Allen Barber's distributive share or legacy of the Estate
of Dec'd including the life estate of his widow and entitled the
Sum on a fifa of Wm. Jerrell vs. said Allen Barber & said Dec'd,
as security & which was paid off by the Dec'd
But due on said fifa returned as insolvent,    $108.85 
                            Paid Out

Paid W. B. Stephens a\c)                     1.   4.00
  "  L. G. Barber for Jasper M Toney         2.  26.78 3/4
  "  Dr. Wm. B. Harden a\c)                  3.   6.00
  "  J. S. Vincent for Surveying             4.   4.50
  "  Wm. Murray a\c)                         5.   3.17 1/2
  "  Philip & Ensign                         6.   3.28
  "  Enoch Hanson Bal Legacy                 7.  80.04
  "  Gray Barber his legacy in full          8. 124.40
  "  Cynthia Brewer her Do  "  "             9. 124.40
  "  Jane Wilson     "  "   "  "            10. 124.40
  "  Allen Griffin  his "   "  "            11. 124.40
    Retained Daniel & Gilly Brown's Legacy  12. 124.40
  Retained my own legacy                        124.40

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Children of James and Penelope Barber

1. Cindarilla Barber, born 30 December 1795, Chatham Co NC, died 27 January 1857, Monroe County, Georgia, buried Hanson Cemetery, married Enoch Hanson 23 February 1813 in Clarke County, Georgia. Enoch was born 25 Sep 1792, VA, died 29 May 1872, Monroe County, GA. After Cindarilla died, Enoch married Catherine McCollum 30 April 1857. Census Records on Hanson See Enoch Hanson.

2. Gilly Barber, born about 1797, Chatham Co NC, married (1) James Stevens 24 December 1818, (2) Daniel Brown 8 May 1845. Gilly and Daniel Brown were apparently separated by 1850, as Daniel Brown was living alone on the 1850 census. See Gilly Barber

3. Gray Barber, born about 1798-1800, Chatham Co NC, died 5 June 1866, Broken Arrow, St. Clair County, Alabama, married Charlotte M. Stedman 15 August 1816, Clarke County, Georgia. Charlotte was born about 1797, GA, died 1 April 1853, St. Clair County AL. See Gray Barber

4. Allen Barber, born about 1801, Georgia, died 1869, Polk County, Georgia, married Frances Crawford 11 November 1819, Clarke County, GA. See Chapter 11.

5. Griffin Barber, born about 1803, Clarke County, Georgia, died 1860, Gwinnett County, GA, married Maryann "Polly" ________. Census Records on Jemima See Griffin Barber

6. Cynthia Barber, born about 1808, Clarke County, GA., married (1) John Brewer 27 May 1822 Clarke County, GA, (2) Mr. Patterman. Census Records on Brewer See Cynthia Barber Brewer.

7. Jane Barber, born about 1810, Clarke County, GA, married Charles W. Wilson 23 July 1826 Clarke County, GA. They were both alive in 1880, although Charles was paralized. Census Records on Wilson See Jane Barber Wilson

8. Susan Barber, born about 1812, Clarke County, Georgia, married Allen Griffith 15 December 1829. Census Records on Allen Griffith See Susan Barber Griffith